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"Disappointed. I'm starting to hate my car. " Real Customers wresting back Driver Control.

If you have purchased a Lexus and are dissatisfied with the navigation system, Lexus is ignoring you. That's why I made this page. And we won't be successful unless YOU use this page too.

Lexus feels they can stonewall current owners but they will have to address this limitation if the rating agencies publicize how many complaints there are about the Lexus Nav system. That's where you come in.

Write up an email using Word (if you need inspiration, you can always visit the comments page). Copy and paste it into separate emails to each of the folks below who you feel need to be aware of your frustration.

The more we write, the greater our chance of success. And if you think of another site we should include, email me here.

Consumer Reports :
(use reference number 1064815 )

Use this link to send them information.

Use this link to send them information. ( site, email them a tip )


You might also visit these owner sites:

ClubLexus - Forum heaven

LexusOwnersClub - Very good forums here too.






What is the Lexus Override Controversy?

With the release of 2007 models and the 6.1 Navigation software package, Lexus removed the existing 'override' that had been present in their cars since at least 2000. On older Lexus cars a useful series of on screen inputs had allowed the use of the Navigation and Bluetooth Phone systems while the car is in motion. In 2007 - 2009 Lexus vehicles there is no override and the voice recognition is inadequate. You must stop on the side of the highway or take an exit and park the vehicle in order to input a new destination or to search for food, gas, or even a bathroom. In some cases, prospective buyers were misinformed that the override was still present. If you are not yet a Lexus owner, consider that 50% of the people who have signed up to this website would not have bought a Lexus if they had known this limitation was in effect. Lexus has been notified of fraudulent selling practices, customer dissatisfaction with the product and refuses to acknowledge a problem or offer a solution. I received a rebate on the Nav system after many months of hard work. I hope that showing you they paid me will allow others to get a rebate too, but given the implosion of car sales, I won't count on it. Lexus is wrong about this; it is hurting their sales and they owe us all an apology and more.

To summarize:
1. Inferior product. No Navigation screen input while the car is moving-even by passengers.
2. Poor Communication. Lexus removed the Override without telling customers.
3. Poor Customer service. Owner complaints have been stonewalled. Way to go, Legal!