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Over 3,900 Lexus owners shouldn't be ignored by Lexus, but we are.

The comments below show that even long-standing Lexus owners are unhappy with the loss of the Override. In fact,here's how those who sign up have voted "how much does this bother you"so far:

1. Not at all--------------------------------18.
2. A Minor annoyance-------------------- 29.
3. Don't like it----------------------------167.
4. It really bothers me----------------1,745.
5. Would not have bought the car--- 2,033.

That's right, owners representing almost $200 Million in Lexus vehicles have lost faith in Lexus.  They are looking for an alternative- to bond with a car company that values it's customers.  If you are thinking about becoming a Lexus customer, read these comments first! If you are a Lexus competitor and would like to discuss a rebate to former Lexus owners looking to make a change, we are the right folks to contact!

What is the Lexus Override Controversy?

With the release of 2007 models and the 6.1 Navigation software package, Lexus removed the existing 'override' that had been present in their cars since at least 2000. On older Lexus cars a useful series of on screen inputs had allowed the use of the Navigation and Bluetooth Phone systems while the car is in motion. In 2007 - 2010 and later Lexus vehicles there is no override and the voice recognition is inadequate. You must stop on the side of the highway or take an exit and park the vehicle in order to input a new destination or to search for food, gas, or even a bathroom. In some cases, prospective buyers were misinformed that the override was still present. If you are not yet a Lexus owner, consider that 50% of the people who have signed up to this website would not have bought a Lexus if they had known this limitation was in effect. Lexus has been notified of fraudulent selling practices, customer dissatisfaction with the product and refuses to acknowledge a problem or offer a solution. I received a rebate on the Nav system after many months of hard work. I hope that showing you they paid me will allow others to get a rebate too. Given the new normal of fewer car sales, the goodwill of current owners is more important than ever. Lexus is wrong on this issue; it is hurting their sales and they owe us all an apology and more.

To summarize:
1. Inferior product. No Navigation screen input while the car is moving -even passengers are locked out.
2. Poor Communication. Lexus removed the Override without telling customers.
3. Poor Customer service. Owner complaints have been stonewalled.

Before you buy, become informed and read our comments: To add your comments, sign up now. (Editor's notes in Green and because the number of comments is so large, we've highlighted select comments in red).

Did now know until after sale that could not be used as expected....very upset -L.W.

The sales person raved about the NAV system and the resale for vehicles with versus without. The car is used primarily by my wife, but when I first used it for business there I am on the road and constantly changing my intinerary on the fly I thought I must be doing something wrong. All the research in the nav book and finally a call to the dealer uncovered the worthlesness of ever buying a Lexus with Navigation. I thought the Japanese electronics were supposed to be the best in the world. HA. My Audi and MB have much better Navs, and in the 2008 RX you can't even see the outside temp when you're driving unless you press the climate button. If I can navigate thru all of those screens while I am driving why can't I use the NAV????? This would DEFINITELY keep me from ever buying another Lexus. -J.S.

What people are not realizing is that the NAV system doesn't know if it's a passenger or a driver is inputing addresses...It is obviously very unsafe for drivers to input addresses manually while moving. On the newer models of voice activatied systems a driver can simply push the voice command button and verbally enter a state, address, is unneccessary to have to manually input addresses. Please address this to your subscribers. I don't see that mentioned anywhere on your site. ( Ed: You didn't look.)I think people who are trying to do the safe thing would appreciate that...especially the children of Lexus owners using the NAV system.. Thank you..... -H.M. (Ed.  Dear H.M.  Complaints about the poor quality of the voice recognition system are scattered throughout, as well as my evaluation of the 2010 models here.  Perhaps you believe only passengers should be able to control the radio and climate too. I respectfully disagree with you.  Several have already suggested that the passenger sensor tie in to the Nav to allow use with a passenger present. )

Coming from the ease of use and intuitive interface of Garmin products, I find the Lexus Nav system useless and dangerous to deal with on the road. I carry my Garmin with me as the primary navigation instrument and use the Nav system only for amusement. -S.M.

Personally I rarely use my Nav System because it a big hassle having to stop, just to find a location or place of business. Even at stop lights it presents a problem cause as soon as the light changes and you start it shuts down. I've had more success using my telenav on my phone and can continue in a moving mode not wasting time stopping. My lexus nav system is not always correct. -R.J.

Have discussed this problem until I turned blue in the face. After buying vehicle in 2004 I called Torrance where my concerns were promptly dismissed. -J.T.

Why were we not told and even lead in another direction when questions were headed in that direction. More than once I mentioned this to our dealer " Lexus of Mobile" no one explained, they just let us believe we didn't know how to use the system. -DB

It is none of their business and if because of liability it should just have that first screen that you have to accept that would say do not use screen if not stopped. Pain in the A. -J.C.

You all sound like idiots; nobody should be entering addresses while driving for obvious saftey reasons yet you all whine like you should be entitled. What if you owned the company - would you assume the liability? So go buy an Acura and then the first thing you'll do is sue them when you become paraplegics cause you couldn't pull over for 60 seconds. -D.N. (Ed: We're not demanding everyone use the system while driving, just to have that option.)

So frustrating.  -A.C.

I like my Lexus HS 250 very much, but it has two features that I detest. One is the fact that the Navigation System cannot be accessed while the car is moving, not even by a passenger. Using voice commands is not an alternative because (a) it is very distracting, and (b) it gets the wrong command more than half the time. The other thing I don't like is the backup TV. It distorts the picture tremendously. I just installed a $150 backup camera in my wife's Honda. The picture is razor-sharp and even has a grig that says how many feet away the objects are. I have heard that the management at Lexus has been refusing to respond to complaints about the navigator problem. Are they nuts? Don't they understand the power of the Internet? My own Web sites have over 100,000 hits per month. Why should the company want to risk an explosion of bad publicity?  -S.B.

irritates me to not be able to search Point of interest or enter address while driving. Stupid no point in even having Nav system, -S.M.


You guys are making a mountain out of a molehill. -J.F.

This is ridiculous. Lexus knows when a passenger is in the car (they turn on the air bags) why can't they let the passenger operate the NAV? And don't even get me started with the auto-select Ipod/USB feature. You can't even browse your music collection without hearing every song!!!! -A.H.

is there a override for the 2011 nav system ??? -M.G.

I realized this right after I purchased my Lexus and I think it's ridiculous. What if my passenger wants to type something into the system while I'm driving? I have been calling my car a socialist since I found out that not only can I not use the navigation while moving, but that I can't read the radio messages either. Instead I am left to spend even more time staring as they scroll across the screen than if they would just show me the stupid message. -T.Y.

Lexus could have remove corporate liability by having us sign a consent about this. Even one similar to the one we get when we turn on the car. It would be up to me how I want to use the car as long as I do not hold them liable for my actions. I had commented and complained about this to Lexus on the feedback form I recieved from Lexus right after purchase. -K.H.

Nav system not useful at all. I'm in real estate and looked forward to having this car with the nav system. System can't find most of the addresses and upgrading is around 400 dollars. I'll buy a Garmin Can't use it while car is moving--not much use for it. -P.C.

Navigation is worthless without my wife being able to program from passenger seat while moving!! -R.H.

this has to be the most ridiculous thing since I don't know when. The overwhelming majority of cars are in motion when people try to make phone calls. I would not hesitate that the total is above 99%, yet lexus has done nothing to rectify this!!! -D.D.

We already have a Nanny State with the Federal Gov't. We don't need it for our luxury vehicles. Motoring is supposed to be about FREEDOM!!! –T.N.

Another attempt at a company (read: bureaucracy) attempting to save us from ourselves. Stupid!!! –M.R.

I am very, very disappointed that most of the navigation features are disabled when the car is moving. I don't want to stop my car each time I want to change a waypoint or find something along the way! Voice recognition is OK but this technology still isn't developed enough to disable the controls! –S.S.

nav sucks. –G.M.

Very poor navigation system Very poor maps in version 5.1 Restricted use while driving. "Luxury" car with a trashy system ! I enjoyed the Acura Navigation system! Will never ever, ever buy a Lexus/Toyota again. –A.K.

"So, Lexus drivers shouldn't use the Sat Nav when driving for safety, but ALL other makes' are perfectly welcome to drive into Lexus cars" –G. dA.

The Nav system is the worst I have ever had. We have an old Nissan Van 2004 with a MUCH better Navigation system than our $80,000 Lexus. Nothing but disappointment in the vehicle and the service. Will not make the same mistake again. –S.L.

I just paid $200 to my Lexus dealer to upgrade the navigation system thinking that this would solve the problems with my 2007 RX400H nav. system. It did not help. The bottom line is the Nav. system in the Lexus RX series is TERRIBLE. I have a Garmin hand held and it works far better. The Lexus is hard to use. - Can't be changed while driving, - Does not show many locations and roads. etc. etc. –F.B.

I no longer use the Lexus GPS system. I use a Garmin system instead. This is a bad compromise that shouldn't be necessary -J.C.

I've been scammed! –M.W.

Very bothersome having to get off the freeway to do any mods to the nav system Even worse is the majorly deficient low-beam head lights system. I think it is a major safety hazard. Three years in a row Consumer Reports stated the same thing on the IS. –G.F.

I thought it was just the vehicle, I was just looking to update my navigation system and came across the site and it's so right that the sales people don't tell you any of those features and come to think of it i was showing him how to use some programs. I tell you now I’m ticked about that system. I have a chevy truck with navigation system and didn't understand why they both worked so differently. this really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –J.L.

Would love to have override function on NAVI –A.H.

Not being able to use the over-ride is a major annoyance. I bought an upgrade (Cost $299 PLUS) and find that addresses which are a few years old are not recognized. The Voice response is delayed. –G.F.

I own a HS250h with tech package. To build a car like this and restrict the use of some vital functions is a joke. Why not restrict the audio and climate controls also. At a minimum, the passenger's butt in the seat should enable the proper use of all functions. If I were shown this on my test drive with my salesperson, I would have shopped a different manufacturer. "I'll buy another Lexus, when they get it RIGHT" -J.G.

It’s really, really annoying that my passenger can’t use the navigation system unless the car is stopped. The passenger airbag and seat heating turns on when a passenger is present, why can’t the navigation do the same? -M.M.

Can't control the navigation system and DVD. –W.A.R.

Lexus has the motto of 'The pursuit of perfection' - this is NOT true. I have only had my 2010 ES 350 for 2 weeks as of today (Monday, November 15th, 2010) and have complained about the navigation system and they said 'working as designed'. It was clear they didn't care! I also had my niece drop a cup cake on my leather seat for which I promptly wiped up and now the leather is kinking. I spoke to Lexus and they said 'sorry, there is nothing we can do'. Their standard answer to everything is ‘there is nothing we can do.' I was treated better by VW then I am with Lexus. –T.D.

Had I known the GPS system was so user un-friendly, I would have purchased a Garman, which has many preferable features. –P.C.

The navigation lockout is so incredibly frustrating and infuriating it makes me want to scream. It is not just an inconvenience. The experience of not being able to put in coordinates, especially if I'm lost and am in a hurry, is so disempowering it has the capability of ruining my day. I am a pretty well-to-do earner and so are most of my friends. I am actively making sure that my friends are aware of the lockout problem and that they should NOT buy a Lexus or Toyota. Furthermore, I am often forced to input my destination into my iPhone built-in Google Maps and use my iPhone to navigate. How safe is that? Dear Lexus/Toyota, you used to have such a great reputation for the quality of your vehicles. In my mind this more than negates all that goodwill. I would even rather consider buying a Ford over Toyota/Lexus. Thank you for your attention. –A.W.

I am quite capable and responsible and with to make my own decision whether to use the nav whilst driving or allowing a passenger to operate the unit. If you want to block the DVD whilst driving then OK but allow me to enter a phone number or GPS address at my discretion. –K.C.

Traded in ‘01 Acura MDX for '08 RX 350. Had I known about the Nav problem I would have stayed with the Acura. Can't believe the Acura system which was 7 years older was more functional and user friendly. Just came back from a trip to Boston. Plugged in an address which had 3 options -- all stating the same address. Found out during the trip this was not the "correct" address and couldn't change to the second one on the list. Took me 35 minutes to reach my destination which was only 15 minutes away! A friend using a $100 GARMIN made it with no problems. What a waste of technology. Have started telling everyone I know to avoid Lexus navigation. –M.G.

I knuckled under and have installed the override with which, I am delighted. Not so delighted with the ridiculous nav update cost that I am not allowed to do myself but must pay some lexus flunkie, mechanic rates to use a jump drive. –J.G.

In California, once you pull of the highway, chances are you're NOT getting back on anytime soon!! Maybe in Montana this is workable, but not in the real world of States like California. –J.P.

Was not told about the problem by any of the sales staff even though I went through the sales process at two different dealerships. Thought that I just didn't know how to use the system and that I must have pressed a lock out button. I couldn't believe there would b no override of this function. So asked my husband in the passenger seat to to try and he was locked out as well. Was very upsetting and felt like returning the car, but it was too late. –M.T.

Not happy with the override being taken away. Would not have purchased a car with no navigation search enabled while driving! Did they never expect me to not have a passenger in my sedan!!! –J.H.

The worst inconvenience for a salesman you can imagine. Total pain. Incompetent engineering and software for a $50,000 car. –P.W.

I was so happy to trade in my 2001 Acura MDX for a 2008 Lexus RX. I was used to using the nav system in the Acura and a more updated one in my husband's 2005 Acura. Although I love driving my Lexus, I was sorely disappointed to find that the Lexus nav lags far behind even my '01 Acura system. It is a huge disadvantage to not be able to control the system as a passenger. There are many times that I either want to program or change the route as my husband is driving. This will be a huge consideration when purchasing our next car. –J.G.

Its a problem –P.R.

The infotainment system just plain sucks!! –P.C.

I have an Acura MDX and my wife wanted this 350RX -worst investment I ever purchased. Nav only works when stopped and this will cause me to look for another SUV like the RDX. –A.P.

Any Garmin GPS would be better. –C.C.

Lexus doesn't drive my car - I DO!!! –B.K.

I think the navi should at least allow changes if there is a someone sitting in the passenger seat. This can be linked to the passenger air bag, which knows if someone is sitting there. –N.G.

I like the ride and quality of Toyota cars especially my Lexus 2008 ES 350. I previously owned a Corolla and Camry before I bought my Lexus. But I really don't like the way the Lexus Navigation system work. I have to stop each time I need to set my navigation system on to get to where I want to go. I'd say "fix or repair it now" or I will never buy nor recommend to buy Toyota product ever again. –G.G.

The NAV system compared to Garmin is unusable junk! -G.H.

The voice navigation system is pathetic, it does not work. The navigation system in total is not at all user friendly, and is not accurate. Not being able to operate the phone system while driving is extremely annoying. Come on Lexus wake up, you are losing massive market share, and you will eventually disappear into total oblivion. Your competitors are hot on your heels, and will overtake you soon, unless you update your navigation and in fact your whole computer system. –B.P.

This is a very annoying issue. I don't even use this $2000 system much of the time since I travel interstates a great deal and cannot pull over to change destinations. (I carry my portable Garmin) I was considering updating the Lexus NAV as my RX350 is a 2007, but not being able to override nixes that thought completely. –J.O.

I am disappointed in Toyota –M.S.

My son is driving a 2007 Nissan Versa which cost me $18,000 and I am driving a 2007 Lexus RX 350 with ultra premium package that cost me over $80,000. The Versa is equipped with a Garmin navigation system that can be updated at any time via direct link over the internet. It finds locations more accurately and more frequently than the Lexus system. It can be used by the passenger when the vehicle is in motion. The directions it provides a more reliable than the Lexus which frequently tries to take me miles and miles out of the way enroute to a destination. It is vexing to me that a vehicle that cost more than 4x as much as the Versa is factory installed with a system that will not permit us to search locations when we are on the highway or in motion on city streets. I had no idea that the override mechanism no longer existed and would have reconsidered my decision to purchase this vehicle on that basis. –L.H.

I really find it a nuisance that all other luxury brands allow users to enter Navigation information and see other information whereas, Lexus vehicles do not. –S.P.

Salesman did tell me that I would not be able to override my 2007 GS350's GPS. It has turned out to be much more of a problem than I ever thought it would be. My wife is ready to sell her ES and get a new car. We are not even looking at Lexus for two reasons. 1. Cannot use many GPS features while moving. 2. Lexus still has not added an ignition "instant kill" button like the one available in my friend's Cadillac. –J.S.

Can't believe Lexus does this. A passenger should be able to input stuff instead of the driver..... –D.H.

For the cost and expected quality of a luxury car, I am amazed at the performance of the navigation system. It’s a piece of crap. I tried using it just last week and it wanted to take me 26 miles out of my way through Washington DC traffic. (I knew my route was shorter and was testing Lexus navigation.) There is no option for “shortest route”, “fastest route” etc. My wife especially finds the “no input while moving” feature extremely displeasing. She likes to look for shopping and restaurants while I drive. I am very much surprised that a $300 Garmin outperforms the Lexus Nav in all categories. –G.F.

i wish it had more options –A.K.

I am completely dissatisfied with the Lexus Nav system. Costly and out of touch with modern technology capabilities. The disabled functions while driving are absurd and I almost was hit on the side of the road when I pulled off to change the destination route. –L.O.

I had problem with my NAV system on my Lexus 250IS 2008 from day one. Since this was my first system I felt this was normal. My problem that it sends you at times the wrong way. It can take you off the Los Angeles freeway system to send you on surface road for miles. I took the car to the dealer yesterday 10/26/2010 and talked with the service writer and he informed me there is nothing that can be done. He said he has received many complaints like mine. The new system has been changed which is much better. I will call Lexus tomorrow and since I am on my fourth New Lexus lets see how far I get. My though is that since I lease this car I should only have to pay 90% of my payments –J.B.

I can't even use the ipod system I bought that goes through the gps. Outrageous! –G.B.

The navigation unit is ridiculously difficult to use compared to a Garmin and lacks many of the features. The worst shortcoming is not being able to have your passenger make changes without stopping the car. If I had realized this I would not have bought this car. I looked at an Infiniti and the Nav system was accessible at all times. I don't even use the damn thing and I'm sorry I paid extra for it. –M.K.

interested in hearing of any developments –M.M.

I get so upset that Lexus will not let ME decide if it is safe for me to change the screen on my Nav system !! I cannot believe that this continues. –R.S.

I am interested in an override feature. I love my car, but Acuras and Infinitis do not have the block out feature and several times it has really been a problem for me. –A.K.

please send me email if solution is found--really annoying--I "upgraded" the DVD and now cannot override. –J.R.

Denso Lexus navigation is the worst navigation I've ever used (and most expensive), no text-to-speech for street names when driving, voice recognition works poorly with the slightest road noise in the background, etc Can't really understand how a high-end brand such as Lexus can arbitrarily limit consumer usage rights on a product they paid for. As for liability, it should be clearly waived by pressing "I accept" when turning the engine on -C.L.

Experience with wife's ES350 has caused me to rethink purchase of LS460 for myself. –L.B.

Incredibly stupid! Don't understand why they would go to so much trouble to protect me from myself; devaluing their product on the way! –D.R.

Feel angry and mislead by Lexus. Never would have bought it and I am telling all my friends and colleagues not to buy one. –J.H.

Used the override in my 2004 Sienna. Worked great when the passenger could update destinations and find POIs while we were traveling. –B.H.

Both my husband and I get really disgusted when we attempt to use the system while driving. The voice activated feature is a total source of frustration. What is particularly irritating is that the passenger cannot use the system while the vehicle is operating. If safety is a consideration, the lawyers should consider the danger in having to pull off a busy highway in order to use the system. Ask any police officer about the number of crashes that occur to individuals who have to pull off the side of a busy road! –C.K.

This really gets me maddd - not being able to us NAV... I have to purchase an extra GPS just for traveling... –T.N.

My husband and I take a lot of road trips together. It is ridiculous that the passenger cannot use the navigation system. We have actually pulled off onto the shoulder of the interstate to use the system. How safe is that!! We have bought a Garmin and the suction cup holder is stuck over the Lexus Nav screen. How sad is that!! B.W.

it really irritates me....all the other car makers let their drivers use their system while driving...why not us!!!!!!!!!!! –N.P.

This is very frustrating as I am not very good with directions and purchased the nav options to assist me. –D.D.

I love the car, but can't believe that this is in the design of the nav system. I thought it was something I could not figure out how to set up. I can't believe I have to use my $169 Garmin, but I am glad I read this and did not waste money to get the $199 map update. Too bad I wasted the extra money on the nav system, but I can't undo it now. –R.D.

Outraged that I cannot use navigation while a passenger is in vehicle. Acura did not have this problem –C.W.

It's really a big pain when lost in some "bad neighborhoods" where stopping is not a safe option –R.Z.

I want to be in control of the car I am driving! (Not mentioning great inconvenience, bordered "opposite to safety") –P.G.

We are so tired of people micromanaging the affairs of capable others, especially those making laws or by other means of force in which we have little control. Death to Nannyism and Parental Surrogacy!!! -R.P.

They lied. –J.F.

My wife and I travel a lot and often look for banks, gas and food. Why can't she enter the information while I drive? –T.D.

I bought a SC430 with navigation but it keeps giving fault rds and directions. Can't get the navigation to spot my home on the correct rd. This rd has been around all my life so it's definitely not a new rd. I thought it was a learning curve since I just got my new Lexus and couldn't wait to try it out wasn't familiar with working the navigation. I see now that others are having the same problems. Really upset about the navigation not working properly besides not being told about it when I bought it. –J.M.

It's stupid and unnecessary. –A.D.

There is a warning screen on initial Nav startup that should cover any liability issues. After that, the driver and or passengers should be free to do what they want with their own equipment. The voice activated features work decent but not always. What Lexus should really do is make an iOS or Android compatible system to run the interior functions of the car. XM satellite radio quality is extremely over priced for very poor quality and their Nav and Weather functions are so latent they are pretty much useless. I will not pay extra for them. –S.W.

I am a professional pilot and as such I use a multitude of navigation/ gps systems while in motion. Would you expect my aircraft nav systems to be locked up while moving towards my destination? Would you expect me to land and make minor corrections or course guidance chances? If this was your expectation, and you actually were up front about your systems lack of user compatibility, you would not be very successful in marketing the system. What kind of a jackass prevents use of a system that is installed and purchased to enhance the travel experience, then degrades the system to a level of near uselessness? I just purchased this vehicle, and completed my first road trip. I will be bringing my Garmin along from now on. Thanks for nothing but aggravation Lexus..... –C.R.

I don’t really know. –W.D.

Please allow the car owner to override the system if he so chooses. –L.B.

Bad design for NAV not be able to change destination when car in moving. –A.C.

Lexus operates in confusing way. You can use the other functions like telephone during driving, you can operate audio settings too. All the other navigation system manufactures also operates in a different and better way allowing inserting new address while driving. This is an annoying issue! –A.R.

Want my $$ back!!! Salesman showed GPS demo in showroom went for test drive in demo that did not have GPS so was not aware of override issue. Felt deceived -B.M.

Reinstating the ability to and enhancing via permanent over-ride would be a logical solution to the issue. I would suggest a readily available DVD would be a good start –P.G.

I need an upgrade yet I have to go out and get a Garmin because the upgrades won't have the override feature. I'll be in the market at the end of the year Lexus, and I won't be purchasing another if I have to have an additional nav set on the seat. –M.M.

Our salesperson did not inform us at all about this and when we talked about how we could use it (in his presence) he did not correct us. I have been upset since I bought the car and not having access to it has caused more dangerous situations than the reverse. For example, many times you need to change your intended destination and can not do it. Pulling over on an interstate or unknown area is dangerous and could have been avoided had lexus made their system like everyone else\'s. –M.M.

$5000 for a piece of junk..............and they want $295 to update after a few years. It is lousy....sends me by longer routes...and of course, I have to stop the car when I'm lost to use the piece of garbage. My upgrade is going to be a garmin unit or similar. I hope Lexus knows that I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER LEXUS, PERIOD, FULL STOP ...unless they rectify this one. See ya later Lexus. I’m not going to wait as if you haven't done something by now, it is clear you never will. H.P.

Unable to use navigation while driving made navigation useless... –J.C.

It makes no sense to me that you are not allowed to enter destinations while driving with Lexus Nav system. You can perform other functions on the system while driving, like temperature control, audio control, a host of things that distract as much if not more than inserting a destination. I try to pre-program before I leave the house, but sometimes I don’t have the information until I'm in route. Then I have to use the map to see where I am. I would suggest that navigating by looking at the map is far more dangerous than entering a destination while moving. I have a 2008 GS350. Please let me know if Lexus unlocks the nav while driving. Thanks very much. Kind Regards, J. –J.T.

I have a 2007 LS460 and has maps from 2003, any street that was built after that is not on there. I live in southern CA. Thank you -G.J.

It sucks! -G.A.

They should have informed me about the change, and there is a problem with the valves having dust with no fix yet. I have been a lexus owner for years, and I am seriously thinking of changing brands. –K.M.

no views. how do i get the DVD player operate –R.R.

I am upset at the obvious design flaw that is wrapped in a "Legal" wrapper! The whole reason people buy a Lexus w/navi is to be able to find out where they are going, and to have the freedom of changing their minds. It seems like obvious human nature to me to be able to change my mind and not be hand held by my vehicle manufacturer. –J.B.

The nav unit is BS –U.M.

The problem with the nav system would have been a deal breaker for me had I known about it before I leased the car. I was going to either keep the car after the lease is due or lease a new one. With this problem, I will have to go with another brand. I simply cannot stand it! –J.W.

It is very inconvenient to stop while driving to a destination. Some times the Navigation will give you a route you do not like and you would want to change it but you can't because you're driving already! So then, you're just gonna have to pull off to the side of the road or pull into a parking lot and change the route preferences or even dialing a number or using bluetooth! What makes me upset is that that Lexus doesn't realize there could be a passenger in the car that could be aiding the driver.. About 90% of the time I have someone with me while I'm driving and they could have easily help me with the navigation while i was driving with 2 hands on the steering wheel and watching the road. I feel that Lexus should change this for free for all customers who are not happy with this issue. We aren't just buying a simple Toyota. We're actually laying down some real cash. Acura and BMW and other companies understand that accessibility is the real essence of a navigation system and know that the driver should be able to decide when to use the expensive navigation system that the purchased. After buying this car I realized I'm probably better off getting an inexpensive mobile GPS device than spending over $2,000 on a navigation system that will only selectively works when it allows me. If I'm not mistaken I thought I'm smarter than a computer and know what’s safe and what’s not? Aren't I the one who signed the check to buy the car? I don't think a computer should decide what I should do or shouldn't do. Man made computer to control computers and God made man to be smarter than a computer! -F.T.

It is simply unacceptable to not allow my passenger to input change of destination on my navigation system while driving. There needs to be a fix! –S.M.

I also have a garmin -P.F.

i have a 2010 lexus LS460 L that i paid 100K for if i would have known that i wouldnt have bought this car -A.R.

Navigation system horrible. Would have bought another bmw –D.C.

As a mature adult, I'm insulted that Lexus feels they must baby sit us. Unlock the GPS and let us be... –J.R.

A warning is sufficient. Let me choose what to do. –M.R.

I have the override codes until I upgraded my maps. This is soo stupid. Furthermore, I am in debate over damage to my Navigation System Core!! They claim that since moisture was found in the trunk (They claim a spill) that the navigational system has corroded. $6800!!!!!! has this happened to anyone else? There is almost no protection for the nav components in my 2004 LS 430 –R.D.

Hate the Lexux nav system. Pulling over is a hassle and dangerous. I have my old Garmin that I often use when I am a passenger and well as when I am driving. I find there are too many glitches in the directions and can't trust the Lexus nav to give me the best route. I would not buy a car without built in nav and would not buy another Lexus unless they change theirs. –J.R.

I didn't know that you will not be able to use the navigation while in motion. This has caused me to almost getting into wrecks due to having to go as fast as I can while stopped at a red light before taking off again. This is repeated until I actually get everything in. TERRIBLE!!! –J.K.

Having to pull over to change destination and or find a place eat or pee is very aggravating. I was not made aware of this and it is not good. "It's a free country and you’re free to go where ever and when ever you want, UNLESS YOU drive a LEXUS" –M.B.

I want a refund too! –J.W.


I believe Lexus should supply new software that easily allows override of lockout so passenger can use it. –M.B.

Not only am I disappointed that a GPS override is not available on my LS460L, but the things that you can do on the GPS system and the things you cannot do make no logical sense. I can reach over while driving and press four different tabs to accomplish one task and cannot press one tab to accomplish a different task. Makes no sense if your concern is safety while operating the vehicle. –G.K.

Definitely did not think to ask the salesman about NAV becoming inoperative when moving would have bought an Acura –R.M.

Just plain stupid that lawyers think that I have to pull over to the side to change NAV directions. What happened to good old disclaimer? What next: a sensor to detect speed limits and throttle the car down so has not to break the law or endanger others. It is my car and I am mad as hell that I have to pay $300 to have the freedom to use it as CONVENIENTLY as it should be. –B.D.

Had leased the Nagviator SUV for several family road trips. Though the navigation system could not be accessed by the driver while the vehicle was in motion, the front passenger could access and make adjustments. Found the maps to be current for every city that we visited. Frustrated to learn that (2) the navigation in my new Lexus was already 2 years out of date, (2) front passenger could not change the input while I was driving, (3) the "route selected" was sometimes arbitrary, making me grateful that I also had my phone navigation in the car when I found myself being directed to some obscure route, (4) have to purchase $200.00 upgrade that will be 2 years old when I can now just purchase a dash-mounted portable (in a luxury sedan!) in order to have the most updated maps! Ready for a trade in. Will not purchase another Lexus. –P.H.

We were told when buying that overriding the inability to use the system when moving was something they could fix. (We bought the car in '07) After buying the service department said they used to be able to do this but could no longer. Told Lexus they could have the car back. Of course they wanted to charge us all kinds of fees, etc. I told them I'd keep the car, and be their worst advertisement. I tell all my friends to pass up Lexus in Car Nav, as they'll pay 5X as much, for 1/4 the functionality. –B.F.

I taking my son to a specialty store and while driving I need some help with the location. Obviously I could not get that help from my Nav system while driving, nor could my son key in the request. I had to find a location on my route as the road I was on did not have shoulder to pull into to program the Nav system. This was when I had had it. When I got home I ordered a Garmin. I also found out from a work associate that the German version of the same car does not have the lock out feature. I really got angry when I heard that. –D.D.

This is very annoying, because even if I have a passenger in the car. the navigation is still disabled. –N.I.

This makes the navigation a total waste of money, and only partially functional. –B.S.

I've actually been subject to more dangerous situations because I can't use the NAV when I'm moving and I can’t just stop and pullover! –M.L.

It is hard to pull over in a dangerous neighbourhood in a brand new car and enter directions at midnight after commuting from work. Not safe if you have to pull over in complete dark and unknown areas. –H.P.

The ability not to be able to input destinations while moving is ridiculous. Nearly every other car manufacturer allows for this. I can understand it being a safety issue for the driver, but what about a passenger to input this information. It is a very easy fix lexus. You already have most of the schematics to fix this. You already have a passenger side weight sensor to sense a passenger in the front passenger seat (obvious by the flashing passenger seatbelt light when a passenger is seated and not buckled). Just tap into that, and send that signal to the navigation. EASY! –B.W.

At least the voice recognition and dialing seems to work much better in my 2010 LX 570. And I can use my Droid while driving. The XM traffic is really lame and does not even work in the areas where I live. Google Traffic on the Droid works everywhere and is much more accurate. –R.R.

I have two sons who participate in club sports. I find myself driving out of state often in order for my kids to attend their tournaments. Often times while we are on the freeway the coach will text all the parents and notify us of a change in venue. At that point, we would prefer to have the front passenger enter the new address, rather than waiting for the next exit to get off the freeway, or worst yet, pulling over on the freeway to input a new address. I paid for the nav system and I want it to work all the time. –B.P.

I purchased my car less than a week before this. If I had known that half of the systems would not work while driving I would not have bought the car. I am now headed to a Lincoln/Mercury dealership to buy a previously inferior product but which has now out paced the Lexus by a long-shot. To show you how pissed I am, I will loose about $10,000.00 in this deal but I promise when I am through, it will have cost Lexus millions in business. –D.S.

Should just have warning message –A.B.

I love my Lexus & have driven one for 14 years. The RX 350 is my 3rd Lexus. I was thrilled to have the Navigation system, but quickly learned the "flaws" of the system operation. My navigation not only can't be programmed while I'm driving, but it also routes me in round-a-bout directions, even though I have directed interstate travel. I recently moved to Charlotte & was informed by one of the customer service managers that it would be a waste of money to do an update on my GPS! My husband thought it was my inability to program it correctly. My son is a Software Engineer, he just had an experience of trying to use & follow my GPS. He was totally annoyed trying to program & rely on the accuracy of the directions. Many times it takes it several minutes to announce a direction change. Proof that I am not an incompetent female operator. I have just purchased a Garmin 1350 GPS. I would never get another factory installed GPS on a Lexus. It was a total waste of money!!!! –S.H.

this really sucks. Its so DUMB that it does not allow changes even if there is a passenger sitting on the right side. –N.K.

very frustrating. –M.S.

I have owned 4 lexus cars over the last 10 years. I bought the SC430,. and was stunned that I could not use the naviation system once I was driving. My wife’s next car is probably not a Lexus. –G.S.

It is hard to pull over in a dangerous neighbourhood in a brand new car and enter directions at midnight after commuting from work. Not safe if you have to pull over in complete dark and unknown areas. –H.P. (Ed: I totally agree. THAT is the real safety issue here.  Moreover, who can decide if it's safer to pull over or not?  That would be the DRIVER, the person in the car, not some attorney at Lexus headquarters .)

The ability not to be able to input destinations while moving is ridiculous. Nearly every other car manufacturer allows for this. I can understand it being a safety issue for the driver, but what about a passenger to input this information. It is a very easy fix lexus. You already have most of the schematics to fix this. You already have a passenger side weight sensor to sense a passenger in the front passenger seat (obvious by the flashing passenger seatbelt light when a passenger is seated and not buckled). Just tap into that, and send that signal to the navigation. EASY! –B.W.

At least the voice recognition and dialing seems to work much better in my 2010 LX 570. And I can use my Droid while driving. The XM traffic is really lame and does not even work in the areas where I live. Google Traffic on the Droid works everywhere and is much more accurate. –R.R. (Ed: I use my iPhone now instead of the Nav system, but I would buy a Garmin if I needed to navigate much)

I have two sons who participate in club sports. I find myself driving out of state often in order for my kids to attend their tournaments. Often times while we are on the freeway the coach will text all the parents and notify us of a change in venue. At that point, we would prefer to have the front passenger enter the new address, rather than waiting for the next exit to get off the freeway, or worst yet, pulling over on the freeway to input a new address. I paid for the nav system and I want it to work all the time. –B.P.

I purchased my car less than a week before this. If I had known that half of the systems would not work while driving I would not have bought the car. I am now headed to a Lincoln/Mercury dealership to buy a previously inferior produt but which has now out paced the Lexus by a long-shot. To show you how pissed I am, I will lose about $10,000.00 in this deal but I promise when I am through, it will have cost Lexus millions in business. –D.S.

Should just have warning message -A.B.

I love my Lexus & have driven one for 14 years. The RX 350 is my 3rd Lexus. I was thrilled to have the Navigation system, but quickly learned the "flaws" of the system operation. My navigation not only can't be programmed while I'm driving, but it also routes me in round-a-bout directions, even though I have directed interstate travel. I recently moved to Charlotte & was informed by one of the customer service managers that it would be a waste of money to do an update on my GPS! My husband thought it was my inability to program it correctly. My son is a Software Engineer, he just had an experience of trying to use & follow my GPS. He was totally annoyed trying to program & rely on the accuracy of the the directions. Many times it takes it several minutes to announce a direction change. Proof that I am not an incompetent female operator. I have just purchased a Garmin 1350 GPS. I would never get another factory installed GPS on a Lexus. It was a total waste of money!!!! -S.H.

this really sucks. Its so DUMB that it does not allow changes even if there is a passenger sitting on the right side. –N.K.

very frustating -M.S.

I have owned 4 lexus cars over the last 10 years. I bought the SC430,. and was stunned that I could not use the naviation system once I was driving. My wifes next car is probably not a Lexus. –G.S.

I travel a great deal for business. When I rent a car, I always order one with a navigational system. In the rental cars if I need to make a change it can be done with a warning from the nav system that this should not be done by the driver. The wonderful thing about this is that the passenger still has the ability to enter information. Thanks to Neverlost!! -G.P

found out about this after I purchased the car. If I had known I would have bought the Infinity. -C.R

Disk not detected screen renders Nav and service interval reminders useless. Quoted $2,600 to fix by local Lexus dealer -T.O

The fact that the Honda cars have this ability and the Lexus "luxury" line does not just goes to show how they feel about their product. My husband talked me into getting the navigation. I find using a map easier than the crap they put in this car and to find they intentionally turned off a feature most users want available is ridiculous. It's apparent there is a new regime running the show in Toyota where profit trumps quality. I purchased a Lexus because so many friends loved their cars and the quality of which I seem to have gotten less of. My model is 2007 so I imagine anyone purchasing after me got even less quality. Next purchase will be American, at least I'll keep the money 'in country'. –N.M.

I was initially very impressed by the nav system and touch screen functionality in the dealer's showroom. I didn't realize till after I had purchased the vehicle that the unit becomes basically worthless once the vehicle is in motion. They even disable the caller ID when the car is in motion. The CALLER ID!!! I've lost track of how many times I've had to fumble for my cell phone to see if i should answer a call. Lexus thinks this is safer????? Why not disable the temperature display while they are at it?? There isn't a single day that goes by (3 years so far) that I don't get in my car, pull out of my driveway, look at my my touch screen disable, and curse Lexus. Not a single day. (Ed:  I feel the same way and after 3 years the feeling is little improved.  I will let you know how it feels to trade it in for something that works.) I just bought my wife a MDX and was angry to see that her Acura's complicated dial based Nav system was fully functional while my simple touch screen was not. Just writing this makes me angry. I think I'm going to go out and punch my car in the muffler. –M.S.

I own two Lexus vehicles, an IS250 and an ES350. I bought the IS250 first, and there is no requirement to hit the "I agree" poke field every time the car is turned on. My ES350 has it, and it is extremely frustrating because it is unnecessary and degrading - I'm not an idiot, I know how to drive. Plus, the more I drive these cars the more I think I should have shopped more carefully, considering how user UNFREINDLY the navigation systems are as opposed to other car lines. Every time I drive I am reminded what a pain in the rear end these systems are. I may go from being a 2-Lexus car family to a zero-Lexus family. –P.S.

I thought it was me - the user that could not use the navigation system. Every time I mentioned it to my rep when I brought the care in for service - he told me to read the manual and/or to call him. It is the least user friendly navigation system and I can't rely on it so I always bring my Garmin. More often than not I put the address in and it tells me there is no such house number. If I am looking for a business - the system is right it isn't a house number. They thought the fact that you can put a calendar, appointments etc. but who has time for that such nonsense. Most people use their cars for work or pleasure. All this time I thought it was me. I was going to pay a to have the system upgraded but why bother to spend the money. –S.V. (Ed:  Buy a Garmin instead.  It's cheaper, better and the maps are more accurate.)

The override is only 1 issue. The NAV voice is too soft at maximum level. The radio is not muted for directions. –J.P.

Voice recognition don't work properly:-( -A.B.

We should be responsible for our own safety. If we have passengers in the front seat they cannot even use the Navigation. There is no safety issue when passenger uses that system but this is not even an option! Why even have the system in the first place. I am going to revert back to my portable Garmin I had in my old car. Very sad! -D.K.

Its ridiculous that I have to pull the car over and come to a complete stop to plug in an address on the navigation system. My BMW was so easy t navigate. It also stored old destinations and I could access those with too, while driving. Not being able to get directions while driving is a total inconvenience. I may as well go back to using mapquest on my computer and printing the directions before I go. Would not have bought this car had I known this. –J.B.

I hate the Nav system. I have had passengers laugh at me when trying to use it. –T.H.

Can't stand this safety feature!!! I'm willing to pay to make it go away. –D.W.

As a loyal lexus owner - 3 vehicles - I will not purchase another lexus & will not recommend this vehicle to anyone. what other blogs can i comment on? -C.R.

Its very annoying that passenger in the car can not use the navigation system while the car is in motion. –S.T.

It is really a liability question and they are worried about someone causing an accident and the injured party not in the Lexus suing the manufacturer. We need tort reform to prevent that situation -B.B.

There should at least be a weight sensor in the passenger seat so that the passenger can use the navigation when the car is in motion. It's a pain in the butt to pull over to use the GPS I paid for! -K.T.

Bring back the override. –M.B.

Simply primitive to suggest, which they did, that I pick up my cell phone to place calls, see incoming and use the phone book,,that is safer then looking straight at the screen using hand controls ? Frankly even the center stack screen is not good enough, they should use the center speedometer. I called several times and one agent told me that she has no knowledge of the issue ! (Ed:  This is what I was told as well, which led me to start up this site.  Denial has become corporate policy- the stuck accelerator problem was denied for years and only acknowledged after  the San Diego police officer and his family lost their lives, documented with a 911 call. I cannot support that kind of corporate behavior by buying another Lexus.)  I just purchased my daughter a C Class,,,what a difference ,,,, all functions available at the same time and while driving. Even while stopped each function on GS is one at a time. The voice control is worthless,,,Dial Home,,,,it says Dial Harry,,,,Dial Wife,,,it says,,,Dial Wayne.... –R.R.

I just want it to work the way I need it to... –B.M.

It bothers me a lot. I tried the override but of course it didn't work. –L.C.

I purchased my 2006 Lexus IS 250 two years ago, and suddenly last week, the navigation screen froze up. I was a little confused as to why this happened, but since it controlled so many functions in my car, I immediately took it in to a Lexus specialist to find out. Much to my dismay, I was told that it was permanently locked up, and that I would have to replace the entire system(a total cost of $2,500!) I'm very upset by this news, and now that I've discovered that this is a common problem, I'm even more furious with Lexus for not informing buyers/owners of this problem. I think it's extremely unfair for Lexus owners to pay all this money for what is supposed to be a high end car, but not getting a car with good quality. I'm seriously considering trading in my car for something else, because I'm disgusted with the treatment that I've received thus far! This needs to be resolved right away! -S.K.

I agree with Lexus/Toyota that the DRIVER shouldn't be trying to manipulate the navigation system while the car is in motion. After all the DRIVER's job is to stay focused. But there is no reason why the PASSENGER should be unable to manipulate the navigation system while the car is in motion. The PASSENGER is not behind the wheel, he/she should be free to do everything the driver can't do while in motion. I propose a compromise: Implement some kind of system to detect if there is a passenger in the front seat of the car (it could be as simple as detecting if the front passenger seat belt is buckled or not - should not be expensive or complicated). If the car detects the front passenger seat is empty - keep the navigation system locked out in motion. Otherwise, enable full use of the navigation system while in motion. Voice control is NOT an answer - the technology is too inaccurate to be a viable substitute for direct control. –T.Y.

Simply need the ability to override the lockout -R.B.

It pisses us off daily that we have to use an additional GPS -T.M.

Really inconvenient when traveling to have to pull off of an exit to look up the closest restaurant while your passenger could have input the search while remaining on the interstate. –S.H.

I see no need for Lexus to be my guardian. I did not pay for it and I do not like it. If the corporation is so focused on safety; consider the safety risk of pulling to the side of an interstate to program in a new address or to change directions due to traffic. What is next not being able to change a radio station while the car is in motion? –T.C.

I have 2007 GX470 and cannot use many of the functions while driving including dialing out on blue tooth connection to cell phone. Not happy about that at all. –G.B.

Lexus GPS sucks -M.H.

If it overrode when there was someone in passenger seat -D.P.

I was told by the salesperson that there was a way to do the override and they would hook me up with one of the service techs. Basically misled by a sales person and have looked monthly for someone to find a solution. (Ed:  Consumer Reports, ARE YOU LISTENING?)  When someone is in my car and discovers this then I get an unending line of 'why did you buy this crap', etc . . . –L.C.

Hello, I send you this note from France, where I enjoy riding my old Lexus RX300. I find this GPS limitation absurd! I did own another car with a totally "free" system and never felt in danger whatsoever. Is this made to prevent person with deficient mental faculties to use it? Are all the other car manufacturers criminals to let drivers or passengers to use it while running? I have heard that there is a software way to bypass this limitation. Hope just that Lexus will do it and let everyone choose its own way to act. Just one more thing: the Parisian Lexus dealers are the worst team I experienced! They know very little about the cars, they are snob and sufficient and they treat you with no respect! I finally went to a regular Toyota dealer, much nicer and competent! Belgium Lexus dealers are really very good too and they sell more than the French ones! Good luck in your action. Regards. –S.B.

I actually use a Garmin in my car instead of the navigation... –T.C.

Traded our Navigator in for the 350 RX. Navigation system in the RX "left us in the desert" although there were streets everywhere. Salesperson said afterward that to upgrade to current map system would cost $280 (this is needed every 6 months). I can buy a Garmin for less than that! -J.D.

I thought you might like to see this! Apparently they even try to suppress evidence of a major safety issue... –J.S.

The issue for me is that by buying the navigation package I spent a total of 5k more than if I would have known it was not useable while moving. During road trips it is imperative that the passenger can search for new destinations and redirect the current trip when needed. My Garmin nuvis have this. I mean at the very least they could detect that a passenger is seated and only allow the nav to be unlocked in that situation (it knows when someone is sitting there and not wearing their seat belt!). –R.B.

Lexus Nav system is not comparable to my $200 Garmin. So please disable this override to gain a few points back. –B.C.

It is very annoying -M.K.

I bought the Nav system on my 09 GX 470 in order to access the Bluetooth phone system. A very pretty penny for that one feature, but that is the case. I never use GPS systems as I am very adept with maps and don't like being taken down dark alleys, as virtually always ultimately happens with commercial systems. So, back to the Bluetooth phone system, which you can't get with Lexus without buying the Nav system. It was programmed for smart phones from 09. Doesn't work on very many, if any at all, of the '10 smart phones, and absolutely none of the Sprint phones. They don’t have a solution. I found this out last week, and will send my letter via Fed Ex to Mark Templin tomorrow. –J.P.

The whole safety excuss makes no sense especially when you have a co-pilot who is navigating. –T.P.

Who the hell do does Lexus think they are making decisions on behalf of the driver. The have rendered the nav system useless.A simple $150 portable nav system works better than their $2500 system. They should be ashamed of their poor design and quality. I want my money back. Pay me for my car and I will sell it to you. Give me the money for the nav ($2500) and I will use the portable one. It is unbelievable that Lexus will put out something with such poor quality and design. –I.A.

It's more dangerous to drive without the override. I would have never upgraded the maps had I known I would lose this feature! -B.S.

I want a refund also. This was not pointed out at time of sale -J.P.

I bought my '07 IS250 used, so I don't have quite the financial impact that others had, but I'm extremely disappointed in both the hamstrung mobile functionality as well as the overall quality of the system. Lexus should be embarrassed that their NAV system is so utterly inferior to $100 portables. With all the options they have, including space, screen size and processor potential, they should blow away 3rd party devices. It's mystifying how they can be satisfied with this product in their vehicles. –P.T.

Irritation that we must stop to call someone or put in a destination when on freeway between Mn and FL and back -T.H.

Should be the customers choice! -D.C.

I know that I should have checked all of the features of the navigation system during my test drive, but assumed that it would have the same basic features as my BMW or at least my portable Garmin. It is embarrassing driving such a otherwise great car with a built in nav system and having my Garmin sit on the dashboard on every trip!!! -E.B.

I am looking for a way out of my lease and its been only 2 months. I will post on lease trader as the navi is almost completely useless.  S.G.

When you pay €5000,-- for this system it should be free to use or customize it like the override option. next time i'll buy nav system. Looks the same but all options are usable during the car drive -R.S.

I would have bought the car without the navigation and saved a couple grand -K.J.

I just got my car yesterday and I am considering returning it to the dealer today because the ridiculous navigation system wont allow you to type while in motion. At a minimum it should work with someone in the passenger seat - figuring that system out would be very simple. If a passenger is detected the nav system works while moving. Dah!!! -J.E.

This was Misrepresentation and consumer fraud -R.L.

I thought Lexus was the best at every thing they did. The Nav. system is the worst that I have tried. My company truck has a Garmin, 100 times better. My personal truck has a TOM TOM to me the best system on the market. Very disappointed with my car because of this. –G.B.

1. My wife loves her Audi (which allows the user full control while driving).
2. I'm not sure what I will be buying but it won’t be a Lexus/Toyota.
3. So, you've been running this site for quite a while. Hasn't anyone come forward who wants to represent us in a class-action? That is the only thing that will help us.
4. My new smartphone has better navigation and allows full control while moving. Its a real shame my 2500 Lexus POS doesn't. –J.S.

just hope I’m still alive if my lexus takes off and cant turn off or place in neutral -E.W.

I bought my 2007 LS460 in Oct 2009 as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. Although this car is the best car I have ever owned there were some things that irritated me. First the phone system still had phone numbers left by the previous owner which did not give me a warm feeling about my personal. Second, the GPS Navigation System was so second rate to the Garmin NUVI 360 portable system that I had been using in my previous car. At the price I paid ($50,000+) for this CPO LS460, I expected a car as close to new as possible. Certainly a GPS with updated maps. My Garmin 360 has the following superior features. No need to specify which 3 - 5 state area where your destination is. A POI function which list distance to multiple POI(s), the direction from where you are, and when you select a POI it gives you the address and the phone number. How handy is that for making reservations. Slogan: Supplement your LEXUS Nav System with a GARMIN portable GPS to expand the function for less than a LEXUS map upgrade. -C.W.

I just bought a 2010 IS, to replace my 2006 Accord. The Accord had a great navigation system that worked while driving, even the voice commands worked reasonably well. I was very disappointed to find that the navigation on my new Luxury auto was not to par with my previous Honda. Voice commands in the Lexus with the prompt system is too slow and inaccurate at understanding what I want. Entering information or searching POI's could be done much quicker by pushing a few buttons on the screen, additionally it would allow the passenger to aide in navigation. If you are going to allow me control of the radio, climate control, and phone; why can't I have control of plotting my destination? -M.S.

Cannot submit commands in the Nav while driving - - it's ridiculous for passengers not being able to do so -A.T.

It's ridiculous. I have to use a $200 garmin despite having spent a small fortune in the nav system in the car! -M.C.

I'm glad I stumbled on this site. I thought it was just me not knowing how to input data into the Nav system. It constantly takes me to the wrong place and again, I thought it was my driving and missing signs. I was actually looking for problems with the speaker/bluetooth system. It comes out of one speaker, right? It’s really hard to tell what someone is saying as well as the person on the other line always says they can’t understand or hear me. I have my cell phone in my lap w/ speaker phone on and I have my portable nav. system hooked up. Doesn't seem right when both these are installed in the vehicle. I still love my Lexus though. –M.B.

I hate not being able to enter destination while moving -S.C.

