Read below before you upgrade a Lexus Navigation System!

If you Upgrade your DVD on an older Lexus you will lose the override.

Register Now to restore the Override!

Can you imagine this conversation??

Customer 1: I see that Lexus has taken the bold step of removing the override from older Lexus vehicles that upgrade to the new map DVD.
Customer 2: But that would leave a Lexus owner with a dilemma -spend the money to upgrade but lose the Nav system Override or, keep the override but have an outdated map.

Customer 1: Lexus knew that customers could be undecided about whether they should upgrade. So, Legal convinced Marketing it would be "too confusing" for customers and they suggested a 'customer-focused move'. That's why Lexus is not telling its customers that they will lose the Override when they upgrade.
Customer 2: What?? That doesn't help me! I want to make the upgrade decision with all the facts. Who do the folks at Lexus think they are?

Customer 1: They think they are your mother and you are 8 years old.
Customer 2: But I'm 50 and I paid $60,000 for MY car.

Customer 1: So what are you going to do?
Customer 2: I am so done with this nannying. As of this day I am no longer a 'loyal Lexus owner'. My next car is going to be anything but a Lexus...

Customer 1: Lexus Legal thought you might feel that way and they put in a fix for that too. When you signed your sales/lease agreement with Lexus you actually agreed to buy Lexus vehicles as long as you (or your trust) live.
Customer 2: Whhaaaat?? I feel like taking my car and driving at 100 MPH into the Lexus Headquarters in Torrance, CA.

Customer 1: Lexus thought you might feel that way and has a fix for that too. Your car has a maximum speed of 20 MPH whenever you are within 1 mile of headquarters.
Customer 2: Then I will disable the Navigation system just before I .... oh,, wait!

Customer 1: Yeah, Lexus Legal really thought this through.
Customer 2: They piss off their loyal customers and drive sales down even faster - but they control the Nav system? Brilliant!

Is it coincidence that Toyota experienced it's first loss in 70 years?
When you alienate your customer base, 'shift happens'.

Dear Lexus Corporate:
Listen to us.

Your once loyal customers.

Lexus, "The relentless pursuit of Control "