Avoid the Upgrade!

Lexus staff is trying to mislead you again!

When is an Upgrade *not* an upgrade? When it comes from Lexus.
If you own an older Lexus and upgrade the map to version 7 (or soon-to-be-released 8) then you will lose the Override too!


This is how the Lexus mailer should read:
3/1/08: Hurry and Upgrade! So Lexus can take away features you've used for years!
It's almost as if Lexus wants to alienate owners of older Lexus vehicles too! Lexus just completed a mass mailing to Lexus owners urging them to 'upgrade' to the new v7 map. Do you think they mentioned that everyone who pays the $265 will lose the override feature? No, that might reduce demand for the new maps. So we created an honest mailer above, but don't look for this truth to arrive in your mailbox any time soon...


12/2007: Lexus sends a $ 2,650 Nav REBATE Check. If Lexus was planning on this being walk away money, they made a mistake. This website will be around to inform potential car owners until every dissatisfied Lexus Navigation owner is given something of value!

Lexus has blundered at a time when the auto market is challenging enough with a loyal customer base.

In a declining market, companies usually rely on their loyal customer base to maintain sales. So what is Lexus thinking?

Dear Lexus Corporate:
Listen to us.

Your once loyal customers.


If you are a 2007 Toyota owner with the same complaint, please visit where you can be counted and also receive updates on your vehicle.