Bought a used 04 LS430. Had the selling dealer install the map update. Big mistake. Now use a Garmin instead of the Lexus GPS. –T.I.

It is just a headache, when your driving on uncommon roads, and actually have to pull over and start typing in the address. Would never get this car if I knew this. –S.P.

If I should have known this was a factor after purchasing my lexus IS 350 I would never brought the car because I have always wanted a navi that will run regardless if you are driving or not. Who says playing with the radio won't cause accidents or moving up and down the windows? -N.K.

If you have someone else in the car that can input the information they can't. As soon as I can get rid of my new Lexus I will. –T.H.

When one purchases a vehicle in the Lexus class, you would assume that when on a road trip with my husband, we would not have to look at a paper road map or use a smart phone while traveling at seventy miles an hour down the highway, because our $3000.00 NAV system (including upgrade), won't allow a passenger to use the features. We were misled, and I will not own another lexus. –D.Z.

Can't use navigation while I'm driving! Gen.03 navigation is terrible! Sweet interface! Like windows 3.1 ! Map is shitty! Want my money back ! -J.D.

Need to let us have the choice on how to operate our vehicle. Using our phone manually is okay, but using the vehicle is not? They will cause more accidents. –G.K.

While I do not use the navigation part of the system very often, the inability to dial phone numbers or access all of the audio features is very annoying. –N.M.

this sucks, the navi is not accuracy, it pointed always about couple of feet away where the vehicle actually is, did calibrate the position, no use. override is really bad idea, stopping vehicle is not a safe action while driving in high speed, like on the freeway and next exit still couple of miles away or in downtown there is no where for a just stopping. i hate this. –H.L.

The voice recognition system works poorly, (Ed: No, the voice recognition system is A JOKE- on us.)especially in comparison to my 2007 Infiniti. There is no earthly reason why my passenger should not be able to use the NAV system or dial a phone number while I am driving. –G.M.

I understand the legal aspects and safety reasons they disable the ability to input navigation while there is no passenger, but the fact there is no override switch in conjunction with the passenger seat almost makes the navigation feature absolutely pointless. Yes, you can speak the directions, but I have found it is more dangerous because you are so focused on speaking clearly and ensuring the directions are correct. Allowing the passenger to input the directions is much safer and less troublesome. –M.C.

My beef besides the lockout is that I live in The Villages Florida, a community of 80,000 people with numerous Lexuses and it is still not on the Lexus map system. So I've had a 2009 RX for 2+years with an expensive back up camera. My older portable Magellan has the area mapped for years. The Lexus screen makes a convenient place to attach the suction cup for the portable’s bracket. They issued the version 9.1 last fall but they still haven't put the coverage on their website. –T.S.

I have two issues with the Navigation system
1- I cannot use it while I am driving - even if someone is in the passenger seat 2-
2- I have a 50% hit rate on the system having the address - it's less than that for the phone #. I own a 2008 LS 460 -T.F.

Have an RX400H 2006 and won't buy 450H unless this is resolved. –G.S.

Nothing less than dangerous. Forces one to look and handle the phone not look straight ahead. Voice activation is weak, to say the least. Recently purchased a new MB C Class for my daughter and it is much, much better allowing one to view the center display as well as the screen for the phone book info and ability to dial with a simple push -R.R. there are "fixes"or "hacks" for our problem, it's just that they are expensive. Their time would be better spent fixing the unintended acceleration problem than fixing(?) a navigation system such that you can only use it when parked. –J.P.

Let me decide when to use the equipment that I bought. There are times when a passenger could also operate the nav system, bluetooth or ipod functions. So therefore, let us have our functionality back, or least give us the choice. It is not against the law. Geez what are you big brother? I'm an adult and am able to make my own decisions. How about this: When you drive your lexus you can leave your lockout enabled! -L.M.

Not Happy! -J.E.

I am so over the limitations placed on my 2007 LS 460 L that I'm heading this weekend to trade it in for ANYTHING else. The fact that I can purchase a small Garmin unit and play with it all day while driving, yet my $80k car system feels I need it's intervention to drive safely is simply too much. Keep the warning screen, require TWO confirmations that I've read it, but allow me to control my car!!! Thank you, -D.P.

Love the Car, it's great, BUT it has it's problems and the biggest to me is the USELESS GPS and Hands Free Phone LOCKOUT when the car is in Motion. I bought the car to drive and use....NOT PARK and use. Also hate the "I AGREE" at least Microsoft only ask you once when purchasing, not every time you start windows, if it would only go away after about five seconds it would not be as anoying, I also have another German car that I all these features were unlocked when I purchased it, I can even play a DVD Movie while driving, I will never watch it though while driving. I have a Garmin stuck to the dash on my Lexus, now that is a motorists device, it has all the features for driving a car, Can be used while moving, no need to go back home to reprogram your route, gives your current speed, give Traffic Camera and danger zone warnings, tells you what the speed limit is on some roads. And the most annoying thing is the dealer sales staff that know better than the customer, or any other motor manufacturer, Oh Lexux will never do that!!! Oh Lexus will never allow the customer to suggest anything, they are experts you know. When I said that its a pity the doors did not lock when driving off, they said that will never happen on a Lexus it is not safe, how would you get out if something happened, Idiots it is on most other cars and even when locked can still be opened from the inside, low and behold just a month later Lexus put out an update for these and it was on there next model. Arrogant Sales Staff. Pity they destroy such a great car. Pity Lexus does not care either. Make a Brilliant product and then screw it all up with legal jargon. You know some laws are made to be bent a little, like DVD regions set on -L.V.

I have a Garmin hand held system and was looking forward to the built-in one from Lexus. My RX-350 (2008) is a great car but the NAV sytem is a waste. I ask the sales staff how to get it updated and he did not really know. He also failed to tell me I could not select a location while driving. All the other information you can select while moving is of no use if I can't find my destination. –J.V.

Annoying! -J.L.

Not only does it limit how you use the navigation system it also limits how you can select music. It makes you mad every time you get in the vehicle. The Lexus experience!! A monumental mistake. –J.S.

The navigation system is useless because I have to stop to see the most basic information. It even negates having passengers because nothing works. On long trips I take my portable GPS with me because it is so much user friendly than the installed model. I feel like I was misinformed when I bought the car. My brother-in-law has an Acura and it's navigation system was a dream. –J.C.

i have more problems with this car then just the navi problem!!! :( navi seats tearing apart....all rims are bent....the plastics are making noise...... really am disappointed that i got this car new....i could have just bought a used M5 with low miles :( and the costumer satisfaction department reps are no help at all!! -T.I.

Other manufactures such as BMW, Audi, and MBZ. I was debating between A4,3 series and IS. I would have purchased A4 if i had known this issue. –A.S.

I feel the Nav system is unusable the way it is. I recently purchased two 2010 Lexuses both with NAV systems and I am extremely unhappy with 90% of the functionality being grayed out while the vehicle is in motion. I feel I am in far more danger having to pull over to use my system fully. The system is also far too complicated. It is a good example of letting the technologists run wild. I have a Garmin that is far easier to use and understand. I will certainly let anyone I know who is planning on buying a Lexus or a Toyota to avoid the Nav system. –F.B.

they should make override available at once. –R.S.

Very disappointing. –R.H.

I wish they would have told me about this BEFORE I bought, cuz what a PAIN IN THE ASS!!! -J.M.

I own this vehicle. The equipment is MINE. I do not need nor do i want anyone limiting my abilities or in any way coercing me into using MY equipment on THEIR terms. I want my money back on this Nav System! Sincerely, -J.Y.

I am looking for a way out of my lease and its been only 2 months. I will post on lease trader as the navi is almost completely useless. –E.M.

My ES350 still has the override. I was considering an upgrade to the map data. After reading this, I will not upgrade. I'm more than annoyed that cars are being designed by lawyers. -D.S. (Ed: I'm glad we helped you, but it's those spend so much for a new car, only to find out they've been tricked that we are really trying to help!)

Navagation system is so bad that I have put my Garmin in the car when I travel. -B.M.

What a PITA ! -R.H.

Idiotic, Lexus does not give their customers credit for being able to operate a motor vehicle safely and understand that passengers are often the biggest users of nav systems. Not to mention the fact that a $200 Garmin outperforms the Nav system in every way. R.L. (Ed:  New car buyer- Are you Listening???  )

It's really annoying that I can not use the navigation when I'm driving, especially on the highway. -D.L.

royal pain in the rear, especially since the newest models let you avoid the "welcome" message. If it's OK to use a Garmin/Magellan/etc. while driving, input to the vehicle system should not be a issue... -G.M.

I own a 2006 Lexus ES 330 and will not buy a newer Lexus due to the Nav override issue. I'm a Realtor and I use the Nav system continuously. When I am showing houses I need to be able to change routes, change destinations, etc... I cannot pull off the road to make such edits. Why is it that we are "allowed" to operate our radios and climate control switches, but GPS is too dangerous? I really am ready for a newer Lexus, but they are losing me as a client because of the override being removed from 2007 and newer models. I don't have time for this hassle. -C.O. (Ed:  All- Get the word out that this problem exists. Perhaps the death of 1,000 cuts (or lost referrals) will get them to change theri policy.)

This feature of disallowing the driver to view, at heads up, the phone book will kill someone.  -R.R.

As a lexus owner, I feel misled by this. I also have an 07 Acura mdx and it lets me operate the nav while driving. -J.R.

Lexus has put all its drivers in severe danger by not allowing passengers to enter data while driving. I personally know THREE people who were either crippled or killed by having pulled over to the side of the road only to be hit by a car traveling at a high rate of speed. Even IF the driver (as opposed to the passenger) were making changes to the GPS, it would be less dangerous. Furthermore how is it more dangerous than changing radio stations, adding CDs, etc. while driving?) There are many, many, many types of systems that allow an override, including Hertz. Clearly THEY didn't think it was too much of a risk. In all the years they have offered GPS WITH the override function, I have NEVER heard of a lawsuit. Since Hertz owns the cars, doesn't it make sense that if they believed it would increase the risk of accidents they would, at the very least, want to protect their assets? Maybe they did more research than Lexus! -P.L.

I have a Garmin on my motorcycle which is a lot more effective to say nothing of cheaper. We have a $100 Nav system in a $60m vehicle! There is something wrong with this picture. -T.W.

hi -M.O.

I want to have my passenger be able to enter a destination. If the passenger airbag is on we should have access while moving. -L.J.

I got the 2010 RX350 with navigation. The voice recognition is suck. It could not recognized my voice most time. It was not even recognized the saleman when he tried to proved it. Lexus need to fix this problem. -K.H.

The Nav system says I'm at my home address when I'm a block away (not on the same street when making a wrong turn then it shuts down. I don't trust it to take me other places. I drove the Lexus Tec to see the problem the Nav sys try to take us down a dead end street to get home. The tec made no acknowlegement of this fact. The Lexus TEC center says that it's accurate from 100 ft to a 1/4 of a mile. My $200 Garmin does it perfectly but the $2000 Lexus Nav Sys can't. The car makes me mad every time I get in it. I will not purchase another Lexus. Sorry I traded my Mercedes SLK for it. I feel cheated and riped off. My passangers can't enter an address while were moving. But it's not dangerous to pull over to the side of the road to enter an address! Your seat memory won't work while your driving either. What are they thinking? -W.B.  (Ed:  The other person who received a rebate of the Nav cost got theirs for poor performance, exactly like this.  I suggest you file for a complete refund through the Dispute Center on the basis of a faulty system.)

It really bothers me that the Nav is limited like this when other auto makers do not have this limitation. If I knew about this limitation I would have seriously considered getting an Audi Q7 or BMW X5. Very disappointed in this issue. -H.K.

If I would have known this fact...I would have not bought this car.  -D.G.

2008 Lexus IS250. Didn't figure out we couldn't use the Nav. while moving until after the sale. Pisses me off every time I want to enter an address on the highway... -W.D. (Ed:  This is the Lexus/Toyota way.  The best thing we can all do is warn potential buyers to avoid Lexus until this is fixed.)

I had a Garmin GPS in my trade-in that they made me leave in it. I wish I hadn't left it now. The Factory installed is very hard to use and I am tired of pulling over to make any changes. -G.V.  (Ed:  That is just plain cruel.   That dealership should be closed.)

Will not buy again -S.S.

The fact that I am unable to transfer, while driving, from hands free to my cell phone eliminates my ability to have a private conversation while there are people in the car. This is a software problem that could/should be corrected by Lexus. They insist it is for safety reason but not any more effort or dangerous than adjusting the temperature control! -H.E.

Lexus does not want to warranty any parts. My muffler came off the mount at 15k miles. They say I had an accident, this is totally false. -B.B.

if other car makers alow acces to the navi while in motion, how come lexus doesnt....or atleast allow acces when someone is pressent in the passanger seat.... -N.P.

This was a brain-dead move! If this was a safety move then Lexus just didn't think. It's much more dangerous to be playing with little keys or an iPhone keypad, than to be using numbers on the Lexus system. I wasn't aware of this when I switched from a Mercedes to Lexus. I'll certainly revisit this issue the next time I upgrade vehicles. Manufacturers should be designing around the consumer! This was such a stupid move it's actually hard for me to believe they really did something like this in a luxury vehicle! -S.S.

The voice system doesn;t work so being able to program it when I drive would be great. -T.C.

i am so disappointed in lexus, i was trying to get a upgrade for navi system on my ls 400 even thou it is a 1999 they are still saleing them car, they told me that they don't sell the cd anymore that they stopped in 2005 becasue no one was buying them. so what hte hell are we suppose to do now we are driving around in these luxury car and we can't get our system upgraded that's a bunch of bullshit- in cincinnati -K.B.

I too was SURPRISED that the Navigation system in my new 2008 Lexus ES350 would not allow me to change or amend a location while in motion. WTFO!!!! This is utterly stupid. Scenario, you are lost in an unfamiliar location and the DVD takes you into a unsafe location. You feel threatened and unsafe to stop and amend the Navigation, so you keep driving HOPING you and not your Navigation will get you back on track. I would have seriously considered buying another brand of car instead of the Lexus had I known about the safety defect. Signed, VERY DISSATISFIED LEXUS OWNER!!!!!! -A.F.

It's pretty ridiculous that you can't access all the features of the navigation system even when you have a freaking passenger in your car. How about you just give me a disclaimer that I agree to and let me access everything. I think I can decide on my safety while driving MY car, not Lexus. -S.S.

navigation system with no override? i hate it so much,if i knew it before i wont gonna buy it. -J.G.

This is very annoying when traveling with a passenger. Otherwise I love this vehicle.  -P.P

This restriction makes NO SENSE. It should atleast allow it if there is enough wieght in the passanger seat. The sensor is already there for the seat belt alarm.  -M.K.

Had I known this, I would've picked another car. This is absolutely atrocious. Why does Lexus think they should not at least offer an override feature to this. If I'm smart enough to make enough money to pay for the stupid car - give me the option to turn off a feaure. Give me a new DVD Nav Disc to fix this problem! -C.A.

It is frustrating and at times unsafe to not be able to access the nav when the vehicle is in motion. And the voice recognition system... completely useless. -M.M.

I have the GS450h. I love the car but absolutely hate the Nav feature that won't allow me to find directions while the car is moving. I drive about 25K miles a year, and one of the reasons I bought the GS was for its Navigation system....which I use constantly. It takes time, which in turn costs money, to have to stop or attempt the voice command function (which never works) to get to where I want to go. I'm very frustrated at this point. -S.R.

I submitted a complaint about the use of GPS for passengers in my car. I would also like to add that this car was a must for me due to the fact that I could use the gps voice activated which I assumed would keep my eyes on the road while driving. This doesn't work at all-It never understands a word I say and then has protection against me choosing a place I want to go to when I finally do get the devise to recognize something. What a useless expensive piece of equipment. I had to buy a separate gps and also have it on my phone just so that I can get where I need to go while driving. My passenger has to use other equipment that I had to purchase separately when I paid a fortune for something that was a huge decision on my I bought this car in the first place. I was never told that this was not useable while driving. I was only shown how to use it while parked. I can't use the gps when I need it. It also doesn't have contant gps updating so many times, It can't find the address I'm looking for and the cost is 400 a year to try to keep it updated but still my other gps's find everything but this finds very few of my searchs or takes me somewhere else. This is a huge downfall in the Lexus that I purchased and will never buy a Lexus again because I feel that I don't own the rights to my own car. Lexus still owns part of it even though I paid for it outright on the day of purchase. I should have the right to answer not to use this while driving and follow the rules but a passenger should be able to use it for me. If I make the mistake and break the rules, then I will be the one to suffer for my mistakes. I feel its much more dangerous to have to print a piece of paper map and use that then to quickly have an address input and be routed that way.  -C.W.

I would have never bought the lexus RX350 if I new I didn't have control of my entire car. I feel as tough Lexus still owns part of it as i am not able to do what I would like with my investment. Very dissatisfied for the price I paid for this car. There are many cars out there that will allow a passenger to input gps locations while the driver is driving. I should have the right to have that option even if it wasn't disabled all the time, i should be able to disable it if i need to.  -C.W.

I had no idea the nav system would have these limitations, and I am mad as hell about it. I have used a Garmin system for the last 4 years and enjoyed a much more robust navigation experience. I assumed the experience in a high-end luxury vehicle would equal or exceed the Garmin; it unfortunately pales in comparison! When on a trip, we always used our Garmin's POI feature to pull up approaching restaurants. Now with my Lexus, what am I to do...pull over on the side of the Interstate and do that? How safe is that. At a min, they should make POI access available when moving, when there is someone in the passenger seat (using the airbag sensor). Stupid, stupid, stupid. Had I known this, I most definitely would have not bought the Lexus.  -K.T.

Does Lexus think there is always only one person in the car? What is the liability risk in a passenger setting a desitnation? -A.M.

Mad as hell!!!-J.T.

Not only is the navigation override issue terrible the overall system is very cumbersome to use. My Garmin I use in my car is much more user friendly to the point we may start to use it instead in our 2007 ES350. -J.P.

Not having a passenger sensor at least is abysmal. Could Toyota deal with more bad press now? Come on 10.1... -J.K.

got new 2010 RX350 with Navigation. The only problem is the voice recognition is dump. The voice recognition could not recognizing what I said. Whoever build this voice recognition need to fire. -K.V.

I am extremely disappointed in the Lexus Navigation System. I thought I was getting the top of the line when I bought it and that it would do all I wanted it to do. My husband has a new Ford Expedition that has a better one and my sister bought a Hondo CRV and her Navigation System is better too. I would love the car otherwise. But I get mad everytime I drive it -- the salesmen said there was nothing they could do. I probably won't keep the car long and you can count on me to advise others to stay away from Toyota unless this company decides to respond to its customers. -C.H.

Hate to pull off roadway to put in a new route and voice recoginition does not work properly. -J.W.

Passenger usually acts as navigator. This lockout feature is less safe because we need to pullover to use nav when passenger could simply use while driving. The morons in Japan are going to drive Lexus/Toyota out of business in the USA with their arrogant big brother attitude. Not to mention the gas peddle debacle. They are hurting every lexus/ toyota owner (lower resale value) with their stupid corporate decisions –J.H.

I'm really disappointed that Lexus blocked using the Navi system while driving. They forgot that the passenger (in my case - my wife) is the one inputting the data - not the driver. My Audi Q7 comes with a warning, but once you agree then you are free to use anything you want, and already paid for. I'm reading a lot of posts about this subject, and I'm still amazed that Lexus management does not understand what the customers want. If I knew if before buying the car, I wouldn't have bought the car - I would stick with the Audi Q5. Period. And I expressed my dissatisfaction to the local Lexus dealer as well. And to Lexus on their survey. –P.D.

Annoying –F.W.

A bad idea that should have been corrected immediately, Owner should have the option. –G.B.

Navigation, phone, music system is just too annoying. –G.A.

Will not buy Lexus again –R.D.

If not for the inability to use the NAV system while in motion, this would be a great car. The fact is, this has been my only disappointment with the vehicle. –F.J.

I am very disappointed in the nav system. when my car is in motion, it is of no use to me. when you attempt to speak the commands, the system does not recognize due to wind shear noise. It is a dismal system and desperately needs an upgrade. I feel that I was misled and ripped off. –J.V.

What is the point of having the bluetooth, the navi, or any other expensive function if you cannot complete the task? With the bluetooth you can initiate a call but are out of luck getting to your destination when you cannot "press" the selected designation to complete your call. How does a navi help you if you can only get to the area of the town, but not the actual destination point. My features are useless as I must carry my Garmin everywhere I go and still have to use my cell phone to make a call. What did I pay ALL THIS MONEY for? A fraudulent promise that we believed because it was Lexus, a manufacturer we deemed to be above reproach when we wrote the check. –P.P.

Owner should be able to enter destinations and operate cellphone functions via bluetooth regardless of whether car is moving or not. It would be much safer to operate cell phone via the large Lexus display rather than fumble with phone while driving. I am talking about just dialing a number, not texting. –S.K.

I am furious that the Lexus sales person never bothered to explain this "major fact" to me. If the car can sense that there is a passenger seated in the vehicle to activate air bag, knowing that why is that the same passenger cannot control the navigation system? I thought I was the one driving! This is ridiculous! Now instead of using this $3000 feature we use a $300 Magellan (stuck on the windshield) and it works just fine. I really wish I had seen your site before I purchased this worthless feature. Not only am I a First and Last Time Lexus owner, unless Navigation override option is installed, but all family members, friends, co-workers & other potential Lexus customers will be fore warned. The one thing that I find amusing is having people ask - Why do you have a Magellan portable GPS hanging from your windshield when this car already comes equipped with a built in Navigation system? My response: Are you really sure that it comes with a built in Navigation system? You may want to take a second look! Lexus does a nice job make it appear to be a real GPS system, but that where it ends. –M.S.

not at all acceptable would not buy lexus again –R.H.

I have been extremely frustrated with the Nav system since day one. My salesperson said it "has a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you'll love it." Well, it's been over 3 years and it must be one hell of a steep learning curve, cuz I still hate it. I've now got an Android phone, which has a great Navigation system. I never use my Lexus Navigation system. Biggest waste of money I have ever spent. I have talked many people out of buying a Lexus. - J. S.

This is a very hi tech car. It is very unfortunate that so many features on the nav is disabled because the vehicle is in motion. I bought a 2009 ES350 one week ago. I was given the demo by the salesman and everything looked great. No so good once you are driving down the road and you can't transfer a call to your cell phone without stopping. I think it would be safer for this feature to be enabled vs looking for your phone to disable bluetooth. I would not have bought a car with nav had I known this up front –J.W.

this is very stupid not to allow overriding the nav lockout. My wife and I are realtors who constantly drive to different locations. Having to pull over and stop to change the desitination is not acceptable. We end up waiting for red lights to change the navigation and rarely can get the data entered. The voice recognition is too inconsistant to use. please put back the override feature. –R.F.

I really don't appreciate the not advising their potential and current customers. –E.D.

It should be a no brainer for Lexus. A portable GPS unit which costs around US $200 is more useful than a Lexus GPS unit which costs multiple thousands. If Lexus cares about customer satisfaction, then it better listen to what customers have said on this issue and rectify the problem immediately. I will never buy a Lexus with GPS navigation system again. –S.M.

It causes more of a safety hazard to pull off the side of the road, then to just have my passenger enter the information. My $100 Garmin will allow me to do that! –P.C.

I was told by the salesperson that the new Lexus ES350 navigation would let you change destinations on the fly not like our ES330 that we traded in. We found out later that it is still a problem and have been waiting for an override. –R.H.

Very frustrating to try and make a stop at a light or stop sign, just to find a gas station through the Nav system. I paid $2500 for the built in Nav system and have to resort to using my $199 cell I-phone instead! -J.C.

I was almost rear ended when I tried to pull over to modify my route in the Nav system of my RX. –L.C.

I did not know this when we purchased our 2010 IS250C. This thing doesn't even have features offered on a $100 Garmin, my wife has in her little commuter car. I am going to talk to them Friday and if nothing is resolved I am writing the hq. –D.C.

Like the LS, but want to be able to control nav while driving –S.W.

This was a scam and I was not made aware of it before purchasing the car. –R.K.

I upgraded to the 7.0 and can't believe the BS - My passenger can't even update the Nav while driving - Hertz lets us do it - What the Heck? –G.O.

I additionally own TWO 2010 Toyota Corollas, and a 2008 Toyota Prius. Yes, we're an "All Toyota and Lexus Family" and have been so for many years. Actually, we've owned 14 Toyota or Lexus vehicles in the last 20 years! To say I am pissed is an understatement! I purchased two 2010 Toyota Corollas just before Christmas. Now, thanks to Toyota's acceleration problems, they recently gave a $1,750 rebate on these cars. In other words, these same vehicles were $3,000 less than I paid! Frankly, I worry every time me, my wife or our two sons get behind the wheel of my Toyota / Lexus automobile. But, what can I do. Who the hell wants to buy a Toyota or Lexus right now? So, I'm stuck with these LEMONS. See what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. And to think I trusted the "Toyota basket" for so many years! Shame on you Toyota. Shame on you! I've been more than loyal for many years! –S.S.

I feel that Lexus has Hijacked me and my Navigation System. Until you are making the payments, It's, my car! -E.S.

Was caught at the upgrade stage. Friend showed me the hack in an earlier version. Paid for the upgrade and no dice. –M.S.

i was told that the nav system is the best on the market. the salesman and i test drove it and it worked fine except for the voice recognition witch would always direct me to increase temperature, but we were parked in lot. in the real world, i'm so disappointed in the way at works that i'm looking for a way to have it replaced with a TomTom.... –C.C.

Just made a previous post, but continued on to watch the video of the acceleration problem. Assuming this is a problem on the luxury/cars with nav/systems and an upgrade. I have the mother of conspiracy theories! Ok, Toyota says they don't know why; maybe that is true but like I said WTF? So my theory is this: Each car has its own cell number. You don't need a cell phone yourself to call for roadside assistance or directions, right? But you still have a two way outside connection. Someone has a way to call the vehicle and HACK into the system thus controlling all the onboard cruise control and electronics. Watch for the coming attractions... Anybody want to lay odds on corporate espionage? Who could it be? -T.B.

Believe it or not I was thinking I "downgraded" from a Mercedes. Never a complaint about the benz nav just about the ipod hook up. I like my music. So the Nav is a pain. I know but have you ever tried to use the USB/IPOD hook up? Now here is a really crazy thing today I noticed after the first 1000 miles. Lets say you are using the ipod; you can select artist,songs genra, playlist, etc. when you select artist and are not stopped or in park you can NOT scroll to a different artist. BUT when you have the artist selected you can scroll to the track and choose ANY track. WTF is this all about? Safety? Now get this the SAT Radio has about 200 plus channels. You can scroll or change to any one of the over 200 channels. Again WTF? You call this safety? It is just corporate BS! Protecting the head of Toyota's siblings in charge of something... Just so they don't have to die in disgrace... There I said it. Toyota is the new GM. They have gotten sooooo big and intertwined with US culture and factories and jobs that they think they are untouchable. When people are dying because of your failure at "QUALITY CONTROL" you deserve everything that comes at you. Now that I am on this rant, I REALLY MISS MY BENZ. They had the drive by wire and electronic braking sys. Brakes were touchy on first brake soon after start up, but nothing that said WTF. TOYOTA GET IT RIGHT! Stop your rightious BS and just do the right thing. That's it. MY Slogan: WTF? YOU CALL THIS SAFETY? Better get your house (and acceleration problem) in order. FORD may just kick your _ss! –T.B.

Love the car very much, but very dissapointed about the SATNAV not fuctional when driving, phone menu not available when moving, No Safety Camera download possibility, no downloading of new POI Icons, Only one possible Icon with sound alarm, not possible to use voice commands when driving due to very loud tyre and road noise, voice only works in quiet surounding and low speed or when stationary and all windows closed. Sales staff for Lexus very arrogant and think they are Gods attitude "like it or get lost" I kow it all and have been selling cars for years, when they are just over twenty with a push. What do you know attitude, just that I have been driving cars for more than 50 years, racing saloon cars as well as rallying, built my own engines and cars, what I have forgotten they still need to learn. A change in attitue and arrogance of Lexus staff could easly make this the best car on the market as well as outselling BMW, Mercedes and upmarket Audi models, although they believe they have allready achived this, intheir wildest dreams will it ever happen with their current attitude. BMW and Mercedes respect their customers Lexus only profess to do so, as long as it suits their ideas. Have been a BMW and Mercedes driver for years, how I regret making the break now, will go back to BMW again. Pity as I love the car in general, my wife still drives her BM and rags me all the time, TOLD you to buy another BM. I now have to hide my head in shame for telling other what a good car the Lexus is and then being slapped in the face by them. –L.vdR.

My 2007 LX470 nav. always mislead direction. I believed Lexus should upgrade the disc without charge. –H.L.

Wow, I didn’t know they’d willingly cripple the Nav and not give you any way to CHOOSE to use your property as you see fit. Ridiculous. –D.W.

I have an inexpensive Garmin GPS for my second car and can use it anytime I wish. I was not told of the condition that you had to be stopped to use the Nav system. –B.F.

This totally blows, I did not know that I could not search addressee\'s while driving. My wife is really disappointed, she usually types everything in. Will I be able to get a rebate since I bought this used? The previous owner did not get a rebate. I have a 2008 RX350 with the latest Nav software. –J.H.

I want my fucking money back for this useless piece of shit navigation!!!!!! –A.R.

The override is gone and is a PIA. I cannot believe we cannot access this anymore? –H.C.

Currently have a 2006 with the override and the sole reason I have not bought a new one is because I refuse to drive a car that enforces such a ridiculous restriction. –M.P.

We just paid to have the NAV system updated. I assume from what I read here that no matter of updates will help since there is no cure from what I can read –J.M.

It's aggravating to have to come to a full stop before even the passenger can enter or change a destination. This is ridiculous, I have to carry a spare GPS unit on top of one that I paid thousands of dollars for!! -M.L.

Generally, it's something I can live with. However there are times - particularly when stuck in traffic that is barely crawling or with no other vehicle in sight that it would be particularly convenient to use the nav system - if even to just lookup a phone number. As it is, I'm forced to use the capabilities of my cell phone & it's small screen & buttons manually instead of the disabled features in my expensive nav system. –R.B.

Would really like to find a fix to this irritating problem when older vehicles it works easy. –D.R.

When I found out that there was an override function for the input lock in my car's navigation system, I was ecstatic. However, when I realized that Lexus had disabled this function starting with the 2007 models of their vehicles, I was very disappointed. Bring override back! –J.K.

i am pissed. I can not dial the phone or find an addresses while driving. Neither can a passenger. –B.S.

On my 2002 SC 430 with ver6.1 there are nav functions that would be beneficial with a passenger to be able to access. Any help is appreciated. We also have a 2006 Rx400h that thanks to your website I now can access those functions!!! –R.S.

bsolutely absurd. I also have an Acura and the Nav System works great. I WAS NOT made aware of this problem when I bought the car. Another RIPOFF. There are OTHER problems that are being ignored by LEXUS such as the battery constantly running down. These people need to revert back to the Cressida. –A.P.

Guy wants to find a gas station when he is on the road. pulls over on highway, gets rear ended by a semi and dies. Quite the safety feature. Hey, Lexus, what next? Gonna lop off your nose to spite your face?! –S.M. (Ed: Until there is a crash documented with a 911 call I don't think you will see Lexus admitting such a thing ever happens.)

I am extremely disappointed that every other Luxury cat with NAV system allow changes in NAV system while vehicle is in motion! –J.F.

Own a 2007 ES350 and a 2008 RX 350 and did not need feature with ES350 but when we purchased 08 RX we started traveling and I was shocked to learn that we could not change destinations while moving. I didn't ask because all other autos that I have had allowed changes in motion.  –M.D.


I would like my passenger to be able to enter in a new destination when i am on the road driving. I would like the option to override the lock out on my choice. Portable devices do not have this and other Auto Manufactures do not have this lock out feature, why can I have an override. This is America and I want a freedom of choice. thank you –D.D.

I fly complex airplanes while talking on the radio and changing navigation systems but I am not allowed to do it in my car? –R.G.

This is very poor judgment on the part of Lexus.  –P.A.

I am very upset that a passenger can't use the navigation system while driving. I understand the dangers of driving and using the nav system, but I feel the owner should make that decision. –E.S.

I removed the toyota nav system in my Sequioa and replaced with Panasonic system which can be changed while driving. I would do the same with Lexus but I might just trade it in on Acura –K.C.

I hope that something can be done. –S.D.

This problem is absolutely impossible. However I must say this problem is in line with the other problem I have with my 2007 Lexus SC430. I have contacted Lexus Headquarters numerous times and very nicely told to "Drive my car more". Along with the navigation problem is the fact that I cannot leave my SC430 sitting for more than 5 days or it will not start. Lexus tells me that I must plug the car into a receptacle to keep the battery charged. I have 1200 miles on my SC430 and have gone through 3 batteries. Who would have thought I would have to ask an owner of a 69 Volkswagon to please give me a jump start and could I please borrow their road map? –A.P.

I upgraded my 2000 RX300 to a 2007 RX350, because I loved my old car so much and it was soo good to me, it was a no brainer to get another one. Well that would have been fine had I known not to get the NAV. I thought I was getting a good deal that included I know why it was such a good deal! I felt I was purposely deceived by the salesman that failed to mention the NAV does not work while the car is in motion. I had no reason to ask that question since I did not know car companies take the liberty of telling you what you can and can not do in your own vehicle! I never would have purchased a Lexus w/NAV had I known this! –L.Q.

Just Fix IT!!! –B.K.

I seldom drive alone so I have a passenger to operate the GPS. Very aggravating. Last car was BMW 300 series. Will probably go back to BMW for my next trade in. –P.E.

Almost $3,000 and I cant use it while the car is in motion....98 percent of the time I have a passenger. I WANT A REFUND!!!  -B.L.

Lousy navigation system, it's like no use at all –C.C.

Lack of an override capability degrades the overall functionality of the nav system by at least 60 percent. Have found it necessary to also carry my Garmin on long road trips - an unsatisfactory workaround! –L.B.

Poor business – M.W.

I will NEVER buy a Lexus product again until this is made right. I have spent over a thousand dollars trying to find a way around or to override this system, to no avail. I would have NEVER bought this vehicle (new) had I not been lied to.  –J.W.

I traded in my 2006 Acura TSX for a 2007 Lexus is250. WORST MISTAKE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! This car is garbage, it has been a lemon since day one, the Navigation system lock out is a complete joke and really more of a frustrating inconvenience then something of value. Within 2 days I was back at the dealership pleading for them to give me back my Acura. The is250 I initially leased did not have the Navigation system in it and the Acura did so instead of giving me back my Acura they put me in an is250 with Navigation, I was content, not happy, content. That was until I found out its limited or rather non-existent functionality while driving-it's a complete pain!!!! I will NEVER, NEVER but another Lexus, EVER. They are glorified garbage. Acuras are quality vehicles that don’t put limitations on their drivers. I will also consider BMW, but never Lexus. Customer service is garbage, dealerships are a bunch or arrogant fools that think they are selling such an awesome product how dare the customer question anything. Never again. –M.D.

i MAY have bought the car had i known no override was available but certainly would not have bought the nav option.  –L.W.

I was very disappointed when I received my new car two weeks ago. I was not aware of that these restrictions on the system were in place. I have a Garmin portable GPS that can do so much more but I opted to spend the money and get the GPS integrated. I should have bought the base model and used my GPS. –J.H.

the NAV system is incredibly annoying. I was told I could lodge a complaint here. I will not buy this car in the future when my partner, sitting next to me, can't operate the NAV system while I am driving. That is really treating us like babies.  –S.M.

Being able to use my navigation system while moving isn't any more dangerous than being able to play with my radio, CD changer, or air conditioner controls. My next car will probably be an American or German car. In fact, it would make me very happy to support our domestic automobile makers while doing something good for the environment by ditching my gas-guzzling SC 430 for an all-electric, American-made Tesla! "If I can't use it, I won't drive it!"  -S.E.

Being able to use the navigation system while moving is no more dangerous than being able to tune the radio, adjust the volume, change tracks on a CD, or adjust the climate controls. My next car will more than likely be a German car, or better yet, I might decide to support our own American automobile makers---perhaps a Cadillac Escalade Hybrid? "Override This!" "Override Lexus. Buy American."  -E.E.

I would simply like the override put back in or be given an option to upgrade, or be compensated for a new nav system.  –A.S.

very annoying. They are just trying to force us to buy "Enform Connect" service after the free service expires.  –A.M.

I'm 55 years old and am perfectly capable of doing two things at once. I know when safety dictates concentrating on the more important of those. This is my first and last Lexus if this policy stands. –R.C.

I have a 2006 400h. Most of my driving is in town so the nav. system was not needed. Recently, I have been on two road trips taking my Mom to important destinations, to a wedding and to a cemetery. Both destinations were unfamiliar to me so I was relying on the on-board navigation. The first trip took about a half hour extra following @#! directions. The second trip was a different location with the same results. What's worse is that I'm a licensed Land Surveyor! The bottom line is that Lexus nav. system (using the most appropriate word) sucks! It's not user friendly, takes indirect and/or incorrect routes and cannot be used while driving. The voice recognition is another story with similar 'quality'. How can Lexus produce such a fine vehicle and include a @#%! overpriced navigation system? –J.R.

It totally frustrates me to be reminded every time I drive my Lexus and look at my Lexus GPS that I can never productively use it. I have been forced to buy a high-end Garmin to use instead of my built-in Lexus GPS system. What a wasted bunch of money on the Lexus! Still love the car, but am aggravated to drive it... –D.W.

One would think Lexus would be more responsive to its clients. –M.A. (Ed: Actually, I think that the Lexus attitude towards it's customers is completely like it's attitude to Regulators (Stonewalling, denial, misdirection) and is representative of a corporate culture that will hurt it in the long run.)

Going back to the good old American cars. –D.S.

I bought my Lexus last August (09). I could not understand why my nav system worked intermittently. Of course, sitting in the dealers lot (not moving), the nav system worked. Not once did the service rep inform me that the reason the system did not work while the car was moving, was due to this deliberate lack of override. I am extremely disappointed since a nav system was a must on my wish list for a new vehicle. –C.B.

Terrible feature that is supposedly for safety but will lead to more accidents by drivers trying to use an unusable system while driving. The system functions poorly when on the phone, screen does not pop up indicating a turn and you often cannot hear the system. It makes not sense to disable virtually 90% of the information system while driving. How many deaths will occur with drivers  pulling off the road when on the highway? –D.R.

I have been a loyal lexus customer since 1990, and this is just nor acceptable. –F.K.

I believe that I am the best person to gauge my ability to operate MY vehicle. I agree that many drivers are not able to operate a navigation system while they drive but I believe that this should be my choice - and the choice to use navigation while I drive should not have been taken from me.  –I.D.

I am coming from a Porsche Caynenne with Navi and I am a traveling regional manager that often needs to input destinations while driving.. This is ridiculous! –M.P.

it's very painful and frustrating not being allowed to program while the vehicle is moving. They said is a safety issue but I would not agree. Pulling over just to program could cause a greater risk. –N.N.

I have a Garmin that has better features and allows the user to make changes at any time after it warns me about the possible changes in doing so. –G.N.

The inability to interact with the Navigation system unless the car is stopped is a limitation that the sales people should be forced to tell customers BEFORE they purchase the car. I would not have purchased the car had I known about this limitation. It is up to the driver and passengers to determine whether it is safe to interact with the Nav system when the car is moving. –R.F.   (Ed: I agree that disclosure should be required. I have stopped donating to Consumer's Reports until they inform consumers too.)

This is an absurd move by Lexus. I would not have bought a car with navigation had I known this. All other manufacturers seem to get by with a disclaimer or a button that lets you "agree" to being responsible for your own actions. I have no recourse as I bought the car used (2008 ES) and assumed the Nav system was up to the quality of that I have experienced with Lexus –J.W.

used the override with no problem until i bought the updated disc for the navigation. now i can't use it at all. will have to go to the trouble of creating the hybrid disc. next car will NOT be a lexus if this issue is not resolved. –J.J.   (Ed: Check eBay for those discs.)

I have a 2006 IS350. The override was a great thing to have, until my navigation system went awry. I took it to get serviced and they reloaded new software (without telling me) and that's when the override stopped working. –R.K.
No more Nannies! I bought a Garmin 1490T for navigation. Besides the touchscreen lockout, the Lexus navi system is inferior with regard to on-the-fly rerouting. The only truly useful item from the navi package is the back-up camera. Oh, I also got the Mark Levinson system. Another mistake. –B.S.

This is aweful!!! –J.C.

Garmin sells more GPS units than Lexus and they obviously don't think there is a liability problem. The Lexus GPS is worthless if you can select POI while moving. Also, why not at least let it be operated if there is a passenger in the passenger's seat?? I hate the Lexus GPS. Only thing I hate about the car. –R.L.

Very frustrated my passengers or myself cannot use nav system while in motion. –J.I.

The new Buick (which is not included here) has a higher satisfaction and quality rating than Lexus. May very well look into one of them when time to trade but will certainly NOT entertain the thought of buying another RX. –S.L.

In addition to the GSP lock out which is extremely frustration, the blue tooth phone also locks out. I travel a lot on business and must be able to pick up my phone messages while on the road. My office phone forwards my calls to my cell but to receieve the message I must go through some prompts on the keypad. I can not do that if the car is moving. Also, if I call through speed dial or voice recognition, I can not dial extensions or any other key pad functions. This is definitely not a safety feature since I now have to get my cell phone out to it's key pad. I would not have bought this car had I realized the inconveniences built in. –G.E.

Only had the new RX350 2010 four days and I am shocked to find that I have to stop to make a call or set a destination. All demonstrations by sales staff were done stationary in a warm garage with no hint that they wouldn't work on the move. The navigation system gives you an estimated arrival time depending on road conditions, maybe they need to add "plus stoppage time to make calls and reset destination". I am now on the lookout for all Lexus vehicles parked at the side of the highway. Is there no way that this can be raised with a TV station to let the world know of the drawbacks of buying a Lexus, that might make the powers that be sit up and do something. –B.B.   (Ed: I suggest we all just keep friends and family buying other cars.  It will take more sales losses, and new people in corporate control to fix this fiasco.)

It’s bad –S.S.

Even as a passinger, I can't program the nav system when the 2008 Lexus ES350 is moving. I would not have bought it, had I known. I will not buy another one. –E.G.

I have an 04 LS430 and this has been an issue for me since I purchased the vehicle. I did bring it back to the dealer and was told they could do nothing about it. Great car but will NEVER buy another Lexus again.  –P.S.

Many Provinces in Canada have or are going to have Hands Free Driving Laws. I don't understand this conflict, my 2010 RX350 NAV works just like the Manual says it would. Love it. -H.G.

I will turn off the Lexus Navigation and use my Garmin to guide me to the BMW dealer. -Y.N.

I've had several "close calls" being hit after stopping on side of road to operate nav system. voice recognition is lousy when driving. my new Droid phone offers better navigation than my $75,000 luxury automobile! -E.D.

Please provide a work around. -M.D.

I recently purchased the new 2010 RX350 with NAVI. I could not use the NAVI due to the motion locked equipped on the vehicle. I call Sewell Lexus in Fort Worth to consult the issue. Their sale person told me that I can use the NAVI by voice command. I'm not a native English speaker so my voice always has an accent. The voice command system always came up wrong of what I speak to it. I would not even consider purchase the vehicle if I was inform at the time of purchase. I would like to get a refund on the NAVI option that I cannot use. -N.N. (Ed: I use voice recognition in my work and the Lexus Voice commands don't work for me or a many others either. Lexus owes us a rebate and an apology.  But don't hold your breath.....) 

The move from touch-screen to the 'mouse-like' interface works well. That said, it's completely idiotic to lock the passenger out from using the NAV system. My wife and I usually drive together and we literally have to pull over to make changes to the destination. Is that safer than letting the passenger use the NAV system? I mean really... The driver can go to the Audio menu and mess around with what's playing through the sound system while driving, so what's the big deal? If Lexus loses some frivolous law suite by some jerk who crashes their car while perusing satellite radio stations, are they going to lock the driver out from changing the music in their car while driving too? This is yet another example of fat-cat legal departments gaining control over our lives and making decisions in a complete vacuum. I'll sign whatever Lexus wants me to. Just give me control of my damn car! -G.D.

I can't believe I bought the upgrade disc and now can't perform the override for the NAV system. I am extremely disappointed and am baffled that Lexus does nothing about it. I would think the customer loyalty might be something they could use right about now. I am hoping something will come of this soon!!!! -E.M.

I don't think that my views will bring anything new from the comments I have read. However, couldn't we suggest that Lexus/Toyota create a 7.1 DVD that brings back the override option so that we could install this to fix the issue? -M.R.

The key fob computer fell out of my plastic key case while I was traveling... Well it couldn't be found so I was left with a key and no push buttons for lock and unlock. No big deal...EXCEPT... the lexus will not let you drive with the key if the fob contents have fallen out. I called several dealerships in the area to get a new key made... I have triple AAA so I can have it towed free for 100+ miles. I was told by Lexus to have the car towed in and they would order a new key. I asked the price... Catch this lexus owner: $2,000 for a new onboard computer because the key can't be reprogrammed into the old computer. $250. for labor to install the new computer. Five to seven days without my car... and $400. for a new key. So actually if their crummy key comes apart because it's made poorly... It will cost you approximately $3,000. to get a new key. I will take this further and I will never purchase a Lexus again!. Who are these theives....? -J.M.

Navigation System sucks. I have to keep Garmin system in my car. Garmin is superior to Lexus's system. I notified the Customer service about this. -R.G.

should have saved money and got the RX without the NAV. -P.G.

Inability to accomidate flexiblity when driving greatly decreases the enjoyment of using my Lexus. I am not able to quickly identify POS and make phone calls. -B.H.

I was really disappointed to find out I could not make changes to destination while I was on the move. I even took my RX back to the dealer, just to have them tell me, that is the way the system works, sorry !!! -M.L.

So my passengers cannot use my navigation either?? While the car is taking me the wrong direction and won't respond to my voice commands!?!?! -A.F.

I have two Lexus', the SC430 and the RX350. I was a Navy fighter pilot and am used to making inputs to moving maps on the run. My next cars will be Infiniti's as they do not have the NAV restrictions. -D.W.

Nav system is useless once you are underway. Same for Phonebook. Voice Rec a failure. -M.B.

The 2007 Lexus ES350 Nav system is terrible. It is the biggest disappointment in an otherwise wonderful luxury vehicle. With the Lexus, I cannot input locations while driving. Tokoyo Rose Voice Commands are a joke. Even when I park to input locations the logic is insane. On my other car, I use a Garmin. The Garmin is the Lexus in the Navigation world. Sure wish I could remove the Lexus nav screen and replace it with Garmin. The nav system in the Lexus is SO BAD, I pay for a Verizon nav system on my cell phone because getting lost is a safety issue of significant concern. So if you buy a Lexus, plan on having 2 additional navigation systems for back up. I do. -D.S.

I feel this is pretty dumb of Lexus to not allow changes to the navigation destination while driving. My passenger frequently makes changes to the navigation destination and would seem reasonable that a destination would change. Lexus should just look at their competitor and notice that none of them lock the navigation while driving. The #1 navi selling company Garmin doesn't lock them so why should Lexus. -R.P.

If you have satillite radio, does lexus also disable the display so you don't know the artist. It's BS, they should take out the cup holders too, you should be driving. No smoking or eating, either. -D.F.

The ability to operate the GPS while the vehicle is in motion is very important. Further, it takes so much time to browse the saved destination addresses in memory. One has to scroll one page at a time and the scrolling is slow. -K.L.

This is the last Lexus I will ever purchase. Lexus cares nothing about it's customers, only about it's bottom line.  -M.D. (Ed: Not caring about your customers is a well-known way to go out of business, unless you are a monopoly. Fortunately, we have a lot of alternatives in buying a car.)

My passenger is perfectly capable of entering GPS addresses or dialing a phone number while I, a veteran pilot (and perfectly capable of multi-tasking) am concentrating on the road in front of me! Mercedes Benz always let me use both Nav and phone features while driving - they have more intelligent drivers I guess. My S550 MB sedan blows away any LS or LX from a usability standpoint. Now MB offers a "dual display" so that passengers can even watch a DVD while the driver works the map - Magic!!! I've owned 5 Lexus autos - 2xES, SC, 2xLX, & 1 LS But NEVER AGAIN until they get their head out of their A**. LEXUS= Lowest EXample of User Satisfaction -P.S.

I have bought a Garmin GPS to use in my Lexus. If I only knew I would not have paid $4500 for there audio and GPS junk. -R.F.

It's bad enough that my mega-buck Mark Levinson system doesn't have near the features of my cheap Garmin. But when I can't even use the NAV to find a restaurant or motel while moving... I love the car, but I'll not buy another Lexus if this is what I have to put up with. -J.J.

There should be an option to override. When you are lost in a strange (and sometimes "bad" part of town) you need the system to help you find your way. However, you want to get out of there, not pull over and stop there. I would understand if it required specific steps so the customer must acknowledge, or only allow if a passenger is in car (there is a sensor for that- due to airbag), but no alternative???? -D.C.

I have a 2008 Lexus RX350 I don't know why we can't have a passenger input the destination while driving. I have actually pulled over on the highway plenty of times to input a new destination. This is probably dangerous at times but maybe Lexus may think about this when they do their new update. -T.C.

Was not told that you could not use the navigation system while moving. My demo of the system was in the parking lot prior to the test drive. Voice recognition is so poor that I deem this feature unusable. -R.A.

I think this makes things more dangerous For example, if my destination changed while I was riding the highway, wouldn't it be more dangerous to stop on the side road of the highway to change destination? And I think this really makes an already overpriced navigation system more worthless! -W.J.

I totally agree with all of you here. The navigation does not exactly pinpoint the location of the car. Shows that I'm on the freeway even if the car is on the feeder. Takes the longer and slower routes on trips. Would have been better buying a Garmin.  -L.I.

i love everything about my 09 is250 but not being able to do anything when it comes to the navigation while moving is a major issue, i bought navigation so i can use it when i need it not pull over to have to enter the info in or have my passenger enter the info in after i pull over.. -M.P.

I live in Santa Fe, NM. I own a 2007 RX400H and have only driven it locally since I bought it. I am now ready to begin traveling around the U.S. and have just discovered this flaw. My salesman also informed me that the override was available and mentioned the video override as well. I have had MANY other problems with my car and have complained very politely to my dealer who has sense written me an e-mail saying that he will no longer service my car, that I am NOT WELCOME at the dealership any longer. I have never heard of anything like this in my life. -R.C.  (Ed: We'd be happy to publish that email with your personal information removed if you want to publicize it!)

I feel betrayed. It was a week before I knew this was an issue. Of course I have to learn about it online. I thought my car was broke. What a complete rip-off and let down, for my first "luxury" sedan. -R.H.

I was under the impression there is away to override the DVD. I am so upset!, we travel a lot and I really enjoy watching a movie as a passenger. I can not believe this has been taken away from me after all the money I spent. -C.L.

I have both, at 2007 ES350 & a 2010 RH350 & thought that the RH would not the limitations that my older Lexus has. My 2007 lease expires in several months & will certaintly find a new vehicle with a "driver friendly" Nav system. I will begin searching for hacks -G.F.

after two weeks of buying this car i was on the highway one day my friend text me his new address and i asked my wife to input it into the Nav system, took my wife about 3 mins to look over all the menu, and yes the dest button wasnt highlight so we couldnt use it. i called the dealer right away and they told me because of safety issue they have to do that and i told them what about the passenger input, they had no answer and only said "sorry" i feel cheated and would never bought the car if i knew this!!!!-Y.C.

Have learned to live with it. Not happy. Did not know there was such a big push for correction. Is anything out yet? -G.J.

I do not understand why Lexus is so bent on preventing the entry of nav addresses while the car is moving. My 2009 BMW doesn't restrict the driver this way. And there's no purpose for the restriction if a passenger is in the car. If the voice recognition program worked well, that might be a suitable alternative to entering addresses while driving. But voice recognition does not work well; it is frustratingly slow and error-prone. My BMW's voice recognition system works flawlessly. Frustrating. -L.R.

I like my SUV but very disappointed with the Navi system. A passenger should be able to enter address while the car is rolling. -T.T.

Had Consumer Affairs and the other consumer auto-test publications informed us that Lexus has learned not only how to improve on Detroit's car making skills, but is also learning how to ignore outcries from the buying public, I swear, I would not own a Lexus LS 460 today. In fact this summer we were planning on getting another Lexus (LS350) for my wife. Since we don't want to double our misery we've decided to pass on the LS 350 and test drive the Mercedes and the BMW. If we don't like them, we will then see about the Lexus without the Navigation system. By the way my dealer mentioned to me that he believed there was a site that would help us to get around the Navigation problem. At the time I didn't know what "navigation problem" he was talking about, so I never questioned it. Lexus, I'm sorry to say, you've put a bad taste in my mouth... SHAME ON YOU! -E.B.

We are very disappointed with the navigation system and telephone lockout in our 2007 ES350. Another problem bothering us is that the GPS will not show more than 4 steps in the text view (only 1 screen view), it will not let me see the entire route so that I can delete the unnecessary steps. The built in GPS on my other cars lets me do that. Most of the time Lexus GPS gives me long/wrong route. Nowadays I follow my cell-phone GPS instead.-A.A.

This should be a user decision. Honestly I would be happy if the features were only enabled when a passeger is detected (it does know ebecause it enabled the airbag).-R.O.

My biggest issue had to do with the fact that the car was purchased for my wife who was 8 months pregnant at the time. I wanted to make sure that if she was out with the baby and she had to change direction or go to an unfamiliar store/address, I didn't want her to pull over on the freeway or on a dark street with no lights. It's unfair for Lexus to make a determination for all of its drivers. If the override was such a "liability" issue, why didn't Lexus add a sensor to the passengers seat (like the airbag indicator) to "override" the system. It wouldn't necessarily solve the issue but it could've addressed their concerns AND allow us to have the "override" option at the very least. Nonetheless, the amount of money paid for a fully loaded vehicle, as I always purchase, should leave the "liability" to us. Thank you for listening. -R.K.

2009 Lexus Nav is the worst I have ever used and is inferior to a $200 Garmin unit-D.D.

Well i bot my car in Oct 2007. I never knew this would be such a big pain. There must be someway that passenger should be allowed , I was and I'm very frustrated till date about the Nav system. As i feel Lexus cheated me after charging $3500 for such a crappy Nav system. Acura has a far better system. The voice recognition in lexus Nav is the worst i have seen in any car. I'm get disappointed whenever i use the Nav system in my car. If possible please also start a forum for the lexus dealership guys , they are another big rip off. I think soon Toyota will have to improve their customer satisfaction or leave US. I have referred my friends to buy Acura/BMW or infi after my experience with lexus. It was my dream car and you guys can imagine. -S.M.

It is rather disappointing that I have had to pull over multiple times during multiple trips to use the GPS. To avoid this I've handed my iPhone to the passenger and used the Google Maps GPS. -K.L.

I will never buy another Lexus until the GPS lockout is solved. I have to use a portable Garmin when I am travelling.-G.J.

I specifically asked about technology and purchased the Mark Levinson system. The salesman never mentioned to me any of its limitations. I found them all as I started using the system after spending alot of money.-M.G.

I certainly wouldn't have purchased the navigation system... $$ better spent on after market. I may not buy another Lexus (we currently have two - one owned, one leased). I think I'll look at Acura .... my brother has a 2008 with a realtime nav system... -E.S.

What are your thoughts on using a 3rd party product like this to make it work? -J.F. (Ed:  I purchased an eBay DVD that allows overriding with more recent maps.  If anyone else has experience with this site, email me and I will put reviews).

Lexus has 20 lousy voice commands verses 700 offered by Honda/Acura and you have to rely on that. If Acura did this it would be no big deal. They have more commands and their VR is much better.-K.W.

Lexus should let us make our own life decisions as other provider/makers of GPS systems.-M.S.

Very unhappy about the thought of a crash by car running away,my who I bought this car for will not drive it she is afraid of being killed. -H&E,T.

you are missing Lincoln (mkx) from the list above re: trade in considerations. -M.M.

I purchased the car used, but was told I could override the existing system. Purchased car so I and wife would have a nice car to travel in after retirement, with the co-pilot operating the nav so we could visit sites as we desired. Now discover we will have to stop to set program. Also discovered that the system can't find it's way home, and is worfully out of date. -W.M.

i hate this! I had no idea when I bought the car. In retrospect, I do LOVE my IS, but if I had known about this inadequate navigation capabilities and lack of an override before I purchased the car, I would have passed on the navigation system and just got a tom tom or something. And saved $4000! -J.G.

I just got screwed! I have a 2006 LS430, and was very happy when the dealer showed me the override (thats right, I complained, and the dealer showed me how to override so as not to void the warrantee). I've been using this for past three years. I needed some service for my car, and I said, hey give an nav update, as my data is three years old... just got my car back yesterday, and Override is gone, and they want put it back an older version... Did you ever find a way, (anyway) to get the override working, of have an aftermaret shop put in a bypass that doesn't screw up the car. Any help would be appreciated here in San Diego, CA. Also what a major screwup for Lexus! Oh and their staff, complete retards... they say I'm the first to complain! -S.S. (Ed: Lexus is dealing with this by telling everyone who complains that they are the first.  Makes you feel like a valued customer, right?)

I bought an Rx 450 new from the dealer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2 years ago. My wife wanted to upgrade and brought a new one home I climbed in and found the same navigation fault and sent it back. I would like to buy a new 460 also but will not as long as these nagigation locks are in place. I am not loud about it (although I have told the local dealership) I vote with my wallet and my feet. I have told neighbors who asked me how I like it and none have bought partly because of my displeasure...they bought BMW's and Mercedes. which I will also be switching to. The Lexus is a great vehicle but so is BMW and Mercedes and they apparently do not try and stop passengers from inputting destination info. I realize I am small but I buy a new vehicle every 3 years and it would have been a Lexus but will not be until this navi lock goes away. So please let me know when this issue is dealt with so I can switch back with my next purchase of a new vehicle. Heck my helicopter does not even stop me from inputting info into the GPS when I am flying.  -E.G.

2010 RX450H GPS cannot be updated by my dealer. Lexus said that they forget to order some widget that goes on their computer to prevent forged software. Dealer (Lexus of Orlando) said that they still cannot do an upgrade. Just tried a calling Lexus corporate again, but the wait is endless to get a person on the phone. I now have my Garmin back in the windshield with an extension cord for the power cord in to the black pit called center console storage. Love the car, but this GPS thing is really grinding... My database is so out of date. My Garmin has lifetime quarterly updates for $129! -D.J.

I actually solved the problem by purchasing and installing an after-marked override module at a cost of about $400. -O.P.  (Ed:  Let me know which one you bought.  We will put a list of working aftermarket products on the site.)

Just bought a 2005 LS 430. Very disappointed with the NAV system, voice recognition and lockout. As a retired AF fighter pilot I can't imagine having to land to change my destination or my radio frequency. Incomprehensible ! -G.T.

It really sucks -D.S.

You have got to be kidding me. I am the owner of my car. I am paying for my car not Lexus. You need to give me FULL control of what I paid for. I have an IS350 woth $45,000.00 dollars and I can do nothing with the touch screen. What is the use for it then? Don’t make it anymore and give me back $4,000.00. You need to give the customers the right to use their navigation while the car is in motion. This is wrong for you to do this and it is unacceptable!!!!!!! I am very angry!!!!!! -J.L.

You all are babies. You drive around in a safe, highly functional car. Do you think 99.9% give a crap about your inability to use your GPS whlle you drive. If you're that friggin lost, I don't want you on the road at all! You're complaining about overriding something for your safety. You are morons. -Anon  (Ed: In the interest of full disclsure, I am including this comment, though the person did not leave a name or trustworthy email.  I wonder if this was venting by someone in Lexus corporate?  They completely miss the point that their long -term success depends upon the continued goodwill of us as car buyers and that the attitude displayed in this comment will destroy even a great company.)

Sue the lawyers -G.G.

I have a 2004 ES 330. I just bought the 2007 updated navigation DVD. I quickly realized that the override trick did not work. I just Googled to find the new override code, but found this website instead. What a bum deal. I just spent $200 to lose the best feature I had in my car. I totally would have stuck with the old DVD. It would be worth keeping the old DVD for the very little times a street may not appear. I hope this goes away or a seriously may not buy another Lexus. -G.D.

FIX IT !!! -J.C.

When you are on a trip and would like to change direction on the interstate you do not have the freedom to do so because of the motion lock feature.-C.D.

Would like the override feature so that we can make the decision ourselves. I would think that from a legal standpoint, if you go out of your way to override the feature, then you it is implied that we the consumer are aware of the dangers. Perhaps a disclaimer could come up that you must accept before the override goes forward. -G.A.  (Oh wait!  They already makes us agree to that.  Ed.)

Well I just bought my 2010 Lexus hs250h about 3 weeks ago. I drove 2 hours away to get to a lexus dealer that said they had is250 with Nav. When I got there ... the is250 didnt have Nav. My husband said hey you can buy a Garmin just get it without the Nav. I really wanted a car with built in Nav so I didn't have to add some extra device getting in my way. I turned and looked at the HS and fell in love. It had it all and was a hybrid what more could I want so I bought it. Within the first few days I realized that the Nav system is telling me to go the wrong ways, takes me out of my way, and never once has gotten me to my destination. The Nav system is telling me it is out of date and the lexus dealer is telling me it isnt they wont even offer a free update... for crying out loud it is a 2010 and the Nav doesnt work as it should. My sprint phone had better Nav then this Lexus. All my life I wanted a Lexus and now I can afford it and I wanted all the bells and whistles and this is what I get some Nav POS that doesn't work and my cds all say NO DATA and Lexus dealer just stonewalls me on that and says well it just doesn't read all data on the cd (track name etc) for some cds... I said show me ONE cd that does. Nothing.. I don't know what to do but I had no idea about this website or I would have bought an audi... I'm majorly Pissed off about the quality of this system and it's limitations -M.W.  (Ed: You might consider following the Canadian rebate path if you find a lot of map errors, etc.  There is a *chance* that you could return the car.)

The Lexus service at Manhattan dealership is dismal at its best. The Lexus customer service experience is an endless array of individuals who give lip service as opposed to the experience. Mark Templin announced he was going to turn each Lexus dealer into a luxury boutique hotel experience, good luck! Perhaps I can recommend a partner Marriott hotels! With regards to the navigational system, it is in my opinion a horrible product. I understand Lexus concern regarding locking the device while driving and I accept their legal disclaimer. However the unit itself is so difficult to operate and its algorithm is several years behind. I purchased my RX hybrid in 2009 and the new model would be released July/09 and never did I ever think I would have a problem with customer service with the Lexus Brand. BTW, my empiricism of navigational systems is excellent. I have owned 5 generations of garmin units and I still today rely on my garmin unit in my wife's RXH. There are other issues....JD really missed the ball..or perhaps it explains why they lost $4.5Billion dollars in 2008.....and in the 3rd quarter 2009, they posted a profit...that was my cash and others who paid cash credit..hard cash when the credit system worldwide was at a standstill...we invested in Toyota...and the amount of billable hours spent to address the issues is absolutely absurd!!!! Anyone want to buy my Lexus???? -M.P.

Not only they've disabled the gps system but they've also taken out the override option with my latest update. This sucks -T.K.

Do I have to suc-attach an after market nav on my windshield so that I can drive my Lexus where I want to? -D.M. (Ed: Check out this fix! )

I feel like a little Japanese man is telling me to "behave" every time I drive my new Lexus. This is an attempt at a luxury car and it just has not hope of truly getting there. There are rules after rules while driving this car. I feel like a bought something for my 16 year old child and it's got a monitoring system on it. What about the incessant beep when you don't put on your seatbelt for the 2 minutes to pop into a neighbors? I've had my car for 6 months and only drive it a short distance. If I used it for serious driving it would be gone by now. I found a way to override the navigation system permanently but I'm not sure I want to even bother. I think I would rather turn in the lease and eat the loss. I will NEVER buy Lexus again. I own a Mercedes and Audi and guess what - both navigation systems are useable when you drive. Who does Lexus think they are telling me how to drive and what I can handle??? I bought a garmin and stuck it on my $2000 screen. It's pathetic. The sales men should be completely sued. -M.S.

It is completely idiotic that the nav locks out while moving. I don't need a babysitter while I drive. No wonder people inquire about hacking their system: to ALLOW functions that should be there to begin with. -J.V.

Own 2010 RX 350. had for week. The voice command system works for phone calls but it is virtually useless for all other commands. I am computer and technology literate and spent adequate time reading the instructions and testing the system thoroughly. Pages 52 and 53 in the manual give specific examples of "natural speak" phrases e.g., "where is the nearest ATM?" The response varies from "zoom in" to "select phone." not one of the examples worked. I had the service department pull out another new vehicle and the results were exactly the same. The Lexus customer service department was useless and unyielding as far as providing any but boiler-plate answers. The car is great but the voice command, useless. -J.L.

Thought you might like to see this... -J.S.

The navigation system requiring me to put car in park is actually a safety hazard! Driving down the interstate, I wanted to find the nearest gas station. I pulled over on the side of the road as far as I could but it wasn't far enough. Pulling over on the shoulder of the road is dangerous, if Lexus hadn't required me to do this, I would have been safer. -J.G.

I was unaware of the removal of the override whenI bought my 2009 Es350. My previous care was a 2007 Acural 3.5 which had an excellent GPS system Had I known that the Lexus system was lacking I would not have purchased the Navigation system for the Lexus. -H.J.

Just upgraded GPS disc not knowing that a problem existed. A real rip off!!! You mean every time I change my destination I have to pull over? What are they thinking!! The dealership even wanted to charge me $50 to install the disc which took all of 2 minutes of my time. (GS 300) Lexus has got to do better if they want my business ever again!!! -M.B.

I never thought I'd want my $175 TomTom back after purchasing a $50,000+ luxury car... -W.F.

For my family I bought a BMW X3, but hated the navigation. I also bought a IS350 Lexus. Love the navigation, but don't understand why they insist on draconian control of the touch screen navigation. The new BMW, Mercedes and Porsche all have freedom of using the nav while driving. Shame on Lexus for being so "WRONG" about the way we should drive!  -T.K.

I would not have purchased a 2007 Lexus ES350 with navigation if i had known of the motion lock. It is idiotic. Every time I turn on the car I have to agree to Lexus terms and conditions to use the GPS and yet I cannot use it when the car is in motion; even when I have a passenger. None of the other manufacturers have this "Safety feature" and I would have bought one of their cars if the sales person had told me. It is clearly misrepresentation of the product. I would support any effort to have it changed immediately. -K.R.

God awful nav system. We absolutely hate the system. There are so many times that we had to find a place to stop in order to put in a destination. Imagine pulling over to the side of a freeway with cars zooming by over 75mph or those times when you have to enter the destination before the light turns green. Will never buy another lexus again. It's hard to imagine the new 9.1 system continues to carry the same defaults with no over-ride. I guess Lexus does not care about its consumers. -R.H.

I would buy the car again, but without the Nav -- If they would sell it that way. The current crippled nav system is a major driving hazard. Especially if using the voice mode. The voice system is so poor, you have to watch the nav screen and not the road in order to see what - if anything - it understood. I went to the dealer when the HS250 came out -- I wanted it for my 2nd car. When they told me the Nav was disabled when driving (after much prompting by me), I told them I did not want the car. They told me all about the "great voice recognition". I told them my wife stutters -- so much for voice recognition. -M.K.

Purchased an 2009 ES350 December 2009. navigation system is outdated and caused me to get lost 3 times. Previous car was Acura 3.5 RL which has a superior GPS system and performed as well if nor better than Lexus, Just received notice that 9.1 is available. I just purchased car indecember and was now notified that the system I purchased with the car is no outdated. Unless Toyota rectifies this and also voids lockouts, I will never purchase another Lexus and will advise my friends to also not purchase a Lexus in the future. -H.J.

My wife has a 2006 RX330. While the inability to use the nav system or phone dialer while moving is an extremely aggravating problem, my biggest complaint is we paid $2600+ for a nav system that cannot get my wife to an address in a city of over 100,000 people. We live in a fair size city in Texas and the Lexus nav, after she inputs the destination, will announce that some points along the route will not be available, in other words, sometimes several block from her destination, the nav system tells her that she is on your own, good luck. She then has to call me and I look up the address on my Garmin Mapsource and try to get her to where she needs to go. She has to carry a paper city map with her all the time. My $125 Garmin Nuvi is infinitely more reliable. The Lexus nav system is good in one regard, the screen makes a good surface for my Garmin suction cup. We probably would have still bought the car, but there is no way we will ever pay for another Toyota nav system. -J.R.

My nav systems has been worked on numerous times, the voice skips and sometimes it doesn't speak the instructions. Some codes were saved and they replaced cd, but problem continues, now it doesn't save the codes. Problem remains unresolved. -A.M.

Lexus must think we are idiots treating us adults like babies not allowing us to operate the navigation while in motion. It is time for me to get another vehicle and this is the only reason not get another Lexus. -P.S.

Absurd! My $200 NUVI runs circles around my factory Lexus Nav system. I can't update the maps without losing the override feature. I love the vehicle but the Nav system is a waste of money and very frustrating. FIX IT LEXUS. -D.F.

The position Lexus is taking is incomprehensible, since the car does not belong to them and what a buyer does with his car is his business. The liability issue is a smoking mirror since many features are allowed during driving, just requiring more thought to circumvent their stupidity. All the manipulations now required distract the driver much more and for a longer time than if the usual features were allowed. If liability were the real concern, NO buttons would be active during vehicle motion! I've always said there is no limit to human stupidity, and Lexus promotes that adage more than I would have ever imagined. I tell everyone I can not to buy a Lexus unless they don't care that the navigation system, which costs a fortune, is primarily non-functional. I do think my RX-350 is a cute car, but I would not have purchased it if I had been told the navigation system was primarily non-functional. Whenever I travel in my Lexus, I keep my Garmin GPS system on my dash in case I really need to find someplace on my trip -- it works very well and costs a fraction of the Lexus system. -D.J.

The override feature is important, especially when the system can not find the desired location. 50% of the time it can not get me to my destination: mature neighborhoods, mature highway systems, established companies at the same location for 20 years. The override is just a start. Lets get content and functionality. Garmin, Magellan and TomTom are easier and lots cheaper and more accurate. Come on Lexus get it straight. -B.R.

I will NEVER EVER buy a Lexus again. I understand that Lexus has safety in mind for the navigation system, however, should I as a consumer has the right to choose what is best? And the voice recognition system is mediocre at best. -T.T.

My husband's 2005 Audi does not have to be stopped for the navigation system to work. My salesman said that the 2006 GX we were going to buy didn't either but didn't know how to demonstrate it and then told us the vehicle had not been prepped yet. In addition, he said the dealership had an after market XM Radio that took the place of the Lexus radio and fit into the same opening of the Lexus radio. Of course this was also false as when we went to pick the veh up it was a small unit they had mounted on the dash. I had them remove it. -M.S.

I feel I am a loyal customer of Lexus. I have owned 3 new Lexus and over $150,000 in cash for all of them. I like the Lexus business model and the compay is definitely the premieir car maker of Japan. The Lexus brand and quality of its products is uncompromised. I cannot say the same about Lexus customer service. I purchased a 2006 GX470 in cash. The Override worked great. In 2008, I upgraded the maps to version 8.1. The Override feature disappeared. The asswipe serviceman at Lexus did not disclose the fact that this $300 update would literally CHANGE my driving habits. Lexus sent me numerous postcards pushing for the upgrade, but NOT ONCE disclosed that I will not have any control over my navigation while driving. I have received 2 traffic tickets directly attributed to the failure of Lexus, which cost me 1400$ in fines. The bond thru personalization, which I had established with my vehicle, and my driving habits have changed to a point where I do not drive my vehicle as often as I would like. I would NOT buy another Lexus product until they come up with Options to accommodate the features we pay for.  -R.N.

Ridiculous position of Lexus to reduce owner control of his vehicle. They should stay out of non legally mandated required car modifications. -J.S.

I am very disappointed in Lexus. Would not have purchased if I had known.  -D.P.

I am a realtor in Las Vegas and rely on the Nav system every day. I am still using the original version that came with my car, 2006 GS300, only because it still allows you to override the lockout while driving. It is so frustrating that I can't update my maps without permanantly removing my ability to override the lockout feature. As it is, the version that was included in my car doesn't even include streets that were built in 2003. I would love to be able to pay $250/yr for updated maps if, by doing so, I wasn't locked out of all my nav controls while driving. I have complained to the Lexus dealer since the 1st updated map was made available that removed the override feature. They really don't seem to care much. This will definitely be something I look at when buying my next car. I WILL NOT buy a Lexus if this hasn't been corrected. -J.M.

The whole nav system sucks. I mean everything - the operation of the nav system, the usability of the software, the lockout, the maps - every aspect of the user interface sucks. It's really deceptive - the dealer spent about 15 seconds showing me the nav system, but he had pre-loaded the address of the dealership, so it "looked easy." In reality, the nav system is USELESS. Even with the override, you can't possibly find what you are looking for, and if you do, it will take you through the most indirect route to get there. The earlier versions of Garmin and TomTom were all better than the latest Lexus nav. It's a shame, because the car is built well. I like the way it drives and I would expect the engine to last well over 150,000 miles. But I don't want a car that tells me how to drive. I don't want a car that shrills at me if I drive too slow, too fast, without a seat belt, with the window open, etc.. Not a snowball's chance in hell would I consider a Lexus for my next set of wheels. I just wish that I had the cash to make the switch sooner rather than later. Thanks a lot, Lexus. You jerks! -J.K.

They never told me - if I knew I would not have paid $2500 for naviagation - I would have bought a portable version for $400 to $500 instead -D.F.

it is my car; no one should limit my use. -K.M.

Another way to lie and get you to purchase the vehicle. -C.H.

I'm tired of misleading sales people! This has got to stop! -K.C.

Passenger should be able to use navigation ! -A.K.

Aside from the lack of override,the 2009 gs350 has no text to speech street identification, the technology is at least 4 years old. When I am driving I do not want to look at a map especially when I am in busy city driving! It seems hypocritical to me that Lexus did not get rid of the override for inputting addresses but forces you to look at a screen which will greatly increase the chances of an accident!!! Is it possible to replace the current nav system ( DENSO) with another one?  I am told by Lexus USA that the current version in my 2009 gs350 is not upgradable. -J.G.

The voice recognition, Bluetooth, and other overide problems are terrible. I hate Lexus worse than rattlesnakes. I used to hunt in rattlesnake areas. At least they warn you by their rattles. Thats more than I can say about Lexus telling you how bad their navigation system is. -B.F.

Since we did the demo on the NAV in the parking lot of the dealership I had NO IDEA it would grossly limit the functionality while driving. I estimate the functionality while driving to be limited by about 60% everyone that purchaes this piece of !@#$ should be refunded at least that amount of the original cost. -D.L.

Shocked and disappointed. -R.J.

Extremely unhappy with the Nav system. I actually started using a portable NAV system instead. -M.S.

The system is terrible, voice recognition "technology" is a joke. For the money I spent, I do not need a babysitter in the name of "safety."  -J.P

I hate it, I have to stop everytime I want to change my destination, or when I want to dial a number. There has to be a solution that can be downloaded to the car to fix the problem. -L.T.

Hard to believe a company that commands excellence in all other categories could ignore flexibility in a luxury feature so many consider a huge value. It dissappoints in having made the purchase. I chose Lexus over Mercedes - wish I had not!  -D.P.

If Lexus doesn't fix the problem, I will NOT be purchasing another vehicle from them again. It's too bad because I think they make a good car.  -R.H

Although I knew that the functionality of my Lexus GPS would be hobbled, I did not know that this would also affect the iPod interface that I purchased. The GPS safety feature makes it so that I can't see the different folders on my iPod when I'm driving making it harder to select the tracks I want to hear. I can use the radio/CD player and see the stations and channels and switch them while I'm driving. Why not the folders on my iPod!?  -D.S.

We'll be looking at other brands when we buy a new car in 2010. We love our 3 Lexi, however the NAV system in our RX350 is such a hassle, we will not buy another until Lexus until this problem is addressed.  -J.M.

 I think it is my decision how I drive my car. Mostly though it bothers me that the passenger in my car can't control the NAV system for me while I drive. This is absurd! I probably would not have bought a NAV system in my ES-350 if I had known about all this.  -J.L.

I have a 2006 & 2007 Lexus - this problem bothers me. I don't like an auto company making my decisions.  -J.H.

Voice recognition HORRIBLE!! Can't use nav or phonebook when driving. Would have been a deal breaker if I had known. No wonder they don't tell you!  -S.R.

I do like the car but I will never have the navigation feature again. I hate that I have it now because I never use it!!!!!  -A.E.

The navigation system in this car sucks. I had a 2008 honda accord and a 2007 acura tl. both with nav. Its like apples to oranges.I think the honda nav is the best of all car manufactures very user frendly. yes i'm sorry i financed this car.Navigation and Bluetooth is very important to me for i travel alot. This navigation system in the lexus is to me is the worst. You have to repeat so many commands too many times for the system to understand.You have to stop the car to execute commands. 2.There is not enough voice commands for nav bluetooth and climate control .There are many many other issues. I hope they make a change soon for i will be trading this lexus in for another acura. The application programmer who wrote this program for the lexus must of been on drugs. Get the design people from honda to progam the lexus.  -R.B.

On a long trip in which I anticipate using the Nav system, I take my Acura MDX instead of my nearly new 2009 Lexus ES350 because of the lock-out in its Nav system. It should at least allow the owner to choose whether the lock-out is active or not, the same as the Garmin Zumo GPS I use on my touring motorcycle. The Lexus Nav system is simply more evidence that we have moved to a Nanny State.  -B.M.

I have owned a Mercedes E350 and my wife currently has a BMW X5, and we can access the NAV while driving. Also, thru bluetooth connectivity, both cars are able to make phone calls while driving by using our address books. We rarely ever dial by hand, because it takes longer and may be more distracting. The LEXUS system is HORRIBLE!!! Had I known that it was this inconvenient, I would NEVER have bought it! These are things I regularly do on the Mercedes and the BMW while driving that I can not do on my Lexus IS 250 1. make calls 2. accessing my address book thru bluetooth while driving. 3. enter Nav destinations 4. search for Point of Interests 5. access my stored addresses on the Nav Why is it that Mercedes and BMW allow you to do this and NOT LEXUS???!!!  -A.T.

Recently upgraded Nav disc to 9.0 version. Dealership assured me I would not lose the nav override fuction. You guessed it. GONE!!  -A.D.

I came across your site after a Google search and am appreciative of the time and effort you have put in. I like others on this site am not happy about this deceptive practice that Lexus seems so indifferent about. Like others, I paid a lot for my Lexus GS350 and would have seriously considered another branch had I known. My wife has a 2006 GX470 and the override seems to work in her car, but my 2008 luck ! Regards, -Z.M.

Lexus Navigation Override. Why isn't possible to be done any more. At the end it should be our decision (customer) and at the same time our responsibility if we chose to have the navigation system enabled while moving. All other navigation systems have this feature. -O.A.

Without question the very worst GPS on the market today. This Piece Of S*** will have you doing more u-turns in a day than most NASCAR drivers do in a 500 mile race. I do believe a big class action suit is in order. Any used GPS from Ebay will out perform this over priced castoff.  -O.H.

i am against this kind of control. and the voice recognition remedy is TERRIBLE. they tried to install the black box (similar to airline) and to the best of my knowledge that was not succesful. the question is: can a good mechanic do an override.   -A.A.

My feelings on the Lexus "Electronic Driveway Map" The fact that you can not access the GPS while driving is unacceptable. Not being able to access it while moving is absolutely ridiculous and the Lexus Legal team has no clue what they are doing. Was it Lexus's lawyers decision to make us safe or to justify their jobs? I wonder how many of us have been in an accident because of the following: * Pulled over to the shoulder of the road entering in the address. * Unfolding a Lexus GPS Map (paper map) * Fight with our wifes because a man doesn't ask for directions and they can't read a paper map! I am sure that the Lexus boneheads that made this decision must own a BMW or Volvo becuase they wouldn't have done this to their own car! Lexus...stand warned. I have talked about this GPS issue to many people and trust me...I do NOT recommend it. I tear up Lexus "every time" a friend, coworker or client gets in my car and I begin to drive. The conversation goes like this: * Client: Wow...nice GPS console. * Dumbass Owner (aka ME): "It Sucks" don't ever by a friggin Lexus. * Client: Why? * Dumbass Owner: Open that glovebox and get that map tell me when to turn. Will you? Those Lexus bonehead lawyers that made this decision will all be looking for another job if we all follow the example above. Good luck with your campaign...but a day late and dollar short for me. Gary "ex-Lexus" Owner in 1.8 years.  -G.R.

My wife and I are extremely disappointed with the navigation system. Nearly 50% of the time either the address can not be found or it directs us to the wrong location. This is extremely frustrating. You think that when purchasing a Lexus, the assumption is that you should be getting a high quality vehicle in all aspects. Clearly this is not the case when it comes to the navagation system. Lexus has worked very hard over a long period of time to develop an excellent reputation. The most disapointing aspect is their failure to stand behind their product and their lack of respect to their customers. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and determination over a long period of time to build an excellent reputation, and a very short time to have it all come crashing down. My plea to Lexus is please support your well deserved and hard earned customer base. If so, they will continue their loyalty to you. If not, well lets just say - some things speak for themselves. -A.F.

I have a 2005 LS 430. I never knew the system had an override. I asked the service folks on several occassions about being able to "turn off" but they said it could not be done!I am really bummed because I found out too late about the override. I recently had the new Nav update installed and now I can't do the override! I have always hated that feature about my Lexus. My husband purchased a new Honda Civic last year and it is great. It has a Navigation System that allows me to put in information while he is driving! We are retired and go everywhere together and you are right, we are old enough to make decisions about our safety. I do not operate the Nav system while I am driving alone because I am not stupid, I know that is unsafe. It is sad that we would rather drive a car that cost $25,000 than our luxury car that cost $62,000 but it is the truth. Anytime we are going somewhere new and need a navigation system we take the Honda! We are planning to get rid of both cars and get a new one and like others on this site, it won't be a Lexus unless they take off the ridiculous constraint on their navigation system that feels like a "child protective cap." Come on Lexus we aren't babies and don't need you to protect us! -C.S.

I  dont like being treated like a child by my car. Neither myself or my passenger can touch the nav to make adjustments if the car is moving. It's dangerous to pull over in unsafe places to meet the system's demands. I had to buy a TomTom system, because the Lexus nav is too restrictive. I won't buy another Lexus until this is addressed. Sorry Toyota! -M.L.

I think it is very unfair that Lexus is locking us out of the override feature and would not have gotten the Nav system if this had been communicated to me before my purchase. My Garmin Nuvi works better! -L.R.

Frustration. I had no idea that I would not be able to utilize my navigation system to its fullest potential. The RX350 that I recently purchased is my second Lexus. I am very disappointed. I woul not have purchased this vehicle with Navigation, had I known. -G.C.

Why does Lexus apply more restrictions on the Nav than are required by law? -M.M.

I just paid almost $300 to update my Lexus Navigation maps and now the override feature does not work. This is extremely inconvenient. I would have bought a Garmin if I would have known. This may keep me from buying a Lexus in the future. -P.M.

Very annoying when my wife is unable to use the navigation system when the car is in motion. This is especially frustrating on a freeway when it illegal to stop unless you are in trouble. The voice recognition system is of NO value at all . It consistently is unable to recognize names. The recognition of numbers is about 50% ok. I feel that system was quite a waste of money compared with an after market device. -A.L.

I've started using my portable Magellan GPS instead--tired of the "safety" GPS things that make my life harder. -H.T.

Also have an Acura TL. No problem with voice activated dialing or map entry by front seat passenger. I would have bought another Acura! -B.A.

Its just really unfortunate that Lexus, who markets great vehicles, has let something like a Navagation system issue go this far. Fix it and take your losses as this will go much further than avoiding it and manipulating your customers. -N.P.

Worst system i have ever had - and I have had 9 lexus' since 1989. Still have one left, use to always have an LS and a LX, but sold my LS for an Audi A8L and love it!!! -P.M.

I have owned many Acura's and Infiniti's so I decided it was time for a change. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I will never buy another Lexus. NEVER!!! I have owned the car for 2 month and between the navigation system and the dealership it’s easily the worst investment I’ve ever made. It easily tops all the money I’ve lost in the stock market over the last year. It’s ACURA all the way from now on. Their touch screen navigation system (06 and 08 TSX) is the best I’ve ever used. Lexus should take a class from Acura and tell there “Legal” department to take a hike. -M.N.

Lexus! Who are you to baby sit me? Cheers, Staffan C. Karlstad, Sweden

Actually i'm glad i saw this website a year ago. I bought my first car ever this year and was deciding between BMW and Lexus GS, but as a resident of a city where you can't just stop randomly to do whatever u need to do, this was the dealbreaker for me and so i bought the BMW instead :) Perhaps in 4 years Toyota. -D.N.

I've had GPS in my BMW for years. Never in a million years did I think that I would not be able to use my GPS while on the road. This was a very disappointing moment. -R.D

Lexus should understand that the quality and experience of automobile software will continue to become more important in customer decisions. A primary example is Sony and Apple. Sony invented the Walkman music player, yet Apple became the leader because of better software, not better hardware. I purchased a brand new LS430 Ultra Luxury Edition when they first were introduced, and a brand new GS430 when it was introduced. However now with my experience and frustration in this matter, software usability will become a key criterion for my next purchase, which may not be a Lexus - Regards, -L.W.

2007 Lexus RX400h. Love the car *except* the crippled Nav & Bluetooth system. Just upgraded to the brand new Gen 5 9.1 patch for $200 today but still no "override" function. Using my handheld iPhone for dialing, vmail, and POI queries even though I've got an in-dash nav system (that doesn't work while driving). Lame. Considering getting a Garmin for road trips. It's a shame - I otherwise love the car but my experience with the almost-useless Nav system was enough to influence our recent purchase of a Toyota Sienna XLE. We got it *without* the nav package (and even considered not buying Toyota at all due to this one botched feature). Bottom line - would install an "override" upgrade in my Lexus in a heartbeat, even if I had to pay for it. -S.H.

Plain and simple, I would not have bought the car if I knew this from the start. If I can not find a way to unlock my nav operations, I will sell the car and never buy another Lexus as long as I live. In addition, I will talk anyone I know out of buying a Lexus. If anyone knows how to unlock the nav system on a 2008 Lexus GS460, please contact me. -J.D.

Lexus concealed a material information - if they truly believe it is a "saftey feature" as Amy in the service department at Chester Springs Lexus (PA) stated it was today (9/17/09), they should market as such - as the manufacturer they can build their cars however they want but by concealing material information they are in essesnce doing a "bait & switch" - i did not spend 50K on a car to have Lexus tell me when i can and cannot use my GPS and would not have done so had they not concealed the fact that this was the case as far as slogans, "do the right thing" comes to mind as well as "disclose or disable!!!" -K.V.

was informed by the salesman that the version of the nav system is much improved and that it can be used while driving which is obviously not the case. This is extremely disappointing - especially since the passenger can not utlize the system - let the owner choose to override the system. -P.W.

I have gotten lost so many times with this navigation system. It is totally unreliable. From the first day that I bought it, it has never worked from day 1!!!!! I brought it back to Carmax and they said I have to buy some $200 upgrade, but I am reading bad reviews about it as well. I don't want to waste another $200 into a poor navigation system.  -O.B.

I would have not bought the car knowing that the entire system was to be crippled when in motion. -J.E.

I am suprised Lexus has not given it customers the ability to use the navigation in its full use form when driving. I have a Honda Odyssey with navigation and Lexus should take a lesson from Honda. I think Lexus should provide updated software at no charge to allow a full override. If this is not done, I will not consider purchasing another Lexus. -M.Y.

I own one of Baltimore, Maryland's most popular restaurants and have made it my mission to express my dissatisfaction regarding this issue. I have made it clear that I am dissatisfied with Lexus as a manufacturer since I am delighted with my dealer and do not feel it should suffer as a result of over regulation by the manufacturer. There are so many ways for Lexus to get around the issue of any liability associated with this issue that it infuriates me that the tact Lexus took was the one that inflamed its customers the most thereby demonstrating that as a manufacturer Lexus' is hell bent on pissing off its customers and this is not only arrogant, it is stupid. I have owned 3 Lexus automobiles and as a result of this decision will not purchase another but more importantly will pass the word along to my 10,000 customers who listen to me and it will cost Lexus far more in sales than developing and making available a simple override for the navigation lockout. -E.S.

It makes me very upset that I have to use a PND for road trips when I have a huge navigation computer right in front of me. -S.L.

My wife and I bought two (2) 2010 RX350's and the Navigation system is good but it really bothers me that a car manufacture thinks they have to tell me how to drive the car I just bought. It is unconscionable for Lexus to take such an action regarding the control of the Navigation system. Why not put it on auto and those of us that enjoy driving can buy a Corvette next time. -E.M.

Very angry that there is no override for the navigation in my (2007 Lexus LS460) , my family spent alot of money for this vehicle!!! We take many family trips and the passenger can't even work the navigation while in motion. If Lexus wants to stay the best, they must need to keep acting like it and keep their devoted customers happy, or we will eventually go elsewhere! -B.A.

I am extremely upset about this. I was told by the salesman that there was an override, he was "unaware" that it was not available after the 06 models, which is what he had and demonstrated on. -H.C.

If they're going to charge top prices then give us our moneys worth. -O.M.

Unable to change destination or use navigation by the passenger when the car is moving is ridiculous. We were not told about this when buying the car. This feature should be able to overridden. -V.R.

The phone is a bigger issue. It's very unsafe to reach for the cell phone to dial a number while driving, which is required if you want to call a non speed dial number. Voice recognition is still a joke. What is Lexus thinking when it disables the use of those functions? How is phone/nav any different than any other potential distraction in the cabin of the car while driving (adjusting the seat, talking to a passenger, combing your hair, picking your nose) and is Lexus's liability really impacted by the lock out of nav/phone while moving? -M.M.

I like Lexus, but I am increasingly frustrated with the over-reaching system which won't let one dial a number or change a destination while the car is moving. Pulling over is DANGEROUS. Looking at a map is MORE DANGEROUS. Dialing one's handset while driving is extremely dangerous, and that is what you are pushing us to do. Use a screen disclaimer, fine. This has made me seriously contemplate buying a different brand of car. -B.L.

I had a cop come up behind me wondering why I was pulled over on the side of the freeway. I would have never bought this car knowing this issue. -K.K.

I too was never told the 2007 ES350 Lexus NAV system was locked out if the car is moving. I would not have purchased the $4,000 plus packaged option to get the NAV. I traded a 2006 Acura with NAV and it worked great. We travel a lot and my wife operates the NAV. Purchased a Garmin for my kids for Christmas one year ago for $150 each and tested one of them. My 82 year old mother can use it without reading the instructions. Bought one for myself and I will never buy NAV in any car again! The upgrade DVD for the Lexus alone in $390. What a big rip-off! -G.S.

The navigation system is not user-friendly. Voice recognition is a joke. Having to press the agree button for the system to work is ridiculous. Not being able to find destinations while driving is an enormous bother. The Garmin we have in our other cars is a jewel. I wonder, is the update for the system any better? If I purchase another Lexus, it will be without their navigation package for sure. -K.S.

My wife is so frustrated with the navigation system that she refuses to use it. We most times utilize google maps and print out directions instead. -M.C.

It sucks. -J.B.

I didn't realize there was a problem with the overide until I was told that our son was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I did not know the hospital that my son was taken to, and set the address in the navigation system. As I was driving to the hospital, I was trying to keep in contact with the doctors by bluetooth, but quickly realized that I could not keep current on my sons condition and keep being directed to the hospital by the navigation. It was extremely distressing to realize that I didn't have the dual capability of talking on the phone by bluetooth, as required by law in California, while I were using the navigation. This is a very big problem that having that overide could easily solve. -L.W.

When I purchased the car they did not inform me that I would be unable to use the Nav while I drove. Now I have to wait at red lights to use it UGH. -A.C.

Bad decision not to have over ride. No Lexus for me next time. Please let me know if they fix this annoying feature. -M.V.

I cannot believe you are making such a fuss about something. Especially to accomplish something so little. It must be tiring to be married with you. -T.V.

Nav system is not there when you need it most - this limitation, which renders the system useless while driving, was never mentioned by the selling dealer. -R.F.

Had it narrowed down to Lexus & Acura. Lexus salesman convinced us that Voice Recognition was superior and would substitute for not being able to manually input choices. HA! It has never been accurate, except for numbers. -L.W.

Salesman promised there was an override when I bought the car. -J.R.

Unhappy that we can not operate the nav system with the vehicle moving. We have added a portable Garmin. -K.C.

99% of the time I'm driving with my wife and child. VR is simply not good enough, and also quite distracting, having to tell everyone to keep quiet etc. Surely my passenger should able to operate the system? I really bugs me. I love my Lexus but this is very annoying. -A.P.

It's so frustrating that you have to stop and pull over before you can input an address for the navigation the last time I went back to the dealership they will contact us , almost 2 yrs never heard back about the solution for the gps. -H.F.

It amazes me that a company that can make such a fine riding car can have such a poor technology package. Not only is there no override and a poor voice recognition system, they can't even make satellite radio and their iPod kit work together. Furthermore, their iPod kit doesn't allow one to display a list of songs from which to choose (I made them remove it). I love hi tech toys so this is all very disappointing to me. -D.S.

I have an ES350 and purchased the NAV system bundle. Had I known what I know now about how poor a product both the NAV and the voice recognition I would not have purchased it. The NAV system has gotten us lost more than once. As a result, I travel with my Garmin Nuvi and trust the Garmin before I'll trust the NAV system. I've worked with voice recognition systems and this one is about the worst I've seen. Trying to correct the system while driving is more frustrating and a safety issue than not being able to change the NAV system. Don't get me wrong, not being able to change the NAV system while moving, like I can on my Garmin, is the biggest PIA!!! That to me is the biggest disappointment with the system. My Garmin warns me and then it's up to me. I haven't heard of anyone getting in an accident while changing their NAV system like with the cell phones and texting. Due to Lexus not informing us of this lockout and its limitations, I would like to request a rebate for this bundle. -P.B.

The lock out really annoys me. This car is perfect otherwise, but I'd love to get the electronics working while moving so I have the total control I deserve on a 85k car. -M.C.

This is amazing. I was doing all my research and went for a GS350 with Nav vs without Nav as I thought at least the manual overide still existed. I would have definitely bought the car without nav had I realized this changed. I have had a Garmin in my older non-nav lexus and to use in an Acura we own. Purchasing with this GS with Nav is a total waste of money and a complete waste of money in my opinion. -L.H.

I dislike the fact that I do not have a choice to use the nav while driving. It should have stayed with BMW. -M.W.

Hey, I want to be able to have my passenger control the Navigation while I am moving.  -R.G.

To think that you can not change things on the fly is ridiculous. I summarize the idiocy of this feature or lack of,with the you tube demonstration that shows how to override this mess by putting your garmin gps up in front of the console and going from there. Perfect solution! -C.C.

Had a 750i, was trying to be smart and economical, came to lexus, am regretting it. ipod and nav lockouts are for first time car owners not people that are experienced drivers and luxury car owners. -C.A.

My wife and her friends are very unhappy with the nav system. Many times (at night) they feel unsafe, stopping in an unknown area and using the GPS system. -J.W.

its not jus the navi but also the power seat memory position that cannot be adjusted or selected when driving..completely ridiculous!! -S.K.

Seems to me they should offer a recall fix considering they don't tell you about the limitations of their nav system...let alone the fact that the maps themselves are extrememly limited outside of major city centres. -J.C.

I've been struggling with this for a couple of weeks, thinking that I was doing something wrong. (Dumb me expected it to be similar to my Garmin... duh!) Finally, I realized that the problem is with the navigation system, not me. Without a doubt, I would not have purchased this Lexus if I had known of this restriction. -J.S.

This is outrageous! I would not have bought this car if i had known this. PLEASE fix the override. -J.B.

Totally useless navigation system. I bought the car SUV two days back. If I knew this, I wouldn't have paid for the navigation system. -G.H.

Rather than trade the RX350, I would prefer either a factory sponsored recall and proper update to the Nav system or explore a class action of some sort to correct the problem. If I had known the navigation system wouldn't recognise names or common addresses (both voice recognition and touch input) I never would have opted to pay extra for navigation! Have you thought of contacting Consumer Reports again, Edmunds and any TV news stations that cover consumer issues? Thanks for your good work with this blog. I hope you succeed. It seems odd that Lexus wouldn't stand behind a defect in its products. Maybe we should all pick a date to take our cars in for warranty service on the Navigation System. -L.M.

Lexus RX 2009 Owner (and a previous 2008 & 2004 owner) I joined this site to voice my complaint about the navigation system. I've owned 3 RX models (2004, 2008 & 2009). In Nov.08 we traded in our ‘08 for the ‘09 for the sole purpose of getting the backup camera and navigation system. Like so many others, I was surprised to find that Lexus decided to lock the NAV system when the car is moving. I'm in the GIS business....both government and petroleum. I collect, build/create, and manage millions of lines, points and polygons for various GIS systems. I was one of the key personal on the development team that designed the current Houston Police Department's (Houston, TX) Crime Analysis GIS system and also worked closely with the 911 personnel....I UNDERSTAND MAPPING/GIS SYSTEMS....and how they should work. What Lexus did to their NAV system is totally inexcusable and without merit. As in so many cases....when lawyers get that their hands on something they mess it up for all (I saw this many times in my 22 years with HPD). My wife for years wanted me to get a NAV system for our vehicles...but I resisted...primarily because of my knowledge of the inaccuracies of map data and system features. However, my wife fell in love with the backup camera…(not the NAV )…in a 2009 Lexus RX loaner car she drove while our 2008 was in for a routine service. A couple of weeks later we found ourselves trading in our 08 for the 09 with NAV / backup camera. I do most of the driving when we take trips…and being a GIS techie….I decided to give the Lexus NAV system a workout. Within a couple of weeks of owning the 2009 RX, we headed out on a 1000 mile trip. I read up on the NAV system….painfully created our route….and then fo.... -S.M.

It is very perturbing to be required to pull over on a busy freeway to put something in the navigation system, when the safer thing would be to allow the passenger to enter the information and keep moving safely down the freeway. -R.M.

Lexus's GPS is a toy, I use my Garmin to get me around. I will never buy a car that does not a built in GPS that I can't control. -R.F.

Not being able to have the passenger look for restaurants, etc while travelling is a ridiculous overbearing move. -R.V.

The nav isn't worth having on my 07 rx350. The bluetooth connection is also very poor quality to whom ever I am talking too. -W.M.

Not being able to change your destination on the road makes the nav system practically useless, especially on long drives. Also, the motion lock prevents me from using the keypad when I'm on the phone. I can't even press the number 1 to listen to my voicemail!!! What's the point! I would imagine it is safer for me to use the on-screen keypad than to pull out my phone and find the 1 key on the phone! -P.K.

This feature is available in an handheld unit that cost a fraction of the Lexus in dash unit. I expect this to have all the high end features of a handheld unit and more. This is a huge disappointment for me. -V.B.

Just bought my 2010 RX and they failed to inform me the GPS has less features then a basic portable Garmin, as well as the motion shut down feature....very pissed. -A.H.

Agreed, pulling over to change the navigation is MUCH more dangerous! Also, many if not most times there is a passenger in the car that can operate the Nav! -J.T.

VR sucks.... the passager cannot input anything while driving -the nav route are just as bad.....and the ipod intergation is just too many steps to find that one song....all in all i hate the nav system after 2 weeks of ownership -J.M.

I am totally unhappy with not being able to use my NAV system most of the time. Would not have purchased vehicle had I known this. My last Lexus purchase! -J.G.

i need my navigator system to work all the time. it really bother me because it's you i am not having it at all. -T.N.

It is a bloody nuisance. -M.F.

My wife just bought a new 2010 Audi Q5. Why did she buy this? Because of my bad experience with Lexus. She didn't even consider going to a Lexus dealership. Instead, she went to an Audi dealer and ended up with a vehicle in which she is in control. She (or her passenger) can use all the features of the navigation/audio/climate-control system while the vehicle is in motion. I wish I could say the same for my ES350! -J.S.

This feature makes the entire navigation system dysfunctional. -D.G.

This is by far the most annoying/embarrassing issue with my car. Far too often do my friends try to type in the address of the place we're going to go to but can't because "I'm moving." Absurd. -N.S.

My 2007 Chevy Suburban has similar driving restrictions but their latest update restored most useful functions while driving. This is just ridiculous!!!!!! How am I supposed to find a restaurant while I'm driving on the highway and get hungry???? Oh, I would have had to turn on the type of restaurant POI before I started out. Absolutely ridiculous. -J.D.

I cannot believe that I purchased a new 2008 Lexus GX470 and cannot fully operate my navigation system while the vehicle is in motion. It's not only my issue but it's a co-pilot issue as well. I do a lot of driving and often have a passenger(s) with me who could easily help out and operate the navigation system for me. To date, I've had to pull over on almost every occassion (the voice recognition is useless) to reprogram a destination or look for restaurants, logging, etc. On three of these times, I was literally almost killed from cars traveling at speeds in excess of 80+ mph on highways while I've been pulled over in the breakdown lane with my flashers on! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there's a rebate check then dammit I want it and I want it now. This is ridiculous. I'm beyond frustrated with the limited use of my system - $56,000 vehicle....and I can't use all the options when I want to? COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. -C.D.

Big Lexus is watching. -I.S.

I am writing to tell you I just bought a 2009 Infiniti G37 and it has the Lockout for probably 50% of the Nav and Music system while you are driving. I guess it's better then Lexus in that I can type in a destination. But it is still so disappointing as so many feature disable (gray out) . Many some just hide which causes me a lot of confusion and disatisfaction because it makes it appear a sucky system. I really miss my Acura. A friend of mine has a Jag and he said his system also has the lockout (i have not confirmed).  -C.B.

My next car will NOT be a lexus if they don't change this. -S.F.

This is against our civil liberties. The last time I checked we live in a free country. This isn't North Korea!! -J.L.

Very dissapointed. On the initial vehicle survey that they send, I told Lexus that the first trip I took in the SUV (when I discovered the lockout) was the most frustrating driving experience I ever had. I noticed the other day that you also can't change months on the Calander when in motion. I sure it is for my own good. -S.F.

I find this more dangerous since I have to pull over on crowded freeways to use the navigation.  D.B.

My 2009 Acura TL w/ Technology Package doesn't lock me out of my navigation system, allowing my passenger to operate the navigation system while driving, making use of the $2500 option very wisely. My $50,000 2010 RX350 won't even let my passenger, which it senses is there through it's in-seat airbag sensor use the navi system! Yet the folks at Lexus thought it would be a great idea to integrate all the HVAC and many stereo controls into the navi screen, which is controlled through a mouse-like input device! Go Figure!!! Idiots! -A.V.

I understand the safety issues, but while having a passenger trying to guide me and forcing me to pull off the freeway to use my GPS is ridiculous and frustrating. I have to pull out my Blackberry to get assistance, which is more dangerous. VERY disappointed.  -S.P.

Major inconvenience, to say the least. It is more dangerous to have to stop in the middle of the expressway shoulder (as I often have to do) in order to enter an address or, in my case, recalibrate the darn thing which is rarely linked to the satellite signal. This was a problem since the car was new. I have a GS430. -C.C.

I'm very unhappy with many of Lexus' practices but none more than treating the consumer as children instead of responsible adults. By secretly removing the override features, I feel Lexus wants me to get another car just to enjoy my driving experience. -U.K.

Big brother sucks. -A.G.

Poor nav system. Costly to upgrade. -D.W.

Difficult to use. Voice recognition is awful. Many locations are not in the database. Can't use Nav while moving without override. Voice recognition is even worse when the car is moving. Give me my Garmin any day. I tested Mercedes Nav and it works like a dream. Where did Lexus go wrong? -

Would never buy another Lexus. The Nav and Bluetooth system is ridiculous. -R.G.

As many have stated, the passenger should be able to use the nav. I had a 2005 RX and my wife used the nav all the time. If I knew the 2009 didn't have the override, I might have reconsidered. L.K.

Extremely upsetting to the point where I would not have purchased either our IS or GS had I known about the lock out of the telephone dialing ability, the MP3 lockout and the navigation unit. -M.S.

Lexus should at least allow the operations of the Nav system if detects a pessanger in the seat - S.M.

It would bother me even more if the nav system worked well but it's very annoying to be 2 miles from home, take a known shortcut which is "off route" and have the system try to route me 10 miles out of the way - the routing software is simply junk. For less than the price of a nav DVD upgrade, I bought a nice Garmin and when I need a GPS, it get the work done. What voice commands - the ones that show me ski resorts or ATMs when I speak any command? I use the voice command feature to entertain family & friends. My next vehicle will have a REAL GPS, not a Lexus GPS. -M.M.

Absent an override, my next car will not be a Lexus. -D.T.

I'm a lawyer, and I've seen how inept, risk-averse in-house lawyers can frighten weak executives into making bad decisions that alienate customers and are ultimately harmful to the business. That is what has happened here. I doubt that I will buy another Lexus until the company rethinks its baseless policy and brings itself into conformity with the practices followed by its luxury competitors. -M.E.

Skip Lexus, they override their customer requests. -A.C.

In the last 10 years I have purchase 4 Toyota's, 2 Lexus's and recently one Nissan. Most for my wife and daughters, but also for myself. The recent shift to Nissan has been the result of prices exceeding value and an overall reduction in Toyota's consumer responsiveness. The navigation issue is just one example, but a good one, of what is taking place. I would love to see Toyota return to what once made them the clear winner. D.S.

I really like my Lexus but the Nav System is worthless. I'm using a portable (programmable) Garmin that I bought many years ago and it's 100 times more useful. I was under the impression the system was usable while the car was in motion. -R.L.

Navigation's not able to work while in motion. It brings higher risk of causing accident by park on the side of the freeway and re-enter the distination. -J.C.

I will not pay for another Lexus navigation system...their product is inferior. -B.L.

Did not know this until after buying my 2009 RX350. Something has got to be done about this. -C.W.

I was told you could override this when I bought the car. They even gave me the instructions. Only to find it didn't work. I will get a different vehicle when I get a new one in 2 yrs. -B.S.

It is extremely offensive that Lexus did not design the navigation system to permit changes automatically and add a feature to cancel the ability, rather than the way they have it set up. I bought my 2009 Lexus Rx400h without knowing or being told of this drawback. It is extremely irritating to me and my passengers, as well as being dangerous, that one would have to stop while in traffic in order to use the navigation system. -B.S.

This is absurd - corporate paternalism at its worst! It's my car - let me drive it any way I want - once they sign the title over to me they ought to stay out of my personal choices. Even the daily disclaimer is absurd - if you crash whilst inputting information into the Nav then maybe you should have been pulled out of the gene pool a long time ago -J.K.

graying out the bluetooth is also a ridiculous feature. sales person never mentioned that phone feature also don't work while car is in motion. Blue tooth many times drop off and you cannot connect untill you stop the car. -N.B.

When I purchased my car I expected to fully use the navigation regardless of being stationary or moving. After I purchased the car I was told that you can't use the navigation screen while moving. This was never told to me prior to getting this option. Also what difference does it make using the touchscreen for navigation or for climate or radio. There is no difference. -B.W.

This is the most frustrating feature of the vehicle as the passenger cannot safely address the navigation system and the driver must pull off the road at unsafe intervals to allow the passenger to use the system. Get serious. -L.K.

navigation is pointless if you have to be parked..  -J.Y

Nav system to me is the worst one made. salesman told me it was easy to use and a override made it easier -G.G.

Purchased a 2007 ES-350 in Nov 2006, at that time I noticed the system (NAV) was out-dated for some of Colorado Springs, CO when it shouldn't have. I am disappointed Lexus Corp and, by the way, my saleman was relieved or should I say fired. -B.S.

I love the RX400h hybrid, had a 2006 with the override feature. If I had known the 2008 did not have override, I would have kept the old one. This is a rip-off! -M.M.

I discoverd this problem while driving with my husband and we had to pull off the highway to use the navigation system! How safe is that?? This is the worst feature. The car can detect a passenger in the passenger's seat for the seat belt alarm, why can't it use the same technology to let a passenger use the navigation system?? -P.E.

The fact that I have to stop and make any changes to the GPS system is absolutely infuriating. When I push the accept button I am taking responsibility for my actions on the road in regard to the navigator. I would not have bought a Lexus if I had known of this limitation. I would be willing to buy a new disc or get an update to be able to search for stores or put in a new destination. If nothing else, the presence of a passenger should allow this horrible limitation to be overridden. -D.S.

They should provide a software upgrade that allows the override and if they are worried about liablity, make it that you agree not to hold them liable. They used to make you hit a button saying that you agree to what they want, so why not have a button on screen agreeing to what we want. -L.S.

It is so absolutely maddening to purchase a luxury car and have such a pathetic navigation system. I used a Garmin in Europe recently which I purchased for $139 and it was a dream. How is it that Lexus cannot make this right? I am so sorry that I purchased a Lexus and will not in the future. -B.I.

I dont want Lexus to feel like they have to babysit me everytime I drive my car. This is inexcusable! -C.H.

Was not informed at the time of purchase about the disablement of the Navigation features. The voice commands are not reliable and can take up to 3 minutes to input a destination. By that time I may have been passed up the exit I needed to take. I recently stopped in at a Lexus dealer to inquire about the override code. The salesman said there was a code but would not tell me. The disablement really makes the navigation a useless feature and was a waste of money. I could have spent $300 on a Garmin and been happier. -P.L.

I believe if I paid full price for the navigation system I should be able to use it freely not be limited. -K.F.

It is hard to understand why a luxury car manufacturer would essentially make their navigation system useless other than a backup camera. If I had known this feature was not available I would have purchased the Acura. -A.W.

I am so irritated as this point that I have already bought a bluetooth capable Garmin that has voice recognition as well as all the POI's that I need. Let us make our voices heard and make Lexus do something about it. -A.P.

As I read the comments on this site, two themes jump out. One of course is the inability to operate the Lexus navigation system while underway. But the more fundamental undercurrent is that, even when the system is programmed, it is unsatisfactory. I have a 200 dollar Garmin GPS which outperforms my Lexus system in every feature. I used to use the Garmin to find my way when the Lexus system got me lost. Now I use the Garmin all the time and the Lexus system is nothing more than a very expensive moving roadmap. -L.H. (Ed:  Good point.  The third theme is that Lexus has not done a thing to help owners who were misled about the system.  Stay tuned as we are exploring alternatives for LexusOverride registrants. )

Major irritant.  -D.J.

Real pain in the ass to have to stop and pull over everytime to use navigation in my 2008 LS 460, I can talk on the phone and drive, but I cannot operate a touchscreen? I can understand not being able to play a DVD movie while driving, but the navigation, sometimes an integral part of getting somewhere should be user friendly. -J.P.

Wow - wish I knew that this would not work while driving!!!! I am a real estate agent, had been using a GARMIN with no problem and thought this looked more professional. It is NOT professional to have to stop, pull over, and input data!!!! I would NOT have paid over $2000 for a system that makes me look foolish in front of customers!!!! -D.N.

The navigation system is a major disaster. The address coordination is wrong in the system. (Apparently, my house is 2000 feet away from actual location in the navigation) In addition, I cannot change locations while driving in the navigation neither can I use bluetooth correctly.  -R.G.

It's not bad enough that they black out most of the navigation, they also black out a fair amount of the audio functions as well. I like the car and would not have bought the navigation except for the fact they burried the outlets for my Garmin. You have to remove the center console and search for the jacks. It's like they are forcing you to buy $3000 worth of usless equipment when you drive. By the way the DVD player works when you park. Why add it at all, just more $$$  -E.G.

The override feature should be a customer by customer decision, not a Lexus mandate. We are entitled to liverty and freedom. -B.S.

It (the 2010 interface) is hard to use and not as easy as the touch screen was. There are way more features that I hate about it than those that I like. Half the features disengage when you are moving, and the voice commands are very cumbersome.  -T.C.

I specifically told my consultant that using the navigation system while moving was a must. Sadly, I di not try the system while moving. Only after puchasing the vehicle did I realize over half the options are unavailable unless I pull over on the highway or roadside.  -D.H. (Ed:  This is exactly what is destroying a reputation that took years to build .  Short sighted thinking to make a sale and long term loss of many more customers.  It's criminal, really.) 

Driving by myself is very hard to use the GPS means is obsolete. -N.F.

You should add the Hyundai Genesis in the list of Lexus replacements. Bought 2009 ES350. Nice car, nav system a BIG disappointment. Voice recognition seems almost random. Clearly saying "71 degrees" has resulted in POI for barber shops, higher education locations and Japanese restaurants on different occassions. I have been given incorrect directions. Then there is the matter of the override. has a video with the same screens on an RX 2009 model (but hard buttons along the bottom instead of on the sides) showing the override code procedure (volume, upper left, lower left, upper left lower left) that works. Mine does not. Is the YouTube video incorrect, obsolete, or am I somehow doing it wrong (hard to see how anything so simple could be wrong). A.R.  (Ed: Great idea about the Hyundai.  I will contact them about a massive trade in. That override code is for older vehicles.)

I sent a letter to Lexus, addressed to Mr. Templin. I DID get a response from someone (not him) which basically said that they were sorry and they would consider this information for future models. How does this answer (not that I believe it) help me, the customer who was deceived by the auto maker and the dealer? -J.S.

My friend's ACURA TL allows him to use navigation system while he drives, it is disappointment that my more expensive car does not allow me to do so. If I had known, I would never have bought it. Waiting for someone to hack it, please hack it. -D.T.

I like your motto: 'Lexus is not my mother'  -B.V.

I had the option of purchasing my 2005 RX330. it was a lease fully loaded. So excited about the 2010 I just knew that the over ride would be standard. My wife's ACURA has better voice recognition and you can put in an address while your on the road.. So now my wife has to un-safely pull over in bad neighborhoods and on truck filled highways to put in an address ....sad sad sad....that Audi and Acura looks good now.  -K.P.

I think a disclaimer that must be cleared before the car moves would be sufficient. -B.G.

I've had four ES's, last two with navigation and supposed voice recognition. The voice recognition is so poor that I just gave up and never used it. My most recent ES, a 2009, came with Bluetooth but is almost as useless as the voice recogniton. Absolute pain to need to pull out my phone to dial a number while moving while the large number keys and contact list on the dash are not working. I just ran across your site while looking for a solution and did not realize there were so many other Lexus owners that felt the same. I love my car but this is short sighted on the part of Lexus. Dealers are not any help with this either. -P.F.

We have had Toyotas for 20 years and portable Garmins for 8 we finally "upgraded to a lexus this year. I'm totally sick!!!! The large nav, hands free phone were the major selling points. All were demo-ed while parked. After figuring out there was a lock out I tried the Voice recognition. I'm sure it only understands Japaneese or possibly some more distant galaxie! I've had it back to the service twice and they are clueless. So here I am on the net finding out that I am SOL and on my way to being an ex-Toyota/Lexus customer. What really makes me sick is that otherwise I could love this car, but now its akin to an unfaithful spouse ! -M.O.

Having known that you could only use the navigation controls in park, I would have never purchased the navigation package. -D.J.

When I bought my car in Aug. of 2008, I was not informed by my salesman that I could not control the navigation system as I drove. It is totally useless if you're on the road and you need change you POI or you're in a not-so-nice neighborhood and you have to pull over to input a new address. I hate that I can't dial the phone from my screen or do other basic functions. Voice Command is a joke and Lexus should be ashamed of taking my hard earned cash. -J.T.

Driver is not the only one in front seat. The passenger should be able to manipulate navigation while the car is driven by someone else. -D.S.

Surely when they say they provide a navigation system they should qualify it can only be accessed/altered when the car is stationary ? -L.S.

It should be my decision if I want to override the Navigation motion lock. It is very heavy handed for Lexus to deny my choise.  -F.Z.

I used the override function safely with my husband or other passenger in the car. Since I had my navigation system updated in March 2009, this feature has been removed. This is inconvenient and unnecessary. Since moving to a new state, it sure would be nice to get information as needed - when I'm lost! -C.P.

Have purchased over 10 new cars in my lifetime. Absolutely inane decision on their part. The salesman was misleading regarding the navigation system capability. Swore the voice recognition resolved any problems with using the screen while in motion, but the voice recognition is terrible. Even the phone use is terrible. I will never buy a Lexus again and I will certainly not recommend it to a friend. And if I ever get into trouble having to stop to find fuel or a bathroom on a busy highway, you bet your lexus I'll sue the pants off them. Curious the car moves with the seatbelt off. Maybe we should sue them for that! -L.B.

This is nuts. They sell this system for $3K extra and it's useless in motion! -M.B.

It is stupid and it is the only issue with the vehicle. -D.W.

I am very upset at this. I had MB, Accura and BMW and never had any problem. This is totally BS. - H.S.

This is how i look at it, when i am driving long distance alone, i feel very unsafe pulling over on the side of the road for any reason let alone to find direction in a $75,000 car. My car should sense that i am lost. I don't want a rebate I want the problem fixed. -A.B.

I have owned... 2001 RX 300 - No Nav 2004 RX 330 - Nav 2007 RX350 - Nav w/Bluetooth 2010 RX 350 - Nav w/Bluetooth/Sat/Ipod With each Nav model, I have been required to click a screen to acknowledge the safety warnings each time I start the vehicle, I always do so. Then, the system decides that it must still lock me out of certain functions while the vehicle is in motion. Ridiculous...and, frankly, even adds risk. In the 2007, I was able to add quick buttons to, for example, enter touchtones for common voicemail functions (skip, delete, repeat, etc). In the 2010, I can no longer do this. I now have to fish my phone out of my pocket, unlock the phone screen, select the keypad function, and then hit #, *3, or whatever manually. This ADDS RISK and danger to myself and others on the road. This is the Lexus way of "protecting" its customers???  -J.M.

Lexus dealers are the worst unethical dealers one could encounter. I would suggest STAY AWAY FROM LEXUS AND THEIR FALSE PROMISES.  -R.G.

Would like my passenger to input destinations while I'm driving my 2009 ES 350. -E.R.

I purchased a new 2008 RX400h last year. Didn't realize until it was too late that the features I paid for aren't available if the vehicle is in motion! I have to use my wife's Garmin if I really need a GPS. Ridiculous! I would love this vehicle if it wasn't for that. I make sure to tell everyone that sees and admires my RX400h to not even consider one. My wife really wants an IS250, but I'm not buying another Lexus until they fix this. -K.B.

I also purchased dealer installed iPod for $500 and the folder views are disabled when moving. What a disappointment. -D.L.

Had a 2007 with the 5.1 dvd and used the override command all the time. (no accidents) assumed my 2009 ES would have the same functionality. Sales person said there was a code but didn't know what is was. :( -R.C. (Ed: We refer to that as the 'relentless pursuit of a sale at any cost'.)

last 1 i buy. -P.D.

All aftermarket GPS allow you to use it while you are driving. Even the CD player, phone and music song displays disappear while moving. Does Lexus not understand that there may be a passenger in the car that can use the system while the car is moving? Very stupid for such a nice car. -A.C.

Change it. Its ridiculous!  -J.G.

As soon you put street messages "this number does not exists", even location is there for 30 yrs. Once you reach your destination (no help for expensive gadget) mark location, street number is not even close. Replacing destination is diffcult. Route choice is cumbersome. Even you choose Freeway route map shows local street etc.  -M.K.

I made a terrible mistake ! I bought a Lexus. I drove a BMW 5-series, a Mercedes E-type and an Audi A6 and other cars for some years. Now I wanted to try the Lexus ES and was positively surprised about the good price/quality ratio. So, after a short test ride and some explanations on the parking lot, I decided to purchase the ES350 with the premium plus package. As I drive about 20000+ miles per year I need a good GPS system and a reliable hands free phone. By the way I drove cars and motorcycles for over 25 years and NEVER had an accident. And all cars and motorcycles had systems which I was able and allowed to use while driving. What I did not recognize at the Lexus dealership: all the sales person showed me on the system was done on the parking lot and he told me only when I had bought the car already, that a sychronization of my BlackBerry's phone book might not work (it actually worked after I found the right settings). But I would not have bought that car with the restrictions I only recognized when I drove away from the dealership. - My fault ?! - Why feel I betrayed ? Next time I will buy a car again which won't force me to stop to change the destination or dial a number from the phone book. -J.H.

This is my fourth Lexus vehicle purchase. And most likely my last Lexus. The single greatest flaw and disappointment in the vehicle is the navigation system. Everything about it, especially the lock-while-driving, is not a representation of Lexus' "Relentless Pursuit of Perfection", Rather it's a representation of "Pursuit of Losing Loyal Lexus customers". In looking at the new NAV system in the 2010 it's just as bad. -B.S.

When I purchased the car, my salesman was actually a sales assistant and wasn't sure of all that the system was capable of. When demonstrating the voice system, there were mistakes that did not make the overall navigation system seem responsive. Since she demonstrated the navigation mode in park, I was unaware that the system disabled all touchscreen buttons when the car was in motion. I spent way too much money on a car that contains a very integral navigation system that does not allow me to control it as I wish. Its a shame that my LG navigation system from the late Circuit City accommodates my navigation needs more than a $40,000 car. -J.C.

I have over the past 8 years purchased 6 various Lexus cars\suv's for myself and family...The latest a 07 IS250AWD is my last...I have already steered family and friends to the BWM and Acura dealer...The way I view this, over the next 20 years I would have probably purchased at least 20 Lexus products...those are sales Lexus will not see now...I think there are many people that feel the with your wallets..Too many other car companies that listen to their customers to put up with this treatment...too bad, they make a quality product... -R.D.

I reluctantly purchased the vehicle knowing the nav had a motion lock. I didn't know the bluetooth functions phone would also be limited. Now that I know an override was available but discontinued I am really upset. -R.M.

I don't need a nursemaid device/csr and there is no legal argument that can be offered to change my mind. Why don't you block me changing stations on my radio next. -W.R.

On our long trips, I am the usually the driver and my wife is the navigator. Now I since I have to stop even for her to navigate, I might as well do both!!! I want a refund for nav. I'll use my Garmin. It routes better anyway.  -C.S.

Unable to use the navigation while car is moving. $2,650 wasted !!! -H.B.

I love the way the car drives but HATE not being able to use the NAV and Bluetooth while driving. I would NEVER have bought this car if I knew about this problem. -K.S.

I was in the acura dealership looking at the new TL and its advanced technologies, before coming across the GS Hybrid. At first glance, the navi screen did not look up to par from what was offered at Acura. That I figured is not a big deal. However, driving home and attempting to use it got me increasingly fustrated. Its unbeliveable that I cannot transfer a call that is linked to the car via bluetooth back the the hand set if I am not in park. So I better not plan on taking any calls while I am on the highway, unless I want everyone in the car to hear all my conversations. Well I just disabled blue tooth, but it is quite disheartening that the technologies that we pay for are best left disabled!!!  -J.M.

I would like to see an override option. It seems once again the German car makers have the right idea. I would also like to be able to dial a number using the keypad while driving. Would be much easier for the passenger and safer for everyone.  -A.G.

I feel that it's like having a nanny sit in the car with me slapping my hand away from the navigation, even though I'm in the passenger seat sometimes while my wife drives. Plain ridiculous when you're trying to input a location while in the passenger seat but you can't because the car is barely rolling. -M.D.

The Honda mini-van I have is a much more useful car because the nav and bluetooth works.  -D.K.

Lexus RX2010 - very pure design of the new features! Especially USB plug - it;s almost impossible to use on the road, has power protection for the current around 500mA ( had to build special adapter to overcome this problem) It's my 3d Lexus and every next one is getting worse! This is last one for sure!  -E.F.

2008 IS250. Navigation control should not be taken away when driving. There are many situations where you have a passenger in the car to control the system. It is unfair and I didn't know this was the condition when I bought the car. Voice commands don't work. -J.B.

My first and last Car made by Toyota. I can't believe that i didn't listen to many of my friends who switched to MDX from Lexus RX350. NAVI in Lexus sucks or should i say it is non-existent. How do you have your family in the car on a long trip and look for a hotel along the route? You can't!!! You can't ask a passenger either, because apparently we are too stupid to pay attention to the road! Voice recognition is a joke. How many times do you press a button to "call home. About 6!!! Had a 06' MDX and thought i wold give a Lexus a try. NEVER AGAIN !!! Most of the people i know in New York City are switching to ACURA. Wonderful car. I stuck with this problem for next 3 Years. -R.M.

zero success with voice recog. street address as start would not work if address was a business intersection destination would not accept second highway id. tried to find florist, nearest 99 miles. HIGH PROBABILITY OF NOT BEING PERMITTED TO COMPLETE SPELLING OF DESTINATION.ELEMENTS. ETC.ETC... .. .. -C.C.

I own 3 GPS devices , in additon to the Navigation System---and I use that term lightly---on my wife's 2007 ES 350, which we purchased new. Having used gps devises on a regular basis prior to purchasing the Lexus, I never gave it any thought to asking about the operation of the ES350's. Had I known that it was inoperable during vehicle motion, we would have never purchased the car. This so-called safety feature has nearly caused me to wreck on several occasions as I realize I have to stop the car to make minor changes and quickly cross in front of other traffic to get off the road. This feature, or lack thereof, is going to kill somebody! -J.M.

I feel cheated. I would NEVER buy a car without a functional navigation system and this is not functional. I have wanted to own a Lexus for 15 years. I finally have one and I HATE it for this one reason. Otherwise, I love the car but this is TOTALLY unacceptable. -J.A.

Please restore the override functionality in the Generation 5 navigation systems -R.W.

It's obvious Lexus needs to do something about this if they don't want to loose customers to a Mercedes - Benz. I have always liked Lexus but am considering a Benz... I never thought I would say that... PAY ATTENTION LEXUS... It's obvious you're not in Pursuit of Perfection anymore... -D.D.

I can't believe that Lexus is not responding to the will of valued customers. I very much want to see this issue resolved. I should be able to play my DVD player and input any information I want into my Nav system, while I drive. This inconvience is terrible. Thank you for letting Lexus know how displeased their customers are. -J.S.

I recently upgraded my nav system disk on my 2004 LX470 and have discovered that the override function that was previously available has been removed or eliminated on the ver. 8 "upgrade" disk. -C.E.

I have found that the best way to get what you want in negotiations isn't to simply remain polarized and repeat your point over and over. Rather, it is to understand what the other side wants (in this case Lexus wants a waiver of liability), and see if you an provide them what THEY want while getting what YOU want (in this case, the ability to type while in motion). In that spirit, how about Lexus providing an override button that requires an accept screen that waives Lexus of any liability each time you use it? Instead of what this group is asking for (having an accept screen come up when the nav starts, as in 5.1, but having override be a strange hidden feature that doesn't require an accept, I would suggest having no accept when the nav system comes up (as in 8.1), but a non-hidden override button with an explicit accept screen everytime a user wants to override. That way, Lexus gets the user to explicitly waive Lexus of responsibility for each override, and users get the override functionality in a non-hidden. Seems like that would be a compromise solution that would satisfy both parties, and get out of the logjam this group appears to be in. Anyone want to take this up with Lexus? - N.M. (Ed: based on the numbers here, I assume that every day at least one new owner is shocked to find that the Navi system is so bad and feels betrayed by the company. Lexus is not talking to us, so at this point I am compelled to popularize the deficiencies in the product to minimize future 'buyer's remorse'. I sure would think Lexus would want to resolve this problem, but am obviously missing something.)

I just purchased this vehicle and had no idea there was a problem with the Nav system. Just spent the weekend playing with the car to learn all the features. I thought it was just me having trouble learning the voice recognition and Nav functions. it only took two minutes of internet searching to realize I'm not alone, or too stupid to work this system. I thought this would be close to my Garmin, since the salesman bragged up the voice recognition system. Yeah it worked great (good) with the windows up and car parked. -B.M.

Nav needs overide function!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -R.K

I recently sold one of my Acura MDX's and decided to try a Lexus RX 350. My family clearly finds the most objectionable part of the Lexus to be the motion lockout on the navigation system. Lexus needs to get their Legal folks under control or they will prohibit customers from driving Lexus automobiles on the highway. Takes a strong leader to see the right customer friendly approach and implement it in the face of irrational legal arguments attempting to drive risk to zero. -R.P

This sucks. -J.G.

Even other mothers are not as controlling as Lexus. This is my 3rd and last Lexus. I had a 93 GS300, I had a 98 GS300 and now a 2006 GS300. This was one of the worst buying decisions ever! I am in sales and on the road all day. I have a 40k car with a nav system and I have a 400.00 Garmin with me at all times. If we make enough money to buy a Lexus, then clearly we can all walk and chew gum at the same time. It is bad enough that I can't use the nav while the car is in motion, or that I can't even speak the directions to the nav system while the car is in motion, but if I am at a red light and I begin typing an address and my light turns green, I can't even finish typing the street address before I am locked out of the system. This is dangerous and outrageous!! Isn't it bad enough that we need to "agree to the Lexus disclaimer that we will drive safely "every time we start the car?? Also, do I need my car to beep and flash icons every half of a mile to remind me to refill my windshield washer fluid?? NO- I really do not need all of these reminders that I can not disengage. If I can turn off a reminder on my cell phone, then I should have the ability to turn off the reminders in my car. Hey Lexus---- We are smart, educated consumers. Stop treating us like we are children!!! I have bought my last Lexus. I will never return. -B.S.

Well I just bought a used 2005 Lexus ES330 that was loaded with options complete with a Navigation System. After learning the car and working the Nav system boy am I glad to be stuck on '70's so to speak!! The Japanese like some other car manufactures believe they know best and have no interest, time or inclination to listen to any feedback - sort of like GM. I do not get the feeling of confidence when I get in the car - its like somethings always broken - and I have an override!!! -D.F.

My '07 Camry had a working override-I thought it would work in my '09 LS460 as well. What a pain! I should have stuck with the Audi. I'll just trade this in and get an A8. I use my NAV all the time, and to hav -G.G.

This by far is the MOST annoying feature in otherwise a very fine car. I am sad to say that I will never buy a Lexus vehicle again just because of this. The voice navigation in Lexus in terrible and unusable compared to Honda. -A.C.

The nav system is so bad I made a mount and put my Garmin on the dash, works great -J.H. (Ed: I agree. Folks, use the amazon link to the left to support this site. )

The update disc for my 2006 GX470 navigation disc was sold to me without any notice that the change would stop my ability to override. I asked for reinstallation and they said they couldn't do it. Service referred me to Coastaltech, which does NOT recreate ability ot override--these TWO expensive lessons cost over $400 and I'm not back to where I started. Toyota's failure to tell about the upgrade eliminating the override was a real surprise and seems wrong. -T.W.

No reason to prevent even the passenger from using the nav system. Ridiculous to have to pull over and stop the car to use the system. -M.W.

Dial by number sucks!!!!! -T.H.

Ridiculous. I almost always drive with my wife in the passenger seat. The vehicle seems to be able to detect her weight to set the airbag correctly, why can it not set the system to accept input when it detects a passenger? Again, ridiculous! -S.M.

Even without use of the GPS while driving, I can tell Lexus where to go. -T.D.

Every other vehicle I have owned with a GPS provides a warning that you acknowledge when trying to use the GPS while moving. Why does Lexus think they have to protect me against myself. Its my car, my choice. Record my choice in the data box if you want to but let me make it. I have had more close calls trying to pull over then I would have trying to type in a new destination. Isn't Lexus' lawyers concerned about that liability!? My wife can't even type in as a passenger.....even more frustrating!! -R.O

I have the stupid crap about not being able to use the navigation while the car is in motion. There are times when I need to make quick address changes, and I can't afford to stop every single time to make them. I would not have bought the car if I knew about this restriction. -D.C.

Totally disappointed that only a few features work when driving. The VR is only okay, at best. I would much rather have a nav screen that was functional. Would have bought another car had I known. -P.L.

I think Lexus is demonstrating the same behavior that it accuses Lexus of practicing. I repeatedly asked the status of any class action litigation or any known individual litigation against Lexus or its dealership. No response. How can I avoid potentially costly expenses if such action has been tried without success? If you really want people to help you and join the cause, you really should give them the courtesy of a response. How can you criticize Mr. Templin when you behave similarly. You stonewall us, your allies. -R.B. (Ed: I apologize. We had some email glitches. The new link is working below.FYI, I have neither the time nor the interest in a legal battle, but any other folks who do have the time and interest in taking up the cause using LexusOverride registrants' stories to help them should contact me. )

I'm shocked that this issue is bothering me this much that I'm on the net googling it. -J.T.

This is so annoying...and difficult to use! -N.M.

This has all been said before but, to reiterate, I'm directed to make continued u-turns when I've actually arrived at destination, arrival is announced when clearly am located a block away, nav cannot find many businesses and home addresses that have existed for years--- system is cumbersome at best. To be fair, system is a plus in a new city when one is looking for a generic grocery or gas station but locally is mostly ineffectual. -D.W.

I hope manufacter be made aware. -M.K.

Have found the nav system unreliable at times. On a trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Easton) from NYC area, the nav system kept trying to send us down to Baltimore, then to Annapolis & Bay bridge to Eastern shore. That is about 100 miles further than the correct route of going thru Delaware to 301. We were almost to Easton before nav system realized there was a shorter way. -F.C.

If they want me to sign off on a disclaimer that I take responsibility for using the GPS while moving that is fine. I have had a number of near misses trying to pull over so I could get the functionality back for the GPS. -S.D.

Doesn't make sense to me. it should be my choice. I agree it is sometimes more difficult to find a place to pull over, and downright dangerous on major highways. Also, my NAV system for some reason is terrible with identifying POIs. It thinks I am in Boston MA area when I am in NJ in that when I search on, say, Dunkin Donuts, the list I get back is with ones in MA and NY (comically I did this several times within a mile or two of a Dunkin DOnuts that didn't show up on the search anywhere. ANyone else having issues with searching POIs in addition to the frustration with the lack of Override to allow use of NAV while moving? -E.L.

The fact that I cannot search for and select new destinations, or use the many of the bluetooth features, or use the folder/file features for the audio system unless I am stopped is an incredible nuisance at times. How often are we really sitting still long enough on the way to a destination, to actually do any of those things? So I end up having to pull over to do them, no-one wants to have to do that. I find it to be both frustrating and annoying, and the voice recognition system is woefully lacking in the exact things that I already can't do the other way. They have made it so there is literally no other way to accomplish some things other than pulling over and stopping, where on many occasions this is just not safe or wise. I will either use the wire cutting hack if I decide to keep the car after the warranty expires, or I will just give the car back at the end of the lease. Also since no other companies seem to do this practice, I can see no validity to the claim of this being a legal issue. I would like to thank the site owner/creator for giving us a forum to express our discontent with this ludicrous system. -A.C.

...Not even my passengers can work the nav. Sad face :'-[ -J.L.

It sucks, the passenger in my car should be able to operate the GPS while I am driving!! -D.K.

My wife is a passenger on most of our trips and is frustrated that she cannot use the software while I am driving. I wanted to buy her a new Lexus for her next car and she does not want one because of the nav restrictions. I will not buy another Lexus because I use the nav system in other cities and this is so inconvenient!! -B.J.

my bigest problemwith this gps is no real time traffic and it's programing is awful and no override--NEVER AGAIN -R.B.

Get a life! Just let a handyman put in a switch to override the speedsignal to the navigation computer to put in a destination/ make a call. -L.K.

I am LIVID! I was told there was an override available. The salesman told me he was unable to tell me because it was against company policy. I've spent months trying to figure this out just to find your website. I would have never bought this car! -J.M.

I would never buy a Lexus again given their total lack of customer service on several issues including the navigation system which is a piece of junk. -N.H.

I hate the fact that my car is smart enough to know that a passenger is in the seat (seat belt warning), but not smart enough to know that the passenger would want to use the nav system while in motion. I can understand the safety feature of not letting the driver use it, but how about the passenger? I specifically bought a car with the nav so that I could use it!!! Especially on road trips. My husband and I "thought" we could look for restaurants, gas stations etc but we were wrong. You must pull over in an unknown and many times unsafe area to use the feature. It sucks!!! -L.K.

I have a Lexus 2007 ESE350 and will never buy another one. They don't test their software and they don't fix anything. I will never buy another Lexus - they are arrogant, none of the software works, even basic view screens and they don't care. If they cannot even program a view screen, how can I trust that anything in the car works right. The car should not need an override system for nav - it should work all the time, period. If Lexus cannot design a car that can be driven safely by a mature adult, they should not be manufacturing cars. -C.L

I do not want the auto maker telling me what I can and cannot do with the systems I purchase for my own use. The voice system is a joke. The included system is a ridiculous waste of money based on the Toyota imposed limited functionality. If Garmin did this you can bet no one would buy them for the 200-400 they charge. Why would I again pay >$2000 for this almost useless system in my Lexus? -J.M.

A letter recently directed to Mark Templin, GM of Lexus USA, was ignored. My letter was cordial, and non threatening. All I asked was a simple override program to remedy this problem. There was absolutely no response from Lexus, nor did my dealer respond to a copy that I sent them. This tells me that Lexus truly does not care about their customers...shocking given the nature of the competition. This is an easy fix for them but they would rather dig their heels in and not budge. They would rather watch their customer base erode. Now I too am angry and will seek every way possible to downgrade this vehicle, in my case a 2007 RX, as well as Lexus in general as a brand. I will never buy another Lexus product. I hope that someone out there with deep pockets will sue these guys to force a solution. -R.B.

Lexus please fix this. -A.U.

It's this simple - I will not buy another Lexus. -B.B.

This is the dumbest thing Lexus has ever come up with. I can buy any GPS in the market at a fraction of the cost that can be used while driving. This needs to be changed. -F.T.

My wife rides with me virtually 75% of the time. She needs to be able to control Nav. system when we need gas or need to find a cafe, etc. We were almost KILLED last week when we had to "pull over" last week on a busy highway because the Nav system greyed out and we had to stop to make it work. I will NEVER buy a Lexus again!!!! I have a 10 month old car I hate because of the Nav system!!! It was my first and last Lexus purchase. -M.S. (Ed: Like other owners, I am buying a Garmin to keep in the car. It pisses me off to have to do so, but the reality is that is so much better than even the overridden Lexus nav system.If you decide to buy a Garmin, please use the Amazon link to the left and support this site.)

I was in New Jersey and I had to pull off the road for my wife to input an address we were trying to find. A police car pulled in back of me, came to the window and told me that I couldn't stop on the side of the road and gave me a ticket. Thanks Lexus! We own a LS460, a LS 430 and a SC430. When I paid around $11,000 for the navagation systems in these cars and they perform worst than one I get from Hertz, it's really put a great doubt in my mind that maybe I should move on to another brand. I've purchased over 10 Lexus sedans since 1992. If they continue not to listen, then I'll leave for someone who does. -M.P.

Lexus needs to offer a free software update that resolves this issue immediately. I end up using my phone's GPS for navigation which is much less safe than using the nice big one that's built in the car ... if only I could actually USE it! Pissed off customer here. -B.Z.


I actually don't have a Lexus, I have the new Toyota Venza, but it has the same limitations. I would NOT have bought the Navigation system if I had realized that it was crippled. We are now using our portable Garmin Nuvi 680 so my wife can check for hotels and restaurants while we are zooming along on the highway. I think there is a solution that might please the legal department. The car can sense when there is a passenger in the front. The Navigation system should be recoded to work while the car is moving when there is a passenger present to use it safely. I also wish Toyota/Lexus had picked Garmin technology. The system they use doesn't take you close enough to your destination. Garmin does. -J.S.

Spoils the whole Lexus experience. -P.B.

The inability to allow my passenger to use the full feature set of the Navigation system, and phone system, while in motion is absolutely unacceptable. -P.H.

Bought my wife a 2009 RX350 in Sept 2008. She loves it EXCEPT for the nav system. She's not a complainer, so I really didn't appreciate how bad the situation was for a while. I was seriously considering an IS-F for me until I really spent some time in her RX. I drive 25,000 miles a year around the DC area and absolutely require the ability to change destinations at any time. My Garmin Nuvi 660 allows me to do that as well as tells me about traffic problems. Lexus has an otherwise great product at competitive prices, but disabling features like this will push me to another manufacturer for my next new car. -D.D.

I wrote a cordial letter to Mark Templin, GM of Lexus of America with a copy to my local dealer. I simply asked for an override disk or some other easy correction. My letter was in no way hostile. I never got a response from the corporate office or the local dealer. Even if the answer was "no", at least it would have been a response. But no answer at all is unacceptable. Guess this proves that this manufacturer truly does not care about its customers. My other car is an Acura TL; I should have stuck with them and bought an MDX. Without question, this is my last Lexus ever! They fail to understand that arrogant companies are doomed to failure. It may take time but it will happen. -B.B.

became more familiar with the NAV I began to realize exactly how limited the functionality was while driving. It is very frustrating to use the voice activation becuse it takes way too long to program in the info via voice. Lexus needs to correct this so its consumers get the FULL use of their NAV systems. -D.L.

I guess it would not bother me as much had they allowed the lockout to be disabled when the passenger seat was occupied. -J.W.

Was told when I bought my 2009 RX that the voice recognition system made moving navigation possible. Does not solve the problem of trying to search for restaurants or enter new addresses en route. VERY ANNOYING. -D.S.

I WANT TO OVERRIDE THE CONTROLS!!! I think it is REALLY lousy of them to remove that function from these newer models. I pad a LOT of money for my new car, and had it delivered with EVERY available option. However, when we travel as a family, I would like for my "co-pilot" to be able to navigate and utilize the navigation system. We are all grown ups, and should not have the automakers taking this type of control away from us when we are perfectly capable of making our own safety decisions. If Lexus did this out of safety concerns, then tell them to find some way to prevents these idiots from reading books and newspapers while driving, and forget about the "possible problems" related to our use of the VERY expensive navigation system. -R.F.

Please at least follow your competitors. There is no way I can talk my wife into buying a Lexus with this change. -J.R.

I am a bit pissed at Lexus. My car has the improved nav system and the voice activation is better than on my 04 but I was told there was a code to override but I dont think there is . My wife drives while I play with nav but other than POI, I cant do very much. It sucks . So when we go on a trip I also hook up my $149 garmin and use that instead of the nav in my $55k lexus pretty stupid . Next car will have an over ride or I dont buy it. -B.P.

Too many lawyers trying to justify their existence! -T.W.

Not being able to use nav while driving makes me hate Lexus. -S.S.

My 2001 Acura MDX allows navigation input while driving. My wife inputs, while I drive and it works great. Other than this issue, I am very pleased with my 2007 GS350. However, I would have bought an Acura RL if I had known about this problem. The voice navigation option is not adequate. It seldom gets any input right. Unless Toyota fixes this problem, I will never buy one of their products again. -L.W.

Lexus navi system is utter crap. Those people in "legal" that made the decision to limit the ability of the nav system should have their univeristy degrees pulled. My $400 garmin is 20 times better and and 6 times cheaper. How on God's Earth is Garmin able to provide almost perfect navi system for way cheaper money and Lexus in all its infinite glory cannot? Acura, .... here I come. -J.B.

Unacceptable. The salesperson lied to me and told me that the navigation issues were corrected in 2007. I purchased the vehicle for my wife and luckily she doesn't really use it. The system is worthless, accuracy is horrible, and the lock down aspects would have made me not purchase the vehicle. 2 years later I'm just waiting to trade it in. -J.L. (Ed: I hear 'ya. It bothers me every single day. I do get some satifaction that Lexus is feeling the pain of lost sales, hopefully in part from this site. But the reason for the site is to inform new buyers before they buy and prevent the disappointment we know all too well.)

BMW does it right. It gives driver and especially passenger the convenience of using the navigation system while the car is in motion. But each time before one can use the system, you must click to accept a liability release for any risks associated from using the system when the car is in motion. -W.S.

Last question I asked the dealer before signing the deal - was it true that I couldn't manipulate the nav while the car was in motion. After hearing the answer and the Lexus position I told them to knock off another $10K or the deal was dead. Of course they didn't so I tore up the contract and headed straight to Acura to purchase a 2009 TL. -R.P. (Ed: That's it! Vote withyour feet. No other act seems to have any meaning for Lexus.)

Its annoying and an inconvenience to have to pull over to change a location especially if its a location already registered in the navigation system. -L.U.

I was looking at a Pre-owned 2006 LS430 and doing internet research when I learned about this Nav system "feature." Needless to say, I did not buy the car (and I would have otherwise since the LS are among the best cars made). We have a 2005 Acura MDX with the AWESOME touch-screen nav system that allows full control and I knew I would hate the lockout. I feel sorry for the current owners who have to deal with this AND the lower resale for the vehicles. -M.Z.

It is infuriating to think that I have been smart enough to earn the wages to pay for a LS 460L and Lexus does not think I am intelligent enough to operate my own car when I feel is safe. -C.G.

A completely arbitrary, illogical, big brother attitude produced this lockout function. For just one example, radio "text" button still allows viewing music information, but much more distracting to do so than using LCD panel. It makes me madder than hell when the screen grays out above a few mph. Maybe Lexus has done a study and found their purchasers are especially irresponsible behind the wheel. -K.C.

I would not have upgraded the navigation had I known this would disable this feature. I want the old software back - can this be done? I want the features, known or unknown, I had on the car when I bought it. I don't care about the map upgrades as they are meaningless without this feature. -J.B. (Ed: Yes, if you or the Lexus shop reinstall the old DVD after disconnecting the battery you can go back to the older maps and software. I suggest you make sure Lexus allows you to return the DVD because they did not tell you about the loss of the override. If they refuse, a letter to Consumer reports would help us all! good luck.)

I have a 2007 LX 470 and am very angry that I cannot have my passenger program an address. Even the radio does not show information because "it is for our safety". I will never buy another Lexus and have told everyone how dissatisfied I am with their customer service too. I would like the address of someone I can write a letter to. If you have that information, i would love to know. Thanks. -K.B. (Ed: Send a letter to:
Vaughn Wendelstadt, Executive Coordinator and to:
Mark Templin, CEO
Lexus North America
19001 S. Western Ave
Torrance, CA 90501 )

Very expensive options. Very frustrating. Use TomTom in this $84,000 car. - J.H.

As long as I maintain liability for my actions behind the wheel vis a vie the legal requirement to carry insurance, Lexus' attempt to control my behavior should make them liable for similar consequences. -L.L.

The navigation system is worthless. -C.K.

I also have an Infiniti G35X; the interface on the Infiniti is soooooo much better!!! -R.S.

My 2006 IS 250 had problems with the nav system. Lexus upgraded the system and now I can't use it -D.W.

The inability to control the navi system is a major issue with me. An otherwise good car has become a source of frustration every time I drive it. It is hard to believe that a company that was founded on customer care has completely stonewalled its customers. The remedy would be quite simple. Instead, by ignoring customers, it drives them away to other brands that are just as good but who also listen and respond to customers. Complaints to Lexus get referred back to the dealer with an offer to get another tutorial on the use of the voice feature. The voice system is ineffective and cannot give me full control of information that I need. I was not told by the dealer that the navi system had this problem. Had I known it, I would not have bought the navi option or I might have looked harder at Acura. On a recent trip to Florida, I bought a $250 Garmin so that my wife could get POI data and make routing changes while I am driving. If Garmin can do it, why can't Lexus? I do not want to pull off the highway in areas that are not safe just to make changes in my navi system. Come on Lexus. Don't continue to dig your heels in on this matter. Recognize the error, correct it and move on. Your owners would praise you for admitting a mistake. Just give us a programming fix that allows us to hit " I agree" and unlock the system. Or give us some other electrical or mechanical fix. -B.B.

I just bought the car two days ago so it hasn't bothered me yet but I expect it to be really annoying. I don't understand why they don't have a legal disclaimer page like Garmin Nuvi external units. -N.M.

This is so frustrating. It makes the GPS function unusable unless you know where you are going at the start of the trip. -C.C.

This is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen. You can buy a great after market nav system for under $300 or you can pay 10 times that for a Lexus nav system that is nearly useless! Don't even get me started on the crappy overpriced Mark Levinson sound system. And of course, you essentially can't buy a Lexus in California without them. -E.R.

I want the ability to use override on my nav system -W.P.

Just had my wife's Lexus' nav system updated, and they did not mention that the override function would be removed. We found out the hard way. Boy, was my wife pissed! She will be asking the dealer to reinstall her old disc, give a refund, and restore the override function. Regardless of what they do, I doubt that we will ever buy another Lexus. Considering that we use the nav system more for POI information to call businesses, restaurants, etc. while we are driving, their "safety feature" has rendered it relatively useless. We could have gotten more/better information a lot less expensively by purchasing a Garmin Nuvi. -M.L.

This action by Lexus impinges on the rights of a motor vehicle operator to safely operate his/her vehicle. In addition to a major inconvenience, this borders on negligence by placing vehicle owners in harms way. -J.F.

Very disappointed in not being able to use nav system while driving. I understand the safety aspect but what about when you are driving with a passenger. It would seem to me that most drivers are more distracted by talking on their cell phones. -J.S.

Ridiculous. I should be able to decide what is safe and what is not. Lexus should mind their own business. -E.M.

I have purchased a Garmin Nuvi to use in the car because of the lack of being able for the passenger to use the system while the car is in motion. -E.F. (Ed: Please use our link to the left to help support this site.)

I should've got the Hyundi . Thats right the Hyundi. The lexus is unsafe. I have to use my phone to make a call. There is a 7" screen in the car that is not useable so I have to look at the 2.5" screem on my phone. I paid a extra 5,000.00 for something to piss me off every time I have to make a call. -P.D.

I am pissed. They told me 2 days ago I could do it when I got home and now I cannot because it doesn't work. -N.V.

This is absolute idiocy. Whatever case they could make for safety I could also make for using the radio, the climate controls, etc. etc. -J.B.

I can't even see what song or artist are playing on the radio. Rather than picking a name from my phone book on the navigation system, I am forced to pull out my cell phone and dial from there instead. It defeats the purpose of the product. -M.H.

Come on Toyota, fix the nav. system. The way it is now is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen. What were you people thinking? There is no reason to have the nav. system or the car for that matter, in its current form. Also, thousands of customers have been deceived at the your dealers about the nav. system. Toyota can't be proud of that. Times are hard in the car business now and to lose sales because of what your nav. system won't do is ridiculous. -K.S.

I am very unhappy with the override that Lexus has in place. Very soon I will be trying the method of disconnecting a couple of wires to the NAV system as many on the lexus forum websites have had success with it. -S.H.

Because of the inept nav system, we had to purchase a Garmin Nuvi 350. It is absolutely ridiculous that we have to stop the vehicle to set a destination or something simple like stop the bluetooth. I want a rebate for the nav system !!! -J.J.

When upgrading, the consumer should be informed of material differences in the product they are getting "upgraded". -J.G.

I was deciding whether to pay more for the NAV in my IS. I loved my Garmin in my old A4, and I'm extremely upset to discover this after opting to pay more for NAV. What a waste. -M.B.

Bring back 'override', it is ridiculous that you still have full access to radio and cd screens but not phone and navigation. -D.A.

give me control of my car please -P.J.

I think this is a mistake, why else would we include the Navigation system in the vehicle for the price if you can not change destinations on the "fly". Portable systems such as Garmin would have suffice at a much lower price and provide the functionality. -P.G.

I own a 2005 LS430, and the override function worked until i recently bought an upgrade DVD version 8.1. After i installed more override. Really disappointed... If i had known, i would not buy an upgrade DVD! And i can't return that DVD because it's not returnable. 265 dollars!! -K.K.

My wife and I cannot believe that we paid so much money for the navigation system equipped vehicle when we could have bought a $100 navigation unit from Best Buy with much better results including free updates and use while driving. -A.P.

I have purchased a total of six new Lexus cars for my family, (RX ES GS IS) from 2000 until 2007....The total is over 240K... They will not see another sale from me because of this situation with the Nav System on the two 07's (IS & GS)...This is not a threat, but simply a promise... If the salesman would have been up front I would have simply chosen to purchase these two cars without the Nav System, and went with a after market one ... This was not the case and in the next 20 years or so...that will cost Lexus\Toyota about 15-20 what damage I will do from word of mouth....Good move Lexus mgt!!! -R.D.

I can't even begin to tell you how annoying it is not to be able to use the Nav. while driving. Especially when there is a passenger in the car fully capable of operating the unit. -W.S.

The warning to the driver should be sufficient, as done with my Acura. The need to stop and change instructions while on the road is simply not practical and greatly diminishes the utility of the system. -C.B.

Even though my Lexus has the factory nav system, I bought a portable Garmin to use in my Lexus and Toyota. If I buy another Lexus or Toyota, it won't have a nav system. The nav system should be configured so it can be used if someone is sitting in the passenger seat. -L.B.

Talking about this aggravates me. I feel as if I have been taken. Spending so much for an add on that only works when I am parked is frustrating. Not only the absent navigation system but radio readouts and phone as well. I would not have bought this car if at any time during the 45 minute demonstration the salesman would have told me that everything he showed will cease to function as soon as I step on the gas. -J.M.

I would have not bought the car with the installed navigation but purchased a portable GPS instead - saving $2000 plus -D.F.

I bought a 2008 IS 350 with Nav. Big Mistake. It is finally gone. I hate Lexus & Toyota. They don't care who buys their cars. I had a 2004 Acura TL that I loved, should have kept it. But it gets better. Just bought the 2009 Acura TL sh-awd awesome care with an incredable nav and audio system for thousands less. Never...never...would I buy another Lexus or Toyota product. -J. C.

It is very reasonable to have the ability to have a passenger program the GPS while the vehicle is in motion. Certainly the lawyers involved can create a waiver of liability if that is what it takes to change the programming so that an owner of the vehicle can override the lockout while moving. It is a major inconvenience. -Dr. M. M.

I agree with the statement placed on this web-page. The disable function actually makes the GPS system more dangerous. I have had to pull over in busy traffic to input data. I was almost run over! -M.H.

I bought this car not knowing about the lockout feature. Nobody disclosed this information to me at the dealership or otherwise. I feel like I have been taken advantage of. This is my second Lexus, the first was an LS400 which I still Have with 300,000 miles on it. I am very unhappy with Lexus at this time. Sincerely, M.M.

Get rid of the laywers and make usable cars! -C.T.

Question: Does anyone know if NavTeq is the data provider? - C.S. (Ed: The Software is made by Denso, a Japanese company about 25% owned by Toyota. )

appears that the lawyers have triumphed over common sense at Lexus. Attach the override to the passenger seat occupancy sensor if you really can resist being a "big brother" but put the function back!!!! -D.B.

A beautiful looking and reliable piece of transport, but if that's all I wanted I would not have bought a Lexus. I feel so let down, I will make sure every one that asks me about my Lexus will be told how disappointed I am. If I only wanted transport I would have purchased a TATA. so anybody want to swap a IS250 SE for a TATA and a Garmin. I can not believe how the Lexus dealer tries to make me out to be the idiot and tells me what i need. I wonder if Lexus sales staff buy their children toys and then hide the toys away as they may be harmful to play with. Well I definitely bought a reliable useless toy that I can not even play with, except in the garage. Another BIG ISSUE no traffic/safety camera downloads are available for Lexus the main reason I wanted a car with GPS for. -L.R.

I am a physician. I have emergency calls that come through my system and or I have to make. Often times the hopspital or the pharmacy requires me to input numbers to get to who I need to. Since the system locks me out I have to pull over often on a highway or in traffic or use my cell phone to input the information therefore creating greater risk for me and other drivers at a time when a medical emergecy requires me to respond. I would have stayed with BMW if I had known about this. The 7 Series has a small pull out phone that you can use and NOT take your eyes off the road. -V.B.

I am very disappointed in the navigation system and telephone lockout. I drove my 1993 MB with telephone in dash for 13 years without killing myself. My wife now has a Magellan sytem stuck to the window. It is ugly and embarassing to explain to my friends why my 2006 lexus needs a supplementary GPS to make it usable. There is no doubt I would not have purchased the NAV system had I known how completly useless it was going to be. There is no doubt this will be the last Toyota product I will purchase. I really do not need them to babysit me in my own car. -V.L.

I consider this attitude of Lexus' disgraceful. -A.C.

You have to be able to change the destination in flight or the system is useless. It's much more dangerous to have people driving eratically to find a place to pullover than it is to have a passenger change the destination. Just make owners sign a waiver holding Lexus harmless and be done with it! Grrrrr. The voice command works somewhat in a perfectly quiet car. If you have kids you know that this is never the case. Again useless. -M.W.

This is my 2nd GS. The first one had the override, my dads 2006 has the override, my BMW 5 series had the override. I now have a 2007 GS and just find out the override is no longer offered. No question, I would of purchased the 5 series or Benz over the GS knowing what I know now. This is just wrong. The customer should have the option, not Lexus. -R.R.

After trying the voice recognition system and realizing it was completely useless I was surprised, to the say the least, that I could not operate the navigation system without having to stop the vehicle. Even more of a concern, because the feature is used more frequently, I cannot select folders for my ipod while driving either. I had a difficult time deciding between the Infinity M45 and the Lexus. Had I known of this issue I would have chosen the Infinity. -B.C.

navigation not good at all . does not compare as good to the accura i traded in -G.R.

I was told by the Seller that it should work during driving in Sweden or else i would never pay extra 3800$ for the Multimedia kit. And beside that in all the advertize and lexus homepage it says that this is a Home entertament DVD movie player system ! but no where that you can only play movies in your garage ! lol -R.H.

I am more disturbed about the 265$ plus service to update the maps. However there is no reason that I can understand not to be able to use all functions whether or not the car is moving. -J.B.

Please notify me when a resolution is available for the 2008 Lexus LS 460. -J.F.

navigation not good at all . does not compare as good to the accura i traded in. -G.R.

The RX was my first Lexus...and knew about override so was ok with purchase. I would like to update nav but will not due to override being removed. This is now my last Lexus. I will also be taking my service elsewhere as there is no sense maintaining relationship with a Dealership that does not care about customer. My new override is a Nuvi. -C.P.

Ridiculous! There is no other word to describe it. And even without the override, I find the Nav System clumsy and unintuitive. -K.J.

I don't know what else can be said! We need to just use our $$$ as the best tool to complain. Maybe then they will hear us. -J.W. (Ed: Please print up the business cards and take them to the Auto Show. We only need one TV station to pick up on this to make an impact! )

This is extremely extremely annoying, I have had to stop in not so great areas of town so I can use the darn thing putting me in worse danger ... and if they are worried about legal then allow us to disconnect it ourselves.... we are adults. -P.H.

Not allowing me to inpute information on the go has frustrated me to no end. In fact, I recently purchased a aftermarket Navigator, Garmin Nuvo, and I now use that system, which is far superior to the Lexus Navigator. I would never purchase a Lexus Navigator again. In fact, I recently went on ski trip in my friends BMW and was blown away how great his Navigator worked. So now I am thinking of trading in my GX for a different luxury with better navigation and user controls. Thanks for posting. -M.G.

It basically renders the system useless for long distance driving when you need to make stops. So, we have to take our hand help Garmin along too.-O.S.

Lexus.. you have betrayed us. I now hate this car and your sales team naturally failed to tell me about this feature. I will be glad to participate in any class action suit should it be presented. I would like a 100% refund for my navigation system because it is worthless to me. -Better off with a Garmin. -J.A.

There is no reason, safety-wise, to prohibit using the Navigation system while the car is in motion if there is a passenger in the front seat. The car obviously knows when someone is there, as it senses weight, and sounds alarms. Also, why is there no "update" CD that can be substituted for an older version without having to have the latest versions installed at great expense by the dealer? -C.R.

If you can detect the passenger's presence with reference to the seatbelt indicator light, surely you could allow the passenger to operate the navigation, telephone, and radio screens (e.g., radio text msg) after hitting an "I agree that I am not driving this car" button or the like. -J.N.

Reduced/inhibited features are not advertised or indicated in up front sales literature. Liability should be on a case by case basis and not against the whole - are there liability issues if an accident occurs while operating the vehicle? Why would a premium OEM introduce a restriction that would support a large and growing aftermarket and various individual devices? If an enhancement is available in future models it must be available to previous years owners otherwise that is very unfair. If I knew this would be fixed I would have waited and bought another car, or not bought a Lexus at all. -M.S.

It may rise to the level of Deceptive Trade Practice to charge so much for a system while so severely limiting important functions. The issue of deception in marketing seems to be a major source of disappointment for many of the unhappy posts/buyers. Perhaps just another result of our "save everyone from everything including themselves" legal system we now enjoy....After all, if you cant handle McDonald's hot coffee how can you possibly deal with anything complex and dangerous as a NAV? -L.L

Don't interfere with my life! Thank you....... -R. D.

I hate it -M.P.

This is extremely annoying and an insult when my passenger is not allowed to enter an
address. -J. R.

I want the ability to decide if the nav or telephone should work during vehicle movement. Also, the bluetooth stinks if you have a soft voice -W. P.

I drive approximately 60k miles/yr for work in my GX470. Not having the ability to re-route destinations while driving is an enormous drawback to the Navigation system. It is absurd to me that I can use the GPS navigation on my phone while driving (which i often do), I can install a Garmin in my vehicle and use that while driving, but can not use the high end navigation system from my "luxury car". -M. L.

Very Unhappy with new nav update,Must stop car everytime,Assholes -R.S.

Vehicle: Lexus RX400h 2008. Lexus forces me to use my mobile handset for telephone book lookup in motion, while my telephone book in the car touchscreen is blocked. This is nonsense and dangerous. Similarily, CD-MP3 folder list and track list on the touchscreen should be available in motion, because otherwise I have to manipulate my MP3 in motion, which is much more dangerous ! Lexus can't make me stop listening to my favourite music due to their unreasonable policies. -K.Z.

How much time do I waste pulling over to the side of the road to input a destination? Is Lexus worried about my safety as a woman? Hey Lexus, I think I would have been more safe having my friend look for information on your wonderful navigation system then when we pulled off the side of the road and had some creepy guys try to box us in…thanks for your concern for our safety. Please stop rapping our knuckles with the ruler…the “I accept” is enough! -C.H.

this navaigtion unit should be able to override by owner as other things the dealers does that makes you sign a waiver ex. tinted windows. this unit works ok but if you have to stop just to use it we would never have bought vehicle. -A.P

I find it infinitely more dangerous to pull over to the side of the road in traffic than i do having my passenger entering in a destination while I am driving. -G.S.

It is not Lexus' responsibility to control my actions. As a mature individual, I have the ability to ensure that I and my passengers, for that matter, remain safe in the vehicle. Not only is this an issue for me, but my passengers as well (who may very well be acting as navigator). -R.G.

1. The voice commands do not understand me or my wife's voice 2. "I Agree" must be pressed every time the car is started this is very irritating!!! 3. Navigation is not available for the passenger to input commands while the car is being driven. Must pull off to the side of the road to input destination, or places to eat or stay. 4. It needs to understand what it is looking for when it comes to Highway numbered routes. 5. None of this was explained to us before we purchased the vehicle. 6. These are all things that are not an issue with the Magellan we use in our other cars. -M.J.

I was told that I could override the GPS while in motion. I have an Acura MDX and the access to my GPS is by far much better. -F.M.

Having just switched from BMW to Lexus I am frankly incensed and want to kill the ridiculous, snivelling little Japenese shit that has screwed me! - P.F.

I was not informed about the deficiencies of the Lexus GPS system. In addition, it is completely worthless for navigation in the area where I live (western Washington state). I have purchased a cheap portable unit from Walmart that works just fine! -D.M.

I am truly disappointed in the lack of control given to the driver. Afterall, the driver is the one who should judge how to use the navigation system based on the road condition, not Lexus. -K.N.

It's more dangerous pulling over and creates road rage trying to use the BS voice recognition system! Also, when you 'tap' the screen to look ahead there is no way to put the screen back into 'auto-update' mode without restarting your route planning! I might as well use my handheld GPS! Also, WTF is with this 6 second delay with the final pass on the wipers? THIS IS DANGEROUS in road spray conditions. It forces you to continuously use the wash. I would have NOT bought this car knowing these stupid issues. -P.M.

If I can change the climate settings, the radio stations and several other settings by pushing buttons while I riding in the car, why can't I change the navigation options? Seems like if they are concerned for our safety, they would improve the voice recognition system so that it controls every feature in the car and it actually recognizes voice commands! -W.W.

The fact that you cannot use the phone or the navigation system while the car is in motion is ridiculous. The reason given for the limitation is safety. Now most drivers resort to trying to use their cell phones while driving , forcing them to try to read much smaller keyboards than what would be available if this restriction were not in place. In effect this limitation is making it more dangerous to drive while using the cell phone. -R.K.

It would be really handy to be able to have passenger be able to select POI, input routes etc while driving. I did not realize this was not possible during purchase. _D.H.

This makes the navigation system useless. Have owned Lexus for 16 years - but this is my last one. -S.B.

I think it is ridiculous that Lexus feels they need to monitor how we are using our GPS!!! I have had many situations where I ended up driving in less that safe places and I wanted to use the GPS to find my way out. Pull over? Are you kidding?! No husband, boyfriend or father would want the woman in their life to be pulling over in the areas I am referencing. If it is a legal issue, wait until the time comes when someone gets hurt, mugged, robbed, etc..., because they had to pull over in an unsafe neighborhood to use the GPS. What about the times you have a passenger that could easily (safely) type in the information for you? What is Lexus protecting us from in these situations?? Finally, laws have changed. In California we are now allowed to install an aftermarket GPS on our driver side dashboards and/or window areas. Lexus, take notice, the wonderful reputation you have taken so long to build will plummet if you don't fix this issue! I had no notice of this flaw when buying otherwise I would not have purchased the vehicle. Thanks! -L.S.

Navi and phone features are useless, my husband or passenger is always the navigator and not being able to use the system is senseless. I would not have purchased the car had I known this major setback beforehand. -V.S.

I own a 2006 Prius and a 2006 HiHy. My passenger overrides the moving lockout and programs the destination. I think that the customer researching how and taking the rather time consuming override process to use the original hidden screen is legally tantamount to waving any recourse against Toyota. The hidden screen is therefor an effective solution. -P.M.

I am very unhappy with Lexus' decision to "Protect me from myself"! I DO NOT need protection and will be considering a new Infiniti G37 Convertible instead of a New IS350 Convertible, and this ridiculous policy is the primary reason! I'm on my fifth Lexus and this Navigation limitation has been an annoyance in all of them!! it's now time to do something about it!!! Glad I found this website!! WAKE THE F--- UP LEXUS!!!!! -J.J.

no mention at all when sold to us as a pre-owned vehicle. What makes it worse is that apparently the previous owner upgraded from version 5.1 to 7.1. Maybe this is why the person traded it in! -L.B.

i hate it i had version 6 which had the override feature available but my navigation was going crazy so they put in version 7 under warranty and me not knowing it would take away the override. how did you get the rebate check if you dont mind me asking? (Ed: See my story ) -S.M.

I was mislead by the salesperson who told me the override was available ! -J.R.

I started a thread on Lexus Owners Club (Ls Navigation -- Call For A Class Action?, How Should We Persuade Lexus?). It appears, after leaving the thread for over a year, that folks have really become mobilized into action. All I want, and it's all I want, is for the lockouts to be turned off (at my discretion, not Lexus). Money is fine, but I'd rather be able to **use** my nav system. Thanks for taking up the charge. -C.S.

I had the override feature on my 2005 LS430 until I had the DVD Navigation updated. So, sorry I did that, and wish I could "take it back". The move on the part of Lexus to remove the override feature is not very customer friendly in a time when most businesses are trying to gain loyalty. -GPF

"Out of control in one of the safest cars in the world ...nice!" -C.M.

What's the deal with this? My boyfriend is driving and I cannot operate the nav? Whatever happened, this override sucks!!! Other than when I am the passenger when will I have the opportunity to learn the system? this was absolutely the dimmest idea ever: I traded in a 20 months old MB because the infamous command was the crappiest piece of equipment in the history of car manufactoring, what do I do now? Sorry for the ranting but I was looking forward to this trip to play around with the nav and now I will not be able to... -E.C.

If Lexus doesn't address this issue before it's time for me to get another new car, my next car won't be a Lexus. I feel misled and ripped off. -D.R.

This limitation is a hassle at best. -M.H.

I had researched this vehicle extensively and found that this was the best fit to match most of my needs in a luxury utility vehicle. My mistake was not researching the OEM navigation unit. I have been using Garmin NUVI units for a few years now and have found them to be a very necessary item since I travel all over the mountain west states. It seems that only the larger cities and areas have any detailed coverage. I live in Wyoming, the only two roads in my town that this unit will direct me on is I-80 and the one main bypass loop in town. I just spent over $ 1000 to have one of the aftermarket bypass kits installed so that I can at least ues it for my bluetooth phone. As far as the navigation unit, I stuck my Garmin NUVI 760 by the stick shift and use that for navigation. But at least the OEM screen make a good night light inside of the vehicle. Since my unit came with the 5.1 version, I have use of the override. Purchased the 8.1 and will try to make the hybrid disc before I ever install it. But even the Ver 8.1 gives me VERY LITTLE added coverage in my area. Maybe some one at LEXUS needs to talk to someone at Garmin and buy a real mapping program. I don't know if it's NAVTEQ that is so poor in coverage or if it's just because Lexus has a different version that they get from NAVTEQ. If I had know I would have had to go through all this hassle I would have made a different choice when purchaseing my vehicle. Will not ever buy another Lexus untill this is corrected. (Ed: Denso (23% of which is owned by Toyota- ah Ha - that's why Lexus sticks with a crappy system! ) makes the navigation software for Lexus/Toyota. Here is a little article about Denso's plummeting revenues. We can only hope that the marketplace will kill Denso quickly so Lexus has to go to another vendor.) -J.P.

I would not have bought the car if I knew that the GPS and phone do not work for my front seat passenger while on the road. I carry my Nuvi which works while in the armrest. This just crazy! The dealer said he would make a 2009 swap easy for me if the GPS problem is fixed in 2009. Is it fixed, yet??? (Ed: No, the 2009 version officially does not have an override either. ) -R.B.

I strongly feel that it is ridiculous that the NAV system in my GS450 will not let the passenger in the car program the unit while the car is in motion. They have a seat sensor that can tell if someone is sitting there! Regardless, they should restore the override feature. Also, the voice command system is useless - I never use it. Because of this stupidity, we often use our iPhone in the car to get directions while its moving! The iPhone is actually superior because it has traffic info as well. -R.J.

The problem is even more. When you buy the car, they offer the DVD from factory installed. Guess what, I bought with the marc levinson system with DVD. The co-pilot cannot control the DVD while you are driving. You have to stop the car, put the parking brake, then you can control the movie to the children. I am very frustrated with this system. Can you imagine in a long trip how many times you have to stop to control the DVD plus checking the destination plus trying to transfer the call on the Bluetooth. “If you want to be Unsatisfied, buy Lexus”

I do not appreciate the big brother approach to the nav system. I should be able to use my nav system while the car is moving and I don't need Toyota/Lexus to tell me different.

I would be happy to sign any legal disclaimer for the option to use the navigation while driving. It's completely inefficient, and possibly less safe, to have to stop the car in order to change destinations, etc. This is one where the legal department is getting in the way of its client instead of servicing them.

I read your website and totally agree that Lexus is really dumb not to realize what a disservice they are doing to their customers. I tried to use the voice recognition and 9 out of 10 times it did not know what commands I was giving it. I totally distrust the navigation system and I will never ever buy a Lexus again!!!

This lack of feature is ridiculous. Pulling to the side of the freeway and trying to get back on everytime I want to change destinations is somehow safer than allowing my passenger to input the new destination as we travel down the road? Why doesn't legal just require another/modified disclaimer that I have to agree to??

This boarders on fraud. The first time I tried to use the Nav while driving I could not believe it. The voice recognition is a joke.

i just leased a 430SC a few days ago and I'm already going nuts over the navigation system. I hate it! I wish would have kept my mercedes 500SL even though it was 5 years old at least I could use the navi while driving(passenger side) and also phone was user friendly. I am going to check tomorrow to see if I can cancel my contract

I tolerated it with my '03 ES until I came across the override on line. And I just traded in my '03 for an '07' with the knowledge that I could be losing the override. To me, everything else I get with the Lexus brand is worth my tolerance. But it REALLY PISSES ME OFF!! Lexus should AT THE VERY LEAST make it an option that only the dealer could set. I'd be willing to sign just about any waiver. Unfortunately, Lexus takes a similar paranoid approach to some of the audio controls, too.

I was assured by my salesman that an over ride existed but he was not allowed to tell me the codes. This is significant enough an inconvenience to have purchased ANY other brand of vehicle had I known. This is a very nice car and I am impressed with my first Lexus. However, my level of disatisfaction over this issue pretty much confirms that I will never buy another Lexus product. Even if they do fix this problem in the future. Disappointed is an understatement

I can understand what the Lexus legal eagles are trying to accomplish here, but it seems that there should be a way to accomplish the override by, in essence, letting the user waive liability just like they can with any risky activity, from skydiving to motorcycle lessons. Rather than abolishing the override, Lexus should add a waiver-of-liability screen as part of the override sequence; this should cover their butts while restoring the full utility of the navigation system. "Don't abide the override!!!"

America has half the lawyers in the world, and they can't rationalize this? And yes, the passenger seat occupied "enable" function is an easy compromise for the super-safety nannies.

We owned another GX470 prior to this one, but it was an older model and we were able to override the nav. While we were looking at the new one I asked the salesman if the override sequence was the same in the new model and he just looked at me and gave a little laugh. I assumed he probably wasn't allowed to divulge that info. and figured I'd google it when I got home and I told him as much. I was very angry and dissapointed when I found out after the sale that the feature was gone. The salesman should have told me. I still may have purchased the car, but now I feel deliberately misled.

Have used portable Garmin navigation systems previously, and passenger was always able to use all features while on the highway. Was unaware of this "limitation" when we bought the Lexus, and are quite unhappy about it. Also don't like the navigation software design either -- the software in the Garmin portable unit shows much more detail and is more useful.

It is the only drawback that I can see. I think we should form a company to write a new program. i am sure that we would make back the cost. your intro claims 1000 users if we all chipped in we could start a company, hire programmers and sell the product amd make money.

Spend $350 on a Garmin you can use instead of $3500 on a NAV you cannot... (Ed: And please use the Amazon link at left so I can get a small commission to pay for the site! )

Actually more dangerous to have to pull off the side of the road on an interstate to find a restaurant - especially for families who have members with food allergies. This Big Brother bullshit needs to go!! My front PASSENGER should be able to use the NAV while moving. This NAV lock is a royal pain in the ass. While we are at it, why doesn't the rear camera approximate distance better? The second day we had the SUV, I almost put it into the basketball goal because I was using the camera to judge. Jeep actually sounds an alarm if you are getting to close. If they can do it, why can't Lexus?

Firstly the SatNav or Blue Tooth does not operate when moving. Lexus may deem this as a safety feature however this is annoying and causes more of a hazard if I need to change any setting in the SatNav or Blutooth. Often when my partner and I are driving, we have the need to change mobile phone (cell phone) connection. This is not an acceptable feature. The SatNav is the most user UNfriendly SatNav I have used. Big shame for such a wonderful car. from the UK.....

I would simply like to see the override function again made available to the car owners. This then puts the liability responsibility with the owner!

I love the car but would not have bought nav system if i'd known how useless....

Just would like the override to be able to use the NAV on the fly. It's very bothersome to have to pull over to adjust or input trip info.

This really pissed me off! Especially when I went in one day last year to have them check out my Nav since it was malfunctioning (losing position on the screen) and they "upgraded" me for free without asking me. I bought my IS350 in 2006, when the override still worked. I just wonder if it is too late to try and get a refund check like you did? (Ed: Sounds like you should be able to get at least the old version back. Also, check the left column in the home page under "hybrid DVD" for a search of the DVD's that allow the old override with new maps.)

This drives me crazy. I paid >$50K for my car, i pay a lot of ongoing service costs and to have to deal with this - it drives me nuts. this gets in the way just when you really need it. on the freeway, in heavy traffic where you can't stop long enough to input an address. my lease is due in 12+ months, and i will definitely be looking at other cars. thanks for putting together this site

I agree with all the upset people. Why have a function you can't use? I am on the road all the time putting on 35-40k per year. When looking for a hotel, I use my own Garmin, that's right, the one I purchazsed at Best Buy because I can have my wife use it while I drive. Oh yeah. I haven't heard anyone complain abou tthe stereo yet. It also drives me nuts that you can't see a screen of all songs unless you are stopped. RIDICULOUS. I am purchasing an Audi or BMW SUV and getting rid of my Lexus--JUST FOR THIS REASON!!!!!!!!!!!

Every other GPS in the free world lets you overrinde the feature, why cant lexus

The liability issue is crap. All they need to do is post a screen that states the risks involved and lets the user accept the risks.

VERY UNHAPPY about the override being removed!!

It is extremely frustrating to be locked out of an important feature.

Please provide a fix!

This is a major issue and a hazard when you have to pull over to use the Navi system...Horrible design...

This is a real distraction. I now use a Garmin rather than Lexus nav. due to this problem. It seems a simple thing to fix, so let's get it fixed.

gps suck,,,,,!!! I got ticket too.... and sometimes gps was too slow show up the direction,,,so i usually pass my exit or Y corner....

- Navigation locks out while in motion, right passenger is not able to use it. Don't buy an IS350, many issues: - Wind noise through the doors. - Kids back space; with the children seats they don’t fit well, impossible for big adult to fit too. - Back vision very poor even with the Navigation, back seat position is high. - Single cup holder, interfere with shift changer. - Air Rattles from sunroof @ 40 miles - IPOD, the standard car Apple charger does not fit to close the central lid. - I have issues with the seat, can’t find the right position. And the worse, Lexus won't listen.

Use by the passenger doesn't affect safety and shouldn't be restricted when the car is in motion. But, once we do the obligatory I AGREE, it should then be OUR CHOICE. Just like tuning the radio or adjusting the air conditioning! That goes for Bluetooth phone dialing as well: How can we retrieve voice-mail if the voice-mail system requires us to "press 1 to listen to new messages" or whatever, and the keypad is disabled? Well, we have to get out our cell phone and use its keypad. Much better, eh? Has anyone had any experience with the LOCKPICK devices from Coastal Electronic Technology?


I don't need another mother.

I am the navigator in the family. Husband drives, and I navigate. Even though I am NOT driving, I am prevented from doing anything useful without a GPS override option. Really stinks!

The passenger seat sensor seems like the most logical to me. Voice recognition commands need to be enhanced. Let me speak destination names. I don't know the addresses. OR...I have to look them up in my blackberry which is WAY more dangerous than typing on the screen.

I own an Acura MDX and it has full functionality while the vehicle is moving and I love it. I would reconsider and purchase an Acura RL instead of my ES350. Having this functionality turned off makes the units almost useless when realtime driving needs are considered.

File a suit for big mother!

I own 3 Lexus (2 RX and 1 LS). I understand liability, but it is MY CHOICE. Let me click on an "I agree" waiver if need be, but my passenger should be able to program the NAV while I am driving. I have been responsible for the purchase of 8 Lexus so far, but I will switch back to BMW or go to Infiniti or Mercedes if Lexus continues this legalistic nonsense.

Even though I like my Lexus unless they get the GPS changed where you can operate it while driving I will not buy another one. My husband is even more annoyed by it than me.

I believed Lexus had a good name, and I was secure buying one. This whole navigation upgrade is ridiculous!

I have a 2000 gs 400 and it has never been upgraded, the maps always were very limited as well the way the system tries to guess for you where you want to go not alowing you to finish putting in the address. Sounds like both old and new lexus nav systems still suck! I bought a Garmen - Cheaper and portable! the lexus' BIG WASTE OF MONEY!

Not being able to use the nav while moving is insane. Having to press the agree button every time I start the car is insane too. What's the most insane though is $300 for a nav upgrade. You've got to be kidding. You can buy a better nav system hardware and all for less than that with free update downloads.

A real irritant. I have bought a portable Garmin and suction cup to use in my car. Much better all around. It is particularly helpful when the nav system selects a bad route and this is discovered while driving and half-way to the destination.

I have spent a fair amount of time back and forth with Lexus over the past 6 months attempting to have them acknowledge the fact that this navigation system is useless when driving. The answer continually comes back that the Nav system and voice recognition is "working to specification". However when I ask to see any part of a "spec" which believes that < 10% voice accuracy of a spoken address by myself, 2 technicians and 1 sales person *when stationary* is working - or which new definition of the word "working" Lexus is using - I seem to hit an impass. When I suggested using the passenger airbag occupancy indicator light it was heard, but met with a "well, you could just be putting a heavy bag on the passenger seat to bypass it". I highlighted that my passengers currently have the option available to them to scroll and zoom across the map manually to select a destination when the car is moving and really, if it were my intent to bypass the system for myself, this is an existing, slightly less contrived (though more dangerous) workaround. Lexus seemingly hadn't considered this so expect this to be disabled soon... :-( I bought this, my first Lexus, as a cruiser and I continue to hang my head with shame at my choice and pity Lexus each time a passenger in my car highlights how ridiculous this level of interference is. To add insult to injury, a member of my staff just bought a new TL with the tech package and highlighted that although he preferred the build and ride of my Lexus, he has a navigation and user interface which a) works and b) seems to be built on the concept that a driver wishes to have a relaxed driving experience and not be frustrated... I find it hard t (Ed: An owner so fed up he filled up the comments buffer and was truncated. sorry!)

It really sucks to have shelled out for such a nice vehicle and my $200 Garmin has a way more usefull GPS

I have a 74K dollar car i need to pull over to get directions. Upgraded to the 8.1 version from the 5.1 thinking hey maybe its as least as good as my 200 dollar Garmin. WRONG stupid thing dont understand streets that been on the road map for 50 years even near Chicago land area. Honda and Acura have awsome navigation units and would love to remove one and install in my LS but thats not an option. If I had the bypass on the 8.1 maybe I would not be so upset but this is really bad for the LEXUS name. Now im driving with two GPS so I can change my destination while driving due to Roadwork and detours. LEXUS PLEASE HELP US. (Ed: Similar problems allowed one owner to get a complete rebate on their system through arbitration. See here. )

I only use the navigation system to look at the map as I drive. I use my old portable navigation unit when I need directions.


As a Lexus sales consultant and 2009 RX350 owner, I would like to see an overide in the system, but it's not the end of the world. How about a sensor so when there is a passenger the system will work while driving? The Lexus features one of the easiest systems to use, and there are usually 2 or 3 ways you can use the Nav and Phone even while driving. To enter an address while driving can be done completely by voice command and it's just as easy as screen input. You can ask the system for the 'nearest' grocery store, gas station, coffee house, cinema and even winerys while driving. The phone system features 17 one touch speed dial settings, that work while the car is rolling. You can also pull a contact out or your phone and hit send...the car will pick it up. Rather than bitch about your car, why don't you read your navigation manual or visit your dealer and ask you sale consultant for another lesson. Besides the cheezy Enterprise rental you will be driving most of the time while your BMTroubleU or MBZ is always in the shop won't even have Nav. (Ed: My experience is that the Voice Recognition is a misnomer. I have not been able to make it work and I dictate for a living! And voice dialing? Well, the system correctly identifies 8-out-of-10 numbers, resulting in 0% of voice dialed calls going to the right person. So I guess your point is that there are 2 or 3 shitty, half-assed ways to use the system, all of which are inferior to the Garmin. Sorry, I DO consider that a big deal. Thank you for acknowledging that you are a Lexus sales consultant - I believe that may influence your assessment of the system..)

It really, really bothers me not to be able to input destination address while vehicle is in motion or search for destination.

I won't even buy the updated DVD for fear of losing the overide



Its a danger and hazard. Imagine, we need to use Verizon Navigator and Google Maps with our $$$$ Lexus Navigation system....We thought we were buying safety....we are so disappointed!!

Navigation limitatio. Overide should be left to the consumer as it is their ultimate responsibility for safe operation of the vehicle. I am seriously thinking of getting a Garmin to supplement the Lexus navigation limitations and am angry at the waste of money on an already expensive vehicle. Please provide an overide immediately.

Should permit override if the passenger door has been opened. That way, legal can take the position that the feature should be available to the passenger.

Need the newest navigation update but will not purchase it for fear of losing my override. What is the latest update I can purchase without losing override?

I had a Garmin before purchasing this car. $5,000 for this!!!??? What a joke. The override has to be done each time the car is started and I hate it! I would return it if I could. I recently ordered the 2007 upgrade because not everything that I need is on the 05 version. Now I found out that I can't even cancel the feature on this either! What a jip!! I should contact the BBB and call Consumer Reports to make them aware of this inconvienence. I want a refund! (Ed: Please DO call them. Consumer Reports headquarters needs to hear from more of us in order to include the override controversy.)


It's a royal nuisance. Lexus shouldn't be telling the buyers what is a safety issue. It would be similar to telling buyers that the car won't start unless all seatbelts are fastened. The driver should be able to decide what's appropriate and safe, or at least have the option to intentionally disable this. We're all should be our choice.

Give me a choice. I'll decide for myself.

I continue to contact the critical team in california on a regular basis. I continue to contact the general manager of the local dealership,complaing they need to put more heat on corporate. When I asked my sales manager if he was monitoring this and other websites ha said " I don,t look at that stuff" ie Lexus doesn't listen to its customers. A company that doesn't listent to its customers is doomed to failure,and I forcefully told him that! Ok Lexus join gm and Ford (Ed: Toyota's debt rating was lowered today 2 rungs to AA. You may be right.)

This unnecessary limitation of the Nav system makes no sense... There are many touch screen functions that are not disabled when the car is moving; audio, climate control, etc.... it seems ridiculous that any features are disabled... Whether I choose to use the disabled features while under way is secondary to the fact that it should be my choice, not Lexus'.. Combine this annoyance with the fact that the much touted voice recognition system is sub-standard, as prone to at 50%+ error rate, I would have been better off with no NAV, and a Garmin with Bluetooth, or better yet, and new Acura TL!!!!!

I bring along my Garmin because of this problem. I own an Infiniti and if I was aware you could not override this system I would have definitely bought another Infiniti. I feel this violates my right to gain access to a system that a passenger can use while I drive. I realize the dangers of using it as a driver while driving, can't be any worse than the people talking on hand held cell phones

I refuse to update my 06 Maps, which is nuts, because I refuse to lose my ability to program, while driving.

The person riding shotgun should have access to the gps. (Ed: and keep a lookout for Lexus management on the roads ;) )

I love my car but would not of upgraded the Nav if I had known the override would be gone.

This is my business how I want to use nav system

If they cant fix they should refund everyones money!!!!!!!!

It's absurd that a passenger does not have the right or ability to use this system while the car is in motion

I noticed that my complaints are not much different that any other on this site. I too am very upset that the Voice Response sucks and the over-ride is a huge joke on us all. My issue with driving across country is also with the addresses that doesn't seem to exist when entered. The biggest "Common Sense" or logical work around would be to enter just the fricken city and state ...but NO. That's not allowed. You have to have everything or nothing at all works. Should I be thankful that the GPS doesnt ask which way the building faces ...north south east or west???? Gee. Come on. Pull your head out guys!

You asked on the website (10/24/08 update) whether v8.1 restores the override function. I am not aware that version 8.1 has been released yet. The only 8.1 version DVD I am aware of is a fake/scam being sold on Ebay for $299. (Ed: Is this true? Anyone with more information? )Supposedly it is 7.1 with the version number hacked. Do you know for certain that v8.1 is available? I was about to upgrade to v7.1, but if v8.1 will soon be available I will wait. Thanks, and keep nagging Lexus.

Lexus management has obviously caved in to the fear mongers in the legal department, and taken away functionality that should be there. Only the driver can make the decision on what is safe or not. There are hundreds of functions that ARE allowed. Why are they not considered unsafe? There are so many good suggestions from current owners on various posting boards that would greatly improve both the functionality and safety of the system. Lexus could create tremendous goodwill among its customers if it would assign a mgmt level engineer to read these comments, respond to the posters, and actually try to incorporate many of the suggestions into its nav systems. As it stands now, when one calls customer service to discuss nav system issues, the person on the other end of the line is virtually clueless. They just tell you to refer to the nav manual, which is as poorly written a manual as I have ever seen. Obviously English was not the author's native language. Someone somewhere needs to get the ear of Lexus senior management in Southern Cal and convince them that listening to their customers is always good for business. Lexus does NOT do a good job in that category!

Its just plain dangerous to pull over sometimes.

It's just stupid. Lawyers run the world.

My Garmin Nuvi is a better navigation system than the one in my Lexus. I own a Mercedes too and my passenger can use it when my car is moving.

It was bad enough having the override issue on my wife's 2004 RX330, as we used it for primary travel. The screen override works so far but I am reluctant to upgrade. Now to find no solution for my 2008 IS250, now our primary travel car, other than a Japanese $300 override kit that allows a passenger 5 minutes, is very disturbing. My son loves the Honda Pilot Nav friendliness, and friends have Infinity and Acura rave about it. I will not buy another Lexus unless they change this failure to a user friendly navigation system.

Complete mis-representation. Sales rep told us that there were issues but that we could get an over ride for our system for a low cost. We recently purchased a 2007, and after all was said and done, that's the year they started not allowing the over ride. We are extremely displeased with the situation. Hind sight is great, we should have bought that Audi. I look forward to any successful news pertaining to this situation.

I have an Acura MDX with a much better navi system. When I drive the Lexus 450h it is a joke that I need to be stopped to change stuff. I believe Lexus should scrap their GPS system and buy the one from Acura. If they aren't willing to go this step they should at least give a way to override this "feature".

Bought new ES350 in July 2008 Salesman explained lots of details to me but neglected to mention stupidity of not being able to use Nav system 'en route'. I was pissed once I figured that one out. It cost a couple grand that I might well not have spent had I known. In fact, may well have bought an Acura as it was a very close second in my buying decision.

Agree with about everything on your web site. I live in a neighborhood where there are lots of Lexus, BMW, Mercedes autos. Those of us with new Lexus models complain ALL THE TIME about the useless navigation. It drives me NUTS to have to stop in order to push the restaurant button while I'm onthe interstate to find a place to eat. I just don't do it because I don't think it is safe (and as one of your writers mentioned, may even be illegal). I would NOT buy a Lexus with navigation again unless this issue is fixed. It's a waste of money now the way it is.

I did not realize I was getting an inferior navigational system when I purchased my 2007 ES 350. I feel that I am hampered by this defect in the system. I will not purchase another Lexus vehicle with navigation if it too has this archaic system.

It's irritating enough having to press "I agree" everytime I start the car, much less having a useless GPS. Even my 1st generation Magellan 700 is infinitely better than this piece of crap. I actually selected the GX470 over the Cayenne with one of the main reasons that the Lexus navigation is touch screen while that of the Cayenne isn't.

I own a Prius, Same trouble

Why? Why? Why?

I have bought 3 or 4 cars prior at my Lexus Dealership (Hendrick) and love them dearly. Best people (Sales & Service) in the industry. I just wish I had understood this limitation BEFORE making the purchase. My previous car (BMW 5 Series) would allow you to twist and turn and bump and grind the "wheel of death" at 110Mph. While that might not be the best idea... shouldn't it be MY choice? What's next, a "governor" if vehicle exceeds certain speeds?

It just makes my navigation virtually unusable and, contrary to what Lexus believes, more I supposed to pull over on the shoulder of a busy highway if I need to find an address?

that's bullshit they can't unlock it's a software can modify anything ....I'll never get another lexus.

This is a really shitty thing to do, I might as well go get an aftermarket crap and have my center console customized

the nav system was one of the reasons I bought the vehicle. I already had a garmin but gave it to my husband to use in our other car. It's ashame I'll have to go buy anyother one. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

I have an LX w/ 3.1 Nav version. I need the new maps, so I preordered the 8.1 update due out next week! I am pissed the override will be removed! I already paid!

I "upgraded" from an Acura TL to an IS 350. The navigation function of the TL was one of my favorite things about the car. Only after I signed the deal did I find out about this ridiculous restriction, and had I known beforehand I would NOT have bought the car. As it is, I'm going to tell everyone I know who might be looking at a Lexus vehicle who wants navigation to skip it and go to another brand.

Absolutely ridiculous. When did a car maker become the law.

I leased a 2007 GS350 with nav....I've had 2 other Lexus' LS & a 2000 GS300....all of which had navigation. I almost got into a SERIOUS accident 2 weeks ago after pulling off the road (with a passenger) to re-input nav info! If they dont handle this, I will not be leasing another!

The fact that 2008 navigation system(s) cannot be manipulated (or overridden) by even the front seat PASSENGER during motion is extremely annoying. Perhaps Lexus should connect it to a weight sensor in the passenger seat (similar to passenger seat belt systems) to facilitate this option...

It is frustrating if you can not use the Nav or telephone if a passenger.

We bought 2 lexus at the time of purchase. My GS350 and a RX350 for my mother. I would honestly not have bought the cars if I knew the screen locked everytime the car was rolling. I talked my way out of 2 tickets from pulling over on the highway.

The DVD system doen't work when the car is moving. My kids would like to watch DVD on the road. How can I do it? Also my wife wants to use the GPS to guide me, how can we do it? I am surprised that after reading this website, we can't!!!! Do I still to have to uswe my plug in DVD and my garmin GPS?? Crazy!!!

wish i could set a destination while in motion. to do it motion now takes a lot more steps than the usual way but at least i can do it while i'm driving. the new lx570's supposedly lets you set destinations while driving through voice command. however, voice recognition is terrible and is very frustrating. also, nav routes are not very accurate. my lx 470 has more nav route accuracy.

i hate the lockout i just want the passenger to do the directions but the passenger cant that sucks bad

It seems funny that I have to carry a $300.00 Tom Tom in my $78,000.00 Lexus so I can input my destination while driving. I hope someone will make a third party fix.

We love the LS460L except for the navigation system. Everytime we drive the car it is a source of irritation. I purchased a Nuvi to use in the car as the built in unit is useless.

When I purchase a product I should have full control of that product!

GS 350 is a great car, but the fact you can't use the Nav System during driving makes it unuseable. It would have been better to not order the Navigation option and buy a TomTom. Probably would have looked harder at the Infiniti M series knowing this.

If Lexus doesn't fix this I WILL trade this car for a new Acura. We already bought my wife a Acura and love the navigation system on the Acura. We can even locate restaurants while traveling down the interstate without pulling over to the side of the road. Toyota blew it when they made this decision and I share my story with EVERY potential Lexus buyer. Everyone seems to agree this makes the navigation a useless $3,000 waste of money

I paid for it and I want to use it when/how I like within applicable law!

It is dangerous. when i have passengers in the car, I can't even transfer a personal call. (Ed: That's how my friend's wife met his girlfriend!)

very very upset about this just bought a 2009 rx and this really bothers me my mercedes never did this!!!!

I am very dissapointed in the whole situation. The lack of communication on Lexus part to tell people about this. If I had known we would not have purchased this vehicle with Nav.

It Sucks!

The have got to be out of their minds to sell a feature for this much money and disable its use while driving....why not disable the stereo too.

I can't believe that you can not use the navigation system, CD while driving. What a waste of alot of money. I also can not stand that when you turn off the car your phone call disconnects. I feel that Lexus/Toyota should either fix the problem or reimburse all their customers. In this economy Lexus better become more customer orientated and not just thinking that we a stupid Americans. What are they really thinking Liability? Don't they realize that any good attorney can still hold them liable if there is an accident? How about lack of concentration from this TOTALLY USELESS NAVIGATION SYSTEM MUCH LESS A COMPLETE WASTE OF ALOT OF HARD EARNED MONEY. I could continue but for what.

I bought my 2008 GS in a hurry because I needed a car quickly after my son totaled my Acura TL. I love everything about the car except the navigation system which goes brain dead when the car is moving. It ruins the driving experience of the car. Had I known this, I would have bought the RL or 535. Isn't it great pulling over on the interstate to use the navigation system? Unless Lexus addresses this, I will NEVER lease another Lexus.

I spent a huge amount of money to upgrade the NAV/stereo and I find it completely defective sine I can not use it when in motion. The fact that even passengers may not change the settings is upsetting since the car has a passenger seat sensor. Further, I find the limitation quite dangerous in itself as stopping on the side of a narrow road or highway has significant risk in itself. Finally, the voice activated system is a joke. The command set is small and the accuracy is ~20% for a native english speaker. All of our other cars have NAV systems, do not lock out functionality and have stellar voice command systems. Lexus designed a defective product and promoted it in a disingenuous manner. I will not be buying another Lexus.

Would like the override function restored ASAP. Would not have bought a lexus otherwise.

I own a 2007 BMW 335I Convertable, 2006 Ford Explorer, and this 2007 Lexus GS AWD. I bought the car for comfortable road trips. This summer I took my kids on a road trip to the East coast clocking over 3,500 miles (D.C., NYC, Maine, Cedar Point, etc.). I could not have been more irritated that I had to pull over when ever we deviated from the planned destination point, particularly in Manhatten. The wonderful feature that allows you to find gas stations nearly caused me to actually run out of gas trying to move through traffic and typing for the momentary pauses in traffic. Touch screen, cool, but useless if it doesn't work while moving. People have been bashing the BMW I-Drive, I LOVE IT compared to the Lexus piece of crap. Lexus apparently wants to be the market leader in form over function. Signed, Don't drive the GS much.

What good is a navigation system that won't allow me to ask it how to get where I need to go? I KNOW WHERE I WANT TO GO - DOES LEXUS?? While I can to some extent understand Lexus' concerns with respect to liability, I think it is ridiculous that my wife, as a passenger, cannot enter information while the vehicle is in motion. Since it takes a specfic set of keystrokes in order to make an override work, why can't Lexus include some kind of a waiver whereby the user of an override acknowledges that by initiating those key strokes they are taking responsibility for anything that happens as a result of those actions. This waiver could appear as soon as the Nav system starts up and require acknowledgement before the car can be put into gear. I have the same problem with the Nav system on my motorcycle, however in that case it makes a whole lot more sense.

Its extremely annoying and unsafe at that times when my wife and I are traveling and we have to pull over saftely or hold up traffic while we try to type into the navigation as quickly as possible to get to our destination. I love that my Acura lets me enter my destination anytime I want. My wife loves this car regardless. I absolutely hate Lexus' navigation system. I was considering getting the high-end Lexus ISF for my next car, looks like I'll have to get back to my research, there is no way I'm going to buy that car if I have to pull over everytime.

Toyota is the only major car manufacturer that treats us high net worth clients are children. It's a slap in the face. I bet you all the high exec. at Toyota have over ridden their navs. somehow. I'm sure the vice-president of engineering has shared some overide information to the president of Toyota. They are probably all laughing at us as we speak !

Using the navigation system and bluetooth while in motion should not be in question. This is a sotware issue that Lexus could/should correct. Friends with bmw or mbenz vehicles are able to use the features safely....what is Lexus thinking. Whenever I wish to use either feature, and have to pull over makes me furious. It is also impossible to either mute or talk privately when a call is received while bluetooth connected! This MUST be corrected soon, or my next car will not be a Lexus

Recent purchase of 2009 RX-350. VERY frustrating to find, by trial and error, that the navi system does not work while car is moving. The Army has many terms to describe this functionality and most are appropriate for the situation. Lexus, it now appears, does feel any sensitivity toward the owners who do not like the system. This system may very well be in TARFU!

I would much prefer to have my $200 portable navigation system. The lexus nav systems has totally ruined the car for me. We regret buying it and after 2 weeks of ownership have decided to never purchase a Lexus again. Also, the salesman is beyond an idiot. The dealership keeps sending pre-recorded voice messages thanking us which I find SOOO insulting. NEVER again.

When i bought my car with navigation, i had complained to Lexus that a portable GPS TomTom can even tell the name of the street and my Lexus navigation only say turn right and left without naming the street name and price that i paid is huge compairing to the TomTom GPS. Horrible!!!

I wish this limitation would have been made clear at the dealership, prior to buying the car

It is so frustrating to not even have a passenger able to enter addresses. Surely with the sensors in seats they can link it to the nav system. "Lexus Navigation System - Go Nowhere"

I've used Acura's nav before and very very disappointed of Lexus'. Wouldn't have bought it had I known.

I am terribly distressed with the lack of ability to get an overide. The salesperson in the Manhattan dealership told me that if I signed a waiver form, I would be able to have the override so I could input telephone calls and Navigation info just as I can change radio stations. After I purchased the car and tried to set up a the change so I could use navigation at my own will, I was told the salesperson was incorrect and I could not have the change made. I went so far as to speak to the Manager of Manhattan Lexus who said he didn't know for certain but would look into it and get back to me. He did get back to me and told me the salesman was incorrect. Now I must pull over at the side of the rode if I am lost and need navigation which is very dangerous and as I stated distressing.

Lexus I am driving this car not you now let go of my navigation system

December 2007 I rented an Opel in Switzerland and fell in love with the integrated navagation. I bought a Garman 360 unit which I also liked. When I bought my $40,000 Lexus ES I was unable to plug in my destination which I just figured out this week would not work until I stopped the car. I would have saved the money and kept my Garmin if I knew that my Navigation would not work while moving. This is a major pain to me. Thanks for trying to help us all.

I owned a 2007 Camry Hybrid that I thought I was trading in for a "luxury" car. Being that they are from sister companies, I thought the ES350 fully loaded would have all the features of my Camry, and more. The loss of the override (which is strangely available on Toyota 2007, but not my 2007 ES) is a major inconvenience for me. Had I known this existed, I would not have purchased this car. I am really, really pissed.

we need to get control of our nav system

yes the override option should had been added, at your own risk. im pretty sure there are more hazords than allowing your passenger to watch a movie while you are driving.

BMW's iDrive annoyed me so much that I dumped my 545. Now the GS Nav system lockout annoys me so much that I want to quit Lexus. Funny how the "minor annoyance" can turn a customer away forever.

It's one the biggest drawbacks to an otherwise decent vehicle.

I am buying a 2007 RX350. This bums me out. Sure hope somebody figures this out - I'm totally cool with an aftermarket override - so let me know immediately when a solution comes available. Thanks!

Using the built in NAV system is useless in motion. Would not have spent the extra $$ for the unit had I known.

I have not bought a new car yet, but this "feature" immediately annoyed me during a test drive. I'll either not take the nav system or go for a totally different car.

I like my BMW 545i because I can look for POI's and input data into the nav computer. I hate my GX because I can't. If I'm going to an unfamiliar city, I take the 545i and leave the larger, roomier, more comfortable GX at home. I would not have purchased the GX if I had known this feature could not be turned off. Heck, even the Garmin I've in my pickup allows you to turn off this feature. It just makes sense.

I've nearly been killed trying to get someplace where I can stop so I could use my navigation. In fact, my passenger was trying to use it so I could drive, and of course he couldn't use it either.

I use my GPS the most when I am traveling with my wife. There is no reason why I should not be able to override and allow my wife the ability to search for POI or addresses. You can buy a portable GPS for a fraction of what I paid for mine and you can work with it at anytime.

I got side swiped standing on the shoulder of I-95 programing the navi. This is a blunder of major preportions. When i asked my sales person about the navigation lock out he answered "I'm sure there is a way. Give one of the tech kids $50 they will reprogram it for you." Never a Lexus again. $80,000 car my ass.

I had a better voice command/navigation system on my 2007 Honda Accord. Unfortunately, I can't afford to get rid of the Lexus yet. The fact that the system loses most of its functionality while driving is ludicrious! I'm surprised they haven't designed cup holders that clamp onto your beverage when you shift to Drive, to keep drivers from being distracted by drinking from their water bottles or spilling hot coffee on their laps. Why don't they just take all distractions away by getting rid of passenger seating. (Surprised they let the driver change the radio).

Lexus completely disregarded my friends and families who sit in the passenger seat. I'm responsible person who knows what to do and what not to do I'm driving.

I love my Lexus, but this issue has ruined the experience for me. I arry a Garmin in my glove compartment just for this reason. How stupid can they get?

I am very annoyed with this void!!!

Lexus is causing a road hazard by limiting access to the NAV/Phone system. They are forcing people to perform unexpected actions on the road, and when an accident happens due to the hurdles drivers are forced to overcome, then Lexus will be liable 100%. It is unfortunate, but I believe a class action lawsuit would be the only way to remedy this situation.

The Nav system needs to be owner controlled just as there is "parental" controls on TVs. S Gardner

This is outrageous. I paid $6000 extra for the navigation with mark levinson sound system and I have to pull over when im on the highway in order to get directions. This is obsurd. Pulling over on the highway is more dangerous than having the passenger use the navi. What if I get stuck in a bad neighborhood? Im sure my luxury car won't draw any attention at all. Im sure if I get seriously injured lexus will take responsibility. They are putting their buyer's lives in danger with this ridiculuos navi lock. If I had known about the lock I would've never gotten the car "fully loaded" My cousin paid significantly less for his Acura and he does not have this issue. I am furious! I want a refund for my limited function navigation.

User's should be able to disable this "safety" feature via the menu system. I can use google maps from my phone while I'm driving, and that's what I end up doing most of the time which is even more unsafe than using the onboard nav system if it would just work. Lexus, I love the car, but for the love of God, give us the option to make the navigation system actually useful while driving. This has caused me hours of frustration. I would have bought the version of the car without the nav system if I would have known how annoying it would be.

Have had to buy a Garmin. Can't believe how bad Lexus gets hit when I have a passenger in my car and explain that I can't use the Nav System provided by Lexus

I feel everyone should have the right to choose wether to use this feature or not espacially when you have a passenger...

The System sucks. No luxury here.

Give us the option to let Lexus out of liability!!! Anyone who can buy a $50,000 car can make up their own minds!. Other makes don't do this, why would Lexus?

I understand wanting to protect yourself from liability. But let the customer have the choice to override and waive any liability. I will not purchase another Lexus until then.

Disagree with the navigation lock out! We need full use of the navigation or the ability to override it.

Even my passenger cannot operate the system while in motion, this is therefore not a real safetyfeature but a nuissance!

Was not aware of any of these issues. Trying to Navigate is impossible. Have to keep pulling over or stay stopped at lights for longer than they are red...dangerous! I had a garmin before I made the car purchase, but upgraded to the NAV system for the built in luxury $200 Garmin sitting on top of the dash inside the lexus WITH NAV is a shame...embarassing, too! Thanks for helping!

Was told an override was available when purchasing vehicle. Now I cannot use nav when I want to. Australia


I drive 2000 miles a month and am on the road all the time using the nav. system to get around. It is such a pain to have to stop every time I need to input a new destination.

I have toyota Avalon xls 2007 and I like to get rebate from toyota or lexus just like u did. And I'll donate $500-$600 dollars to ur website. Thanks

this is so dumb i just got the car and i didnt even think to ask. u should never assume but i did considering that my infinity always worked with the car running. if the lexus can sence when someone is in the passenger seat then why cant it let those people control the navi? The navi on my verizon phone works way better.

they lied

This should be a customer chosen option. Go get em.

At first I went to buy the new 2008 Prius but when they told me the navigation system would not override I decided against the buy. After going to my local lexus dealer and asking about the 400h they told me that it was extremely easy to find an unlock code even though they were not allowed to tell me it.

The westside lexus dealer did not tell me most navigation console features do not work while driving. I would have never bought the car if they would not have lied to me by omission. I am very angry about this!!!

I agree. Hertz Neverlost allows renters to select Passenger to use the navigation system. This, I assume, is their legal protection option. But my 2008 Lexus ES350 not being able to adjust on the fly is problematic. Try stopping to redirect in South Central L.A. Would like to know how that went.

i hate that i cannot use the nav while im traveling. how about if i have a passenger to use it. i still cant. i bought a portable one just because of that. also the breaks suck!

It is far more unsafe to find a place to pull over on the expressway than to be able to find a destination (like a resturant or hotel) while driving. Lexus competitors allow it. I have a $150 Garmin that I take on trips for rental cars that allows the owner a choice, lockout or not lockout. I will NOT buy another car (of any make) that does not allow use of the nav system (including setting a destination) while driving. I certainly will not pay over $3000 for a Nav system. A $300 Garmin has more functionality than the Lexus Nav system. Lexus is NOT my mother.

What's the point of a navigation system if you have to pull-over to use it? If I wanted to pull-over, I'd just use a MAP.

It is ridiculous that I have to register for this website in order to lobby Lexus to allow me to use the navigation system I paid for.

I had a 2007 Honda Accord and "upgraded" to a 2008 Lexus LS460. The Accord Nav system and voice response was leaps and bounds better than the Lexus'. The fact that you can't use the features while driving is idiotic and stupid! That is far more dangerous than anything. And don't they think we might have a passenger who can program our destination or dial the phone while we drive? Why even put a DVD player in it? Is anyone going to sit in their parked car and watch a DVD?

This is a rip off,,,,, How stupid people that ride with me think Lexus is when I have my nuvi 760 sitting there guiding us instead of that nice brightly lit map display. it would be safer to use the cars system than the nuvi if it could be accessed while driving because of the large display. This makes no sense at all!!!!

All other nav systems let you use it while driving. My Lexus makes me stop the car and then input all the data. That really sucks.

This auto maker makes a better car than their competitors but their going to lose their customer base by listening to their lawyers instead of their customers. What will their lawyers say when someone sues the company because they were rear ended when they had to pull to the side of the road so they could use their nav.?

I'm sure the people at Lexus can easily remedy this with a simple software update so we can get the full use of our nav systems. It's absolutely ridiculous that a passenger is not able to input information while the vehicle is moving. Some kind of argument usually ensues because you're trying to figure out where to pull over so you can input your new destination. We need to get an override in place immediately!

I just bought the 2008 IS 250 and realize that I got screwed on my first Lexus. I am going to have to drive around with my 3 yr old Magellan that we got at Costco for a few hundred dollars. If I would have known I would have gone with either the Acura or the Mercedes that I was also looking at for my purchase. If anyone figures out an override, please send it out. What a waste of money!!! The voice command is no good either!!

I am trying to talk my husband into helping me with a class action suit. He just retired from the bench and is now doing mediation & arbitration.

I was told for the salesman that I can get my voicemail from the bluetooth phone and the nav system. I ask while traveling down the freeway at 60 mph. The answer was a bold face lie.

this is common feature that was available in all my prior acura model cars that allowed my passenger to work the gps while on route during a trip. very irritating and impossible to use the gps effectively in the current lexus rx400h

I have not upgraded beyond 5.1 because of this issue. My Honda Odyssey and Acura MDX have no similar idiotic issue. Both are newer than my 2004 LS and if this is not fixed by the time I am ready to replace the LS, I will strongly consider another brand even though I have continuosly driven an LS for the last 16 years.

I purchased the IS F a few months ago and I a really annoyed that the navigation and blue tooth dial functions do not work while driving. I owned a 2002 SC430 previously and did not think to ask if this was an issue when I purchased it. I was looking at the BMW M3 as well and this issue may have swayed my desicion. Don't get me wrong, the IS F is a performance beast and I look it. It gives you a disclaimer when the nav starts so why the lock out. The passenger in the car cannot use the nav while I am driving and my kids cannot watch DVD's as well. I have an audio DVD that uses screen functions and I cannot listen to this and change songs while driving. In am 44 years old and spent offer $60,000 on a car. I am a big boy. Let me decide whether to use the Nav while driving.

Some 'messages' still appear on the nav screen and must be read by the driver while the vehicle is moving...this is distracting anyway. The whole 'you can't do this while moving' mindset contains contradictions within the current operating mode of the Lexus nav/audio system anyway!

Same stupid error from Lexus is unfortunately also available in Belgium, Europe... I wish I would have known it before buying the car...

Pain in the arse

It is truly ridiculous that this "feature" cannot be overridden. I do believe it is time for a class action lawsuit (can someone direct me to a class-action attorney site that I can solicit interest?- Thanks. Ed) against Toyota to force them to re-implement the override. They simply need to popup a disclaimer that you need to agree to and then they are legally covered. This agreement can popup every time the car is started for all I care. The solution to the useless multi-thousand dollar navigation should not be that I should use my TomTom instead. Toyota should be embarassed.

Going on road trip with family. Will probably take my wife's car because my Lexus nav. system can't be used by the passenger while the car is operating. Crazy! They should not blame their legal department. How many auto manufacturer's have held liable for having a navigation system that can be operating while the car is moving - none.

We would not have bought this car if we knew of this limitation. It works just fine in my Acura MDX, why can't Lexus let us use it? This makes the Nav system practically useless and not with the money. A $200.00 Garmin can run circles around this thing. Lexus needs to solve this and quickly.

It would be really beneficial to be able to search for POIs while driving and not have to pull over and stop.

Hate the inability to change or add destinations while in motion. Also hate having to accept the caution everytime

Its bullshit

I have a 2006 ES that came with 05.1 map information. Apparently I can't update to 07.1 map data without undergoing a firmware change which REMOVES the ability to override. In my experience an ES NAV disk built from 07.1 map data with 05.1 program files is not workable - while the data is clearly there, not enough of the logic works. I'm stuck back in 2005 - and I can't exactly return the car for a rebate because it really wasn't misrepresented. Two main gripes about Lexus / Toyota navigation: 1. Arcane and insidious approach to the override / lockout situation; 2. Undue cost for initial system and updates. You can buy an aftermarket GPS for every occupant of the vehicle for less than the cost of the inferior Lexus OEM unit. And the Lexus updates are outrageous (not to mention out-dated)! For functionality and intuitive operation I preferred the Accura / Honda NAV units, but I liked the Lexus ride better, so I went that way. No regrets regarding the base vehicle, but next time I will be willing to make some tradeoffs, if for no other reason than I don't like being manipulated. Perhaps some entrepreneurial software development group could produce a third-party NAV application for the Denso hardware, eh? Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

I understand the safety part but I do not understand the liability part. Me thinks that Lexus and their dealerships use the "L" word to shut us down! I do not doubt the intention but like anything else, I think its been designed in an unacceptable way. They should have either had a straightforward menu that turns this feature on and off (we already press the "I agree" button). They should have been smart about letting this Nav system operable when a passenger in the car. My menu would be -Always ON, On with Passenger, Disable when Driving. These are my issues: 1. Having to pullover to type in a simple address. 2. Voice Recognition is useless for all practical reasons. 3. Typically call using a calling card and have to dial using my phone now, instead of the dialpad on the NAV 4. Cannot pick a specific folder on the MP3 CD while driving. Most of the features that come with the NAV package can only be used ONLY when we drive! For god's sake its a car and most of my time in there is spent actually driving it!!! So if the features I paid for cannot be used when driving, why would I pay for it in the first place? Why did the salesperson not explain this "feature" to me before signing on the dotted line? I would have NOT bought this car with the NAV package if I had known this issue. Now that I have this car for a year, I would have not bought a LEXUS ES350 ever if I had known of some of their "other" design specifications that this car comes with!!! Alas, thats another story :)

I'm forced to use a PDA navigation system in my windows smartphone, its complicated and troublesome while driving. I am thinking about legal actions against lexus if it ever causes me any serious trouble on the road.

I feel deceived every day and I'm reminded every day I enter my car. What kind of "luxury" car is this?

I understand that a kit can be purchased from Japan that is a hack that allows the Nav to function in a Non Nanny manner but of course voids your warranty.... But lets keep taking the battle right to the factory. Don't tread on me!

The Lexus ES350 Nav system is USELESS. The touchscreen can only be used when the car is at a complete stop and lacks MANY MANY features. The system is not intuitive and the GPS is terrible. Maps are outdated, route planning and lack of features makes the Lexus NAV system completely worthless and WAAY too pricey.

Doesn't make sense since Garmin, Tom-Tom, etc already allow it.

It's awful. I just came from a BMW X3. I like everything about the RX (No winter yet to judge) with the exception of the NAV system. It is a pain in the a$$!

It's ridiculous to put such restrictions on something that costs so much. Even if the weight sensor in the passenger seat identified a passenger and would allow override - I might be more understanding. But just to remove the functionality completely causes just as much or greater risk to everyone if you have to pull over to activate navigation and then merge on again.

The option of making the NAV change should have been left up to the individual who purchased the vehicle.... and not the lexus dealership. This way the liability is removed from the lexus dealership to the individual for making such a change to overide the Nav system. It clearly states when you start the car... its stipulation for utilizing the Nav system.

It sucks, I paid $45K for a GPS that is crippled and annoying to use with the voice system which is more distracting than tapping the screen. I've used a Garmin GPS for years on my motorcycle without any problems.

It is annoying that my wife sitting in the passenger seat cannot operate the Nav system or phone. We almost got in to accident pulling over.

I am looking for a source, other than a Lexus dealer, for the latest Lexus Nav software for my 2004 ES330

Give me the option to choose. Most of the time, it is the passenger that does the serious street address inputting anyways.

This is very frustrating issue with me. I can take a $200 GPS that has more capabilities than Nav system in my LS 460 that was nearly a $5k option. Why does Lexus view their liability different than rest of the auto industry and GPS manufactures?

This is a real disapointment and problem. The passenger SHOULD be able to input data while moving. I could well be dangerous to stop or to be confused about where to go at any given time. I am a responsible adult. Lexis is NOT my mother.

Override is needed, I just can not function without it. many, many times we, we I mean wife and I, need to find gas station or other needed IO, stopping on the freeway is a lot more unsafe that ask my wife to look for it. Many, many time I need to change destinations 1/2 way to one. Again stopping on a freeway or, on unsafe location is way more unsafe, some locations in town not even the police will stop. 100% support of restoreing the override. we can sign that we will be resosible to not do it ourself but ask the passanger. Thanks

why can't a passenger use the navigation system when the car is in motion?

Not only do you prevent me from making minor changes to my nav programming while moving, you prevent my wife (or anyone else in the front passenger seat from doing the same). This also affects my wife's new RX 400h. I think it stupid. I drove a 2003 LX for five years and never felt that operating the nav system was a distraction. In fact, it says alot that the toyota nav system is so well designed it is easy to use, so much so it is not a major distraction to make a change. What do your lawyers drive? Maybe their just upset that the germans suck at nav systems.

This "feature" is absolutely annoying. I wonder how many people get rear ended because they are not careful where they stop to enter trip info.

please keep me informed if there is a patch found!

Strikes me as very very dumb that Lexus should have put such a limitation on a car this expensive when its competitors haven't. Even much cheaper cars offer full navigation, bluetooth and DVD functionality while in motion. When I was recently in Germany for an international conference, I was picked up from the airport by an Audi A8. Throughout the ride I whiled away the time watching TV.

Very annoying. Hard to believe that some smart Lexus/Toyota owner/computer whiz can't crack the code. Not willing, yet, to rewire the car but I'm thinking about it.

I feel that this is the dumbest thing lexus can do. Its taking my rights as a comsumer to use something i paid for. I don't agree that lexus telling me when and where i can use something that is mine!! My sales rep never informed me of this issue and i have ask the service department to address the issue and they said that " we can't touch it, because its an safty issue". If thats the case why do Garmin, Magellion, and other Car manufactures let their customers use the "In Motion" feature. I would have never bought a lexus if i knew this would be an issue!! At least not with a factory Navi unit. I could have just gotten a $300 Garmin unit, instead i paid $4500 for something i can't even use all the time.

We recently took a 7 hour roadtrip and initialized the navigation at the beginning of the trip. It was ridiculous that we could not search for gas stations, rest areas, or restaurants along the way. Lexus needs to upgrade the priority of this serious matter.

I want to be able to enter destination info while car is moving. I hereby promise to ONLY have my passenger enter the info and I will at all times keep my eyes on the road. I hereby release Lexus from any liability herein. EG

Why if the annoying seatbelt reminder can ding to notice that there is someone in the passenger seat- why won't it let them work the computer or phones? I can think of several times I have had to deal with my phone because the phone book screen won't let you do make any calls, so you have to use the phone headset, which I consider more dangerous.

I drive my girlfriends 2007 Camry Hybrid a lot and this drives both of us insane! We like to go on road trips together and there have been many times when I am driving she would like to search for things or input addresses. Unfortunately this must be the same problem (hence it's the same manufacturer) as the Lexus one. Thanks a lot Toyota!

Could get killed by 18 wheeler while parked on side of expressway to set in address -- would have bought my 4th BMW 7 series had I known such a good set of tools would be so totally useless. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS MAJOR DEFICENCY. Everything else about the car is perfect -- this takes the car from a 10 to about a 3 -- and My mercedes was a 4. BMWers were always 8-10

It is really annoying. I often have the passenger use the system while I'm driving, but I can't do that!

Not at all happy with this inconvenience. I invariably travel on long journeys with my wife and she finds it infuriating that she cannot input destinations etc in motion as she did with my Garmin. If she is unhappy so am I! We now travel with the Garmin as it is so much more user friendly!

i bought the 400h 2 weeks ago and there was no mention of this even being an issue. i have never owned a lexus before so didnt even know to ask about it. im frustrated because after doing a lot of research on the car i never read even one complaint about the NAV system. to further this cause i think its a good idea for someone to go on many of the review websites and make comments that outline the problem. frustrated and blindsided.

I mistakenly "assumed" that the system would allow navigation on the move...... my bad. I can't understand why the system has to be locked for almost any function of navigation and phone features while the vehicle is moving. A major annoyance. I am stuck with it for now but it will be my last Lexus.

The "I agree" screen is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my 2004 RX330. No one else, not even newer Toyotas, have it. Then there is the inability to set a destination when moving.... For a high-end car, this is real no-no.

it is important to full control for our GPS and passanger can help to input address as well, then why we have to lose the control of our own GPS?

I have a 2006 IS. The NAV system was not functioning properly so they offered to upgrade it for free. I aked if the disable feature would work and was told it would function the same. Now it does not work.


Every road trip I revisit the anger

Lexus: Making good tools useless!

It really bothers me that the whole system shuts down when I am moving. I now have to look down at my cell to dial a number or pull over to change my nav. system

Let's keep up the pressure. They ultimately yielded on the "Lexus Link is active" announcement even when it wasn't, and on the annoying "I agree" screen when the car is first started. So hopefully they will come up with some compromise solution for the Nav data entry problem. Give me Liberty or give me Death!

What a piece of crap nav system... If I want a useful system, I my Garmin. This is my first Lexus... and my last.

This is truly a major annoyance when driving. Previously owned the Acura MDX and the navigation is a much better product. Lexus should make this right with all of its owners.

This is a deal-breaker. I will not buy the next LS until the override feature is made available again.

Put in a waiver of liability on startup that's they need to do. "Lost in a Lexus"

This is just plain BS. I received a ticket pulling off the road on I95 in FL to change an address on my NAV system on our 2007 Lexus SUV Hybrid. Also, half the addresses I put in do not register but my wifes Acura can find them all. What's UP!!!!

I am getting ready to trade in my 2005 ES330 that has the override for a more luxurious model. My wife and I travel a lot of miles together. I absolutely will not buy any new car that won't let the passenger use the nav system while the car is moving.

This is the most paternalisic car I have ever driven. My 2009 model beeps and alarms at everything. The NAV lockout is definately a safety issue. I had to pull over in a bad neighborhood last week to manually search for a location, because the voice recognition system could not correctly discern my instructions. Arghh!!

This sucks. It is really a bad decision. Give me the choice.

Lexus Navi system sucks and my wife and I are really regretting our purchase of this vehicle!!!

This is egregious and definitely a buzz kill.

I basically don't use the SC430 nav system because it is unusable without the override. I had to buy a clunky dashmounted Garmin uniit to use in my vehicle instead.

Whoah..was comparing cars bmw, acura, and infiniti and had actually almost settled ont he Lexus GS, but now that i see no thx. my wife plays navigator role whenever we are driving, so this is just plain idiotic.

I am pissed! My wife usally drives and as a passenger I can not even operate the navi system. There should at least be an override detection for an ocupant in the passeger seat. My '03 Honda was functionable as a driver. Something needs to happen here to modify the navi system. So many other car makers now offer navi and Lexus has taken a big step backwards.

Don't care for the lack of consideration for my money spent.

I would not have bought the car....says it all. Please keep me informed if someone creates a lock pick.

This is just another example of government interference with people's freedom of choice. By passing laws or imposing fines on manufacturers that are intended to lessen insurance claims due to negligent behavior, the government has started a domino effect that really sucks. So Lexus is really not to blame, the crooked politicians taking money from the insurance companies is the source of the real problem.

When I purchased my 2008 ES I was told that the 5th Generation Navigation System, like its predecessor, had an override feature. Just no one at Lexus was at liberty to tell me how, just the "I could find it on the web". However, after lots of research, I no longer think that such an override exists. I am very disappointed. Please inform me when this has been changed. Al

I am not a moron... The people at Lexus need to pull their heads out of their corporate asses!

I think that Lexus is not my mother sums it up completely.

this is the most annoying feature in the car... you cant seem to do anyhting without being at a complete stop

I am really infuriated by the fact that the NAV cannot be programmed by a passenger while the vehicle is in motion. We rented a vehicle with a nav system in Europe. I was able to program destinations as the passenger. It never occured to me to ask if that was possible on the LEXUS nav system. I think that Lexus dealerships should be upfront about all these defects as people are purchasing defective upgrades. I also think it is very regressive that the CD info is not displayed. It's one thing if it is a CD that has been burned quite another if you have purchased it at the store. Lexus I am giving you a thumbs down for your weak attempt at luxurious technolgy. I personally will not recommend Lexus to any of my friends. The lack of NAV functionality use for passengers and the non-display of CD info is definitely a deal breaker. I would have gone for the AUDI had I known.

I am not a child. I have had a Garmin portable nav for 6 years. That product is much better than the $3k Lexus one.. Why not just have a disclaimer when the system comes on ? Also, the CD track selection also does not work while the vehicle is moving. Can you say BIG BROTHER ???

Too much "big brother" --- I'm responsible enough to decide for myself when I can or can't safely operate my navigation system!

I have a new Garmin Nuvi 760 in my other car. It never occured to me that Lexus would not be as good. Please help allow the Navigation system to be used while moving.

Hate the navigation system. Presently using a Garmin nuvi 760

I simply can not agree with this being a liability issue. Employed with a major law enforcement agency for over twenty years it is far, far more dangerous to stop and work a GPS unit on the side of the road than to simply allow manipulation of the unit while driving (like every over the counter brand allows and state and federal laws allow).

While I would love to have an override for the NAV, I don't really know what the big deal is. My Lexus is the 3rd car I've had with a NAV, and the 6th one I've driven with a NAV and none of the other's ever had an override, and always had limited usage when driving. Like I said, I would love of have an override, but I also understand the reasoning for not having one. Simply put, do you want to be the person killed when a stupid person gets into an accident because they were programming their NAV instead of driving. (Ed: I believe each driver should have the responsibility and the choice to use the system. What about passengers? What were your other cars?)

I have 2008 LS, the maps, POI, etc are outdated. The information is at least one year old. The NAV unit is worthless unless you can program it before you start driving. Heaven forbid you need gas, food, or drink and you had not planned the exact stop. I have a Garmin 750 that makes the Lexus NAV look like an Apple IIe.

I will not buy another Lexus, when it gets time to change car I will buy German

What were they thinking ... it is ridiculous that one cannot change the navigation destination during motion--that is sort of the entire point of using navigation--if I always knew where I was and where I was going I wouldn't need a nav. system. And not being able to search for food and gas? Unbelievable. Does Inifiniti limit the navigation system like this?

I had a2007 Infinity M45 Sport prior to my 2008 Lexus GS460. The Infinity had its drawbacks, but the Lexus nav system is the WORST !!! I thought I was upgrading to a Lexus. What a mistake. I can't believe that the nav system is making me hate a car that I thought I loved. I spend a lot of time in the car. If I have to pull over every time I need something, I'd never get anything done. If someone has to plan their entire trip before they leave their driveway, inclusive of rest stops, and food breaks, then they wouldn't need the nav system in the first place. The voice commands are even stupider. Who the hell needs a voice command to turn up the radio volume or raise the temp. When trying to use the voice command to find a POI, I might as well be speaking Greek, because the Lexus system doesn't understand a word I say. There are enough things in operating a car that could distract someone ....the radio....putting on makeup whil driving.... eating with both hands... etc. etc. I've seen it all. If Lexus thinks that they are doing the world a safety service, they are dead wrong. All they're doing is frustrating the hell out of us !! I wish I knew more about this befor I bought this car. It's costing me more money then my previous car, and I'm going crazy. What a combination.

When I bought my 2007 es350 I could use the override feature. I had trouble with the map and they upgraded to the next version. Now, I am stuck, it does not work while moving and they will not do anything about it. Yes, I feel this is a very critical issue and would stop me from buying Lexus in the future.

Have a 2005 RX 330 Would love to implement a new system, both for the music (something like a hard drive based system like Sonos) and the Nav. I also own a Garmin, which I use in my Lexus (that really frosts my nuts....) because the $300 unit is WAY BETTER than the $3000 Lexus one. The big screen is where I attach the suction cup to hold my Garmin.

I think it is absurd that I must pull over to the side of the road (or take an offramp and pull over) to get what I paid for!

it is very frustrating to now not be able to use the override feature. I had been using it (or my passenger would use) for a year, without any problems, then I upgraded to latest maps and the feature was gone. My mother and father both have other nav systems that allow simultaneous driving and using the system, and now I am considering another make car when I buy again.

I've tried just about everything. I use my old Garman most of the time to avoid the frustration. I guess "big brother" is here riding with my wife and I in our new Lexus.

This is simply a big mistake. I've had friends in my car that said they would never buy a Lexus because of this lockout feature. Tell the legal department to get busy with something else and get out of the car design aspect of your business. Very poor decision making in this lockout of a feature that costs 10 x more than aftermarket. On top of this, they put out a high-res screen less than 3 months after I bought my car. Not a good way of making your customers happy.

I choose to ensure my safety by managing the input by: 1. if alone in the car, I will pull over at rest area, gas station or off main highway to do inputs. OR 2. Have my passenger do the inputs while I drive on. For a safety comparison, I ride a motorcycle with my Garmin portable GPS and haven't fallen off nor hit a tree yet! Gee, I must be an adult! One problem is really annoying, how am I to use the Find feature to find a gas station if I have to get off the highway to use the system. This has taken away the usefulness of the system. Is Toyota/Lexus really this dumb? Apparently so. Won't get another Lexus. I'm going back to Ford or GM with the Garmin unit.

We need the override feature reinstated. Also, why can't we have as many features that many of the $250 hand held gps devices have? Why did Lexus choose not to show elevation, etc. ?

I had a 2005 Honda Accord prior to purchasing my Lexus IS250. The Honda allowed be to use ALL navtigation as well as ALL controls for climate control and audio while my car was in motion. I would expect a car that is $10,000 more to have a more advanced navigation system and one that does not limit my use when I need it most...WHILE I AM DRIVING! It is also stupid that a passenger is not allowed to use the navigation system while the car is in motion.

Very inconvenient! Not very well thought like one comes to expect from Lexus.

It is my nav system, I bought it. I do not want to carry my hand held unit jst to get where I want to go! They could interface it to the passenger seat sensor and allow the passenger access to functions, or just find the darn thing. It is practically not usable at all. Voice recognition is horrible and the dealer cannot fix it, I was told to play with different tones of voice to find the right pitch...... What a bunch of idiots. My 200 dollar Lowrance works better. Of course, the dealer did not mention that the navigation would not work while moving. I wonder why?

VERY disturbing that I have to totally stop the car to find where I need to go. Wish the salesman would have been more forthcoming!

Not all happy with not being able to use nav or phone while moving. After paying 50K plus for the vehicle, iI feel I've been swindilled.

In retrospect, my dislikes for the Merc's front seats is very small in comparison to the Nav system in the SC430. This will make me look seriously at other cars before I buy another "Designed by lawyers because we think you are too dumb to drive" car. I just want to know if Toyota/Lexus remembers what happened to Oldsmobile?

I was surprised to find out after purchase that the navagation system didn't work on the move. I have tried to find a fix but to no avail. I am very unhappy with the high price and limited useability of the system. I will look for a different manufacturer next time.

Why wasn't I told about having to stop to change guidance to the system. I'm pissed!

This feature makes the car less safe rather than more safe as it becomes a constant distraction. We should be able to turn this feature off at our own discretion!!!

This is sooo frustrating! The straw that broke the camels back occured today. I bought the IPOD adapter with installation at my local lexus dealer - and im unable to view the songs of each individual folder while driving. I feel like tearing out this gadget which just cost me a thousand dollars. ughh!

Really disgusted to have paid 50k for a lexus and find that they treat you like a boob. I really didn't want the nav, and now I'm sorry that I DID get it, since there are so many after market kits that are cheaper and user friendly.

I do not enjoy being locked out of the Nav System especially if there is a passenger with me. I think that the Lexus Navigation Syetem is junk. I am very unhappy that Lexus does not have the "Text to Speech" capability and is unnecessarily complicated to operate.

MY WIFE CAN NO LONGER GET DIRECTIONS WHILE I DRIVE, I would have NEVER gotten the navigation update RIPOFF if I knew this would happen. I'm tempted to rip the thing apart and ruin the warranty, or just put my fist through the screen.

I think it should have been smarter. While I agree that it defintely is not safe considering how far the console is and how long you have to take you eye away from the road. However, a car that can detect a passenger to turn on and off the air bag could use the exact same mechanism to turn on and off the navi system (DVD pay should still be disabled during drive)

I hate the damn car mostly because of the nav system

I believe a fair compromise would be to allow access to the navigation and other audit features if a passenger is in the front of the car. The sensor is already there, so it should not be a complicated technology enhancement.

I don't understand why they the Lexus are so stubborn , every Lexus owner I talked to is frustrated with their Nav system, is Lexus the only ones worried of getting sued. I also was misinformed by the sales man, he told me I can overide it. Bullshit .

This is really stupid why my passenger can't use the NAV while the vehicle is moving. It was not this way on my Honda. I will be looking at a different Manufacturer when it is time for a new vehicle.

I hate the navigation system on my 2008 ES350. No input while driving and no routing to unverified areas. These areas you are left to get out on your own. The system becomes a map only rather than a useful tool. Maps are 2.00 and these stupid systems are 2650.00. I want my money back or my Acura TL back.

got duped

I sent the following to Lexus today - I test drove a GS350 AWD last week. I really like the car and I had decided to buy one when my lease is up in 2 months. I'm currently driving an Acura RL. Then, a friend of mine who owns a Lexus told me about this:'s no way I could buy the GS after reading this site. I'll be test driving the M45x tomorrow as a result. Please do not respond to me with a standard BS answer about using voice commands. I don't like using voice commands in my RL and won't use them in my next car. You guys need to remove the override, period. Let me know that you've done that and you'll have one less GS in inventory. Its completely unacceptable that this is an ongoing issue

That is a total paternalism by Lexus. I have also a Mercedes and my wife drives an Audi. I can not imagine that german manufacturers would behave like that. Shame on Lexus for that! Please release the Override procedure for 2007 cars asap.

I hate it.

I have a 2005 RX330 and was about to upgrade to a new model. I use the navigation ssystem religiously and will not purchase a new Lexus since I found out about the disabling if this feature.

Interested in software solution to fix the problem. Thank you, Kenneth

I HATE the Lexus Nav system! The voice recognition does not work. I was never told about the system locking out while moving.

If a passanger is detectected in the front seat, all of the nav and phone functions should be available without an over-ride code.


The inability to use the Nav system while in motion is just the most annoying of the nanny features on the car. Lexus should have more faith in its users, and not treat us like children. At the very least, we should be able to sign something that absolves them of liability and allows us to use the features we paid for.

I don't have a Lexus. I own a Toyota Camry Hybrid. It has exactly the same issues. You should expand this site to include ALL Toyota brands... Not just Lexus. I am so MAD about this issue I am ready to sue them my self! (Ed: We do, )

Its really annoying and never had this problem with my old acura and infiniti.

This issue is very frustrating for a lot of people I know.

i feel that it is the decison of the consumer to use the navigation when it is safe and if all of the owners of the other makes of car can use it while the vehicle is in motion, than lexus owners should also be more than capable.

I specifically ask my Service person about the Override when I upgraded and was not told the truth.

Consumers should have the right to full options of their Nav system if agreement in writting is provided by the consumer releaving Lexus of any concerns.

This is the worst navigation system I have ever seen. It does not increase safety, but rather is extremely dangerous as I have no sense of direction and am constantly having to pull over on the highway or in less than desirable neighborhoods to reconfigure and figure out where I'm going! Not being able to use the screen to access directions, music, etc. is incredibly frustrating. It's a great car, but I don't think I will buy it again as this bothers me way too much! Ridiculous! Why doesn't Lexus just make us sign a waiver or something that we take responsibility for out own safety and let us use our technology the way we think it should be used? It's degrading and demeaning that they have put the "child lock" on us. Paid too much for this limited access.

Major annoyance. Could this site provide links to third party solutions?

I wanted to get rid of the Garmin stuck to the windscreen - its back - As a safety feature its a JOKE - it causes Road Rage - You end up furiously punching the screen to try and get some response from the screen.

We have enough of "Big Brother" watching over us making sure we don't hurt ourselves. This is absolutely ridiculous. Lexus - you are way out of bounds on this and need to provide a programming option to make the system function as it should. Your competitor's have it figured out and are laughing all the way to the bank with increasing sales due to this poor decision by Lexus. I am in sales and have a number of executives in my car every week. Once they see that I have to find a place to stop before I can operate the NAV system. They easily see the limitations that Lexus has imposed and they are all turned off. I wonder how many Lexus sales have gone to other manufacturers due to this simple idiotic decision?

The NAV lockout on my wife's 08 RX-350 is truly frustrating. I just purchased a Honda Ridgeline, and it's NAV is far superior to the Lexus. Once I hit the button that I will be a responsible operator, the NAV system lets me do everything I need. On the RX-350, I have to pull over and enter the changes - extremely frustrating. I wish we had settled for the non-Nav version and stuck with the Tom-Tom! I hope you have success getting Lexus (Toyota) to see the light and stop this ridiculous policy.

I am willing to sign a liability waiver to protect Lexus. But this is MY vehicle now, not theirs. It is far less safe to use my cell phone to dial while responding to important pages on the road. I often find myself in more unsafe conditions by having to pull over to use the NAV or the cell phone. I do not understand the hardline attitude on this issue by Lexus. Just make me sign a waiver, whats the problem? I love my car, but find this to be a huge annoyance. I purchased all this technology, but end up being treated like a moron who does not know what's best for hismelf. Please give me access to my own vehicle controls.

I was lied to by the Lexus salesman... he said the override still existed.

I bought my Lexus GS350 two months ago. While I like the car in and out, definitely I would have not bought it if I would have known. I truly hate it now because of this nonsense approach Lexus has taken on the Nav overwrite. Count on me if you want to joint forces to go to Lexus HQ and complain . I am sure 500+ Lexus owners can make a difference.

I have been completely misled during my buying experience with Lexus. This is just one of a dozen other reasons that I will never buy another Lexus again. I plan on trading in my 08 IS within the next year two.

I think for a $60K car, the voice system has always sucked and the override was what made the nav system useful while on the road. Now I'm back to where I started before I found the override sequence a few years back. *sigh* BAD LEXUS!

Think it would be much easier to make calls by utilizing the car system rather than having to keep looking, and scrolling through my cell phone. I have been able to use the voice commands pretty decently for the nav but would be MUCH easier if I could just input the destination. Have to concentrate more to use the voice commands than I do just putting info in the system. I do love my Lexus though....feature for feature for the cost paid it beats the cars listed above....if money was not an object would go with Mercedes, however you would be looking at no touch screen with that...their nav is pretty cheesy if you ask me...lets move in to the 2000's.

Unbelievable that you pay this kind of money for what is actually a really great car, only to find out that you can't input a GPS address while driving? Which is more dangerous, cautiously punching in a few numbers or pulling off into an unknown area with my kids in the back seat so that I can find my way out of some area I'm lost in. Thanks Lexus. My other car is an Audi. Pretty much everything on my Lexus I like better than on my Audi. But if they don't change this, I'll happily buy another Audi. Hey Lexus, I'm a big boy, I can make decisions all on my own!

This is a very dangerous feature. This feature makes the nav system a joke while traveling.

I cant beleive the limitation of the car (when driving)...what fun is left in driving when you can ONLY drive. Maybe they should also take away the right to change the radio station since they dont even let you browse your mp3 folders when the car is moving. In fact, why dont they sell the car with just the speakers installed so that we can install a real system which does what we want.

I think it is borderline fraud for this practice to be taking place. This is an insane feature that should be removed immediately. This makes it very tempting to look at other vehicles as the navigation system is useless on the road.

What the hell are they thinking ! It is obvious that disabling the NAV features, phone and Audio/CD info while car is moving is breach of safety itself. It actually forces me to try and input info while stopped at red light and/or stop sign, and pulling off the highway / freeway here in my area is a NO NO ! Lexus has to be feeling the heat on this issue and needs to make a change. What next ? Cell phones do have GPS ! Maybe the cell company's can hire Toyota / Lexus lawyers and disable all input to a cell phones while in motion.........including passengers.

This is simply ridiculous. A simple warning acknowledging the risk of using a navigation system while driving and an override setting would do just fine. Helloooo Lexus!

I found your website because I did a search to figure out why my new Lexus GS' navigation system is not working while driving. I figured there was a work-around... there just had to be. I was negotiating with the BMW dealer next door to the Lexus dealer. My GS won me over, but would not have had I known this stupid feature exists. Unbelievable, and I am pissed.

I got a Garmin for Christmas from my wife that I use in my 'other' car. It is 10 times more user friendly than the system in the Lexus.

I was told by a salesman that the lock could be overridden once purchased. I cannot get this done. I was lied to. If they're going to lock out the controls then why leave other options available while disabling others on the same screen. For example, why can I play with the speakers and EQ when driving but I can't change what track my CD's playing on? That's completely retarded. I spent $45K on a car and I expect, unless otherwise restricted by my STATE law (not Lexus' Law), to make decisions on what I want to do with it! Now, give up and let the OWNERS make the decisions on vehicles we're paying LEXUS to own. If LEXUS were paying us to drive their vehicles, then it would be a completely different story. But, WE PAY LEXUS for their cars. I would'nt have purchased the IS 350 if I knew the lock feature was not capable of being disabled. I want some kind of rebate for this ignoratly designed feature.

This is no longer a luxury car. I cant stand the override. if not changed or offer an over ride this will be the last lexus (toyota) I will purchase. Very dissatisfide customer.

I used the override button all the time just so that the passager can navigate to different places for me. Now I am at risk by having to stop to input directions. I almost caused a collision on the highway and almost got a ticket from a police office for stopping on the 405 freeway. When I told him I was checking my navigation system he told me that I couldn't park here and to do it while I was driving. I told him I wish I could and he let me off with a warning and gave me 30 seconds to finish and move my car or he would give me a ticket.

I just turned in my Audi A8L for a new LS460L. I was shocked to find out that with a call to directory assistance, I couldn't just hit "1" while the car is moving to have a text message of the information sent to my phone. The Audi system would warn me to be careful while the car was moving, but it kept the phone and navigation functions enabled. Generally speaking, I really like the LS, but the disabling of these features is infuriating. Honestly, I would have stuck with the A8 had I known. It's that important to me.

This is no longer a luxury car. I can't stand the override. if not changed or offer an over ride this will be the last lexus (toyota) I will purchase. Very dissatisfied customer.

I used the override button all the time just so that the passager can navigate to different places for me. Now I am at risk by having to stop to input directions. I almost caused a collision on the highway and almost got a ticket from a police office for stopping on the 405 freeway. When I told him I was checking my navigation system he told me that I couldn't park here and to do it while I was driving. I told him I wish I could and he let me off with a warning and gave me 30 seconds to finish and move my car or he would give me a ticket.

It just does not make sense to lock the navigation and phone while car is in motion. It is perfectly safe for the passenger to use these features. I would think Lexus can assume any Lexus owner paying top$$$$ will have enough sense in how to use any features intelligently.

It is extremely frustrating that my passenger cannot use the navigation while I'm driving, especially when they let you play with all of the other features that are likely more distracting.

I am angry, I feel as though my safety is being compromised. I've been in a situation where I needed to get info from the nav immediately and the only way to do so was to pull off the freeway into a less than desireable area to get the nav to work. I feel I am old enough and smart enough to make a judgement call as to when and if I'll be using the nav when I'm driving. I don't need Lexus to make that decision for me. I truly would not have bought the car had I known that the override function I used daily was no longer available.

just fix this problem, to make a good car better

There is no reason whatsoever to have this lock feature. I am a pilot, and believe me, there is no place to pull over to enter information. Plus, how screwy is it for the blue tooth phone to lock you out. I have to find my phone, and enter the numbers through it, instead of being able to keep my head up on the display. This is a disaster.

Got the upgrade and found the overide feature didn't work. Plan to ask Lexus to remove the new upgrade and give me my $ back. I'll buy another GPS system. It is ridiculous. My husband and I really only use it when we are on long drives or trips and it is annoying as hell that the passenger can't use it while the car is moving. Dawn S_______ Cypress, Tx

This is the most assinine implementation of technology I have ever over paid for. What next? Disable the auto window?

Nearly got killed recently merging back from the highway breakdown lane after I was forced to stop to enter the stupid directions. Whoever thought of this as a "safety improvement" is a moron -- my wife was in the car with me and was completely able to operate the nav systems without me getting distracted, but no!, instead I am forced to pull over in a super congested highway, and then risk my life (and that of my wife and 3 children) merging back. PLEASE SOMEONE PAY ATTENTION.


This is ridiculous in a 60k car. My old Mercedes worked much better. If I could get rid of this vehicle I would..... Lexus stop trying to play big brother.


Hasn't somebody hacked the latest version of the software for us to install to put the override back in?

Lexus should give the user the option to override this unneccesary lock out.

Very very upset

This is total crap and NOT a safety issue. Pulling over to the side of a highway is NOT safe. Using the nav on my cellphone and looking at a 1.8 inch screen (which I've resorted too) instead of hearing it said from the car spearker is NOT safe. Having a pressure activated seat belt sensor on the passenger side but not letting the passenger using the NAV is BULLSHIT! I would definitely have bought a car from another vendor had I known this limitation.

It is actually MORE dangerous to have to pull off a freeway to set a destination, especially when a front seat passenger could easily do this as my wife has always done in our BMW's. This is my first (and last Lexus) unless this is changed! Robert P. H_______, MD

i drive around a lot for errands and such. i am a student! i find myself getting lost a lot and cannot even use the darn navigation system! most of the time i'm with a friend and we would both be getting mad about the situation! what's the problem! i mean if the lexus seats can detect that there's a passenger on the darn seat then why can't they use the navigation system! it's high tech enough for that so what the heck. eat it lexus.

It is ridiculous that a passenger cannot make entries into the Navigation system while moving!!!!! I have a Nuvi stand alone GPS navigation device that works while friend's BMW works while moving. I can't imagine that Lexus is more concerned than the other manufacturers about frivolous lawsuits. Please get rid of the lockout feature.

I hate this navigation system. I've been in the Honda and Acura and it is much more helpful to have the passenger use the system while in motion.

I almost purchased the M 45 Infiniti. If i had I would not have this problem. We rented a Mercedes Benz to go on a trip when I have a 08 GS 460 they cant tell me where to go.

I am really bothered that you can not manipulate the blue tooth as well as the navigation why'll the car is in motion. It becomes time consuming and sometimes dangerous if I have to pullover on the side of a highway because construction or no near by exists then having to merge back on into on coming traffic. I am deeply bothered by this but I do love my Lexus.

I own a new IS350 2008. I would have never bought the factory install option, instead I would have purchased an aftermarket nav system or better yet - never again consider lexus as a brand to buy.

I was lied to. On this and other issues.

I own a 2007 IS250...Not being able to override's stupid, actually. It's supposedly for safety reasons, right? Then why is it okay for people to use portable navigation systems in their cars? Lexus really didn't use their heads when they made this decision. If they don't want to be liable for our safety, they should put a screen that says "By accepting this agreement, you are agreeing that a passenger, not the driver, is inputing the destination."........wouldn't that solve everything? Then it would be our OWN fault if we crash. They are stupid. I hate them. I regret buying my car. AND when I called to ask if I could have my CD changer upgraded to a ML DVD changer...they said "you might as well buy a new car"..........what kind of shit is that? I'm not going to pay another $40k to play DVDs in my car. Lazy bums just don't wanna do it for me.

The nav restrictions are an insult to our driving ability.

this is the worst

My business requires my passenger to input data while I am driving. I need this feature desperately!!!

the nav system is almost unusable. no one at the lexus of new orleans dealership can operate the system well enough to show a customer how to use it or maybe they can and they just dont want to show it's so not user friendly disgusted with my 58,000 vehicle

Am I correct to believe that the upgraded disk, offered by the postcard from Lexus for my 2006 ES330, will remove the override feature? If so, why would anyone by an already out-of-date upgrade when a REALLY NICE Garmin is available for not much more?

My wife is driving RX, mostly (90% of time) with me as right passenger. Why I can not use Navy on-the way? Audio system is retuned when there are 2 persons occupying front seats, it seems reasonable to allow override under same circumstances? Moscow, Russia

The nav lock is absolutely retarded. It decreases safety and efficiency. thank you for letting us speak up.

The override should be enough take care of any "legal" issues. The feature really makes the navigation system useless when you're driving.

This frosts my ass so much, you wouldnt believe it. I can not think straight, Im so pissed off. Toyota can go to Hell for all I care!

I would have bought the new Benz C-class. I am irate. A passenger can't use the Navi????

Simply, it really blows when you need stop the car to use the nav system. Even more annoying when you have a passenger that could easily be doing the navigating while the driver drives. I'm online a couple times a month looking for a solution!

This stinks! I have to pull over just to get the guidance I need. Who knows there is going to be traffic issues before you leave the driveway? JUNK!

Ridiculous and has caused me not to purchase another Lexus again.

Why cant my front passenger use the nav functions while I drive? My mercedes ml500 nav is not as sophisticated but it is much nicer since I dont have to pull over to use it!!!

Your system is the worst I have ever used. Maybe you should let the driver decide if the system should have regulations or not!!!!!! I would have bought an Infinity if I would have known how un user friendly this is. Or I would have not bought the overpriced Navigation all together and bought a Garmin. Please fix this problem soon!

It is ridiculous that my passenger cannot operate my navigation system while the car is in motion. Lexus should allow an override feature with a screen that accepts full responsibility by the driver. To simply disable the system is unacceptable.

l do want to use navi during driving

I resent the "Big Brother" attitude that Lexus has adopted on this issue. I paid for the car and for the full functionality of the car. I have purchased a total of 6 Lexus vehicles in my lifetime. I will never purchase another vehicle from Lexus. I plan to purchase a new vehicle later this year and I will not even consider Lexus vehicles when making my purchase decision.

Had I known the limitations of the system while driving, I would not have purchased this car. My acura would allow input while driving. I feel the stopping on a busy Interstate or street is far more dangerous than imput while driving. You can have your so called safe Lexus, give me my Acura back.

All I can surmise is that it must be one heck of an ego trip for the Lexus attorney's. This navigation flaw was the only negative when we bought our RX330 in 2005. Thankfully there was an override feature that I was told about by a friend so I was content. I was thinking about updating the map...but not before I found out for certain that I would not lose this feature. After a little reading on the web...I'm obviously not updating and furthermore, I have bought my first and last Lexus. Kind of funny when the attorney's for Hertz can let just about anyone rent a car with Never Lost and not be concerned about any lawsuits as you have to agree not to do anything stupid while operating it. Lexus must think that Lexus owners are a rung below Hertz customers.

Keep the overide as a "secret" menu as it has been for so many years. Annoyance yes, but at least it was an option.

Locking out parts of the navigation and phone system is absolutely insane. On top of everything, when the law in California this July 1st eliminates the use of a hand held cell phone, I will have to go out and buy a handsfree cell phone kit since my Luxury automobile handsfree has so many functions unavailable when driving.

Paid for equipment that does not work as needed. Dealer has no clue about the nav system

More than annoying, not allowing the consumer's passenger access to navigational aids while the vehicle is in motion is like selling a basketball that deflates every time you dribble it differently than what you initially planned. Life is change; learn to adapt. Come on Lexus (Toyota), get real. Embed your disclaimers in the GPS and release a fix that keeps the consumer returning for future products.

It makes no sense to be unable to use these functions while driving. As a private pilot, it would be a disaster if the manufacturer prohibited changes to routes, etc while moving! I had a BMW that allowed the movement, and although it was 7 years old, if I knew this I would have looked around.

I was going to buy a 2008 or 2009 lexus gx-470 but will look elsewhere if nav is not solved.

I am annoyed that the passenger is not able to input while the car is being driven. Lexus should not police users. A simple splash screen can eliminate liablity concerns that a driver should not be working GPS while car is in motion.

The overide helps when my wife are together on long trips. We have 2 Lexus and intentionally expected the overide option in our latest upgrade.

Disppointed. I'm starting to hate my car.

I sort of agree with disabling, but if there is a passenger it should be able to use it.

As a physician who drives 150 miles everyday,my job requires that I am easily accessible to my staff and my patients. Being unable to make phone calls while driving (I spend 3 hours on the road everyday) will be a significant issue to support my practice.

i just don't like it.i hate it everytime i need to stop my car.

Just spoke to Lexus Canada, and they are refusing to offer the same rebate or refund being offered to Lexus USA. Any suggestions?

The problems are quite un-believable. How could anyone be so stupid as to miss the safety problems being caused by this poor nav system. Please direct us to software fixes or hardware patches.

I miss the override I had in my 2006 LS 430.

I use navigation feature constantly. It is a a dangerous situation having to pull over to the side of the road to input navigation (as the voice prompts are time consuming, inaccurate voice recognition and dangerous - having to concentrate on repeating voice commands rather than the road in front of you !).

I get angry everytime I try to use my navigation system.

the same problem is now with the new Toyota Landcruiser 200 V8 Model 2008, no access to navigation, no access to bluetooth mobile phone dialing, no DVD for passenger while vehicle moves, get to stop on the service lane of an highway in order to search for the next gas station. Fu** Toyota Engineers

I hate how they do this in 2007 why not after I bought my car

who do they think they are GOD. It does not make sense to have it work this way.


So far behind $400 Garmins. Wish I had never purchased the Nav option.

Every single after market system and other auto manufacturer can be used while driving, no reason why Lexus needs to be different. At least give us the option to have the Lexus dealer permanently make the adjustment so the touchscreen can be used while driving.

I purchased a 2004 RX 330 with a Nav System that was not able to recognize roads that had been in place for 6 years. Thinking that the "update" would fix that, I spend $320 to buy the CD and have it installed by the Dealer. The System still does not know roads and ramps that are 2 years old and is basically dangerous by misleading you in its directions.

I have been having problems with my NAV system from the time I got my car in June 2007. It tells me when it directs me home that my Home is on the left when, in fact, it's on the right. It leads me onto routes that are more circuitous, longer and indirect than those available and familiar to me. It tells me that I'm about to enter the highway when I've been on it for more than 1/4 km. It tells me that I've arrived at my destination when I'm more than 250 meters away from it. It tells me that 'that address does not exist', when it actually does. All this and more! And the absence of the override option is just as infuriating to me as it is to everyone else here. I've written and called Lexus, and they're just blowing me off, saying only that "we are forwarding your comments to the appropriate departments within Lexus Canada for information purposes only." Translation? Don't expect anything from us. IF they continue to treat me and everyone else this way, we may need to organize a class-action suit.

The GPS is sorely lacking in its mapping algorythms and functionality. I did get the upgrade but it actually has less detail in some areas. As a Realtor it is not useful to me. I lost a client when I had to pull over to inout an address and he was following me. A Policeman stopped to ask questions and my client almost got a ticket because his car was very close to the road. It s rediculous that we are unable to input data while the car is moving. All in all an inferior GPS system.

I had a Nissan Altima that I sold as I wanted a nicer auto. I had become hooked on the Nav Sys and would not buy a Lexus without one. I wish I had kept my Altima. I have a hand held gps that is better than Lexus. What a waste of money.

It's very inconvient and dangerous to stop in order for the passenger to us the system.

Hello: I just purchased a 2005 Lexus RX 330 and was unaware of this issue. (It has 4.2) When I looked into updating the navigation system I came upon a website that referenced you. I almost bought a Lexus upgraded 7 DVD on E-bay but found you first. Should I just buy the 5.1 instead? Or buy 5.1 and 6.1 and download kiwi?

I hate this. I understand that it will help in terms of security but what about my co-passenger. My co-passanger should be able to do it.

Creates a very unsafe vehicle when one has to pull over to reroute or find a POI

would like an override feature immediately

Navigation should be controlled during driving by passenger.

I think it is an insult to users. I can understand setting the default to not display the info, but for got sake, give the user the option to overide it if its their choice.

The dealer did not explain this issue. Both myself and my wife did not initially realize this problem and on two seperate occasions were nearly in accidents. Also I do not feel safe stoping in some locations to enter info or select a phone number. This is counter intuitive in a sitution where this device should be helping you to remaine safe! This was not an issue with my Mercedes ML500 which I traded in to purchase the Lexus.

Lexus GPS is the worst system I have ever used. And the lockout makes it even worse!!

This car was designed by a lawyer. Listen to your customers, not the legal beagles, or you will lose your customers.

I hate this lock out. I feel its more dangerous to stop in "not so nice areas or on the side of the highway" when my passenger can easily type in any info that is needed. It wastes time, and make a feature that was made purely for convenience very inconvenient.

What bothers me most about the inability to use the navigation system while driving is that a passenger is completely available to enter search information for me--but, can't b/c the Lexus RX nav system does not allow it.

It's really surprising how much this issue affects the overall usefulness of the system, partiuclarly the phone and MP3 navigation. Since I am often on conference calls as part of my business (a reason I spent the money on the Navigation upgrade), I am really at a serious disadvantage for not being able to punch in numbers after the call has connected. The POI limitation on the navigation is unique and seriously unfortunate, and the voice command system is highly unreliable and slow. At the end of it, the speed lockouts simply seem arbitrary -- I can dial using a speed dial button, but not by phone book? I can add POI icons, but not actually choose a category for a stopover? I can look and poke at the screen for driving directions, but not select a POI destination from a list? Unlike the rest of the car which is wonderful, the whole thing simply seems not up to lexus standards.

I thought I could disable the only entering destinations while in motion problem on my 2007 Lexus navigation system when I bought it. I was ripped off!

Makes the system totally non functional when driving, which is idiotic...I had an 06 gs which I liked much better because of the nav system..

First we need to find the persons at corporate who are responsible. So far I've been stonewalled. If we get this info we need to call for thier resignation. If all Lexus owners would subscribe to consumer reports they will get the annual survey which is used to rate cars. A lot of damage can be done with unsatisfactory ratings and we are only talking a few hundred responses for the ls. Also write to your local attorney general. Your letter will go to this largely worthless consumer affairs devision but the AG will forward the letter to Lexus and request a response. When you get the response write back,and keep the process going until it is enough of an annoyance that someone at Lexus listens to its customers. Point out this is not a safety issue. No danger exists from a passenger operating a nav. If safety were an issue why would Lexus increase the horsepower from 295 to 380 in one year and the 0 to 60 time from5.9 to 5.4 seconds. was that a "safety" move. How about a governor limiting the speed of the vehicle to 65 the national speed limit. That's safe. and they wouldn't sell any cars. The moral is these idiots will only listen when they feel it will affect sales and that means constant and unrelenting pressure until they are convinced this is a substantial. Call your dealer once a month and ask if there has been any change until they bring pressure as well. Keep it up,we can win this one!

I would have thought twice and get myself an Acura MDX if I knew.

I just upgraded my navigation disk to version 7.1 and realized the override does not work. I am extremely disappointed since I am normally in the passenger seat and now we have to pull over to input destinations. It's no wonder that they lowered the price so much since it was originally released. My next car will be an Acura!

without that system it is worthless to have a navigation system and i hope no one takes the nav system

Its great to have company on my outrage,being treated as a child by Lexus. All I want to do is use the nav from the passenger seat! As an attorney myself I want to find out who the lamebrained attorney is who is giving Lexus such bad advice and where he went to law school. Lexus needs new lawyers. Fire them now Lexus and hire lawyers who don't treat your customers as children and with disdain! Does anyone know who "legal " is? I'd like to research them.

Several weeks ago we purchased new 2007 GS350. We got a great end of year deal. But we were shocked to learn that most of the Nav and Telephone systems are inoperable while the vehicle is in motion. At first we thought the Nav system was broken and called the dealer. We were informed this is a "safety feature". A safety feature???? Ok fine, I suppose that argument can be applied to the driver. But the "Safety" argument doesn't hold water when the passenger is the Nav System operator. I don't think we should waste time arguing safety Motherhood and Apple Pie with the legal folks at Lexus. Experience tells me this is a losing proposition; a no win. Rather, let's give these folks at Lexus an elegant way out of this mess, a way to save face. Here is a solution.... How about adding a Nav System lockout override that is activated when there is a passenger in front passenger seat. The technology to sense a passenger is already there via Airbag and seatbelt sensors. This seems like a simple compromise and an inexpensive dealer service procedure.

I think Lexus should put a warning on the screen that the user has to actively click OK to - - this would alleviate their "legal issue" and allow us to operate the system while moving.

2006GX. I had previously owned a JagXJ with nav and never considered asking the salesman, "Does Cell/Nav imput work while you're driving?" I couldn't imagine there might be a "No". After delivery I called the Lexus salesman immed. and he was "surprised" at the lock-out but he thought there was a "chip" available ebay/online. I was in a different dealership recently (2 YEARS later) and stated I would NOT buy a Lexus/Toyota if the issue has not been fixed. Salesman said lock out was still a problem, but...he heard there was a chip!!!!!!! I no longer think this is an issue of one uninformed salesman but rather a "canned" disinformation response.

If I had any idea that I would lose the override feature I would not have updated my nav. I am happy with the car, just not the nav.

I have a 2007 ES350. I hate the lockout. What about the passenger using the GPS..... I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it

I think it is annoying that we no longer have the override. On top of that, Lexus wants to charge to upgrade to v7.1 just to get rid of the 'I Agree' button.

The LS 460 navigation system with Bluetooth phone is totally worthless while driving the car. A Garmin Nuvi 760 has more features that work anytime and it is easy to attach to the Lexus nav screen with the included suction cup mount. If Lexus cannot fix the lockout a full refund shold be made for the nav system. I had to purchase the Garmin unit inorder to drive the car and have a fully functional navagation system with Bluetooth phone.

Lets get the override back!

I would prefer that most of the screen features would be available. It certainly is a safety issue if the driver starts typing on the screen while driving, but it would be useful for the passenger.

I bought my wife a Garmin Nuvi 760 at Christmas and her Garmin is 100% better than the expensive navigation system Lexus has offered in my LS 460. Had I know the uslessness of the nav system, I would not have bought the car. I expect some type of financial rebate in order to compensate me for this problem. I'm going to buy another Garmin for the new Lexus, and use that.

I also agree that it's stupid to have to pull over to change data when I have a passenger in the car to do so.

I called Lexus about this issue. The customer service person flat out told me that they will not be able to fix this in any new release nor will they refund the cost of the Navigation System. They did offer me a free 10,000 mile warranty service which I refused to accept. I asked customer service to call me back with escalation. Not sure if I will receive any further feedback from them. Any suggestions ?

Most other car manufactures and after market GPS units allow you to input while the car is in motion. There have been many times where I have been on the highway and wanted to do a quick search. Lexus please change this feature!!!!! I didn't think it was as big a deal when I bought my car but now I would rate the NAV functions much higher and Lexus would get a negative in that category.

To me it seems as if Dian Ogilvie's team (Dian is Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Toyota Motors USA ) found a way to "play with the product". It is a blaring demonstration of why interaction between product management and counsel should be limited to legal issues (and not product features). Dian is disappointing in not providing executive oversight and ensuring that her legal team does not interfer with consumer needs and safety.

i feel that the saftey features Lexus puts in the navigation and bluetooth is more of a hazard than a safety feature. Now when my cell phone rings while the car is moving the display shows incoming call and i need to look at the cell phone to get caller id information. if i could see it on the screen there are about 80 percent of the calls i would not take. i think the people buying a Lexus know when they can use their systemand be safe doing it. I don\'t need Lexus to be my mother. Lexus is say behind on the electronics.

My after market nav system from Alpine blew this POC away :(

retarded.... I echo the sounds of this forum about not being able to use a Nav system while in motion, especially when my passenger can fully utlize the sysytem. We need to make immediate corrections to destinations and addresses while driving in traffic. Been reading forums and found this... I have not tried it \"yet\", but I will. we upgraded from v5.1 to v7. and are dissatisfied with the results for the money. (Ed: Lexus is sending letters to owners urging them to 'upgrade' their disc for $265. I spoke to Lexus about this version and it DOES NOT HABE THE OVERRIDE function either, according to Lexus.)

This has got to be the most ridiculous safety feature that I have EVER seen. Do you think any features of navigation are locked out in an airplane when it is moving, why do you think that is? At a minimum the front passenger should be able to fully utilize any function of the system at anytime. $2400+ for a system that is basically useless to me, what a rip-off. Will not buy another Lexus until they get their act together on this.

There is no reason why my passenger can't use the nav while we are traveling... The airbag registers with the weight of th passenger in the from seat.... so why can't it enable an over ride for the naviagaion... perhaps with a second conformation from the driver.... ?? I too have been approached by police when I have had to reroute my nav... It's not only unsafe, it's also dangerous! Disapointed that Lexus can't see beyond what is really very helpful, especially for us folks who have really began to depend on and trust our nav systems, to travel the country. You have smart people employed... work it out and get in front of the curve.

It's amazing that GARMIN doesn't seem to have a liability issue but Lexus does. Another thing that's stupid id the fact that when you change the languase on the NAv all the directions are in the other language but all the commands are asked in enlgish and you must respond in english! Is that not the dumbest thing??!!

it is ridiculous that passenger can't not use the nagivator. the voice command is taking too long to finish the address. they need to override for all models.

I was told by my salesman before purchase that there was a method to override this feature. I just had to look on the internet.

I have discouraged other people from buying this vehicle because of the navigation system, I previously had an Acura MDX and the navigation and vehicle upgrades were far superior to the Lexus GX470, I somewhat regret my decision of making the purchase without investigating the differences in the vehicles further.

The navigation lockout when moving was not explained to me when purchasing the vehicle and seemed to be conveniently left out of the discussion with the salesperson. The nav seems worthless if i or a passenger cannot use it while moving. The additional lockouts on the phone and other menus when moving are also a major inconvenience.

I didn't pay $40K for a car to not let me use the features the way that I was led to believe they could be used!

I will never buy another Lexus until this is fixed. However, Lexus' unbelievably poor handling of this matter has damaged my view of Toyota. They are displaying the same arrogance that GM did in the 60s.

Personally, I'd like to be kept informed of this issue. But I am pretty much happy with the way my Nav works. I would like it if an override came around, and I would even consider paying for it.

I have the 2008 400h AWD. I HATE the GPS. I'll take the old Mercedes GPS or even the portable garmin any day. I won't ever buy another LEXUS until the GPS can be used while driving. If I'm in a questionable neighborhood, the last thing I want to do is pull over and put the car in Park so that I can figure out how to get out of it. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. It is also the least user friendly GPS I've ever used.

I am disappointed Lexus representatives withheld information on the limited functionality of its navigation system. I bought the suv to drive with my family most of the time, not driving alone. My wife would have been the primary operator of the navigation system in time of need. In the end, Lexus sees itself above everyone else (other manufacturers) in the protection of its own interest at the expense of its buyers. I\'m extremely disappointed! These legal guys need to explain themselves and earn their paycheck in a better manner.

THis was a feature I absolutely assumed there would be an override for. When I asked the sales guy about it he kept avoiding the question. After repeatedly asking he said that he has two technical specialist that would help us override it the next time we came in.

If it was their money, they'd want everything to have full functionality too...don't exactly see how not having systems operate/function at top condition is part of a "passionate pursuit of perfection"...when a $200 off the shelf garmin or tom-tom can beat the socks of Lexus' "handicapped" system, I'd call that a "passionate pursuit of customer frustration"

give us a rebate ive been going crazy {also the wife trying to find a hack so we dont have to pull over send me a rebate check lexus

The Acura/Honda NAV systems are FAR superior to the Lexus/Toyota NAV systems! Give US, your customer, what we desire. Lexus MUST override this annoyance and understand that a Lexus owner is a sophisticated individual that will take their money to another manufacturer.

I'm in sales and this is just not useful but the car is brand new. Hard to justify trading in and losing all that money so I bought a Garmin and i stuck it to the screen I call it the Lexus upgrade.

The phonebook lockout bothers me more than the nav issue. Why is it that you can access your 17 speed dials and that's not a safety issue, but accessing the rest of the phone book becomes a safety issue? That's bullshit! Lexus should own up to the fact that it is simply a poor design issue. The nav and phonebook should have been disclosed prior to the sale. My son's Honda Civic has the best system I've ever used. Go figure!

It's ridiculous and limiting to the consumer. Advanced knowledge would've swayed me to buy a different car.

i want my override and i want it now!

I was also told the override was available and now that I am checking online, I see that it is not for my 2008 IS250 that I just bought last week. This is a huge disappointment.

I hate to stop my car everytime when i need to input in the nag.Once time i also got a accident so now i prefer to uesd my portable nag that more easy to use.If i know that i will not buy this car.

Want a rebate

Should have bought a Garmin instead of this $2000.00 piece of junk. Lexus has no right to do this if other car manufactors are not. It's not like the goverment passed a law against the use. We should be given a rebate for the full cost of it. We just got the new update DVD for 2007 and the streets that have been around for over 2yrs are still not on the DVD. It can\'t even bring us to our home the right way. We have 2007 GS350.

This is stupid feature. I cannot change the destination when needed. The sales person informed about how best the navigation system and overall lexus safety features but did not even utter a word about this problem. Definitely I would not buy another lexus or toyota vehicles. my 45K went down the drain.

We were mislead by the sales person. I think that the sales persons are well trained not to talk about the navigation system lock. We were not aware of the feature being disabled until we finished the deal. We did not buy Acura because the new model was not a touch screen. But could be able to change the destination or POI while the vehicle is in motion. Navigation system was that important for me. Why would anyone buy a navigation system which cannot be used when needed? I would like to reverse this transaction if possible. But it was too late. I did not even have the new car enjoyment until now and when ever I look at the car I feel that Lexus deceived me. I have also called up Lexus immediately and wrote letters explaining how unhappy I am and would like to reverse this transaction. But no response. Next thing I am planning to do is to go to consumer forum. I already got an warning from I-5 interstate trooper for stopping the vehicle on shoulder on a highway. He told me that since I have a good driving record he is giving me warning and told me next time I should take an exit and pull into any parking lot to do so. This so called safety feature by lexus turned to be more dangerous then safety. For Washington state buyers be aware of Lexus sales guys in Lexus of Belevue while you are making a deal. I have already told every one in my company not to buy lexus with navigation system.

I actually own a Prius Hybrid with Nav. but wanted my frustration counted also. I have an older Lexus RX 330 that does have an override, which makes use of the Nav. significantly easier. Toyota MUST fix this problem!

This supposed security feature is actually a real danger. Just take the example of the GSM functions unavailability : During a call, my provider offers me functions that require to dial numbers : it forces me to finally take my cell phone in my hands when driving, and dialing them with nervosity. If an accident occurs, it could be due to this ridiculous security system. Again, all this is ridiculous. Such a nice car with such a silly decision... Too bad... I will never repurchase a Lexus in the future if this is still true.

Please let me know if there is any way i can bypass this on my Lexus GS350 of 2007. I hate driving with this feature. thanks

I would like to know how to unlock navigation rx350 2008 .

Everything that you have stated on this website is exactly how I feel, and what I told my Lexus dealer when I spoke to them. And when I spoke to them, I too was stonewalled. How do I get this rebate? I am in Canada.

We never realized how bad this was until we were on our way home from Florida and had to stop in a not so good place just to find an alternate route so we could make a detour. our $150 tomtom is much better.

If I would have had any idea that the stupid screen would have grayed out before I bought the car then I would not have bought the LS460. I owned BMW before and it was completely open. I could do anything I wanted on the nav/stereo, etc..screen while driving. I was not informed that the car would be crippled at purchase and am very disappointed.

As driver I am the captain of "my ship." Like a pilot of an aircraft, I alone should determine how to best utilize my mechanical resources. I drive in neighborhoods where pulling off the road to adjust my navigation system is an invitation to foul play. On the freeway it is simply idiotic to be stopped just inches away from vehicles moving in excess of 65 mph.

I am really worried about the usage of lexus RX350 NAV , it irrates us when driving.

If you really desperate to drive Lexus with Navi, get lexus and navi separate save yourself $2,300.00. Acura has everything you looking for plus it will recognize your voice too.

I figured there must be a mistake. I undertand the need to have the lockout as default setting, but there's GOT to be an override. They cannot be that foolish.

It's funny how there is still some funtionality when you are moving. I can easily get into an accdident messing with those functions as well. Why not disable the thing! It's really stupid! I should be able to control what I do in my car when it comes to navigation. I have a Garmin Nuvi 360 that allows me to do everything while I'm moving and it was a lot cheaper then the Nav system on my GS350

Geez, get a life! I will be amazed if you publish this, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. OK, it is a minor annoyance, but easy to overcome. Lexus just hid the feature, they did not get rid of it! Follow these simple instructions: While stopped or driving push Menu then Volume then push the top left corner – the bottom left corner and a new menu pops up. Push Overide and hold until a beep sounds. That’s it! You now have all functions needed. Well, almost. You still can’t dial a new number or access your address book if you have Bluetooth until stopped. So can we go back to really important things, like global warming, the war etc??? PS: prove me wrong and post this on your web site for all to see. (Ed. Well, ...that was for the older versions, before 6.1....)

Its more annoying than anything else. If there was a hack I would use it. If there isnt one, I can l;ive with it, but with such an expensive vehicle, we shouldn't have to just live with it.

voice recognition takes too long and to scroll through albums is more distracting than to look at album list,my eyes are looking at the screen 70 times rather than do the math also whats the point of saying gas stations and not being able to choose from them!!

Disabling the function of the navigation system while in motion is a contractual issue. Very simply it violates "fitness of purpose" and "specific performance" issues. When one purchases a navigation system without a written disclaimer regarding the lack of function of the navigation system while driving the system does not fit the purpose of behaving as a navigation system nor does it specifically perform as a navigation system. Lexus could have and should have given each purchaser the option of having an unlocked navigation system provided the purchaser signed a hold harmless agreement should the purchaser be involved in a motor vehicle accident while using the navigation system. It is amazing that the AUDIO, DISPLAY & CLIMATE functions of the system are not "locked out" while the vehicle is in motion. Why are those features less dangerous than the navigation system and telephone systems? As a purchaser of 3 Lexus automobiles and current owner of 2 Lexus automobiles and one Toyata van I will seriously consider purchasing Acura and Infiniti products in the future. My navigation system does not function as a navigation system therefore I feel I am due a refund for the purchase price of the navigation system as the check above.

The main reason we go the Nav is to be used on our vacation trips, but we can't use it while driving - which is most of the time!

It is very frustrating that you can buy a $400 GPS system as an add on and get all the features at any time, but spending nearly $2000 for the Lexus was a waste of money.

just can't believe that you can stick any magellan or garmin in a car and navigate any time you'd like, and they aren't concerned about liablity. why is lexus? I've use my nav only one time in 6 months because of theis limitation

I just turned in my BMW 530 and wanted something new. Was struggling between the Infiniti M35 and the Lexus GS350. BMW has gotten a bad rap because of its I Drive system which people say is complicated. From day one, never had an issue with it. Having multiple issues with the Lexus. Voice commands are limited and always misinterpreted. The Navi system I was told I'd be able to override. Find out now that I can't. If I'm stuck in traffic, I can't ask for an alternate route for 1-whatever miles. So disappointed. Love the way way behind in the audio technology.

I recently bought a 2002 es 300 and the navigation system was the major selling point. I was driving to work and I tried to input an address, this is when I realised that their was a motion lockout. I was pissed and it ruined my mood for the entire day. I had to pull off the road which I thing is even more dangerous in order to enter the address. Lexus needs to fix this, my father has an acura and has no problem with his system. SHAME ON YOU TOYOTA/LEXUS!

I am very disappointed that my new 2007 Lexus SC430 navagation system won't work in motion. I complained to the dealer sevice dept. with only a referal to Lexus concern for my safety. Why don't they just make the car not run without seat belts being connected if safety is such a concern. Had I known of this problem I would have opted to not purchase the navagation option and would have continued to use my Garmin unit.

It's preposterous that I can use an Ipod through the AUX port while in motion, but be locked out of the touch screen. It's preposterous that other car makers allow full use of their systems while in motion, but not Lexus for the Mark Levin. It's preposterous that I can't sign some kind of waiver absolving Lexus from liability for my use of the ML while in motion. Toyota's not allowing full use of the ML is insulting and aggravating. Unbelievable. I can't believe that Lexus will continue to irritate its customers. All it takes is a software update. I shouldn't be forced to buy an aftermarket product to get full, appropriate use of the ML.

This is a bad business decision by Lexus, driven by inept legal advice. Management needs to tell the lawyers that it's their job to help the company get to the right business decision, not to tell the company all the things it can't do. For a company that is so customer-driven, Lexus is really doing itself damage.

Locks are fine if you need them. But there should be a way to disable them just like in ALL comercial GPS systems. I also noticed that the address book for the phone disappears as well as the folder list on the CD player. Come on now. We can't even view a folder list on a CD?? Do Lexus buyers ever have passengers that might be able to use these features without causing the driver to crash? VERY DISAPPOINTED.

utterly frustrating and a very poor reflection on Lexus' attitude towards customer preferences - the reason why I won't buy another Lexus

Lexus is being irresponsible by imposing their will on the consumer. If anything it makes the car more dangerous to have a lockout feature that would force you to slow down or pull off to the side of the road.

give me a break. this is my 6th lexus and now i can't overide this silly feature. i can adjust the radio, temp, sunroof, dvd, but lexus says i can't put in the address for the local wal-mart!

2 problems: The lawyers are protecting Lexus and Toyota by hobbling the car's expensive software system; Lexus and Toyota are marketing without full disclosure.

We have the 2005 RX330 and upgraded the NAV dvd to 6.1 in December... big mistake... I am so missing the override.. My husband & I travel a lot between Mass & Fl (driving) and the passenger always readjusts the nav while we're enroute... not being able to do that now is really a mess for us... Good thing we bought a Garmin hand held for the other vehicle.. we'll be using it now I guess..

This is the most annoying thing out there. I received a portable GPS that I used and loved it so I wanted the same feature in my Lexus!! I am so dissappointed that I spent the extra dollars for something that is useless!! I will tell all my friends about this and discourage anyone who is thinking about buying this feature!!!

2008RX350 with new navigation. Need to find a way to get this to work while driving.

I can rarely use this because the voice recognitin system does not understand me. My passenger can't use it unless I stop. I have to sit in the garage for 5 minutes inputting the address. I should have been warned about this feature.

The inability to use the NAV system when my husband is driving makes me crazy! The voice recognition system stinks. I would like a refund on my NAV system.

I cannot say anything that hasn't already been said...I just feel robbed.

its not right, there should be a choice here,they don't even inform you when your purchasing the vehicle. Of course if lexus wants to disable functions while on drive then at least make the voice recognition better it's third class.. I am very upset.

I much prefer my cheapo Garmin to the Lexus NAV system.

I just bought the car over two weeks ago and already feel like being robed. Compared to the Navigation system on Acura and BMW, which I have personal experience with, the Lexus Navigation seems like a toy. The setup is terrible not to mention the voice command give me an aneurysm each time I use it. And then there is the override. WHY COULDN'T MY PASSENGER USE THE SYSTEM WHEN I AM DRIVING??? That is stupid!!! I would of gotten another car if I knew the Nav suck that much.

I think Lexus should give the option of Nav override to the driver, given that the driver takes full responsibility. They could just do the fine prints at Nav start-up and use an 'agree' button to accept the terms. That's what Garmin does.

I first drove and was considering purchasing a used 2006 GX470 and the salesman told me the 2007 model navigation was so far superior, with better screen and functions and that it was a much better product for me and my business, which is real estate. I listened and instead bought the 2007 GX470 model... and what a total pain this navigation system has been!!! I have tried everything to get it to work while I have a car full of people, which of course means, I have to use the voice activation system. Imagine the embarrasment when I am trying to tell the car where I want to go and in order to get it to understand or hear me I have to speak louder than the passengers, then when I say the state, city, street etc..the system says random and strange things.. which makes everyone in the car stop talking and start laughing! Meanwhile, I am no closer to finding the next address. Now I have to pull over to the side of the road in order to continue the property address search, and even with manual input the system is not user friendly in the least! I can not believe the salesman would 'sell' me this car with this ridiculous system that is nothing short of Archaic! My 2002 BMW 530i has a far superior navigation system, and the world of navigation has come light years since I bought that car 6 Years ago! I feel like I was totally taken advantage of by Lexus! I now have a car I hate using for business because the things I paid extra money for don't work properly. I have no other choice but to sell it, with only 4000K miles on it. What a rip off!!!!

wasted technology

need driver frendly and easy to oprate stoping to set is dangerous in unknown place

I am very disappointed with the ES350 navigation system. I have a much less expensive Garmin Nuvi 660(with a much more up-to-date database) that will do circles around it. Garmin has a disclaimer when the unit powers up. You acknowledge it and move on. Why can't Lexus do the same?

Was told by the dealer that an override was available over the internet. The nav system override should at the very least be available when someone is in the passenger seat. I can't believe how controlling lexus is. I hate the Nav system and the bluetooth. When you use the voice commands, it does not always work, waitng for the system to repeat your command and verify takes so long. We want the Nav override back or at least 3/4 of the price of the Nav back because 3/4 of it is useless when driving.

In Nevada it is dangerous (and sometimes illegal) to stop in a highway if you do not have an emergency.

Another solution would be to enable the Navigation/Phone as an optional setting just like the other customized settings available.

Why can I be trusted to drive a car but not use the electronics provided in the car??? More importantly, why can't my PASSENGER use the nav system while I am driving?!?! Please let me know the steps to receive a rebate! I had a 7 year old nav system from Alpine that was better. I just bought my wife a Garmin Nav system that is better... this new policy is insane.

I was told that the override feature was availble in a software update by the dealership and that all cars come without this, but they are easily changed. "Hennessey Lexus, Atlanta, GA

This feature drives me insane, I would have not bought the car had I knew it had this limitation. I do not need this hassle with a $50,000 car

My wife has a 5 year old Garmin Streetpilot that is more functional than the 2007 Lexus navigation.

I think Lexus should give the option of Nav override to the driver, given that the driver takes full responsibility. They could just do the fine prints at Nav start-up and use an 'agree' button to accept the terms. That's what Garmin does.

I'm putting the purchase of a Lexus I-f on hold.

You can mess with the radio, telephone(to a point), and just about everything else, but you can't look for a restaurant without stopping the damn car. Have had the car a it, except for this.

I was misled by our dealer re- override.. No talking inside the car is next??? "Call Garmin for the 'write' address"

My family also has a 07 Prius - The NAV has GOT TO BE FIXED

I was never told about the Nav when I bought the car. Very upset.

Very poor decision by Lexus. We owned a Lexus RX300 (without NAV) and were very happy with the nex 400H. Happy, that is, until we found the NAV system was basically useless. It is more of a safety hazzard to stop at a red light longer than than necessary (i.e. light goes green) just so you can finish inputting all of the information for the destination.

very weird that just lexus among the other rivals of luxury cars does not allow navigation while driving!

Why is Lexus the most behind on technology? My old Mercedes allowed me to input in stop and go traffic, why won't the Lexus?

need override function to safely make entries by passenger.

This issue could be solved so simply. Lexus could completely remove the limitation on the navigation system simply by having the vehicle purchaser sign a document that stipulates driver use of the navigation system while the vehicle is in motion is dangerous and could lead to accident or death and that the vehicle purchaser understands this and will not hold Lexus Motor Corp or any of its subsidiaries responsible should accident occur as a result of driver use of the navigation system while the vehicle is in motion. I am sure that Lexus legal could produce an iron clad document that would remove all liability from Lexus for driver use of the navigation system. Why the company has not figured this out is ridiculous to me. Anyhow, just my 2 cents worth.

Still waiting for to come up with something for the 2007 RX400h with standard radio and NAV. Garmin 750 is far better.

How much of a warning do you require! it gives that warning message every time you start the car. It should be far more accessible than it is currently.

no override - i would have passed on the option. its worthless and dangerous as now i have to pull over to enter into the nav system. its bs and should have been explained to me.

The navigation system is simply useless! Whats the reason for getting navigation if you can't even use it 90 percent of the time? i wish i never even bought this car and got a acura TL instead since you can use the navigation and drive at the same time. This safety feature is just ridiculous!! Maybe i have a passenger who can type in my destination for me while im driving how bout that? Definitely such a waste of my money for a useless system.. now i know next time i should go for an acura instead of a overpriced lexus..

I NEVER would have got another Lexus had I known the override was gone. I asked the dealer when I bought the car if the override still existed and was told it was. If a passenger is in the car, there is NO reason to disable most of the Nav and phone functions. This will be my last Lexus

i just hate that you cant do many things while on the road. even more annoying when you have a passenger and that person cant change a thing, pretty bad choice by lexus

I couldn't be more disappointed with the crippling of a product and not listening to those using it. I'll definitely recommend people away from any manufacturer that does this.

I found out about this on the test drive and it was very, very close to a deal breaker for me. I really wanted to backup camera and you have to get the Nav system to get that. But it really sours me on Lexus in general. I agree with most of the comments that it is probably less safe or at a minimum it should be activated if someone is in the passenger seat. I don't have time, but I would be delighted if you guys put together a class action law suit.

My passenger should have access to the Navigation and phone system while I am driving. Also, I do not like to have to park my car to change my destination. It is more dangerous for me to look for my cell phone in my purse and dial from my cell phone - I should be able to dial straight from the navigation screen while the car is in motion.

Very unhappy with the size of the car but mostly the navigation and bluetooth phone capabilities. My phone is never clear to others that I speak to so i never use the phone capablilities anymore I opt for a bluetooth ear piece and my navigations was not worth the purchase of the car which Is the main reason why i purchased this car (for voice navigation) It doesn't work. When you want to go to the nearest gas station you don't even have the ability while driving to take a peek at the list of options. The worst navigation system I have ever owned.

I bought my car with the knowledge that the gps system was voice activated to avoid problems with entering data while driving. This does not work at all to any satisfaction in my book. I hate the GPS System. I struggle everytime i try to find an address even when the car is not in motion. There are many times where I have a passenger and we are trying to find a location while on the freeway and cannot pull over to plug in information. I hand my phone over to my child to put directions in my phone gps system. I shouldn't need to have a backup gps system. passengers should be allowed to enter in gps location while I am driving. This would be so much safer than having to resort to looking at a map while driving or trying to input info into a phone etc or having to purchase an external gps system just so that these options are available. We looked into replacing the gps in my lexus less than a year of owning it. This is not an option without having to rewire everything. The GPS System in the Lexus is the worst investment in a high quality car such as a lexus. We are now looking for other options.

It's an annoyance that I can't allow my passenger to search for places and add them to our route while I'm driving. I understand why the driver shouldn't be allowed to mess with the screen while they're driving, but the passenger ought to be able to.

I'm sure Lexus assumes you should use the Voice system but that is really not a very intuitive system. It can take more time trying to say the right thing than just pressing a couple buttons and finding what you want. I would at least like the option to turn off the lockout and assume my own liability for doing so.

Words cannot express how frustrating it is to have a PASSANGER sitting in the front passanger seat with nothing to do . . . and yet they cannot input directions or operate the stupid navigation system because it will not work when the vehicle is in motion. It is crazy. My Honda's navigation system works great and has no such silly motion-shutoff system. I would never have bought the navigation if I'd known it could not be used while the vehicle is in motion. In fact, due to the motion-shutoff, I never use the navigation. This is the most irrating thing I have ever experienced in a car!!! That's how annoying it is. (Ed: That is how I feel too and it is one reason I am continuing the fight for current and future owners.)

I actually asked the salesperson if the navigation could be overriden, and he said that it could. In fact, he told me to go to and it would tell me how to do it. Of course, that website says it's impossible and pointed me to this website. Go figure!

I just got off the phone with Lexus. I had returned the $500 service credit they sent me and indicated I wanted the same compensation that you received (same issue = same compensation). They flatly refused! If you ever really do set up a booth at a car show, please let me know so I can help! Also, LexusIsNotMyMother t-shirts would be nice. I would gladly wear one at the NY auto show this spring. ( Ed: We are looking at other ways to increase awareness of the issues surrounding the Lexus Navigation system.)

Was not aware of this NAV issue prior to lease. Was hesitant in purchasing the NAV upgrade to begin with. Was NEVER told by the salesman of this major limitation with the NAV. Would not have bought the car had I known. Will be turning the car back in from lease ASAP and will NOT be getting another Toyota product.

i think that the navigation is worthless now considering you cant even use it 80 percent of the time because you are driving. being only 19 i could only afford a IS250 (18 when i bought it) and i wanted the navigation when instead i could have gotten a IS350 base model with no navigation. i feel like i have been completely ripped off for a useless system that doesnt even work while im driving. lexus needs to act on this for any new cars that are coming out because this safety feature makes this navigation useless.. why do mercedez, bmw, and also acura alow you to use the navigation and lexus does not? i wish i could go back in time if i knew about this so i could have made the right choice and got a 350 with no navi cause it would have been the same as my 250 with nav. its useless!

The Lexus Nav system is useless.Not only that you can't set up while driving it has the worst user interface I've seen for sometime.Lexus should fix the issue and provide a free upgrade for the Nav system for a much better user interface.Also the map view is lacking street should learn something from for mobile phones , I use it on my $250 cell phone and it bits the Lexus Nav by 10 fold !!! Buy yourself a GRMIN nav unit for $300 and don't spend your energy on the Lexus NAV, its USELESS !!!!

My story is a bit different in that I didn’t buy an ES350 last year (2007) especially because of the NAV override issue. I think that the ES is a really cool car, but it’s a bit stupid that you have to stop to set a new course on the NAV. Instead I just purchased an Acura, and in the long run think it was the best decision! Consumers have a chose in what they buy and for me I exercised the correct option.

It is incredibly annoying to have the phone and nav shut off. The voice recognition is totally useless and does not work.

I rented a Volvo in Europe last week and could change the navigation on the fly -- and did several times. I had pretty much quit using my Lexus navigation because of this problem.

I can't believe they have done this. It was working before and due to a TSB and a non working GPS receiver they upgraded my DVD software without telling me and came back with a system that does not work to its full potential.

I considered BMW750, MB S550 before I purchased my Lexus LS460. I was greatly disappointed when I realized that a $350 Garmin 360 has more functionality and use than my fancy $3000 state of the art POS navigation system. I speak with an accent so speech recognition is out for me. And even when speech recognition works it only covers address search, what about POIs? If Toyota is so worried about possible law suits, I suggest removing engines from their cars, so people do not drive too fast. Or perhaps shut off the engine as soon as driver begins a conversation with a passenger as to avoid distractions... Some dumb a.. Attorney came up with this policy, probably one of those people who come up with ridiculous warnings on condom packages. By the way, my own home address is not even found on those maps, when I asked for an updated map, I was asked to cough up $325!!! As if that system is so great that it\'s worth that much. It only cost $69 to update a Garmin unit. I just paid 74K for this garbage and my car knows better what I should or should not do? I did call Lexus and demand the refund for the NAV system, of course I got nothing. Anyway, I am on the market for another luxury vehicle right now, and only 6 months ago I was certain that both of my new cars would be Lexus -- NO WAY IN HELL, am I buying another Lexus until this is taken care of. Too bad, it\'s a great car otherwise...

This goes along with the inferior blue tooth and satellite radio systems.

I just purchased my 08 IS350 on New years Eve. Wish I would have known about these issues before signing the check. I really could have gotten the same funtionality from installing some X-Mas lights or something on my dashboard. The moving pictures are cool, but useful? I say not. I am very disappointed to have learned that my $3000 navigation unit is about as good as introducing my picture of Pam Anderson to my buddies! Looks great, but sorry guys you really dropped the ball on this one! Garmin Nuvi here I come!

I wish I had done more research and bought the CLS by MB.

The screen lock is so frustrating! Not even my passengers can access it while the car is in motion.

The one feature I considered mandatory was a good functioning Nav system. When I found out there is no override and I cannot use the nav while driving I felt sick. The times I need directions most are when I am driving and need to find the next location I am going to. In LA it is more dangerous to pull over to program a nav than it is to be able to input a destination while driving so I don't agree with the "legal" decision. The voice function is a joke--I tell it "Indian" for Indian food, it displays "Courthouses." Coincidence?

Bad decision by Lexus. Fix the problem or I will sell the car. This is not a threat because I will selll the car.

How can I go about getting a rebate/refund?

The issue of not being able to override the nav system motion lock is a major hassle from day 1. We purchased the car and immediately took a road trip. For 25 miles, we tried to use the nav system while in route. passenger operating the nav system. After 30 mins of struggle, we called the dealer who informed us that there was no possible way to override the system lockout. We might have purchased the vehicle if we had known but we definately would not have spent the big bucks for the onboard nav system. It is a huge pain in the butt.

I would not have bought the navigation system if I had known this. I have been using a Garmin for over 5 years and the lockout is easily overriden. By the way the Garmin has better routeing, has a traffic option, POI directory is more complete and is faster. But the Lexus has nicer graphics.

Very upset that I'm unable to select such things as previous destination from the Nav Menu or select from a list of local restaurants, etc. What a joke. I just spent close to 40K for a car that I have to pull over on the side of the road to use the Navigation system.

My mom has a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid. The screen override method works on her navigation system, however, if she ever upgrades to a newer nav disc, I fear it may not work anymore. My father had a 2005 Acura TL that he loved at the time because he or a passenger could enter stuff into the navigation system while it was moving. Prior to him buying his new 2008 Lexus GS, I found out how to override the navigation system on my mom's '07 Camry. He was happy about this because the Lexus dealership said his '08 GS had the same nav system as the '07 GS. So we figured that this would be the same one as my mom's '07 Camry nav. Not true! The nav override does not work on '08 or '07 GS's as I have now found proof of on your site. We are not willing to cut any wires or do anything that would void the warranty. My father loves his new Lexus all around except for the navigation issue. The best thing for us would be to have Lexus offer new disc's that reinstate the navigation override. I don't see what the big problem is. I think most people on this forum would gladly even sign a waiver saying they would not hold Toyota/Lexus liable for any accident/damages done to the vehicle while using the nav in motion. Or at least they could have some sort of directional buttons on the steering wheel that work when the car is in motion (The Acura RL has this).

Pulling over the curb and stopping on the road just for entering the address is dangerous and very inconvenient. The option to enter address on the fly is even more distracted and counterproductive. I tried a Garmin NAV on a Hertz rental sedan and see it is so much easier to navigate than the Lexus's thousand dollars NAV system just because of the capability being locked! I was disappointed upon learning this restriction on my very first and most expensive car of my life thus far. I admire your effort and will do what I can to help your cause . Please keep me update on how to override this stupid lock !

Lexus is the only manufacter that doesn't allow the use of the nav and dvd function while the car is in motion. What's the point of having the nav system when you can't input a request without pulling over to the side of the freeway and putting the brake on. It's ridiculous. Lexus need to listen their customers wishes.

Just fix the problem.

It should automatically override if the passanger seat is being used just like the seat belt alarm. I end up using a garmin instead of the very expensive nav that came with the car. Ridiculous.

Makes the whole nav. system worthless

This attorney says the blocks present an even greater danger to drivers, passengers and others. Lexus really screwed the pooch on this one. I tell everyone who'll listen to consider another brand.

I was not told that upgrading to the newest edition would remove my original override feature. I feel like I down graded for $400!

The navigation system is there to help me to find the places. Taking away the functionality of the navigation should not be the choice of the car manufacturer.

Shortly after acquiring my 2007 LX470, I had a call from a hospital in San Luis Obispo, where my son attends college. He had a seizure during class and was transported to the ER by the paramedics. I live 4.5 hours away from SLO and left right away. I did not know where the hospital was, but was comforted by the knowledge that I had the GPS system. I tried tom use the system while on the highway (granted-I was exceeding the speed limit by a significant amount). It would not work. I called Lexus by pressing the button on the steering wheel and it worked, but I was told that I could not use the navigation system while the car was moving. I couldn't believe it. The one time I needed it, when I didn't want to stop for directions, I couldn't. What a huge waste of money. There is little point in having a nav system that requires you to pull over to get directions. I absolutely will not get another Lexus. BTW, my son had brain surgery in the summer and is doing fine. I told the surgeon not to buy a Lexus.

I feel ripped off. Let me use what I paid for.

I find this ability to not able to access the navigation menu while in motion is huge annoyance as even though I have a passenger they should be able to input our new destination. If I had know about this I would have not put this car in my choices. I am very frustrated as it has been already eight months I had to deal with this annoyance and I am thinking about maybe just buying a third-party navigation to use instead.

I find this ability to not able to access the navigation menu while in motion is huge annoyance as even though I have a passenger they should be able to input our new destination. If I had know about this I would have not put this car in my choices. I am very frustrated as it has been already eight months I had to deal with this annoyance and I am thinking about maybe just buying a third-party navigation to use instead.

I won't buy another Lexus or Toyota product because of this. I'll be back to Acura as soon as they release a hybrid. I've driven vehicles with NAV packages for 7 years and I've never been so aggravated as I am now. The more you try to use it, the worst the experience becomes. They should FIRE everyone associated with the NAV/phone development. Terrible, just terrible ergonomics!

The "lockout" problem with my '07 LS 460 continues. The shop forman at my local Lexus dealer told me to try the "Speech Command System" for entering a destination while the car is moving. Yes, this did work....but was totaly unsatisfactory. I think that the speech command technology is not sufficently advanced for marketing to the public. While using it I kept tinking "what a piece-of-sh-t." I believe that there is no law against entering the destination while the car is moving. I went to my local Mercedes dealer, and they assured me that their S 550 will allow you to do this. I contacted a local high end auto audio/nav installation company and the manager said that all of the cars manfactures that have the speech command type of technologhy have a problem. The technology is just not there yet.

A royal pain in the rear!

If the ability to input information to the ES 350 Navigation system while the car is moving is such a major legal issue, then give us a choice when the car is purchased, and if we choose to have the system work while in motion, require a hold-harmless statement. In the meantime, develop a "fix" for those of us who want all functions of the system to operate while moving.

My wife and I could not believe that navigation is inoperable while driving. I thought for sure there would be a way to unlock the navigation to actually make it useful. Navigation was a must in my new car but I want navigation that always works. This is horrible. I feel suckered.

My wife and I could not believe that navigation is inoperable while driving. I thought for sure there would be a way to unlock the navigation to actually make it useful. Navigation was a must in my new car but I want navigation that always works. This is horrible. I feel suckered.

I feel ripped off. Let me use what I paid for.

I am extremely dissatisfied with Lexus upon learning that the Navigation Hack to allow me to use the touch screen while driving would not work in my 2008 Lexus RX400h. It totally cripples the ease of use I've come to expect from stand-alone systems like the Garmin Street Pilot 2820. Having to pull over to be able to search for a new destination has caused much frustration. Just yesterday, while out on a day trip with my family, my passenger could have easily looked up the destination we were looking for while I drove. Instead, we missed several turns and wasted a lot of time trying to find a safe place to pull over. The navigation system MUST allow use while the vehicle is in motion to be worth using! Again, I am very dissatisfied, and would have thought long and hard about my purchase of the Rx400h had I known about this BEFORE the purchase!

My wife ALWAYS used our Nuvi when I am driving and I always used when she was driving. Now, after spending >2500 for a navigation system, we can't use it. Having my wife use the system for me is SAFER than the alternatives that Lexus has FORCED ON ME! Slogans - pick any of the competitors slogans. They seem to be fine with me! I have a bumper sticker on my car: "I'll Never Buy Another Lexus" and under it, Keep up the fight!

I own a 1990 LS 400 and a 2004 LS 430 and thanks to your activity I delay buying a newer one until override is back or hack loading.kwi is approved for LS 460/600 models, see

What pisses me off even more than not being able to override the GPS is the fact that my "Lexpod" iPod interface (made by is also hobbled by the same safety feature that hobbles the GPS. The manufacturer of the Lexpod told me about the hack that will make it work right but I can't find one for my 2008 RX350! Neither Lexus, nor the seller or manufacturer of the Lexpod can or seems willing or able to help with this problem.

My $600 Garmin Nuvi is way more useful than this POS! We have an '07 RX400h, and the lawyers have destroyed this well engineered vehicle. The voice recognition feature sucks as well.

This is the first of many nav systems i have owned that does not give the user an option to use it while in motion. What could be wrong for a passenger to use it? Lexus - ridiculous!

When I bought the car I assumed you would be able to program the nav while in motion. Worst case the passenger could do it. I traded in my Acura to get my Lexus, and I could program in motion. I was shocked to find out I couldn't. It is a major inconvenience not to be able to do it and I can state without hesitation that I would never buy this car again. I tell everyone who asks not to buy the car because of this.

after 13 bmw's i made the switch to lexus... the ride is great and having the 400h hybrid is a wonderfully new experience... yet, not being able to switch or change directions while driving is highly annoying... pretty sure that the next three years will be more bothersome as i had anticipated... there must be an inexpensive fix to this... i urge lexus to make this fix available BEFORE the 2009 model...

It is the most useless and compromised system available at any cost. It is a sales gimick and not a useful tool. A total waste of money.

Please contact me if anyone starts a class action law suit. This was gross misrepresentation

I find this a major inconvenience. I hope something ci done about this soon. The legal analyst who encouraged the nav programers to discontinue the overide needs his head examined. Are there statistics? Have they been sued because someone had an accident while ... If someone is sitting in the passenger seat usning the nav what is the problem?

LexSucks - This is really annoying that when you need it the most it is not available. If I have to stop to use it I might as well stop at a gas station and ask directions. I can not believe that I am going to have to get a Garmin.

I am driving in my car all day. This feature is crazy, I can't even search for a POI while the car is moving.

This is the 3rd Lexus I have owned and although I think the vehicle is greatly improved over its predecessors it is ridiculous that Lexus does not allow the override. Why not just have buyers sign a waiver at purchase (which conveys to future purchasers of the vehicle) that stipulates that the purchaser releases Lexus from any liability associated with use of the navigation system and that the purchaser uses the navigation system at his or her own risk. In addition, Lexus should refuse to sell any vehicle with a navigation system to a potential buyer who refuses to sign said document. This would absolve Lexus of associated liability and make a lot of people a lot happier. Isn't the very act of driving dangerous? If Lexus is so concerned with liability then why doesn't Lexus make drivers of its vehicles press a button releasing Lexus of liability each time the vehicle is started. This is just plain stupidity and pig headedness on the part of Lexus' legal department because there are so many easy ways to minimize liability and at the same time keep customers happy.

Let the customer decide what they want. Why not have a switch built into the system. If the customer wants to override, then that is their choice.

It is absurd that Lexus insists on forcing its will on the customer in this way while other car manufacturers have no issue enabling these features while the car is moving! Listen to the customer!

It is absurd that Lexus insists on forcing its will on the customer in this way while other car manufacturers have no issue enabling these features while the car is moving! Listen to the customer!

Lexus really missed the boat on this one. The system is tough enough when parked. I have used a Garmin Nuvi the past year, which is more robust than the GPS purchased with a $40k car. They really need to consider scrapping the whole unit for technology that exist in the marketplace today.

To be locked out of the Noav in ALL cases while the car is moving seems to severe. There should be the allowed use with a front passenger in my opinion.

My passenger should be allowed to program the NAV system while we're driving. Disabling this is simply ignoring the customer's wishes & needs. I expect this attitude from an arrogant German manufacturer, but not from Lexus. This is a big disappointment.

I was told there was override capability!!

I am disturbed by Lexus' apparent disregard for consumer complaints. They are the only luxury company that has this feature and intentional or not, they did a miserable job comminicating the limitation. There is an easy compromise that seems like a no-brainer. Lexus already senses the presenceof a passenger for the airbag - why not just allow in-motion navigation if there is a passenger present? While not perfect, it would be an attempt to satisfy a growing group of angry customers. I will not buy another Lexus, even if they change this in future years. The only exception is if they allow some sort of override for my 2007 but I've already lost a full year of use.

It is really frustrating when you cannot operate your NAV system while in motion. In my view, it practically shuts down the Navigation system use. No other luxury cars other than Lexus has this limitation. This makes me think that one specifc moron has thought of this idea and implemented this. In my opinion, they should freely distribute the \"unlock\" code and let people make their choice. It is like saying, "For safety reasons, the car cannot be accelerated beyond the maximum speeding limit (65 mph)". I am not very happy with this limitation.

Would like override of Nav. system when car is in motion

I did NOT BUY because I heard about this! Honda/Acura got my business instead

I have a 2007 LS-460L, and hate the fact that I have to stop the car before I can use any of the controls.

As an Airline and Military pilot, I feel I'm responsible enough to decide for myself if I want to program the Nav system while in motion. Lexus doesn't need to make that decision for me. Lexus needs to catch up with the rest of the auto industry and fix this problem.

It is extremely annoying when the need to change the destination address is not accessable to even the passenger. Also the need tp review POI's are also disabled. Along with the redicules charge for software updates, Iwould not have purchased a lexus had I known anuy of these features were not available while the vehicle is in motion. I also find it rather annoying to require a selection oof English or French on vehicles startup.

Had I know that the navigation system was not are user friendly as the system used in the Acura, I would have never added the system to the car. I would have simply purchased a system after market that worked the way I expect it to work. Now I'm STUCK with a 2008 RX350

i hate how i have to pull over everytime i want to enter a dest. it really takes the point out of the whole system.

It is extremely annoying when the need to change the destination address is not accessable to even the passenger. Also the need tp review POI's are also disabled. Along with the redicules charge for software updates, I would not have purchased a lexus had I known anuy of these features were not available while the vehicle is in motion. I also find it rather annoying to require a selection of English or French on vehicles startup.

Had I know that the navigation system was not are user friendly as the system used in the Acura, I would have never added the system to the car. I would have simply purchased a system after market that worked the way I expect it to work. Now I'm STUCK with a 2008 RX350

i hate how i have to pull over everytime i want to enter a dest. it really takes the point out of the whole system.


It will show me the radio presets, but won't show the detail or folders for the mp3 music cd. That's just stupid and annoying

I recently spent $300 to 'upgrade' the navigation DVD in my RX, only to find that the system no longer functions as it did. The suggestion that Lexus might somehow have a liability for people getting in accidents after then have deliberately gone through a process involving six clicks and a button hold is preposterous; the user clearly knew what they were doing. If they really think that it's a liability issue then they should display a disclaimer and require further positive action before proceeding. Lexus should fix the software, perhaps adding a disclaimer screen, and they should give free upgrades to all the customers who ask for one.

I called Consumer Reports identified myself indicating that I was a suscriber, and was calling with regard to their up coming review of the 2007 LS460. I rdetailed all of the issues related to the nav system, the poor voice regognition, and prohibition of phone use while moving. The person was very personable and let me have all the time needed to explain the details. However, when I concluded she took a moment indcating that she was checking thier data base and that I was the first call on record expressing dissatisfaction with an LS460but she would include my comments inthe records, I was stunned. It seems Mother Lexus would rather haav you looking down at your bluetooth handheld to input your number than glance at the large numbers on their screen. Where is the liability rational they purport to be concerned about. The same issue applies to the GPS available on the handheld. (Ed: C.R. received calls from many other people before the LExus 460 review was done- mainly by people from here who wanted potential buyers to be informed before they buy. But, alas....)

I never had a car that you could not use the nav system while moving. Some of us can do more than one thing at a time.

The current system is more dangerous. I find myself spending a lot more time trying to find information that is blanked out. Speed dial is a good example: lit blanks out the telephone numbers so if you have 3 numbers for the same person, you don't know which one you are calling. I too have pulled over on a busy road to get the damn thing to work. Lexus needs to fix this on EXISTING vehicles. It is a major flaw in my almost flawless LS460L. By the way, behaviour like this is what killed GM. They too used to be a great company until they let the lawyers and accountants run the company.

I wouldn't have traded in my '05 for the '07 :(

nav system sucks

It displays a complete lack of forethought and good sense.

This is perhaps the only thing that annoys me in my car.Everything else about my ES350 is nothing short of amazing and I am glad I brought this car.. That being said, It is horrible to find that you cannot enter an address while the car is in motion.It is not Lexus's responsibility to tell us how to use a Navigation System. And for those idiots who advised Lexus to put in this irritating lock on the NAV to reduce liability, I say this "Imagine I am driving on I-95 and need to enter a destination /hell... even find the nearest Dunkin.....and I can't do that coz of the Nav Lock I pull over onto the shoulder and try to input the destination when an asshole on the right lane who is just learning to drive or is drunk strays right and hits my car ...causing damage and injuries"... Guess who get sued then....

This is a huge disapointment. I already tell everyone I meet to steer away from Lexus/Toyota due to this MAJOR inconvenience.

This sucks, if had known I would never bought the car.

just another big brother you don't need.

People can still get into an accident by looking at and using the unlocked controls. Adding the destination button will allow passengers to input information, instead of pulling over, and possibly getting killed by oncoming traffic, from behind.


This is my first car with a navigation system, I thought that this was standard....until I was in my friend's Audi and realized they didn't have the same limitation. Now I am really miffed, it is a huge inconvenience, especially when there is a passenger!

It is completely unacceptable that a DRIVING AID is disabled when you are DRIVING! Duh! And isn't it obvious to Lexus that Acura, Honda, BMW, M-B, etal drivers aren't dying in droves and/or suing these mfr's in equal droves because of accidents while using their navi units? These mfr's have proven that drivers can drive and operate simple systems like this without careening into other cars or smashing into bridge abutments. They're no more distracting to a driver than a CD player, A/C controls, satellite radio, or any of dozens of other activities NOT disabled by Lexus. We pay thousands of dollars for these systems and they disable them so we can't use them for their intended purpose??? Sounds like a denial of service to me!

I am not happy with this feature

I just want to use all the features while driving down the road!

Lexus needs to listen to their customers on this issue. A lot of people are upset including me.

I traded in my Bmw Z4M for a brand new Lexus rx400h. I very satisfied with the car EXCEPT with the part that i can´t put in a address while I'm driving. They could at least have put in a sensor in the passenger seat so that if I have a passenger, the can put in a address. With my Bmw i never had this problem...

I formerly had a Nissan Murano which would not allow me to input information while driving. I assumed that all vehicles worked that way. When I purchased my 2008 Lexus RX 350, I was surprised to learn that prior models did allow for the navigation override. While I feel it is safer not to input information while driving, I could never understand why the passenger in the front seat could not do so.

Why is it that the Honda lawyers know more than the Toyota lawyers about what is safe and what isn't? Not being able to plug in addresses as we drive is a major problem for my wife and I who are in the Real Estate business and often show houses together. One person drives, the other puts in the information in the Nav system. Or, at least we did when we had our Acura.

Kill Lexus Engineers ! (Ed: Actually, I think the legal department is the offending entity. To paraphrase "Engineering design, by the attorneys for the people must perish from this earth")

This is absurd that they don't let the passenger use the system. I just upgrade the DVD to the 7.1 version and did not realize Iwould lose the Override capability. I am going to try to "down rev" to my previous version. Not sure if that is allowable. If not, back to the dealer! This stinks!!!

Why just Lexus - what makes them different that they feel the need to enforce their standard of driving responsibility. Why do they let their vehicles speed - thats unsafe?

It is sooo dangerous to stop and use Nav!! I was told by the dealer that there was an override for 07 nav.....Not True!! (Ed: That was my experience too. Unfortunately falsehoods do not seem to be covered by the Dispute Resolution Center.)

Let me decide.

this is not fair, give me my freedom back.

It is sometimes very unsafe having to pull over so the passenger can get info from the navigation system. Lexus - please restore the override.

This is again an example of the legal profession messing with our lives and ruining good technology. I think a web campaign urging the public to look at other cars instead of Lexus is not out of order. I personally am tired of big brother watching me.

Misleading marketing statements about this GPS system are extremely disappointing. My handheld $299 Garmin works better than this expensive unit. Lexus should work diligently to let the consumer decide how/when to choose to access the system. Upgrades to a fix should be FREE! Why have disgruntled car owners across the country not been able to generate a response from Lexus on this subject? If anyone knows a work-around for an 06 IS 250 - please... I am frustrated at the Blue Tooth phone's limited capability while driving as well.

It should have been explained.

If other companies do it why can't lexus, I mess with my stereo, txt on my phone and the car doesn't stop me from doing this while in motion so what is the difference. I am aware of the hazards and just want to use my navigation!!!

I had a Mercedes Benz previously and I'm considering trading my Lexus because its deficient Nav. I repeat, I despise the NAV on my Lexus. I completely agree that it is more dangerous the way it is configured than allowing you to change it while moving. They need to add the override option back. My next car won't be a Lexus unless they do. Every time I get in my car and I try to use it I become enraged at the stupidity of it. For anyone who's used another NAV system in a different car they'd know how useless and reckless the current Lexus system is.


We bought this car for the toys and they don't work. $70 f*cking K and we can't use the system like we want.

Lexus will seriously address this GPS lockout problem when it "becomes big enough", when the media like the Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports magazine etc make this problem known and it starts to hurt sales. Our job is to make the problem "big enough" With all the unemployed lawyers in California we might think about hiring one or two to start a "much publicised" class action law suite. Nothing gets action like a consumer oriented suite against a large manfacturer, especially when it appears in the Los Angeles Times or New York Times. The law schools, like Hasting, USC, UCLA McGeorge etc are full of 3rd year law students chomping at the bit to sink their teeth into a big project....especially if it involves a high visibility company like Lexus. J C (Ed: Well, we have more than 500people signed up here. I think it might be time to start a little guerrilla internet activity. I am open to your thoughts, but a booth at one of the car shows might be a start.)

I will not purchase another Lexus until an override exists.

find an override

I prefer to use my Garmin portable unit. I wasted the extra money on the nav system. My Wife and I almost allways travel together. they should have a sensor in the passenger seat. that allows Nav. use when moving.

I intensely dislike the 2007 LS 460's GPS system that I have. The "lock out" feature on the destination function is a "not-to-buy" reason for looking somewhere else for a car. The Boeing 737 that I used to fly was MUCH more user friendly than this Lexus GPS abortion. JC, USAirways (Ret)

It bothers me that Lexus is telling me what I can and can not do. If you spend 50K on an car - you should not have to deal with this crap. My Acura allowed Navi use "on the fly" and now I have to change my habits with the new car. How about passengers who want to use the Navi during driving...what's wrong with that? I would not have bought the car if I had known.

This site has done an excellent job at consolidating many of the disadvantages of this lock out. At times I forget the system is in the vehicle because it is so useless when driving. not sure if has been mentioned as an alternative: override if there is a passenger. The passenger seat is already pressure sensitive enough to sound the seatbelt alarm. It would seem logical to override the system under the presumption that the passenger would be manipulating the navigation system - simple break down of pilot and co-pilot duties.

It is very intrusive when you have a passenger and you have to pull over in the middle of the night to use your $3000 navigation. If anything, when the seat recognizes a person in the passenger seat and activates the airbag, it should override the limitations on the navigation.

Guess I should have not gotten the navigation system in the Lexus and just bought a Garman for $300.


Please provide an override solution.

It's more dangerous to be lost and looking at the map while driving than to be able to punch in an address while moving. Why can't my passenger do it? They already know that there's someone in the seat or not (seat belt buzzer) -- just make that the safety.

Feel very cheated

Paying nearly £3k extra for a system that doesn't work as it should is painful. We should all demand our money back as the system is not of merchantable quality, i.e. it doesn't do what it says on the box!

All other cars have the option. Consider passengers, is it unsafe for them to navigate the vehical. It is stupid to allow people to operate the radio but not the nav system while driving.

I was so frustrated with the Lexus Nav system on my '07 RX 350 that I bought a Garmin Nuvi 660 for $500. I use the Garmin most of the time. The directions are superior in my opinion, mainly because it gives a voice command to "turn right on Main St. etc." rather than just "turn right in 1/4 mi. etc." I like the bluetooth connection for my cellphone, however, I can't input numbers, such as the pin# to retrieve voicemail, so I have to have the cellphone mounted on the dash for that. It's nice that I could upload my cellphone phonebook, but I can't use the phonebook without pulling over and stopping, what's the use?.. This will certainly be a deal breaker when it comes time to trade. (Ed: You may have also noticed that a Bluetooth phone call disables the whole navigation system. If you don't hang up, you no longer have a map or directions! Insane! )

stupid to have to stop in an emergency to go to a hospital or to find food or gas....let us sign a waiver and give us the ablility to make our own decision...if they take the ability to change the navigation system, why let us talk on a cell phone..doesnt make sense.

I feel I should be getting a refund for this feature as this is absolutely useless and is more dangerous to my safety and passangers riding with me. I would - 1. Have Lexus recall the vehicles and resolve this dangerous problem 2. If above is not possible, then reimburse the money I paid for the Navigation System

If I would have known limitations prior purchasing, I would have purchased a different vehicle. Not only inconvenient, but feel that sometimes having to pull over to the side of the road to make changes is just as dangerous. If you have a passenger, what difference does it make.

In addition to the nav issue it seems irrational that you cannot access your entire phonebook but you can access 3 pages of speed dials!

if i want to override it i should be able to

If I can be guaranteed anonymity Iwould consider adding a few words..........

someone needs to make a device that allows external switching of the speed sensor wire to the nav. IE hit the switch and the car thinks your parked, put it back car thinks your in motion again. you could make a lot of money. would be really simple to make. then mail one to lexus CEO in america

I feel like I should be able to modify my course and what I'm searching for while I'm driving...would be very useful and safer than pulling over on the side of a freeway. Also, the fact that I can't 'manage' my music hard drive is ridiculous as well.

Nav system is worthless without override feature

This really pisses me off

I am disappointed the Lexus dealer didn't inform me of this. My wife wanted NAV on her car. But this lack of functionality will require us to wait until 2009.

This safety feature is unsafe as already stated.

Stupid small minded approach. Endangers driver and passengers. Not a safety feature. Will not buy another lexus if not able to use phone or satnav while moving

Had an Acura with Nav for 8 years that was 10 times better!

Used the override available prior to '07. upgraded to new software and it went away. I'm very upset.

Whilst watching a DVD on the move is crazy all the other disabled functions are the sort of things that are all available on all competitive vehicles.

We purchased an RX400H with the intent of getting it fully loaded for all the toys. We traded in our BMW X5 and I must say what a mistake. The suv is fine but locking the NAV should have been explained. I asked the sales person if they fixed that NAV lock problem and he told me yes...they did....he lied and now I don't think I will ever buy a lexus again after this experience. If we pay top dollar for a shouldn't be restricted.

This really is dangerous when you need to change directions while on a freeway.

I have a 2005 ES330 with Nav and use the override function frequently. Although I didn't specifically ask the dealer when I was shopping for a 2007 GX, I didn't even think I couldn't override the system. If I had known, I may have still bought the car, but not with the nav system. It would have been better to buy an aftermarket system. Please let me know if anyone ever finds a way to override the nav system, and the front DVD too!

Didn't realize that both the DVD and Navigation are inactivated when car is moved out of park or in motion. Horrible. When my wife is with me, we literally have to pull off the freeway to enter anything in the navigation. What a horrible design! Whoever thought of this brilliant idea should be fired! My wife owns a MB, and that is absolutely not the case with this car. Nor in the Acura that we previously owned.

What does Lexus have to gain by denying their customers this feature? It almost seems like pure and foolish pride that stops them from giving us this feature. If they do not provide the override I will NEVER buy another Lexus / Toyota product in my entire life. Neither will my wife. By the way, we just bought an RX 350 and ES 350 on the same day. Therefore, the loss to Lexus is definitely 2 vehicles! Dave...

I think that they should allow the overide. If they feel that people may sue if they get into an accident, then they should provide some sort of release theat could be signed that would waive their liability.

It's a real pain to have to stop to make adjustments or to have a passenger make any changes.

the lock sucks!!

I just got rid of an Acura TL - a car I basically hated because of the ride, the turning radius, etc. The nav system, however, allowed me to decide on my own if the conditions were safe for use. The POI database was awful, and there were parts of the interface that were not great. But I do miss that feature.

Stupid me, I was actually considering the Acura RDX...

Lexus are being quite ridiculous preventing drivers/passengers entering destination details whilst moving.

This is a total rip-off by Lexus. I sould have the right to diable the lock-out. I will never buy another Lexus unless they alter the software. I will also be a vocal anti-Lexus advocate.

I'll gladly sign a single liability waiver to send back to Lexus to hold them harmless in the matter. Anything else will severely influence my decision to buy another one. It is my only serious gripe with the car but it is an absolute show stopper.

Really upset they took away override option!

I like lexus. I hope they'll fix it.

It is a matter of full disclosure. They brag about the capability of the nav system but don't disclose it is useless when you need it.

It is totally "retarded" to not let you change the address while driving, my 06 IS could overide, but my 07 GS cant. It can cause more problems and be more DANGEROUS having to pull over to adjust your route, than to just press a couple of buttons....I guess toyota/lexus thinks we're inferior people that cant handle simple tasks, but they sure like our money...

An executive saloon car that treats me like an idiot?!

This is about the most inconvient thing imaginable. I beleive the decision to use the GPS and phone while the car is in motion is the driver's not the mfg. Try stopping every few minutes with a car full of kids.

My issue is the same on a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid. I'm hoping if a change occurs in Lexus, it will also occur in the Toyota nameplate.

Lexus needs to reinstate the override.

I would like to have the override functionality, when they say it is safety feature, when a passenger seat is not empty they should allow that override functionality. Someone in Lexus should have thought about it.

I am very disappointed that this override can't be corrected.

My girlfriend has a Acura TL that has a nav system that works all the time why has Lexus decided that we can't take care of ourselves?

An overide must be made available. I use a Garmin Nuvi on family road trips.

We were three RX400 owners to be invited to lunch (May 2006) with 3 high-level toyota europe executives in brussels to discuss about the matter, in pure waste of time. They argued it was corporate policy and did propose nothing... Should I buy another new car from Lexus, I would definitely not pay for their nav system...

the Lexus Navigation System dos not work

I think it's ridiculous a passenger cannot use the NAV system. You already have to press a soft key to agree to use the system safely - there is no reason in the United States of America that we should not be allowed this choice.

It stinks!!! I hate big brother, in this case Lexus.

Very anoying - especially the dvd changer lock-out so you can't select songs like radio stations when moving.

Its my car. I purchased it, allow me to do with it as i want to do with it. Next are you going to stop the cars from going faster then 70MPH?

A real pain in the butt.

This is a magnificent car interms of quality, drive, comfort and equipment level. It is only let down by the motion overide in respect of the sat nav and to a lesser extent the telephone. Why did they do this ? Utterly mad and completely lacking in customer understanding and focus.

Not being able to enter a destination by the passenger is a terrible inconvenience. The need for an override is evident and was available in previous years.

Lexus has shunned their customer's convenience in favor of an over abundance of legal caution.

I would not have bought this SUV had I known the Navigation system was disabled when the car is moving. I was perfectly happy with my old BMW system and should have bought another one. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an SUV look at another model or at least don't waste your money on the nav system in the Lexus. Buy a Garmin, at least it will be useful.

not happy

I am insulted that they feel that they have to treat their owners this way.

Needs to allow full use by pasenger

I feel that individuals should have the right to use whatever elements when they buy the car.

The ML350 that I sold to buy the RX400h did not even need you to press the "I Agree" button. They assume that you are an responsible adult.

Incredibly annoying. I believe it is a safety issue by NOT being able to use the Navigation while moving, especially while a passenger is the vehicle. Being forced to pull over to use the Navigation could contribute to potential traffic accidents or personal harm, especially if forced to pull over in a bad neighborhood.

This is a major inconvenience! And an inconvenience other high-end manufacturers do not burden their customers with. If Lexus does not restore the override option, my next car will probably NOT be a Lexus.

My dealer did not tell me of this issue. At the very least if a passenger such as my wife is sitting in passenger seat, the same switch that us used for the passenger air bag could be used to allow all the functionality of the navigation. At seperate times my wife and I nearly got into an accident try to work this nav system before we realized it was disabled when the car was moving. We had a 2002 ML500 and that system did not have the so called safety feature and was a much beter system. Furthermore this system is inconsistant. I can not see how they allow you to use this touch screen to adjust AC and audio tone controls and not allow simpler nav system operations. I am very dissapointed!

Lexus making the decision for me to lock the nav and bluetooth while car is in motion is actually more dangerous.

I think that this Navigation system is so bad it is actually useless. I shouldn't buy a Nav sys. that is design by lawyers and the only thing they are interested in is to cover the rear.

The GPS motion safety feature is ridiculous! My wife as a passenger can't adjust the route unless I stop.

I will not buy another car with this "protective" feature. Its a PIA when I'm driving with my Acura friend and they can imput their info on the fly but then have to pull over and put mine in.

I agree with the other users that this is an unsafe feature as opposed to a safety feature. I will not even consider buying a Lexus until they fix this feature.

I was not informed by the sales person while buying this SUV. It is a waste of investment coughing up $3000 and Lexus disables the functionality. Only options available while Driving: Police Hospital or Dealer. Where in the world would you think Going to a delaer is an "Emergency", what were the engineers at Lexus thinking. If I had known that it will not function the way it was supposed to be like in an Acura, I would not have purchased this vehicle at all. A $200 portable GPS with Bluetooth/MP3 player functions better than this "State of the Art" Navigation system I contacted Lexus and their answer was this is how it works, Bad bad customer service. Lexus is not on my list for the next vehicle that I would purchase. Since they are becoming #1 auto company they think the customer will not go to any other brand. Wrong, there are better brands out there which treat customers better. (Ed: I have had the same customer 'service'- NOT! Lexus is headed for a long, slow dive if this is how they treat customers.)

The 2008 Ls460 the Nav. "I Agree" screen will automatically disappear after 10 seconds. The other lock outs are still in effect. Problem is anyone with a 2007 model is out of luck per Lexus customer service as of 10/15/2007 phone call. Great customer service. I don't think so

This is an aweful feature. One must be able to access all telephone and nav. functions while driving... especially if there is a person in the front pasenger seat.

It is very dangerous to stop on a highway shoulder. Their cure is worse than the problem. At a minimum, they ought to use the passenger seat weight sensor to determine if a second person is in the vcar who could program the device. This is a real pain in the A$$, Lexus - you have done your buyers a disservice.

This is a real issue for me. I can not believe that you must stop the car every time you use the nav system. I have an acura and I LOVE IT. I am very spoiled by how nice the nav system is on the acura. The lexus system is very very fustrating to use!!!!!

Stupid feature

I traded in my RX330 for an RX400h. I was most displeased to discover that the override I knew and loved on my 330 was not available on the 400h. I was within a hair of going with a highlander hybrid (the same call as the 400h but lower trim) at a considerable savings. As the Toyota had the older nav system (and thus the override was available) it would have tipped my decision in that direction. (Ed: The lack of disclosure about removing the Override may be a basis for a class action suit if Lexus continues to stonewall.)

I would like to be informed if there becomes a way to override not being able to use my nav. system while driving. It's an inconvenience.

I currently own a BMW 330 with nav (which lets me program while in motion) but i'm looking for a car with more space, so the RX entered my list. I'm now deciding between the RX, the MDX and the X5. I like the Lexus the most, but because of this limitation I will probably end up going with the Acura. Such a shame because I really like everything else about the Lexus.

My passenger should be able to adjust our destination on the fly. The restriction on the NAV system is silly considering all of the audio controls the passenger and driver can use while moving.

i need a solution to this problem ASAP

I find the voice activated nav USELESS in the extreme. It's actually more dangerous than just letting me enter it like my Honda and BMW do. I hope to post a video on YouTube soon of just how lousy this system is.

Very annoying!

I will not buy another Lexus unless they offer a NAV system that works.

How about changing CD, adjusting driver's seat and operating moonroof? I think those are also very dangerous operations and must be done when car is not moving...

I would rather use my 4 year old garmin steet pilot with outdated maps than pull over every time I need to locate an address. What a waste of $2000

I am VERY displeased that the full functions of the nav system are not available while moving. Lexus should, at most, display their CYA safety message, then allow full usage.

Besides being unable to use most features while moving, there are too many areas that it will not give you driving instructions. It know where you are, and knows where your destination is but it cannot direct you there?? My TomTom is much better at many locations. The Lexus Navigation (rx350 2008) interface (while stopped) is way to clumsy.

please update me when the 2007 override is available

I love my 07' GS450h but I do believe that Lexus's restrictions on menus/functions while moving is way overboard. I would very much appreciate it if my co-pilot were to be able to adjust our course while driving. It is not always easy to pull over sometimes!

Passengers without question should be able to access the system. There is no good argument to restricting a passenger's access of the system.

If I overide it I assume responsiblity

Please alert me when there is a fix for the Navigation Override for my 2007 Lexus GX. It is extremely annoying. Why does lexus presume that the only person in the car is the driver? 90% of the time, I have a passenger who would like to use the Ipod Vtech to select songs, or input the address of where we are going!!

not at all user friendly if an override was tied to passenger seat sensor it would make sense

$2000 for a navigation system that doesn't allow an override function is ridiculous. It's time for Lexus to wise up and let the consumer choose.

An insult to the buyer.

I can control the radio, eat a cheeseburger, read a book, and it is all legal... but i cannot control my navigation - the voice is dangerous, not very well engineered, and causes my passenger to reach over and hit the voice button on the wheel... how safe is that ! Also, the sirius characters only brings like 12 characters, does not scroll, no memorization of favorite artists, etc... now that I think about it, i would NOT have bought this car... and will certainly inform others about the disaster !

I paid way to much to be told what I can or cannot do with my car. I currently also have an 03 IS300 and have been using the override feature for months. The other day something happened (not paying attention.. who knows) but now my GPS is hosed and thinks it's Japanese. Denso says "you shouldn't be in the secret menu" so you are SOL. They have the menu there without any warnings for those who find it and when they do they kill the unit? That's absurd.. I don't think the override issue is a Lexus issue, but a DENSO issue.

I am 62 years old and feel that if I paid for an item I cannot always use, there should be some recourse!

LS460 is so crippled in the display system that I have to pull off the side of the road just to change destinations among many other funtions. BMW doesn't do that and I will trade for one and put a damn sign on the top of my new Lexus is they don't change it. If they think I'm kidding give me one more month and it will be in front of the dealers with large signs on it about the lockout on the system. That's ridiculous. We can decide for ourselves not Lexus. I would not have bought the car under any circumstances if I would have know that it did this and that will be on my sign. I will give Lexus one more month to issue a fix for it..

The salesperson told me that I could override the nav system.

Seems stupid that it can't sense a passengere present and allow Nav system control in that case.

I bought the car for all the other good things, but this issue sucks and was almost a show stopper for me...

It is a real pain. Why can't I decide how I use my car? What about if the passenger wants to use it when moving? Talk about a pain. It's like the bloody "I Agree" 'button' everytime I get in the car. I only press it so I can use my car. If I don't press it part of the reason for buying the car is no longer usable as the system won't let you use it unless you "Agree". If I don't follow the road rules, that my problem. Lexus need to get over it and stop trying to save people from themselves and covering their own butt. If an issue went to court and there was negligence found on Lexus' part, they could be sued regardless of how many "I Agree" buttons are in the car, in Australia.

I have been a large proponent of navigation systems since I purchased my Garmin Nuvi. I was beyond impressed by it's accuracy, and it's ease of use. I was very excited to obtain a 'built in' model in my new Lexus, and erroneously never expected that I would have the usability issues that I have faced. Firstly the unit is not accurate in it's directions. Loops into small residential areas for no reason.. poor route choices.. absolutely asinine directions.. told me to turn right when I lived right down the street.. to the left. But compounding the problem.. is that while my wife used to be able to navigate as we drove, now with this system we are stuck sitting at stop lights.. pulling over to the side of the road.. or giving up on it and trying to find things without the system. The car has a sensor already that says when someone is in the passenger seat. This is what activates the passenger side airbag. I would think it an easy fix.. when the passenger seat is in use.. let me use the navigation system. For anyone considering a Lexus.. buy a Garmin and forgo the navigation system. It might not be as slick in the dash, but it will work 100% better.

Ridiculous paying $50K for a vehicle and being treated like a baby...

I would never drive the car in an unsafe manner. I would like to ask a passenger to help me use the navigation while I am driving instead of having to pull over. Especially on the highway.

Hard to believe Toyota/Lexus is allowing this problem to persist.

This makes no sense. My husband and I use this navigation system all the time. He drives and I navigate. Now we have to pull over to do anything. It is so annoying. Our old Lexus had the override feature and worked great. I have owned Lexus vehicles for the past 12 years, but would not have bought the new LS had I known the navigation override was not available. Come on Lexus we're smart enough to know not to use it while we are driving.

Its extremely annoying. My wife cannot use the navigation when I am driving. How could they not think about this scenario.


If lexus wants to make us more responsible when we drive, then lexus should be responsible for any accident occuring as a result of having to pull over to the side of the road to program the navigation. Would have skipped the navigation system (extra $50/month on my lease) or gotten a different car if I knew this is how it worked.

How can an automobile maker have such a cool feature which will not work, by design, while the product is in motion? What ELSE is a car supposed to do!?

The navigation over ride feature that allows the system to be used while the car is in motion has been de-activiated. This needs to be restored.

Why is this restriction completely absent from any of the User Manuals??

Very disappointed in this Navigation system---my Acura RL system is outstanding!!!

the lack of the override is very bothersome

this is inconvenient to say the least

While my Bluetooth phone operates very smoothly with the NAV system, the voice recognition for finding locations or street addresses in almost worthless. I cannot get my home town name into the system using voice recognition. It is annoying to have to pull over and manually put in an address when I have been doing this on my Garmin while in motion for years. I am very disappointed in this feature and find myself not using it at all.

It's cool if the is only the driver but when a passenger can't access it, it sucks and is a big inconvienence. wish i would have known.

It is pretty annoying that I can't program while driving. My fix is that I will carry my small Garmin Nuvi if needed.

If Lexus wants to have a liability release by restoring the override menu on 2007 cars, owners would be happy to do so. This release would absolve Lexus of an injury/accident arising out of a owner fiddling with navigation while driving. What irritates me is that the passenger cannot use the Navi system either - Lexus engineers could have written the software such that if they detect a passenger in the passenger seat, they'd allow the override menu option to function. That's how they enable/disable the passenger airbag.

I am really displease with Lexus because of this. Let me use my navigation the way I want to use it!!!

my wife and i often travel together, and it is a huge inconvenience for us to have to stop for her to program navigation as our schedules often change 'on the fly'. Even rental car companies understand this - why not luxury car companies?

The navigation system in my trade-in (2006 Acura) was far, far superior. In fact, it was a delight to use. This new Lexus generation five system is awful in comparison AND it cost more! My next car will likely be another Acura.

Navigation system was a waste of money. I am still using my hand held cell phone to make calls and my Garmin Nuvi to find destinations. I was not informed before purchase and will not by another Lexus.

I am unhappy with the Lexus NAV and XM radio in my 2007 GX470. So much, that when I purchase my 2008, I do not plan on purchasing Toyota / Lexus

I am pretty upset about it! I have called the Lexus 800 number (customer service) and filed multiple complaints about the crippled functionality of the system. I usually do this right after me and my passengers have to pull off the road so my passenger can interact with the navigation or phone system. Lexus has arbitrarily chosen to restrict my ability or more importantly my passengers ability to interact with the phone system, audio system and navigation system while in motion. I have had to pull to the side of the road to reconnect the Bluetooth system because you can't get to the "manual reconnect" button while in motion. If Lexus wants to talk about dangerous situations, try merging back on to a 60+ mph highway from the shoulder because your passenger couldn't reconnect the Bluetooth phone system. Same goes for making Nav changes, I'm going to be killed when someone rear-ends my stopped vehicle on the side of the road because of this. Lexus needs to add a button in the setup menu to "Allow System Interaction while in motion", follow it up with a stern "liability waiver" screen and appropriate "I AGREE" button that says that only the passenger will interact with the system while the vehicle is in motion. Lexus step out from behind your litigation lawyers and listen to your customers!

ridiculous. was not aware until AFTER I bought the car. Also thought I had dvd and sat radio....not!

It is a terrible system. I actually keep my old, portable garmin in the car and use it on a trip...I would like to get a refund or an upgrade on the present system in use now. It is dangerous to keep pulling over to find a place to eat or get gas. Please ad me to your list and keep me informed as to any remedy.

My 2006 IS350 Nav system started to tell me I was somewhere I was not. Took it in to Lexus and they replaced the DVD. It still says v05.1, but no longer allows the override. This is childish. I am a responsible adult and accept responsibility when I touch the Agree button. It was a close call between buying the IS350 and bimmer 335i. Next time I will be buying the bimmer.

there are times when i cannot pull over or i am on the freeway and need to type in information or use the phone and cannot it would put me at greater risk to pull on the side of the road to perform these functions. While driving i am not in danger especially on a trip i have a passenger who is trying to work the nav functions


This GPS issue is a joke I wil never buy a Toyota/Lexus again ever.

Very dangerous "safety" feature.

Its frustrating not to have control of your own car.

It is just another indication of the "dumbing down of human life" when someone else wants to make decisions that are best left to the individual. The solution is simple - just throw out any possible lawsuits due to the nav system issue and magically there won't be a need for an override. Lexus does not give one hoot about an individual's safety - it is all about CYA on a lawsuit. That is what this is all about so just admit it Lexus.

I find it wholly bothersome to have to stop the SUV to be able to determine, or have a passenger determine the location of restaurants, gas stations...etc. We have been forced to continue to use our portable Garmin GPS instead of the navigation system in our RX350

As an older retired person no longer adept at multi-tasking I prefer stopping before interacting significantly with the navigation system. I agree with all the complaints regarding the system, but I don't let it spoil my enjoyment of the vehicle.

I had no idea that the DVD Nav system in the LS460 was so dysfunctional while in motion. Would not have paid for the option if I knew, and probably would have reconsidered the whole purchase.

Very disappointed that such useful navigation features are denied my wife and me when we take interstate road trips where such features are especially useful. This is especially galling when it is obvious there is a simple technical solution that provides a compromise between the strict 'non risk acceptable' perspective of the current 6.1 generation design and that of allowing full access to the navigation system when the car senses the presence of a passenger.

I found the workaround for the Lexus navigation system restrictions. Its a very inexpensive fix. Its called a MAP. Unfortunately, I hear that in the 2009 models, Lexus is going to have the car only operate when no maps are in the vehicle. This would be a "safety feature".

This makes the NAV system almost useless for my everyday use.

There's not much to add to the posts here. It really is unacceptable to be restricted after paying that much for the car. I have another suggestion for Lexus. The car should not go faster then 55 miles an hour! After all this is a legal speed limit on the road! PO in Illinois

Lexus needs to stop trying to control its buyers. It is much more unsafe to have to pull over to the side of a highway in order to use the Nav system, as we have had to do. We must acknowledge the proper use of the system each time we start our cars. That should be enough. Greedy trial lawyers are the real culprits here, but Lexus needs to put its customers first for a change.

We hate that the passenger can't use the navi or phone system while driving. It is unreasonable to have to stop/pull over to enter information.

I would like to know when an override is available! Thanks!!

The lesux salesman told me the voice system would do it all -- WRONG! I've been had.

I was used to using the over ride feature on my 2004 RX330 as we use the viehicle for family travel a lot. The override allowed my wife to look for POI or other off hiway locations while we were on the road. I upgraded to the new release before hitting the road in June and found that we had to stop all the time just to use the NAV system. I don't like the change at all. My next luxuray SUV will probably be an Acura as when I bought the Lexus the NAV was the top feature I was looking for.

This is absurd. Provide a warning; don't force me to follow a stupid restriction.

Should be disclosed before people purchase the car and have you sign that you understand.

I'd be satisfied with a rebate from lexus so I could purchase a decent aftermarket unit.

No restriction on nav. screen please.

Lexus should have at least given the option to have the limitations removed at the dealer (I would even be willing to pay a small fee to the dealer and sign a full waiver just to be able to use the equipment I have already paid for)! As always it is probably a legal issue, but I am at a loss why other brands have not picked up on this lack of confidence Lexus seems to have in the people buying their product to use it responsibly.

The owner of the car should have the option to have this feature turned on or off. It is very helpful if the passenger can do the navigating.

Lexus should not babysit its users; we're all grown adults and should be responsible enough to take care of ourselves.

I like my car alot and it's the only thing that bugs the crap out of me because I can't use the NAV unless I stop the car!

I really think that this "safety" feature is very annoying and potentially dangerous (e.g., pulling a car over on a busy street or highway to simply change your destination). The car knows when I have someone sitting in the passenger seat and therefore the motion lock feature could have very easily been programmed to disablewhen a passenger is detected. As a responsible adult I would like the option to override this feature if I so choose to, just like how I have the option to disable the traction control system...I hope lexus rectifies this problem soon or they just may have lost a lifetime customer..

Not only am I extremely disappointed with this restriction, the front seats are very uncomfortable due to a support in the middle of the seat bottom which is pependicular to the dash. And recently the car has developed a wind noise. I drive 35-40,000 miles a year and if I could have recocnised the seat problem I would not have purchaed the vehicle for that reason. All demonstrations of the nav system were while we were parked in the dealers lot and I did not find out about the restriction until my first service.

I find it more dangerous not to have the touch screen availble in certain situations.

It simply doesn't make sense that not even passengers can make changes to GPS settings while the vehicle is in motion. If that really affects the driver's attention, then I guess all passengers should also remain silent while in motion as well!

I have two friends with 2006 GS and they told me not to worry about the nav limitations; they would show me how to override. Very disappointed. I would have gone with the BMW.

This is really silly. All I want to do is use the gps. I live in Dubai and it is more risky to stop in the hard shoulder than to just have this function off. Please retore.


Why can't the passenger use the navigation

It just makes good sense to provide the customer with a system that can be used while the car is in operation. My passenger is the one to monitor and adjust the system and the system ignores that.

Not happy at all!

Something important enough to change your mind about chosing a vehicle.

I feel that Lexus has intruded on the rights of owners. If I want my wife to input info into the GPS while on the road, that should be our right to do so!

I would've bought the car buy I never would have paid the premium price for the navigation unit. This "feature" makes it completely unusable for me.

The bluetooth system and the GPS / Navigation system become near useless without the override. Pulling over to the side of the road every time you want to make a phone call or identify alternate routes/points-of-interest, is as dangerous as utilizing the feature. With the override the passenger can work with the system.

It really bothers me that you have to stop to use the navi. I live in the washington dc area and there arent many places to just pull over and use you navi. So it would be very benificial to me to be able to use it while moving.

I own a Mercedes and BMW both with navigation systems that allow you to utilize their functions regardless of speed. I feel that Lexus is excersing too much control over the driver by locking out key components of the Nav system while in motion. I guess I could understand (but not necessarily agree with) disabling the DVD system while in motion but disabling the Nav system is not only too much control but also out of control.

This is very distracting and limiting the capabilities and satisfaction of me as a user who payed for something that is not fully exploited to it's potential. Get the drunks of the road but give me full control of my navigation system.

It is so annoying!

Not only does the override feature bug me, having to still read the "agreement" screen each and everytime I start the car, which I have now owned for a year, is ridiculous. How about I sign something at the dealership that says I gave them the authority to turn the stupid thing off after being informed of its existence. I DON'T NEED TO SEE IT EVER STINKIN' TIME I TURN ON THE CAR! It should be pretty obvious that after the first time on one is reading it; there quickly hitting the agree button so they can use the damn thing.

This really sucks!!!

I am a Lexus Technician and I have been researching a way of hacking this. I do agree with the fact that the Lexus owners should have a right to choose even if it takes signing a waiver when purchasing the car.

I can not safely use my BT hands free to access numbers in address book. I find the nav system almost useless. pulling off freeway is very dangerous.

Disgusted andwill not buy another Lexus unless this feature is enabled.

its terrible,my passenger cant even use it to look for restaurants

It is very annoying to have to pull over or try to input the destination at a red light.

Lexus must restore this feature or this great car would be severely affected.

I hate this feature! I am he navigator in the car while my spouse is driving and it is crazy that I can not access the touch screen navigation system!

There are many times when I have a passenger in the car that can run the navigation system safely but we are locked out. It's not always safe to pull over or exit into an unknown neighborhood at night.

I used to be able to overide my system but had to update it due to problems, the new system wouldn't allow it

Lexus needs to listen to their customers and not be afraid of the lawyers. The other manufacturers are beating Lexus in this important technology.

the 2nd passenger/or driver should be able to use the tools at its fullest, 50K is allot of $$ for some.

It knows if there is a passenger in the seat next to the driver to deploy the airbag, so why can't the system can't let the passenger make the changes. Makes no sense. I wind up having a fight with my husband every time I tell him to wait the time needed to look something up. It's frustrating!!!

I feel I should be allowed to decide if I want to use the override feature. Thank you.


I own a 2007 LX470 and an'06 GX470. In the GX (with Denso 5.1) I installed Coastaltech lockpick to remove all the legal stuff and return function to NAV/phone. Obviously this isn't possible on 07. I'm in favor of a class action lawsuit against Lexus to force them to remove all the legal stuff and restrictions. Why is dialing a phone number any more dangerous than changing radio stations? In fact, dialing phones from NAV display is MUCH safer than dialing them from tiny phone keys. I paid $4k for a piece of hardware that I cannot use 99% of the time I am in the car. I will NEVER buy another Lexus out of simple protest - and I've owned 11.

I need it for my children to watch DVDs

I had a 2003 LX470 that allowed me to use the override feature. The 2007 LX I just bought does not. I am very disappointed Lexus removed this valuable feature.

I dont I like to pay over $2000.00 so lexus or any body can dictate to me how to use the equipment i have paid for. If I know about this prior to purches that would have made my mind up for not purchesing the car and go to Acura.

Don't like nav lock and DVD lock.

This is an example of Big Brother gone too far. There MUST be feature access while in motion because the passenger can access functions and also stopping many times is not an option and/or is actually dangerous to the driver.

"I guess the real issues is that Lexus thinks less of it\'s owners than the competition. Though Toyota build an amazing product, they should fire their North American staff for not being customer service oriented to their high end market...."

"Would definitely not have bought the 2008 RX 350 had I been aware of the limitation."

"Unbelievably stupid policy by what has historically been one of the world's great companies. "

" Interesting that Lexus refuses to comment or assist all of their owners with their common complaints. ... As someone said it is arrogance and that type of arrogance will show up in sales and lawsuits. ( Ed: I received a call August 2 from Lexus Headquarters telling me they were 'sorry' I was unhappy and no, they are not going to restore the override. The new Lexus model should be called 'the Hubris' )

"(I have an) '07 LS 460. Wife has an GX. Also looked at BMW and MB. Chose the Lexus thinking I would go for luxury and convenience. I know the iPod hookup was low tech but thought I could live with it. Probably going to trade for a MB CLS if Lexus doesnt respond. This is not the responsiveness I expected from this brand. "

"I would not have bought the car if I knew...that says it all. It is basically useless to have a navigation system if it cannot be used while driving. The voice command system on the LS 460 is not an acceptable alternative since it is so cumbersome and inaccurate. "

"I can't overemphasize how much it disappoints me that Lexus does not allow one to access Navigation, Hard Drive, and phone features while the vehicle is moving. Isn't it reasonable to assume that if someone is responsible enough to earn the money to purchase this vehicle that they are also responsible enough to utilize an on screen menu in a safe manner?! "

"I wouldnot even consider Lexus if I knew earlier. In fact, I do not recommend anyone purchase a Lexus of a Toyota as a result. "

"The current system without the ability of an override is both frustrating and dangerous. The voice prompt command system of the RX 400h 2007 nav system is as best marginal, not having the option of the passenger input to the system while driving can be a greater hazard than the ability to briefly make changes or input new data. This is my 4th Lexus and my last, I do not want an automobile which will try to think for me, my poor judgment is one thing, the vehicles is another which is not tolerable. " ( Folks, we are getting interest from some of the other manufacturers who want to turn loyal Lexus owners into loyal acura/audi/bmw/infiniti/mercedes owners. )

"Lexus has really disappointed me and YES the salesman lied, just like any sleazy car salesman does. The fact is that my car is aware when someone is in the passenger seat, so if the Lexus folks were not so arrogant, they would at least allow the nav and phone to work when someone is in the passenger seat. Also, the folks at Lexus could easily allow us to override with warning messages and legal disclaimers. The legal team at Lexus are weanies who deserve the management team at Lexus. How dare they act like they want to pamper us. I am not going to forget this arrogance when I buy my next luxury car in 2008. "

"The dealer did not disclose the limitation before the sale.My $200 portable navigation system doesn't stop me from using it while i am driving. It's my own responsibility to drive my car safely. Would not have bought the car if I knew...100%... "

" I'm ready to trade in my 2007 LS460L because Lexus cannot even provide the respect their customers deserved. I don't think Lexus would listen to their customers until a class-action suit is filed.. I was completely unaware of the limitation before trading in my S500 for this piece of sh*t! I will never again consider buying another Lexus. " (Ed: We are exploring other avenues. Class action suits may not be the best 'win-win' result we can obtain. )

"It is outrageous to think that it is safer to try and pull over than to have your passsenger use the navigation system. "

" We were looking at The Acura and Lexus and either car would have to have nav. If we knew the limitations of the Lexus we would have purchased the Acura. "

" I am a responsible adult and know when it is safe to use the nav system. Why can\'t Lexus have the overide activated when the passenger set is ocupied,the same switch that activates the airbag. I think that Lexus should let the person buying the car sign a waiver that frees Lexus of liabilty when operating nav system while driving. it really sucks when you are on the freeway doing 75 mph and have to stop and park in the emergency lane and type in the address or poi. I have heldup traffic several time because i am trying to input address while at a red light and the light turns green. I know someone will hack the system. " ( Ed: Hopefully before you are rear-ended at one of those lights. )

"When the system starts, it warns the user about possible dangers and the user has to press 'Agree'. This should be enough of the warning. It should be up to the driver (or passenger) to decide what is the safe use of the system. The limitations to the bluetooth phone system are even more annoying. Why can't I dial somebody from the phone book? Looking somebody in the phone book on the screen is only 1-2 extra buttons comparing to the "speed dial" (which requires 3-4 button pushes anyway). Using the buttons on the screen are far more safe then taking the phone out and dialing using the phone's keypad - which is what the user is forced to do. " (Ed: I agree- the phone interface is a user's nightmare, and the Voice Recognition (VR) reliably gets 9-out-of-10 digits right, which means I am always calling someone with a phone number very close to the person I actually want to talk to. Do you think that distracts me while driving?)

" My Honda Odyssey has a nav that understands voice commands much better and still allows touch-screen entry.... "

"I understand the reasoning, HOWEVER, the reasoning forgets there could be another person in the car. For this reason alone, there should be an override. There are no laws against a passenger reviewing this material while the car is moving... "

"I think that the system is more dangerous like this. Including the audio "gray-out." Because it works one way when stopped, and another when moving, it leaves the driver in a state of confusion, which distracts from driving. If you can operate a radio... "

"I was able to beat most of the issue by doing what the other forums said but there are still some phone-related items not available. Even the commercial products do not work after 6.1 and that is awful. "

"The decisions that Lexus has made on this make no sense. No other manufacturer treats their customers like little children. " (Ed: No other manufacturer has lost as many customers over an issue as Lexus will over this. )

"My car, my decision. My passenger can safely opperate the nav system while I am driving. Oh, and by the way, my $500 Garmin Nuvi lets my passenger do this for a lot less than I paid for a built in unit that offers less functionality. I would never have paid for this system had I known. I also would have reconsidered the car in favor of a competitor had I been told the truth. "

"'Lexus is not my Mother' sums it up quite well. In fact that is the very line I used when Lexus made their follow up call on the purchase. We sat for an hour while the salesman went through all of the conviencies (sic) of the navigation system. Not once did he mention that none of this will work as soon as you put it in gear. "

"Absolutely ridiculus. What good is a navigation system if my wife, the navigator, can't use it while driving? If we need gas or a resturant, we are no better off than we were before the navigation. My wife could read the map just as well as the navigation system can, and for a lot less money. "

"It's my car and my responsibility to use it safely. Are they going to limit you to the speed limit next? "

"Even though I have a passenger acting as navigator I still have to pull over in sometimes dangerous situations lost in unfamiliar territory. I bet there have been fatalities tied to this one issue. Also if you compare to Acura lets say their voice command system is so superior that if they locked down their system is would be livable. Lexus has either cut corners on development of the system or hired an overpriced inept developer to produce these systems. Otherwise the cars are fine.... "

"With older navigation systems I see where you could override the lockout via a sequence of button pushing. Even this is unacceptable, because it must be done each time you restart the vehicle."

"If Lexus is so scared of a lawsuit can't their lawyers come up with a system by which we can give up our right to sue in case of an accident caused by the override? I hate being treated like a baby."

"I am retired. When I go on trips my friends drive the car and I sit in the passengeer seat. It bugs me to no end that I cannot operate the nav system while in motion. "

"BMW and others have no problem allowing unfettered access to their system while in motion, so Lexus shouldn't have an issue either. I would think having to change lanes, pull over, and then reenter traffic is just as, if not more dangerous than allowing access to an extremely well design and intuitive system. They also ignore the fact that passengers should have the ability to use the system while driving. "

" someone making decisions at Lexus without talking to owners? "

"system worked until I purchased updated disc - dealer did not tell me that they were removing functionality from my vehicle. I own a lx 470, sc 430 and is 250, and plan to buy another this fall - i feel cheated. "

"I was told an override was available somewhere, I have yet to find it......." (Ed: Me too. My story on that is here. ) "

"Wish I had known the 6.1 DVD eliminated the override option. I never would have upgraded. The Lexus people must think were all stupid. "

"It is really annoying. A passanger should be able to access all the functions in complete safety. Why not have a button, for legal implications, that state that you agree that you are aware of the dangers of operating the functions as a driver but understand that only the passenger will operate these functions while the car is in motion. At least that way there would be an acknowledgement that Lexus is being honest about the inability for driver operation of the functionality."

"I'm not a radical, and won't dump the car because of this (yet), however, the Lawyers are ruling our lives with this feature. It's not Toyota's fault really, it\s fear of the American Justice System. Nonetheless, I concur with the others here, that Lexus should not limit our use of the functions in the Navigation package. Legislating safety doesn't work, and doesn't feel like America to me. "

"Yes, it is unsafe to take hands off the steering while driving. We suggest the following additional safety related improvments Auto manufacturers should put a barrior between driver's legs and the steering, which can not be moved when car is in motion, so that driver can not scratch his/her legs. It will be unsafe to take hands off the steering Manufacturers should also place a grip in the cup holder, which should hold the cup firmly when car is in motion, so that driver can not take it out unless car is parked. Taking hands off the steering to move windows up/down while car is motion, is also unsafe. They should be disabled too. A 'look straight' neck holder is also recommended for the driver, so that driver can not turn his/her head to talk to the passenger while car is in motion. "

"Companies are getting too paranoid in the "preventing lawsuit" behaviours. "Hot" labels for hot coffee were funny, but now it is not only hitting on my nerves, but putting my family at risk by having to pull over the road to change the navigation system. Lexus, don't be ridiculous, we don't need your extra care. "

"It was annoying enough having my passenger go through the ritual of using hidden menus to override the Navigation system while driving, but to spend money for the 6.1 update disc and find that the feature is now gone is too much. Between the silly and irritating \"I agree\" button that must be pressed every time I start the car and this, I am seriously considering a new, non-Lexus automobile that better suits my daily needs. We paid a premium for Lexus with the built in Navigation system and I expect ease of use and functionality that I find in other cars. "

"I would have purchased the Accura if I knew this. I did a bunch of research before buying. I did not even think to look into this. "

"I find the assumption that I am a child annoying. My previous car, and Acura TL, did not have this lockout feature. "

" My wife wants to be able to use the GPS features while I'm driving. We can do this with her car, as well as my last car. This stinks. "

" The system is seriously flawed since it assumes I will never have a passenger in the vehicle who can safely operate the Navi system as I drive! Lexus should do a TSIB to remedy the situation!! "

"So annoying that I prefer the BMW iDrive: at least you can input destination on the go. Will NOT buy another Lexus unless able to override. "

" I need this feature - at ANY COST ! "

"Basically, the most crucial times you need Nav Help is while you are driving. In my opinion, it is more dangerous having to pull over to the side of the road to input an address or a POI on the Navigation! It is quite absurd that there is no override for the 2007 models! "

Dear Lexus Corporate:
Listen to us.

Your once loyal customers.


Lexus, are you listening?